ARB Fridge Freezer Review

ARB refrigerator freezers are fridges that a lot of people request information on, and for good reason.  These portable fridges and freezers serve a great niche market, and makes the portable movement of food that needs to remain cold for safety reasons easier than ever before.  It should be no surprise that ARB fridge freezer reviews are used by everyone from  avid outdoorsmen to major companies funding exploratory projects in the wilderness.  There are many reasons that the ARB portable fridge freezer is popular, and this article will help break down the options that you have when shopping from this company.

The new ARB fridge freezers review extremely positively, which is good news for fans of this brand who were worried about the new models going downhill.  These are considered by many 4 wheeling enthusiasts to be one of the most versatile portable models of car refrigerator freezers in the world, and they are in fact sold all across the world with especially strong followings in the United States and Australia.

General Improvements
Starting with the general improvements for this model, fans of the ARB will be glad to know that the most common complaint (a “quirky” hinge system) was one of the first issues addressed and the new model seals easily to provide maximum effective cooling without any hassle or headaches from trying to make it seal correctly.

A second addition is a clear LED monitor that makes it easy to check on temperature and settings.  New specialized plastic molding means these freezers are designed to be able to take more of a beating like regular coolers, but still have the actual effectiveness of a refrigerator freezer.  These models also come in three different sizes to accommodate the different needs of various outdoor enthusiasts and groups.  Worthy of note is the integrated battery protection system which includes an adjustable voltage cutoff to protect your vehicles battery from being run down too far.

Other notable improvements which come with all models of the new portable ARB refrigerator freezer include:

  • Improved temperature control
  • Ice free freezing
  • Rounded corners and edges (to protect vehicle seats and minimize chances of a cut)
  • Compact size
  • Deep design to accommodate bottles
  • 12V DC or 24V DC for car battery or solar setups

These fridge freezers enjoy a strong reputation for a reason, and even better are the three different models and sizes which increase your purchasing options.

The 3 Models Available

Arb Refrigerator In The Wild
First of all, it is important to note in this ARB fridge freezer review that the same sized ARB models will have different model numbers depending on whether you are looking at the American version or the Australian version.  However, if you go by size then this simplifies the process since there are three distinctive sizes to the ARB fridge freezer and differing model numbers can still refer to the same ARB portable freezer.

33 Quarts: In the United States the 33 quart ARB freezer is model MT35F-AL, but the Australian model will be MT35FARB.  These portable freezers weigh 46 pounds and measure in at 16 inches of height, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, allowing for plenty of storage space for the average outdoor enthusiast.

42 Quarts: The Unites States model number for a 42 quart ARB fridge freezer is MT45F-AL while Australia’s equivalent model will be MT45FARB.  This 42 quart model is the mid range version of this freezer based on size, and only weighs 53 pounds, which is not that large a jump over the 33 quart model considering the large increase in storage.  The dimensions for this model measure in at: 20 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

63 Quarts: Any good ARB fridge freezer review will tell you that the 63 quart model is the largest of the three currently offered by the company.  The United States model number is MT60F-AL while Australian markets will look for MT60FARB.  This portable fridge freezer gives plenty of storage space with dimensions of over 17 inches in height, 31 inches in width, and 19 inches in depth.  This model also weighs in at 70 pounds, so make sure you have someone with the strength to haul it.

Additional ARB Accessories

New for September 2011 is the ARB fridge/freezer slide, available for both their 37 quart and 50 quart models. With a 175lb load bearing capacity, this latest incarnation of the ARB refrigerator slide allows your fridge to be easily rolled out of the back of your vehicle.  This is great functionality to have as it provides easy access to your freezer – letting you add or remove items without contortions.  It even provides the ability to remove the entire basket for easy loading and unloading.

When combined with the ARB tie down system, this piece of equipment is great for off-road use; capable of standing up to even the roughest 4WD terrain.

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Saturation Temperature For Cooling Solutions

The Saturation Temperature of a substance refers – in essence – to its boiling point.

A more precise definition is that at its saturation temperature, a saturated vapor contains the least amount of thermal energy (i.e. heat) as is possible without condensing into a liquid form.  Likewise, a saturated liquid contains as much thermal energy (again – heat) as is possible without the liquid boiling into gaseous state.

With regards to refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners; saturation temperature is a very critical concept. Most refrigeration cycles are based on the repeated transition of a refrigerant gas from liquid to gaseous phase (evaporation) and back from a gas to a liquid again (condensation).

R-22 Versus R-410a Saturation Temperature Chart
One point of interest about saturation temperatures is that it will vary depending on the pressure under which the chemical is stored.  Normal boiling point is usually measured in terms of the liquid in question being kept at normal atmospheric pressure; which is not the case in most refrigerants.

Many modern refrigerant gases are kept in high pressure sealed systems – up to and over 400PSI – which serves to raise the saturation temperature of the substance in question.  This is a marked increase in pressure from old refrigerants such as R-22 which were operated at much lower pressures.

The higher pressures required to operate some of the newer refrigerant gases at useful temperatures is a large part of the reason why it is difficult to retrofit many old cooling appliances with a new refrigerant gas.

Most old chilling solutions simply are not engineered to handle their refrigerant at such high pressures. Modern refrigerators and air conditioners make use of stronger materials – such as thicker metals – to ensure they can handle the stresses imposed by a high pressure refrigerant such as R-410A.

Since cooling solutions need to operate at their Saturation Temperature to make repeated evaporation and condensation feasible, all refrigerants must be pressurized to the extent required where the Saturation temperature for the substance matches realistic achievable conditions.


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Whirlpool Water Filters – 4396710 and 4396841

The 4396710 and 4396841 Whirlpool water filters are used in a variety of different fridge freezers from several manufacturers.  These filters should be change out every six months or so in order to maintain the quality of the water that is dispensed from your kitchens refrigerator.

These models of refrigerator water filter fits a large variety of refrigerators from Kenmore, KitchenAid, Amana, Maytag, Viking and of course Whirlpool. It is ANSI/NSF certified to standards 42 & 53 for the reduction of a variety of contaminants.

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The Whirlpool 4396710 Water filter boasts a 97% reduction in Chlorine, 99.7% reduction in Class I Particulates, and also greatly reduces the quantity of Lead, Mercury and Absestos.  The Whirlpool 4396710 readily replaces the existing water filter in any of the following refrigerator models:

  • KSBP23INSS00, KSBS23INBT01, KSBS25INSS01, and others.

And for any of the following filter numbers:

  • 4396710, 4396710B, 4396711, 4396710P PUR Ultimate
  • 9020, 9030, 46-9020, 46-9030, 469020, 469030
  • T1RFWB2, T1WB2, T1WB2L, T1RFKB1, T1KB1, T1KB2, T1RFKB2
  • 2260538, 2260515, 2260538
  • W10121145

If you own one of the refrigerators/water filters listed above then you need the 4396710 replacement water filter.

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Another commonly used Whirlpool water filter is the 4396841.  The Whirlpool 4396841 is used in a variety of refrigerators that feature PUR Measure or Fast Fill functionality.  The Whirlpool 4396841 will replace any of the following water filter models:

  • Whirlpool 4396841B
  • Whirlpool 2305267/Whirlpool 2305222
  • Whirlpool 95357630
  • Whirlpool T2RFWG2/T2WG2/T2WG2L/T1WG2/T1WG2L
  • Whirlpool P2RFWG2
  • Viking RWFFRSXS
  • KitchenAid 4396842/43967842B
  • W10193691

Buy some extra 4396841 water filters today if you currently use one of these filters in your refrigerator. No matter which model your fridge freezer needs, I recommend that you buy a combo pack so you will have spares on hand six months down the road when it is time to replace the part.



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12v Fridge

If you are in the market for a 12v fridge for your car or off-road vehicle, there are several points to consider before taking the plunge.  I will briefly discuss here some of the more pertinent factors relevant to the purchase of a 12V refrigerator in the hope of making you a more informed buyer.

Compression Or Absorption Technology

The cooling system in nearly all refrigerators utilizes one of two basic technologies: Compression refrigeration or Absorption refrigeration.  Each of these systems has its respective advantages and disadvantages for use in a 12 volt cooler.

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The major advantage of an absorption refrigerator is that these devices can potentially be powered using gas.  If you are considering a 3 way fridge like those used in a caravan for its flexibility (they can be run off 12v DC, mains or LPG) then they will be an Absorption type fridge, as Compression refrigerators cannot run from gas.

One cheap 12v refrigerator good for those on a budget is the Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge. This highly decorative fridge can conveniently cool half a dozen cans of soda to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient air temperature.

However, if you plan to run your 12v fridge freezer off  DC all the time, rather than using LPG propane, you should definitely lean towards purchasing a compression refrigerator.  This type of unit has several advantages absorption units’ lack.

Firstly, while both technologies can be setup to utilize 12v DC, a compression model will use a lot less power than a comparable absorption.  This will make a huge difference when you are parked and have the 12 volt fridge freezer powered from your vehicle.  An absorption fridge will draw down the car battery quite rapidly, with a well-chosen low amperage compression fridge it may be possible to leave the unit plugged in several hours with minimal impact to your battery charge state.

In fact, a compression 12v fridge can be so energy efficient is it possible to rig yourself up a setup using solar panels to keep it running indefinitely.  Given the price of solar power, the fact that this is considered an option speaks volumes to the efficiency of these 12v refrigerators.  Particularly noteworthy for their cooling efficiency are the 12v Danfoss compressor fridges.

A second drawback to absorption units is the issue of leveling your portable fridge.  They really need to be maintained very close to level in order to work correctly.  If you take your vehicle off-road you may well be deliberately seeking out ‘non-level’ terrain.  12v DC Compressor refrigeration shine under these conditions.

Fridge Or Fridge Freezer

If you want a 12v freezer, you should probably again opt for a compressor unit.  Absorption 12 volt fridges can usually cool only a certain number of degrees below the ambient temperature and thus makes for a poor 12 volt freezer.  With a properly equipped compressor fridge freezer temperatures are possible.

Choosing A Brand

There are several manufactures of 12v fridges suitable for use in vehicles. Norcold, Waeco and Engel are all well regarded model lines,  Engel and Waeco refrigeators in particular have a very good reputation for ruggedness and durability. Engels Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT45F-U1 is a very well regarded 12v fridge freezer that gets rave reviews. The firm Novakool has a line of 12v marine refrigerators intended for use on a boat.

When shopping around you will notice these 12v compressor fridge models are generally significantly more expensive than a similar 12v absorption model; and you may be tempted to purchase a cheaper 12 volt refrigerator freezer absorption model.

However, when buying a 12 volt cooler a budget model may be more trouble than it is worth.

If you are looking for a true 12v fridge intending to use it solely with a 12 Volt power supply, it is almost certainly worth the extra expense for the compressor type of 12 volt refrigerators.

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AHRI – The Air-Conditioning Heating And Refrigeration Institute

The Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is an industry association representing several hundred of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners, heating units, and refrigeration machinery built in North America.  Combined, the membership of this organization is responsible for the production of over 90 percent of the commercial and residential equipment of this type on the market.

AHRI For Manufacturers – Membership

Part of the benefits of membership in this organization is that companies have any claims about their products performance verified by AHRI and assigned a relevant certification mark.  Corporation which take advantage of this certification provide assurance to their customers that their products are of high quality and that any claims are accurate.

Advocacy is another important benefit that AHRI provides to its members.  Many environmental and energy use policies are being debated by governments around the world, all of which have the potential to impact firms involved in the HVACR industry.  AHRI ensures that the viewpoints and opinions of its members are fairly represented in legislative, judicial and international discussions.

Also available for AHRI members is the latest industry data- regularly updated – to ensure your manufacturing and design decisions are made in an environment where you have the best possible grasp of today’s economics and legislative environments.

AHRI For HVACR Professionals

Busy professionals in the HVAC/R industries need a reliable and reputable source in order to maintain current on developments in their field.  AHRI is a great resource for contractors seeking the latest data on new products entering the market, ensuring you will always be able to offer the latest technologies to your customers.

Apart from information on the industry, AHRI makes resources available to assist in your career development.  These tools will help you to maintain your expertise by pointing you to the best resources for up-to-date training on the latest equipment and procedures.

AHRI For Homeowners

One important function the Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute provide is educating home-owners.  Consumers are able to provide the latest and most accurate information to empower them to make the best choices regarding their heating and cooling purchases.

Many consumers are confused by the various factors that should be considered buying this type of equipment.  AHRI – to help them out – provides the latest data on available tax incentive, energy consumption, and safety considerations to ensure high quality decision making.

AHRI is a highly respected institute that offers very useful resources for everyone – not just for the manufacturers who make up their core membership. For more information visit their website at To view the AHRI directory of certified product performance visit

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Four Aspects of Medical Freezers

From extremely low temperatures to unique locking mechanisms, medical freezers offer many different features that a normal fridge cannot. Medical freezers can maintain extremely constant temperatures and can be installed with alarms to keep your most vital medicine and lab specimen safe. So how, exactly, do medical freezers differ from normal home coolers?


The major difference between regular and normal freezers is a variance in temperature abilities. For vaccines and tissue storage, a medical freezer must be much cooler to maintain a constant and sterile environment. Depending on needs and location, a freezer can be a variety of different temperatures, including:

  • Home: For the home, a freezer should stay around -17 degrees Celsius. This temperature can fluctuate greatly without harm to freezer contents.
  • Restaurant: While most restaurant freezers stay around the temperature of a home freezer, some specialty foods require temperatures that plummet to -30 degrees Celsius. These temperatures may also change slightly without harm.
  • Medical: These freezers must remain much cooler for vaccine and specimen storage. You can purchase vaccine freezers that maintain temperatures down to anywhere from -30 to -86 degrees Celsius (the lowest medical freezer storage capacity for labs.) Interestingly, some cool storage can dip down to an amazing -209 degrees Celsius in cryobanks.

The most important temperature feature of these freezers is the fact that they can maintain extremely precise temperatures that don’t fluctuate like most appliances do. In the medical field, it’s important to keep a steady temperature and humidity, a main component of most medical freezers.

Locking Mechanisms

Locking mechanisms and alarms are another specialized aspect of medical freezers that differ from normal commercial coolers. Often, expensive and vital specimens, evidence, and medicine are stored in medical grade freezers. Because of this, locks and alarms can be easily installed in most of these appliances. If security is especially important to you, it’s a good idea to inspect a model of the freezer before purchasing. If you can’t clearly see the locking mechanism, ask a sales representative about the engineering that goes into keeping your cold items secure.

Installation versus Portability

There is a wide variety of models and installation types of medical freezers that tailor make them for a number of different situations. Chest coolers are common for bulk storage. If you know that you’ll be in and out of your freezer often (such as in a lab), consider purchasing an upright freezer. Multiple compartments will make sure that temperature is isolated and kept constant. Portable freezers are a good idea for tissue transport. Be aware that these smaller models can’t maintain as even of temperature.

Choosing a Medical Freezer

Often, medical freezers tout many different features that normal freezers do not. These aspects can include extremely low temperatures, mechanical locks, alarms and even portability and installation options. When choosing your medical freezer, you may also want to inspect the model before purchasing to make sure that all of your special features are up to par

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Upright Freezer

When purchasing a new freezer there are two basic options for buyers.  These are the upright freezer and the chest freezer.

I will briefly discuss here some of the features of upright freezers, and how the compare to the alternative – deep chest freezers.

Upright Freezers – Strengths

The main advantage of an upright freezer over a chest freezer is the built in capability to organize the contents of uprights. Many uprights have adjustable freezer storage bins, pull out freezer baskets and sliding shelves; all of these make organizing one of these appliances very easy.

With a deep chest freezer you will quite likely need to purchase yourself some wire baskets.  These freezer baskets can be stacked inside a deep freezer to competently mimic the storage options of upright freezers.

Many upright freezers contain an auto defrost feature.  This is an expensive option – around one hundred dollars – and somewhat energy intensive but can be worth the money if you value convenience over financial concerns.

Most chest freezers – and to be fair some uprights – utilize a manual defrost system, this means they must be deiced by hand periodically.

A small foot print is another benefit of choosing an upright freezer.  Since these appliances are relatively tall, their depth and width is limited.  This means that a lot of freezer can be installed when space is restricted. This is a clear advantage these devices have over chest freezers if your requirement is for a small freezer.

Upright Freezers – Weaknesses

One negative of an upright freezer is its price.  It costs more money to purchase an upright rather than a chest freezer of comparable size.   Compounding this issue, uprights use their space less efficiently.  The usable storage in an upright freezer is going to be 10% or more less than that of the equivalent deepfreeze unit.

A second disadvantage is operating costs.  The design of chest freezers lends itself to the efficient use of energy better than do upright freezers.  Over the long term this can make uprights cost significantly more to operate each month.

As I have explained, an upright freezer has an extensive list of pros and cons as compared to a chest freezer. There are an extensive selection of brands available – with options ranging from a Kenmore upright freezer from Sears through to more upscale choices like Frigidaire upright freezers.

The details of your particular application will play a large part in determining if upright freezers are an appropriate choice for you, or whether you should be looking at other types of freezers instead.

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Sub Zero Parts And Maintenance

When obtaining Sub Zero parts for your refrigerator or freezer it is important to only use the very best.

The manufacturer Sub-zero recommends that repairs and servicing of Subzero refrigerators only be performed be certified Sub-Zero and Wolf service and repair partners.  That said you may be able to find independent contractors who have worked with Sub Zero fridges in the past – former employees of certified dealers perhaps – to work on your refrigerator.

Is it definitely advisable to have your Sub zero service work performed by a certified Subzero parts dealer and repair person whilst your Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer remains under warranty, as any future warranty claims would likely be voided by unauthorized work.

Quality appliances such as the Sub Zero PRO-48 include numerous systems to assist you in proper care of your refrigerator.  By following recommended Sub Zero maintenance schedules you can potentially avoid the need to expensive repairs later in the life of your appliance.

One of these feature is the Subzero visual service display.  This electronic monitoring system tracks the ice maker and individual storage components and will flash on a SERVICE warning light if action is needed. This system also monitors the condenser so as to inform you if a cleaning is required.

Cleaning of the shelves, drawers and ice bucket are all easily facilitated by simple removal.  Frequent cleaning of your refrigerator freezer by yourself or your staff is recommended for optimum performance and hygiene, and to ensure and maximum longevity of your appliances. Sub Zero recommend that vinegar is not used in cleansing, they suggest a weak solution of warm water, soap and a small amount of baking soda.

Very important is frequent replacement of your Sub Zero water filter cartridge.  As provided with the PRO 49 the filter is intended for one year of use before replacement is required.  A REPLACE FILTER warning indicator is provided to inform you when your water filter needs replacing. Note that if you disable your water filter – perhaps by turning off your Sub-Zero fridge, or simply bypassing the filter – for over a month if should be replace before the ice maker and water filter is restored to service.  New water filters are the most commonly needed of all sub zero refrigerator parts, due to the requirement for yearly replacement.

Whether you take care of your Sub Zero refrigerator repair and maintenance yourself, through a licensed dealer, or otherwise; you will eventually find yourself in need of Sub-Zero parts.  Be sure to only purchase good quality replacement parts – whether it be for your Subzero water filtration system, ice maker or otherwise – and follow all suggested maintenance procedures in a timely manner.


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Purchasing the Right Amana Refrigerator Parts

When your Amara refrigerator needs repairing, you may begin to search for Amana refrigerator parts to fix the problem quickly and easily. But buying parts without knowing exactly what you need is often a trap for time and money. So before buying the first part that appears to be what you need, make a list of vital information that you’ll be sure to need. After that, find a dealer or website that can be relied upon to be a reputable source for your Amana parts for your refrigerator.

Know What You Need

First off, know exactly what parts that you need, how much they will cost, and any identifying information that you will need in order to purchase your parts. Being clear and exact when ordering Aman fridge parts will prevent headaches and will also ensure that the part you get is the right one. When deciding what parts you need, make sure to write down:

  • Name of the part: be specific as possible (i.e. “condenser fan motor” instead of just “motor for fan”)
  • Serial number or identification number: will most likely be marked somehow on the part itself
  • Model of refrigerator: locate this information in your owner’s guide or on the back of the fridge
  • A brief description of what’s wrong and what you’ve done to remedy the situation

Knowing all of this information and having it written down will smooth interaction with a sales representative or when shopping online. A brief description of the problem is important, but not vital. A repair technician might be able to look at the problem and proscribe a different remedy, saving you time and money.

Find a Retailer

Next, find a retailer of Amana refrigerator parts near you. Finding a reputable dealer is the best way to make sure that you’re getting authentic and, most importantly, brand new Amana replacements. One great way to find a dealer near you is to visit the Amana website and use their retailer locater tool. Another way to locate a dealer is to call appliance areas near you and simply ask a receptionist. Often, an appliance shop will be able to order an Amana part even if they don’t necessarily carry it in stock.

Shop Online

Ordering parts online is a great way to save money if you’re a do-it-yourself sort of person. But just be careful when purchasing parts from somewhere other than an Amana dealer. Always choose a reputable supply website. When shopping online for Amana parts, make sure that you double and even triple check the items that you are ordering. Make sure to check identification numbers, sizes, and part model numbers.

The Perfect Part

When searching for and purchasing your Amana refrigerator parts, make sure to have all the needed information with you ahead of time. After getting the info you need, find a dealer near you that either has the part in stock or can order one for you. Always be careful when shopping online for parts. Make sure that the item you’re ordering is from a trusted website and is guaranteed to work.

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Refrigerator Brands

When searching for a refrigerator, it’s second nature to shop founded on the brand. There are home brands that are already well-known and are well constructed. Because they’ve been around for a long time, they’ve already built a wide customer base. However, new brands are emerging and they are assembled just as well, if not even better. You must compare the features of both new and recognized refrigerator manufacturers, to find the top refrigerator brands.

In regards to selecting the very best fridge brand that’ll suit the needs of the family, you must take into account the different characteristics that each brand has. Some of the most important factors to consider is space. When you rate refrigerators, remember the best fridge brands have versions with lots of compartments and space for keeping different types of food. Pay attention to which versions have more drawers for food storage because these can actually come in handy.

Refrigerator BrandsRemember that the more people there are in the household, the more food storage space you will want. Top rated fridge brands will have crisper drawers for produce at the minimal. Additional drawers could possibly be incorporated into the design for storage of lunch meats and snacks. Lots of the best refrigerator brands have compartments that are designed especially for water, milk, or pop.

High end refrigerator brands typically have a sophisticated automatic defrost system with similar features to those belonging to more fundamental models. Additionally you will find automatic temperature controls that let vegetables and fruits to stay fresh longer. This comes in handy for families who down lots of fresh produce.

If you are seeking a premium fridge brand such as one of these have to be willing to pay for the privilege. It truly is worth noting that refrigerator ratings for these more products do not automatically represent the price, a big part of the price premium ties directly to the status associate with owning one of the very best refrigerator brands.

However, other versions may not have a freezer whatsoever, so that you can have more room for foods that must be refrigerated. If that’s the case, you will need to purchase a separate freezer, but if you’re going to keep large volumes of food in the freezer, you’ll want a sizable freezer anyhow.

Of the very best rated fridge brands, there are many that have models designed to save electricity. While refrigerators like this can cost more, the savings you will have on electricity will probably be larger. Look for the Energy Star symbol for refrigerators that meet or exceed established standards for energy conservation.

The refrigerator is one of the very important appliances you should have in your house. It is worth taking the time to thoroughly investigate before making the decision to buy. Organizations such as ‘consumer reports’ consistently review fridges, ratings from these sources are a terrific source of independent and unbiased information on the reliability and performance of specific brands. Their refrigerator rating system periodically releases lists of recommended ‘best buys’.

Since fridge freezers are so pricey, it’s important to do maintenance checks to keep them running smoothly for their designed lifetime. In the event that you take great care of them and purchase well chosen top rated refrigerators, there’s no reason they cannot last for several years.


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