Haier HUF205PB Review

One very popular upright freezer is the Haier HUF205PB 20.5 Cubic Foot Capacity Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer in white. This is one of the largest full sized upright freezers available in the market, and is a big seller. In this article I briefly review the HUF205PB.

Storage space abounds in the Haier HUF205PB. This Haier freezer has 6 built-in door shelves, 4 full-width wire shelves in the main portion of the freezer and one slide-out storage basket. The interior volume of this large upright freezer is a massive 20.5 cubic feet.

Capacity like that found in the HUF205PB upright freezer is normally only found in deep chest freezers; so this upright is a great buy. Because it is an upright freezer it is a frost free unit – a distinct advantage for this unit over similarly sized chest freezers.

This unit weighs in at 227 pounds you will want to have your delivery guy help bring it into the house; but with this mass you can be assured you are getting a solid well insulated upright freezer. Thankfully this freezer rests on small castes – wheels – which does make it easier to mover around.

Reported energy costs for this unit are 766 kilowatt hours per year; for a very reasonable yearly operating cost of $82 at national average electricity rates. The freezer itself has interior lighting so you can easily see the contents when the freezer door is opened.

Anyone looking for a large capacity upright freezer will be well served by this popular model. Purchase the Haier HUF205PB 20.5 Cubic Foot Capacity Full-Size Frost-Free Freezer, White from Amazon – amazingly with free shopping – today.  Upright freezers of this size are usually rather expensive, so this unit is a great deal.

Amazon also sell a large range of other upright freezer options.

Originally posted. December 7, 2010

4 Benefits of a Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter

Maytag refrigerator water filters point towards one of the most popular additions to modern refrigerators, which is the convenience of having a water dispenser right there to get either ice or water with a simple push of a button.  However many people still want the extra protection that can only come from having a high quality water filter.  Maytag water filters come with many refrigerator units, but to remain effective these must be changed and maintained on average of every six months.  So why should you look for a fridge that includes a Maytag water filter?  There are several good reasons why.

Maytag UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter#1: The filtered water is safer. Maytag refrigerator water filters enjoy a well deserved reputation for being some of the best in the industry.  These filters are NSF International certified to help reduce lead, sediment, chlorine taste, and other impurities from the water.

#2: Saves money. Filtered water serves the same purpose as bottled water: providing clean tasting and clear water for consumers to drink.  However the costs of bottled water can add up quickly.  Even the cost of replacing the water filter every six months will not come even close to what a one bottle of water a day habit will add up to money wise.

#3: Better for the environment. Speaking of bottled water, buying bottled water also means tons of empty plastic bottles.  The problem with this is that they often end up in landfills, as opposed to actually getting recycled.  Obviously taking fresh and clean water from a refrigerator right into a glass saves on all those plastic bottles which would otherwise end up as trash and pollution.

#4: Maytag water filters are inexpensive. One of the major benefits to this particular Maytag refrigerator part is that it’s relatively inexpensive, usually ranging from $30 to $40.  Even every six months, this leads to massive savings over getting bottled water.  These Maytag refrigerator water filters are like other Maytag refrigerator parts in that they are extremely reliable and a great value for the cost.

These four reasons help show why it makes so much sense to ditch the bottled water and trust a Maytag water filter such as the UKF8001 to get the job done.  Not only will they produce fresh tasting and clean water straight from the fridge, but they will help you to save money while enjoying all the benefits of delicious and clean filtered water.  There’s little doubt that keeping up to date with maintenance on the Maytag water filter in your fridge is a smart move.


Originally posted. May 4, 2011

Igloo Coolers

Igloo coolers are the ideal mobile chilling solution for consumers on a budget.  They produce a diverse range of products that vary from personal to full size coolers.  Also on offer they haves beverage and thermoelectric refrigerators. There are a lot of different Igloo cooler models, and good options exist for nearly any buyer.

Igloo Thermoelectric Cool Chill

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Igloo has a selection of small 12v refrigerators suitable for light duty in car use.  These include the Igloo Cool Chill 26 quart – which has a capacity of 32 cans, and is tall enough for 2-liter soda bottles – and the larger Igloo Cool Chill 40 quart, which can store half as much again.

Also available is the Cool Chill 40 quart Thermoelectric with 110-volt convertor. Not only a vehicles cigarette lighter, but also a regular AC power outlet can power this particular model.

Note that these models just cool the contents. Do not purchase one of these units expecting it to function as a freezer for your automobile; if you seek that functionality look at alternatives like Waeco or Engel compressor type refrigerators.

Igloo Full Size Coolers

The Igloo Island Breeze selection is a handy range with capacities varying from 28 quarts up to 60 quarts.   Many of these models have wheels and a handle – similar to that on an airplane carry-on bag – for easy of transportation.

The Igloo Ice Cube selections are cubical shaped coolers very similar to their other full sized models.  Their shapes make them a little easier to store when not in use. They designed the Ice Cube Marine Ultra with fishing trips in mind, and included two fishing rod holders.

Designed for nautical use, the Igloo Marine cooler collection is manufactured in Ultra-violet resistant marine white.  They include solidly insulated body and lid to ensure maximum cooling for a long day at sea or on the lake.

Igloo also manufactures a large range of wheeled coolers. These include the Igloo Wheelie, the Ice Blue MaxCold Wheeled, and the Igloo Cold Fusion collection.  Also available are the camouflaged Igloo Realtree coolers, designed for serious hunting or wildlife watching use.

Igloo Personal Size Coolers

Many of the full size lines discussed above are also available in smaller personal sized models.  There are a few unique products ion this selection however. The Igloo Playmate units range in size from 4 quarts to 17 quarts.  Many of these models are clearly intended for children, but some of the larger Igloo personal refrigerator models could function as a very functional lunch-box for the job site.

Igloo Beverage Coolers

Instantly recognizable, Igloo beverage coolers are usually present at construction sites or on landscaping crews’ trailers.  The large 5 gallon or 10 gallon yellow beverage coolers provide an ample supply of water to keep crews hydrated during a hot days work.  Job site coolers are great for keeping employees productive.

Igloo Coolers offer many different chilling solutions, and are capable of providing cold liquid refreshment for nearly any conceivable day’s activities.  In case of breakage, Igloo Cooler replacement parts are cheap and readily available.


Originally posted. April 17, 2011

Dyna Glo Heater

If you are in the market for a Dyna Glo Heater there are many different offerings in their model line.

From small portable Propane heaters through industrial strength Kerosene Forced Air, Dyna Glo Delux heaters are available to suit every need.

The Dyna Glo Delux, TT15DGD, 9k – 15k BTU Single Tank Top Heater consists of a heating element that attaches directly to the top of a liquid Propane tank using a standard P.O.L. tank connection. With an output of up to 15000 BTU – depending on the setting – this Dynaglo propane heater is great heating solution.

A similar solution – but with two heating elements – is the Dyna Glo Delux TT30DGD, 18k – 30k BTU Double Tank Top Heater. This propane heating device offers double the BTU output, though gets mixed reviews from buyers.  I would advise avoiding this particular model in favor of one of the others.

Those looking for more powerful propane heating solutions should consider the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA150DGD, 100k – 150k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This Dyna-Glo heater is great for use outdoors – in applications such as industrial workspaces, barns and construction sites – able to heat up to 2700 square feet for up to 5 hours on one 20lb propane tank. This Dyna glo propane heater model is also available in a smaller model – the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA125DGD, 70k – 125k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater.

A model suitable for even larger scale applications is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA300DGD, 300k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This unit can be fuelled by a large 500lb propane tank for well over 36 hours, and includes a high powered 1800 CFM blower to circulate the heat. The 300000 BTU of heat this propane heater generates can warm up to 7000 square feet.

While all the models described above are Dyna Glo Propane heaters, there is also a sizable selection of Dyna Glo Kerosene heaters to select from. One such unit is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA75TDGD, 75,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat. This dynaglo Kerosene heater can produce 75000 BTU of heat – great for outdoor applications – and can run for ten hours on its five gallon fuel capacity.

Those seeking the ultimate in Dyna glo kerosene heating solutions also have the option of purchasing the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA650TDGD, 650,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat, but this unit will be overkill for any but the largest heating needs.

Originally posted. December 18, 2010

Car Fridges – Vehicle Refrigerator Options

Installing a car fridge in your vehicle allows you to have refrigeration on the go in your vehicle.  It can prove to be a very gratifying modification.

If you have a large truck or SUV, and like to go on long trips, a car fridge will prove itself extremely valuable as a camping fridge on family vacations or off-road trips.

However, you don’t have to hit the open road in order to enjoy the benefits of a portable car refrigerator.   It can serve a simple a task as that of providing a supply of cold drinks for the family while you run errands about town, or at the kids soccer game.

Portable Car Fridges come in several different styles.   They can be powered solely by 12V DC, 24V DC, or even 110V AC; and are even available with combinations of these power options.  Some fridges, known as 3-way fridges, even have an LPG propane option.  However, you should definitely not attempt to power your fridge using propane when driving.

If you are going to be giving your fridge regular use in anything but the most benign of conditions, you will want to invest in a quality car fridge. Some good quality portable car fridge manufacturers are National Luna, ARB, Engel(a manufacturer with a long history) and Waeco.

Car Fridges come in various sizes, from very small – roughly a dozen quarts – to very large – some over 80 quarts of storage.  Some car refrigerators even provide two compartments, one which serves as a fridge, and a second one which serves as a freezer.  This expands your options by allowing you to take frozen meat, and other similar perishables, with you on the road.

If you will just be using your fridge on quick errands around town, then a very small cheap 12V mini fridge may serve your purposes better than the more expensive models intended for more serious use.

When planning a car fridge purchase there are some important things to consider.

How much storage do you need?

This fridge will be occupying space in your vehicle, so if you buy one that is too large you may regret it.

How will you power it?

Make sure the fridge is compatible with your power supply.  For example, if you are going to run it off your 12 Volt car battery, make sure it is a car fridge that will run on 12V DC (12 Volt Direct Current).

Do you have sufficient power?

This is an important item.  If you are going to run the 12v refrigerator full time, you may want to consider installing a second battery in your vehicle especially for the use of the car fridge.  You do not want to run your starting battery down keeping your beer cold.

Enjoy your new car refrigerator!

Originally posted. October 10, 2010

Small Refrigerators – 8 Compact Fridge Options

If you are in need of refrigeration, but have limited space to place appliances, you are probably in need of a small fridge or small freezer.  There are many different kinds of compact fridges, with models suitable for nearly every conceivable application.  This article briefly discusses some of the available small fridge freezer options that may be suitable for a particular need.

Slimline Fridges

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Many kitchens have very limited space available for appliances; and need small refrigerators that are sized accordingly.  For a kitchen that has a narrow space available against one of the walls – that runs from floor to ceiling without obstacles such as cabinets – then a Slimline fridge freezer is a great match.

Under Cabinet Fridge Freezer

Other small kitchens may not even have this much space; if space can be found beneath a cabinet it is possible to purchase an under cabinet fridge freezer.  These appliances are installed in a similar manner to integrated dishwashers, and tuck nicely away into a small space without adversely impacting your kitchens floor plan.

Compact Fridges

Some kitchens simply do not have for an ‘installed’ refrigerator at all.  For these situations the best solution can be a compact countertop fridge.  These models are generally very cheap and have a minimum set of features.  Simply plug them in, and sit them on a countertop or table – or even on the floor in an out of the way spot.

Bar Fridges

Not all fridge freezers are intended for kitchen use.  One popular use for a small refrigerator with freezer is to use them as a mini bar fridge.  These mini fridges are available in two types.  Firstly there are general purpose portable fridges that have been ‘assigned’ the task of holding the drinks – a no frills but budget friendly option.  Secondly a wide variety of ‘specialized’ bar fridges are also available – these mini fridges with freezers come loaded with features, and can cost a significant amount.

Dorm/Office Fridges

Many dormitory rooms or office spaces have a need for a small fridge to allow refrigeration and/or freezing of food and drinks in a location that is convenient to the user of the space.  Popular choices for this application are any of the portable or compact fridge freezers available on the marketplace.

RV/Caravan Fridges

Many people install a small refrigerator or small freezer for use in their RV, travel trailer or caravan.  For this application one of the better choices is a 3 way fridge.  These versatile refrigerators can be powered off of mains power, 12v DC or Propane; allowing great flexibility as to when and how these appliances can be ran.

Car Fridges

A fridge or fridge freezer intended primarily for use in a vehicle will need to have 12v DC power capability.  Ideally a specialized 12v DC fridge with quality compressor based technology will be utilized.  While a 3 way fridge will do in a pinch, they have serious drawbacks that seriously limit their effectiveness as a car refrigerator.

Camping Fridges

The ideal fridge freezer for camping purposes is a 3 way fridge.  The already mentioned ability to operate these devices off either gas or electricity offers great flexibility.  The stationary nature of a campground allows easy setup of a propane tank to power the fridge when electricity is not available.

As has been demonstrated, there are a lot of potential uses for small fridges.  This brief run-down of some of the more popular usages should get you started in identifying the correct small fridge freezer or small refrigerator for you.  Keep in mind also that if money is tight there are many cheap small refrigerators available in stores.

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The Mini Fridge – Why A Mini Refrigerator Might Be Right For You

A compact mini fridge is a popular purchase for those who live in small residences such as dorm rooms or studio apartments.  Usually when shopping for a mini refrigerator, budget is one of the primary concerns.  Fortunately, mini refrigerators can be had cheaper than you might think.

Mini fridges suitable for cooling beverages can be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon for as little as forty to sixty dollars.  If finances permit, then for a hundred dollars or so it is possible to get a unit that can store some food as well.

While these mini fridge freezers are significantly cheaper than full sized ones, the price of these small fridges new still puts them beyond the reach of many.  Fortunately, they are often available used for a significant discount – either through your local newspapers classified section, or via online sources such as Craigslist and eBay.  Purchasing used can be a very smart move as it may allow you to buy a much nicer mini fridge with freezer than you might otherwise be able to afford.

The manufacture Danby produces a wide range of these mini-refrigerators, and for $140 dollars it is possible to buy the DCR34BL.  This is a 3.2 cubic foot appliance that is not only a compact refrigerator, but incorporates a mini freezer as well, thus providing a very useful appliance.

Apart from Danby, there are many other manufactures of mini fridges.  Some of the more notable brands are Emerson, Sanyo, Summit and Haier.  Available in sizes from the absolutely tiny (perhaps fitting just a few soda cans) all the way up to 4 or 5 cubic feet in capacity, there is plenty of scope to purchase a mini refrigerator with mini freezer sized right just for you.

Another great feature of a mini fridge is their ability to double as a countertop.  When your living quarters are small, every square foot is valuable.  A fridge freezer with a flat top gives you a nice convenient surface for preparing sandwiches and the like.  Plus when you are done with food preparation you can simply bend down and put the food back in cold storage.

One factor worthy of consideration when purchasing a mini compact fridge is the amount of energy it will utilize.  Unlike a mini cooler, these devices need to be powered.

Due to the cost of electricity these days, it is definitely worthwhile investing a few extra dollars to purchase an energy star rated mini fridge.  While coming up with the extra money can be difficult is money is tight, you will be better off down the road as your electrical bills will be lower.

Originally posted. October 22, 2010

Samsung RF4289 And RSG309

The Samsung RF4289 and RSG309 are two new state of the art refrigerator freezers hitting the market on 2011.  Introduced at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) these fridges are packed with the latest cutting edge technology.

Both of these units incorporate an eight inch LCD screen and built in Wi-Fi wireless internet connectivity.  This technological revolution means that these Samsung refrigerators allow usage of a wide range of kitchen related apps from the convenience of the refrigerator door.  Unfortunately these high-tech refrigerators do not come cheap.

Samsung RF2489 Wi-Fi RefrigeratorThese refrigerators are a major component of Samsung’s Nth-Screen “seamless connectivity” strategy, and the Samsung RF4289 has a suggested retail price of $3499 for its May 2011 ship date.  Pricing and shipping info for the RSG309 have yet to be announced.

The LCD screen – integrated into the appliances directly over the ice and water dispenser – allows the consumer to easily search collections of recipes, check on the weather, and catch up on the day’s news headlines.  Also available is the ability to check the families’ calendar, leave notes for the kids and the option of viewing a photo slide show.

With internet access from the fridge door, social networking fans will be able to get their fill of Twitter and Facebook without ever having to leave the kitchen.  This is perhaps handy functionality if you like to blog about your cooking experiences.

Apart from these smart computing technology enhancements, these two new Samsung models are fully featured refrigerators.  The Samsung RSG309 is a 30 cubic foot side-by-side fridge freezer, whilst the Samsung RF4289 is a 28 cubic foot French door model; both offer great functionality however.

Both of these large units utilize the Twin Cooling Plus System® designed to ensure perishables kept in these Samsung refrigerators stay fresher for longer.  This system uses two separate evaporators and fan systems to cool the refrigerator and freezer separately.  Keeping these systems separate ensures maximum control over humidity for longer lasting produce.

Samsung also introduced some other cutting edge high-end appliances at the 2011 CES.  These include the new Flex Oven range and the high capacity WF520 Samsung front loading washer.

Originally posted. January 11, 2011

Fisher And Paykel Fridges

The manufacturer Fisher And Paykel produces a range of fridge and freezers that are sold in many countries worldwide.

Many Fisher And Paykel Fridges incorporate their trademarked Active Smart system.  This technology utilizes sensors and fans to ensure rapid chilling and freezing of the Fisher Paykel refrigerators or freezers contents; and also serve to maintain equalized temperatures inside the units.

Bottom Mount Freezers

Active Smart Refrigeration options from the firm include several different models.  The E522B range is an attractive bottom mount freezer that is available in a variety of different configurations.  A plain white version is available in both right and left opening styles – E522BRE and E522BLE.

Upgrading to stainless steel opens a wide array of new models.  The F&P E522BRX, E522BLX, E522BRXFD, E522BLXFD all come with a full width bottle rack, and your choice of style of stainless steel door.  Optional upgrades are the addition of a Filtered Ice and Water dispenser, available in the E522BRXU, E522BLXU, E522BRXFDU and E522BLXFDU units respectively.

Each of these Fisher & Paykel fridge freezer units feature 17.6 cubic feet – 519L – of storage volume.  12.4 cubic foot dedicated to the refrigerator and 5.2 cubic foot for the freezer.

French Door Fridge Freezers

People seeking larger Fisher And Paykel Fridges also have a French Door style model as an option.  The RF201ADUX is fully featured with all the higher end options – such as Ice & Water dispenser and full width bottle back – and has a total internal capacity of 20.1 cubic feet.  The roll out freezer drawers in this unit are particularly appealing.

American Style Side-By-Side Fridge Freezers

Even larger units in the line-up of Fisher Paykel refrigerator models are the 21.8 cubic foot RX216DT7XV2 and RX216CT4XV2 units.  These premium side-by-side fridge freezer come very generously equipped with humidity crisper bin and a beverage chiller.

CoolDrawer Fridge Freezer

The list of Fisher and Paykel appliances available to consumers also includes the integrated CoolDrawer.  The RB36S25MKIW1 is a 3.1 cubic foot drawer fridge designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing cabinetry.  This under counter refrigerator can be installed with either prefinished or a custom finish to match your woodwork.  This incredibly versatile appliance can be set to function as a small freezer, chiller, refrigerator or even wine fridge simply by the touch of a button.

If you are in the market for a Fisher And Paykel Fridge Freezer there are certainly plenty of attractive options for you to select form.

Originally posted. December 9, 2010

Sub Zero 736-TCI Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer refrigerator comes with a variety of options which makes it popular with many consumers.  This combination refrigerator freezer is designed with a pull out freezer on the bottom, and the fridge can come with the door hinged on the right or the left depending on the personal preference of the buyer.  The 736TCI is considered a high end model and offers several unique features that make it especially popular among many consumers.

This model comes with a total volume of 20.6 cubic feet, and includes 13.7 cubic feet for fresh food, and 6.9 cubic feet of freezer space.  The inside refrigerator shelves are made from glass, and there is a specific shelf just for eggs.  This model does come with an automatic ice maker for convenience, and the base design is a classic stainless steel appearance, with the door hinges hidden to increase the aesthetic beauty or make it easier to match with a kitchen set up through the use of panels.

This strikes at the single detail that most sub zero refrigerator reviews agree is one of the best and most popular features of the 736-TCI: panel ready set up.  While at its most basic design this refrigerator freezer gives a classic stainless steel look, this Sub Zero refrigerator freezer is designed to accept paneling which means you can custom design a panel to make the fridge fit in completely with any kitchen set up.  This appliance can match the cupboards, match the woodwork in the house, and fit in as if it had been customized just for your own kitchen and home.

A few other really important points that a good Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer fridge review should include would be that these appliances are Energy Star rated and Star-K certified.  In addition, the automatic defrost on the freezer makes maintenance much easier, and the refrigerator section even has temperature zones, allowing for colder sections for foods that need a little bit more.  Because of this the vegetables and leftovers can stay fresh without the annoyance of seeing a thin layer of ice form on the Kool Aid or milk.

These are not commercially rated appliances, however they are considered pretty high level for consumer strength fridges and freezers.  If you’re not working on a strict budget that requires you to find a diamond in the rough type of deal, then the 736-TCU Sub Zero model might be out of your price range.  However if you are looking for a very high quality appliance and can spend the money on the best available to consumers, this is definitely a refrigerator freezer worth checking out.

Originally posted. June 2, 2011