Maytag Refrigerator Water Filters – Which To Buy

If you are seeking quality and dependable water filters that will fit in to many refrigerator models, Maytag refrigerator water filters top the list of available products. This company has been providing water filters of the highest quality for many years. They have received positive comments not only from the customers who use these water filters, but also from the manufacturers of refrigerators other than the Maytag Brand.

Some of the popular models that have been well received include the Maytag Refrigerator water filter UKF 7003 and the UKF 8001 models. The Maytag UKF 7003 was previously known by the model number UKF7003AXX. The water filtration system that is used by this model is PUR. This water filter is a perfect fit for many Maytag and Jenn-Air refrigerators.

This particular model has the capability to remove a number of impurities such as Lead, Cysts, Turbidity, Chlorine and particulates. With respect to Cysts, this particular model has the capability to remove up to 99.95% of Cyst impurities. With regard to Chlorine, this model is capable of removing 75.  The UKF7003 AXX has been tested and Certified by NSF according to ANSI standards.

Fridge freezer owners should replace this water filter a new one after using the old one for 6 months. Customers who have been using the UKF 7003 model have given extremely positive feedback regarding the quality of water, the taste of the water dispensed and the ease at which the filter replacement can be done. These water filter reviews suggest it is a good buy for the average homeowner.

Another Maytag water filter that has been receiving positive feedback from users is the Maytag UKF 8001. This water filter is slightly different from the 7003 model in the way the filter is installed in the refrigerator. The filter model 8001 is actually fastened to a trough in the ceiling of the fridge. When replacing the filter, the filter swings down from the refrigerator ceiling.

The Maytag UKF8001 has the capability to remove more impurities than the model 7003. Some of the impurities that are removed by this model include Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Cysts, Benzene, Lindane, Toxaphene, Chlorine, Turbidity and various particulates.

This model of the refrigerator filter can be used for 6 to 9 months before it should be replaced. This is one of the very few filters that filter most of the impurities that are present in water as well as in other liquids such as Coffee and Tea. This model is also very easy to install and maintain over a longer period of time.

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Polar King Walk In Freezers

Polar King walk-in freezers are some of the most well known in the industry, and for a good reason. The company has made a name for itself by building high-quality products that can meet all your refrigeration needs. Whether you need to own or rent, this company offers products suitable for your needs.

Perhaps you are looking for a refrigerated trailer for your next hunting trip to avoid meat wastage. Alternatively, maybe you already have a walk-in freezer and just need to have it remodeled? No problems with any of that, because there are a variety of Polar King walk-in freezers that can be built or customized to fit your exact specifications.

The primary purpose of a walk-in freezer is to store food in cold temperatures and let it stay fresh longer. Bacteria responsible for food spoilage thrive in warmer temperatures, but cannot prosper in freezing conditions.  Polar King walk-in freezers can store any food item you want — whether it’s cheese, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. — and have them all in cold storage ready for you whenever you need them.

Many people who want walk-in refrigeration applications like these are in the food industry, although there are a good number of clients from medical institutions as well. They own restaurants, cafés, delis, grocery stores, specialty food shops, and hospital kitchens or canteens.

These clients not only need to have a space to put their food items into cold storage, but they also need to turn that exact space into an organized area where the items can easily be displayed, kept, and accessed on high quality shelving.

It would be highly impractical to have a walk-in freezer where all the food is just piled up in boxes, bags, and cartons on the floor. Can you imagine the waste of time, money, and energy trying to find a cut of meat or a hunk of cheese among all that mess, every time you need it?

Furthermore, many stores nowadays do not only need quick and easy access to their wares, but they also need their customers to be able to see the items on display before buying anything. This usually happens in shops or delis that specialize in wholesale transactions, but there are some smaller establishments that now want similar capabilities as well. As a result, high-quality walk-in freezers now have modernized shelving units to allow clients easy access and enhanced display capabilities for their customers.

Clients that install the outdoor versions of Polar King walk-in freezers can also enjoy another huge advantage — they are able to save on construction costs, and avoid paying for the same space twice. If you really think about it, an outdoor walk-in freezer only needs a solid foundation (like a concrete slab) outside, and you now have extra space inside your building that you can use for other purposes.

Overall, efficient storage capabilities are a must-have for these customers, coupled with reliable cold storage capabilities. With that said, Polar King walk-in freezers are the go-to products for customers that need high-quality refrigeration solutions.


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Chillers from McQuay International

McQuay international is a member of the Daikin group, and is well known for its selection of chillers.

McQuay water-cooled chillers are available with a variety of compressor types, and are suitable for any budget and application.  Their chiller sizes start as small as 30 tons – 35 kW – and range as large as 2700 – 9450 kW. Rely on efficient, reliable and silent McQuay chillers for your job.

The large Dual Compressor Centrifugal chiller ranges in capacity from 400-2700 tons.  They offer substantial installation savings as they basically provide commercial customers with two chillers in one.  By utilizing positive pressure R-134a refrigerant, this hardware requires much less install space than comparable R-123 dependent designs.

On the small end, a McQuay Scroll compressor is ideal when your needs range between the 30 and 200 ton range.  These units are small enough that a 130-ton model can be taken inside through a standard door, which proves very hand for interior installs.  Operating as low as 72dbA, these units also have the lack of noise necessary for indoors operation.  As well as this, they have the advantages of modern R-410A refrigerant, which will never require retrofitting due to phase-out schedules.

In between these two models is the McQuay Single Compressor Centrifugal.  With output between 200 and 125 tons – depending on model chosen – this is a good midrange selection  This range features unparalleled tonnage per square foot, which is ideal for optimizing usage of your equipment room. Also includes are variable speed drives which provide partial load efficiencies during operation. McQuay also offers Air Cooled Chillers. The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder chiller is noted for its innovative screw chiller design. With a capacity of 550 tons, it features the RapidRestore option allowing for quick restarts after brief power outages ; the compressor can fire back up in as little as 30 seconds.  Available with three different efficiency levels – premium, high or standard – buyers can choose variable frequency drives, which allow lower energy usage when the cooler is operated at partial load.

As well as coolers, McQuay offers many other related products.  They also deal in Air Handlers – both indoor and outdoor models, condensers, and water source heat pumps.  Also worthy of note, for those in earthquake prone areas, is that many items in the McQuay equipment line have been granted IBC seismic qualifications by the International code council.



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West Marine – A Reputable Retailer For All Your Boating Needs

West Marine is best described by its mission statement “to be the best supplier of boating-related products and services that provide outstanding value to every Customer”. With its commitment to always providing the most outstanding customer care service, customers of West Marine have long regarded the company as exceptional and the rewards to the firm have been great.

While now one of the largest supply retailers in boating, the original firm was created in a garage in Sunnyvale, California. Randy Repass, the founder and chairman chose his passion and love of boating over his then job at a Silicon Valley technology firm. In 1968 nylon tope by mail order was one of the first services provided and carried the name West Coast Ropes.

The opportunity then presented itself to improve shopping for boating supplies and 1975 Mr. Repass was led to open the first ever West Coast Ropes store. This establishment not only supplied the famous quality rope they were already well known form, but also stocked the basic supplies needed for boating, which included anchors and fenders.

The variety of items stocked at the store improved as more and more customers discovered West Marine over time. The name West Marine was introduced to the public in 1977 when the company acquired some assets from the Boston-based West Products, the new name reflecting the expansion in its business.

A wholesale division of West Marine was introduced in 1978 called Port Supply, as this allowed the sale of the various products directly to boat yards, charter fleets, government accounts and boat dealers. The years 1991 and 1993 respectively are memorable to West Marine for not only did it open the first stores on the East Coast in Miami and Annapolis but also expanded to Florida, Virginia and New York – amongst other places.

Furthermore, the company went public on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol of WMAR. West Marine went on to form a merger with one of its most respected competitors – E&B marine – as both had the same target customers. This merger combined the individual strengths of the two companies into a one stop-shopping destination for boating supplies.

West Marine marked yet another remarkable and historic milestone in 2003 when it acquired the retail and catalog divisions of its long-time competitor Boat U.S.  Mr. Repass proudly stated that the two companies shared a foundation that was built on knowledge and a customer first attitude, and were therefore perfect fit.

Now with over Three Hundred (300) stores in thirty-eight (38) states, Puerto Rico and Canada West Marine now carries more than Fifty Thousand (50,000) products.  These range from the rope that was sold from its inception, all the way up to the latest in the marine electronics industry.  They even carry boating fridges such as the Engel refrigerator lineup.

In addition to its retail stores and Port Supply wholesale divisions, the company now serves boaters in excess of One Hundred and Fifty (150) countries worldwide through its mail order service and Internet marketing divisions.

West Marine is heavily relied upon for its superb customer service, selection and quality all of which has always been its anchor.  Shoppers for boating goods can rest assured they are a retailer that can be relied upon.


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Maytag M1TXEMMWW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

If you’re looking specifically for a Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator review then you’ve probably already heard good things about this particular model and are now looking for specific information.  Maytag is one of the largest producers of home appliances in the world, and when it comes to the M1TXEMMWW, this particular Maytag refrigerator stands up as extremely high quality and outperforms most comparable models.  On average this fridge falls anywhere from the $550 to $800 range and comes in a variety of colors and with some adjustable options that consumers will find helpful.

When it comes to specs, the Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator comes in with 21 cubic feet of storage volume, uses a mere 416 kilowatt hours of energy a year, and is Energy Star qualified.  While white is the standard color there are options (at additional cost) for getting a model in bisque, black, or stainless steel as well.  Gallon door storage allows for convenient placement of milk while the freezer volume comes in at 6.5 cubic feet.  The shelves in the fridge are made of glass and this model does come with an ice maker, which is a definite perk.  The manufacturer also backs up this top freezer refrigerator with a one year warranty.

While Maytag has experienced some stumbles in the past, this particular model seems to enjoy a fairly universal positive review from many consumer sites.  Common comments from consumer reviews include special recognition for this model for being both roomy and quiet, and the old problems Maytag has had from time to time with breakdowns seem to not affect this particular model at all.

As with any refrigerator there are both pros and cons associated with this particular Maytag model.  While these lists are hardly comprehensive, reading over the hundreds of online reviews and tests come up with these lists of the most common pros and cons.

Positives of the Maytag M1TXEMMWW: runs very quietly, Energy Star-compliant, reversible door for convenience, ice maker, very reasonable pricing, & adjustable door bins.

Negatives of the Maytag M1TXEMMWW: skipped spill-proofing the shelves, the gallon door storage only has room for one gallon and that’s it, and there’s no water dispenser to go with the ice maker.

This particular model has a lot to offer consumers, and hopefully this Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator review has really helped to open your eyes to everything that this particular top freezer fridge has to offer.

21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in White M1TXEMMWW

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12v Fridges For Sale

Buyers looking for 12v fridges for sale have many options, as there are quite a few different brands of 12v fridge available. Below I address some of the different manufacturers of 12v fridges and make recommendations selecting an appropriate product line.

For those seeking quality 12v fridge freezers, compressor based technologies are usually the best. There are several firms you manufacture a wide range of compressor 12v fridge freezer units, these include Waeco, Engel and Norcold.

Waeco Fridges for Sale

Waeco produces a wide range of different 12v fridge freezers. No matter whether you prefer a cheap thermoelectric fridge, a flexible three-way fridge freezer or a compressor refrigerator freezer unit; Waeco – a subsidiary of Dometic – manufactures an appropriate selection.

No matter what your budget there are a wide range of high quality Waeco fridges for sale. Waeco compressor fridge freezers are particularly renowned for using high-quality German Danfoss compressors.

Engel Fridges for Sale

Another great manufacturer of 12v refrigerator freezers is Engel. They offer some of the best compressor style refrigerator freezer units available in stores. The Sawafuji swing compressors used in Engel fridge freezers are very well-regarded.

If you seek a truly high-quality refrigerator for use as a car fridge then you would be well advised to seek out Engel fridges for sale.

Norcold Fridges for Sale

This firm is best known for Norcold 3 way refrigerators. While these are not the ideal 12v fridge freezer unit due to using absorption technology, they are a viable alternative to some of the competitor’s compressor models.

Particularly popular for use in Recreational Vehicles and Caravans is the Norcold Inc. Refrigerators 323T R/L 3 Way Refrigerator shown here. This 3 way fridge offers the option of mains power, 12v power and LPG for maximum flexibility in usage.

If you are really seeking out a discounted fridge for use with 12v direct current, then seeking Norcold fridges for sale may be a wise move for you. Do keep in mind however the energy consumption of these absorption refrigerators when running off of 12 volts can be relatively high.

Other Brands

If none of these firms products appeal, there are numerous other manufacturers of 12v freezer fridges available.  ARB and National Luna are a couple worth considering.  The ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer is very well regarded by many people.

One note of caution, when looking for a 12v refrigerator  for sale it is very easy to over emphasize the low price and pay insufficient attention to quality. If a cheap 12v refrigerator is all you can afford then by all means buy a discounted 12 V fridge freezer, but if your budget allows it is well worth considering investing little more in a more expensive unit.

Shop an extended line-up of discount 12v fridges for sale at Amazon.

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GE Profile Refrigerator Options – Which To Choose

The GE Profile refrigerator comes in four different models, although they can be differentiated in several ways, they are all just variations of each other.  GE profile is distinct and separate model line from equally well known selection of GE Monogram refrigerators.

Similarities Between Models
No matter which model, this is a side-by-side built in unit. They all have the ClimateKeeper™ with Dual Evaporators temperature management system with five electronic sensors. They all utilize the same FrostGuard™ defrost technology, have factory installed ice storage bins with dispensers that provide cubes, crushed ice and chilled water. The water filtration has a GE 1 year MWF.

The interior layout is similar in each unit as well, with four Fresh Food Cabinet Shelves; all spill proof, three adjustable. Four Fresh Food Door bins with ClearLook™ – three of them adjustable and one with gallon storage capacity. There are four Snugger Clips and a dairy compartment.  The interior lighting is dual level and there is a signature Beverage Feature that holds wine bottles. The drawers all have adjustable humidity; the bottom drawer is delineated as a deli drawer. The freezer shelves and baskets are adjustable and made of wire, and the door bins in the freezer are fixed. All models also feature a NeverClean Condenser.

48” with Electronic Dispenser

  1. Stainless Steel Model #: GE Profile PSB48YSXSS – This model has all the features mentioned above, with a stainless steel exterior finish and stainless steel sculptured handle. The total interior capacity is 29.5 cubic feet. The unit measures 27” deep by 84” high by 48” wide. Net weight is 512 lbs. The electronic dispenser feature refers to a few key things, the child lock, dispenser light, Quick Ice™ technology, door alarm, and a water filtration indicator light.
  2. Door Paneled Model #: GE Profile PSB48YGXSV – This model is identical to the 48” stainless steel model, except it requires door panels be installed. The panel capability can be specified at either ¼” or ¾” depending on you panel thickness. Most often this option is chosen when people want the refrigerator to match their cabinetry in appearance. The unit is handle ready for something custom, or can come with a full-length visor handle.

42” with Dispenser

  1. Stainless Steel Model #: GE Profile PSB42YSXSS – This model is slightly smaller than the two listed above, with a stainless steel exterior finish with the same sculptured stainless steel handle as the stainless steel 48” model. The total interior capacity is 25.2 cubic feet. The dimensions are the same with the exception of the overall width, which is 42” as compared to 48”.
  2. Door Paneled Model #: GE Profile PSB42YGXSV – Last but not least, the 42” door paneled model requires door panels, and is custom handle ready or will come with a full-length visor. Otherwise it is the same as the stainless steel 42” in every way.

As you can see, the four different GE Profile Refrigerator models are all just variations on a theme, varying only slightly in size and exterior finish.


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3 Way Camping Fridge

For families that love to camp, one of the most useful items of equipment they can own is a 3 way camping fridge. The beauty of a mini portable fridge for camping purposes is that you can cool food and drinks away from home. When that fridge is a three way model, you can power it almost anywhere!

These camp refrigerators are referred to as ‘3 way’ because they run on any of three different power sources. You choose the power according to what is available to your 3 way camping refrigerator at any given time.

The best choice, of course, is to run your fridge off 110V – or whatever your local voltage is -mains power. When shore power is available to power your electronics, it is usually available in unlimited quantities. When running from mains your camping fridge can run non-stop and you will have no concerns about running out of fuel.

For those camping locations where shore power is not available, the next best choice is to run the 3 way fridge on propane. Most 3 way camping fridges are designed to be very efficient when powered by LPG, so a small tank can last you quite some time. Because of this propane camp refrigerators are ideal for extended camping trips in remote locations.  Propane fridges are also great if you want a permanent fridge for an off-grid cabin.

The final power source three way camping fridges can utilize is 12V DC. The usual source of this is your vehicles battery. The chief drawback to this means of power is that you can quickly drain your starter battery if you leave the fridge plugged in too long without the engine running. This makes 12V DC refrigeration best suited for use while your vehicle is actually on the road. There are solutions to improve the viability of 12V for your refrigerators – dual battery setups, solar panels – but they do not come cheap.

There can be no doubt that the addition of a 3 way camping fridge freezer can really add a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to your next camping trip or adventure.

These fridges will allow you to maintain chilled food and drinks on just about any camping trip you can imagine, and are a great addition to your camping sites facility list. A lesser camping refrigeration solution does not have 3 way capability will give you fewer options, and may leave you without cooling capabilities in some circumstances.

As discussed, the great flexibly in powering these fridges is what makes them so popular. If you are in the market for a 3 way camping fridge, one of these units is definitely worthy of consideration.

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Sears Refrigerators

There is a large selection of Sears refrigerators available at shopping malls.  Apart from the traditional Sears Department Stores, Sears also sells refrigerators as specialized Sears Appliance stores, and also scratch and dent models from Sears Outlet stores.

All of Sears fridges – surprisingly to some consumers – are not from Kenmore.

Sears also carries a selection of different refrigerators from other brands such as Whirlpool, GE Appliances, Frigidaire and Samsung. Unlike stores like Wal-Mart, their selection usually of better quality.

Sears Top Freezer Refrigerators

There is a solid selection of top freezer refrigerators available from Sears.  Those looking for an 18.2 cubic foot top-freezer refrigerator have the option of the Kenmore 6800, 6888 and Kenmore 7888 – these fridges are available in varying finishes of bisque, black and white.  Similarly, the 18 cubic foot GE GTH18EBT and the Frigidaire FFHT1817 are great options.

Those seeking smaller top freezer fridge models also have plenty of Sears refrigerators to pick from.  At only 9.6 cubic foot, the black Whirlpool ET0MSRX is an excellent choice for small kitchens.  The Kenmore 6320 is a little larger – 10.5 cubic feet – and is a single door model, this small refrigerator is also a great for small homes.

Sears Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The Sears refrigerator freezer selection also includes a lot of Bottom Freezer models.  One popular size is the 22.4 cubic foot bottom freeze refrigerator – Sears offers the Kenmore 6827, 7620 and Kenmore 7827 in all the typical finishes, including stylish stainless steel.  Sears fridge freezers in this style are also available in the GE Profile line; the 21.1 cubic foot PDCS1NCZ is one particularly proper model.

Sears Side-by-Side Refrigeration

Side-by-Side Sears Refrigerators are always popular with buyers.  The most commonly purchased units in this range are their 25 cubic foot selections.  The Kenmore 5942, Kenmore 5101 and Whirlpool ED5KVEXV – in White, Black and Satina – incorporate door mounted water dispenses and offer solid value.

Sears French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Options

Homeowners with a larger budget may want to shop the selection of Sears French Door bottom freezers.  The most popular model Sears sells in this range is the stainless steel Whirlpool GX5FHTXV with a storage capacity of 24.8 cubic feet.  A recent addition to their product line is the Kenmore Elite 7105; this stainless steel Sears fridge freezer has a generous volume of 27.6 cubic feet, making it ideal for large families.

The Samsung 23 cubic foot RFG237AA French door refrigerator and the large Samsung stainless steel RF4287HA – 28 cubic foot, with four doors – are also great premium refrigerator options from the Sears refrigeration selection.

This is just a small sampling of the selection of Sears refrigerators available.  Sears has one of the most extensive model line-ups of all major white good and appliance retailers.

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How A Refrigerator Can Kill You

There have been many unfortunate tragedies whereby people have been killed by refrigerators and freezers over the years.  From poor designs on early models to simple bad luck, these accidents run the gamut. Below I explain some of the accidents that have occurred, and demonstrate the dangers these cooling appliances can potentially pose to the unwary.

Suffocation in a Fridge

Old style refrigerators – manufactures in the 1950s and earlier – were frequently the cause of the death of children.  These fridges had mechanical latches that kept the doors sealed, and which made them impossible to open from inside.

Kids would often find an old abandoned fridge and decide to use it as a toy.  Upon climbing inside and closing the door they would be tragically trapped and unable to escape.  It is believed that hundreds of children – frequently along with a friend – died in this way in the 1940s and 1950s.

Eventually Congress decided it needed to take action, and in October 1958 the Refrigerator Safety Act came into force.  From that point on all new refrigerators sold had to be easily opened from the inside with a moderate 15 pound force.

This law led to the replacement of the mechanical latch with the magnetic seals used to keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed today.  This life-saving technology has saved the lives of hundreds or even thousands of children since it was first introduced.

Freezing to Death inside a Refrigerator

In some parts of the world, large refrigerators are offered as cool-down facilities for overheated locals.  Enterprising businessman setup large refrigerators and charge people to sit inside them to cool down.

In Sudan locals are charge five Sudanese pounds – roughly $2 – per hour to escape the heat inside one of these refrigerators.  This sum of money is a substantial amount in the Sudan, but can offer life-saving relief from the potentially fatal heat of Sudan in the summer.

Unfortunately for three unlucky customers, there was a terrible failure in the business model of these entrepreneurs.  While it is not entirely sure how this came about, these three people froze to death in one of these refrigerators; their attempt to escape the extremes of the heat outdoors leading to their death by freezing.

Crushed by a Falling Fridge Freezer

Whilst this may sound like a plot line from a Three Stooges movie, this is no laughing matter. A worker on a construction crew in Wisconsin, engaged in the process of an apartment renovation, was killed by a fridge falling four floors to the ground.

Old equipment was being removed from the building – including the old refrigerator.  It was pushed from the fourth floor balcony to the ground, which was believed to be clear.  Through a tragic misfortune the victim unfortunately stepped beneath the fridges flight path as it fell to the ground.

If you are aware of any other dangers that refrigerators can present, please let me know in the comments.



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