Best Buy Mini Fridge Options

Best Buy offers over thirty different models of mini fridges, not counting the Portable Party Fridge, which sports the colors of whatever NFL team you love. If you’re not a huge football fan it may be tricky to choose. (If you are a football devotee, just pick your favorite team and be done with it!)

Best-Selling Mini Fridges Best Buy
Best Buy’s best-selling mini fridge is the Frigidaire 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator in silver. With 4.8 star customer rating, it features a can rack, tall bottle storage, glass shelving, and the option of reversing the door swing to either left or right. There are seven dial settings and a manual defrost prevents freezer burn. The exterior measures 18-2/3” wide by 19-1/2” deep by  33-1/2” in height, and the unit weights 57 lbs. The estimated yearly operating cost is about $36 and is Energy Star Qualified. The finish appears to be stainless steel, but buyer beware, it is actually a painted sheet metal veneer.

Top Rated Small Refrigerators Best Buy
The Danby 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator in white is the top rated mini fridge on the Best Buy Website. With five stars it also has a can rack, tall bottle storage and left or right door swing options. The shelves however, are wire. The exterior measurements are similar to the best selling unit, at 17-3/4” wide, 18-3/5” deep and 32-9/10” in height, and weighs a tad more at 59 lbs. The estimated yearly operating cost is about $27 dollars, but keep in mind that the unit is not Energy Star Qualified. The finish is white, classic, but not sleek in any way. If you are shopping for looks you may want to consider purchasing some decals or embarking some other diy endeavor to spruce this unit up.

Recent Arrivals
The newest addition to the Best Buy team of mini fridges is the Black & Decker Factory Refurbished 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator in black, and at $52.99 it is also the cheapest. Even though it’s a good bit smaller than the other two models discussed here, it does have 2 liter bottle storage capabilities for storing large bottles in a compact space. The shelves are wire. Analog controls allow for easy temperature adjustment and NuCool technology enhances coolant for compressor-free cooling to the ideal temperature. Overall the exterior of the unit measures 18-78” deep by 16-9/10” wide by 9-1/2” in height. The yearly operating cost is not advertized, and the unit is not Energy Star qualified. The finish is black.

Availability of all units in stores may be limited, so it would be a good idea to call your local store ahead of time if you are set on a certain model. If they don’t have it in stock you may be able to order it through the store or purchase it online. Shipping through Best Buy directly will run you around $20 depending where you are. Often times Best Buy mini fridges can be purchased at alternative websites like with free shipping, so just do your research and you’ll be sure to find the right unit for you and at the right price too!

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The Jenn-Air JS42PPDUD is a high-end and high-performance refrigerator freezer competing squarely with top-end produces from expensive manufacturers including Thermador, Sub Zero, Viking and Miele.

A 42″ built-in side-by-side refrigerator, this Jenn Air refrigerator has an MSRP of $7200 dollars placing it at a lower price point than some of their competition. With an attractive stainless steel finish, it comes loaded with features.  Capacity of this unit is 9.4 cubic feet for the freezer, and 15.9 cu. ft. for the refrigerator.

Included are items such as:

  • PUR water filter built in to the removable base grill to save on storage space
  • High precision temperature management system with variable speed compressor for maximum efficiency
  • Advanced Climate Control technology storage bin for most effective food preservation
  • 4 spill-proof glass shelves and 2 crisper drawers ensure the contents are easily and safely organized
  • Full sized gallon door bin and 4 full width adjustable door bins maximize the available capactiy in the refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Builtin cubed & crushed ice/water dispenser
  • Glass touch electronic controls come with an LED display

One unique feature is the QuickMeasure functionality. This allows the user of the fridge to measure out a programmed quantity of water in cups, liters or ounces. This comes in very handy in meal preparation in your kitchen.

This commercial quality refrigerator features large handles, and tough diamond etched grips. While the stainless steel finish is visually very appealing, it does hold fingerprints very easily. This means the occasional wipedown will be needed to keep it clean.  Overall this is not much of a negative however.

While the price of seven thousand dollars make its rather expensive, many buyers find the full feature set worth the money.  They are a cheaper option than pricey Sub-Zero refrigerators, but cost considerably more than less expensive brands such as Kenmore and Frigidaire refrigerators.

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Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Review

Perhaps your freezer is in the garage, or maybe you just need more room than a side-by-side can offer; either way, the Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an alluring model worth taking a closer look. In this review we will do just that by looking at the BI-36R’s features, pricing, and warranty info.

Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Features

  • The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is loaded with all the good stuff you need.
  • This refrigerator will literally use less electricity than your 100-watt living room lightbulb.
  • It’s annual energy usage is estimated at 404 kWh, which works out to about $43 per year.
  • It is UL approved in both the US and Canada.
  • The flip-up grill enables you to completely build in and service this refrigerator from the front.
  • Fully certified as Sabbath and holiday compliant by Star-K Kosher.
  • Plenty of design options, including overlay, framed, flush inset, and classic stainless steel.
  • Air purifying system.
  • Bright and even interior lighting.
  • The glass shelves are easily adjustable and spill-proof.
  • The crisper and deli drawers are their own low-temperature zone.
  • Kosher certified and Energy Star qualified.

BI indicates “Built In”, so if you were looking for an Integrated model, check out the BI-36R’s cousin, the 736-TR All Refrigerator. The “R” stands for Refrigerator, as in All Refrigerator. If you need a fridge/freezer combo, then look into the BI-36S for a Side-by-Side model, or the BI-36U for an Over-Under model.

If the Sub-Zero BI-36R is exactly what you’re looking for, but you like the idea of checking to see how much milk you have left from the other side of the kitchen island, then check out the BI-36RG for a triple-pane, UV-resistant Glass Door.

Pricing for the BI-36R
Pricing is precious info for Sub-Zero, but if you look around you can find a price tag on the BI-36R at about $5,000 or more. Your best bet is to type in your zip code on Sub-Zero’s store locator and give your local dealer a call. Once you know who is carrying Sub-Zero, you can walk in a see the unit for yourself. Get a feel for it. See it in action. Overall, this sales method can be in your favor, which is nice for this kind of personal investment.

Sub-Zero Warranty Information
Sub-Zero offers three different warranty coverages for the BI-36R. They are the Limited Twelve Year Sealed System Warranty, the Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty, and the Full One Year Warranty. Warranties start in the date of original installation

The Sealed System Warranties only cover defective components (due to materials or workmanship) in the sealed system, which is described as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, and all of the connecting tubing.

The One Year Warranty, however, will cover all parts and labor needed to repair or replace any defective components. You will want to read the entirety of the warranty information on their site in order to understand all the exclusions and conditions.

The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an elegant powerhouse of energy efficient freshness. For most interested buyers, the BI-36R is not a toy, it’s an investment. But a worthy one. If you’re looking quality, beautiful design, and efficiency, then look no further than the Sub-Zero BI-36R.

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An Introduction to Foster Refrigeration

Foster refrigeration is the forerunner in European commercial appliances, offering products that range from walk in coolers to drinking fountains. Exactly which appliances does the company offer? Does Foster manufacture the piece of equipment that your company needs? Take a look at all of the different cooling and freezing options available from Foster – they may have precisely what you’re looking for.

About the Brand

Foster Refrigeration Company is Europe’s leading brand in commercial refrigeration appliances, priding themselves on competitive pricing and quality mechanics. Specifically designed for commercial kitchens, many different sectors of the economy have come to purchase their appliances from Foster. This company provides government approved models for use in colleges, hospitals, and even in military applications. Though they mainly deal in the United Kingdom, Foster appliances are available overseas and abroad.

Different Models of Foster Appliances

If you’re wondering whether or not Foster makes an appliance that works for your kitchen, take a look at the following models that the company manufactures. With a variety of different cooling mechanisms, features, and even warranties, there is sure to be a model to fit your needs.

  • Cabinets and Counters: Cooling cabinets and countertops from Foster can reduce operation’s cost by up to half. You can even choose designs with several different size and cooling options. From under-counter cabinets to cooled prep stations, there is a cabinet or counter to fit your needs.
  • Cold rooms: For those who need walk in coolers or freezers, Foster offers structural coolers that can maintain temperature and save money by being energy efficient.
  • Display Cases: A number of different styles of display cases are available to suit any situation. These can include lighting, mechanized display, and even multi-temperature cases.
  • Blast Chilling and Freezing: Choose these units for items that require rapid temperature reduction.
  • Bakery Products: Foster provides a number of dough retarders, proofers, and storage refrigerators for the needs of bakers.
  • Drink Service Items: Water fountains and countertop water dispensers can all be purchased from this company.
  • Ice Makers: Choose from a number of different styles of ice makers that can produce anything from flecked ice for fish display to cubed ice for beverages.


Foster also supplies a number of different supplemental items to keep you food cold and safe. One of these items is Foster’s temperature monitoring system, Icespy, that provides continuous temperature and operating condition monitoring for specific regulation standards. You can also purchase a two year labor and parts warranty on almost all Foster parts. Just be sure that if buying overseas that you are aware of different dealers in your area who can supply parts and services.

Choosing a Foster Product

The Foster Refrigeration Company, the leading producer in commercial cooling appliances in the United Kingdom, offers a wide range of different commercial kitchen appliances and technologies. From under counter coolers to blast freeze appliances, this company will more than likely have just the piece of equipment that your company is looking for.



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Small Chest Freezer

The small chest freezer is a very useful little mini freezer ideal for providing extra frozen good capacity in space constrained areas.

As will be discussed below, many manufacturers sell low priced yet quality small chest freezers ideal for use in the home environment.

Small Frigidaire Chest Freezers

The firm that produces Frigidaire refrigerators offers a small 5 cubic foot chest freezer that unlike many of their larger units fits in most kitchens.  Only 35 inches wide and less than 24 inches deep it requires a very limited floor area for installation.  The white Frigidaire FFFC05M2KW has a textured and durable metal interior, and this chest freezer incorporates a water drain for easy removal of water when performing manual defrosts cycles.

Small Kenmore Chest Freezer

The Kenmore 5.0 cu. Ft. manual defrost chest freezer is another very small chest freezer option.  Readily available at your local Sears this mini freezer is rated to use less than 250kwh of electricity per year, making its ongoing cost of operation outstanding.  It also incorporates a lift out freezer baskets which assists in keeping the contents of this small freezer organized.

Amana Chest Freezers

Amana does not offer any truly small chest freezer options.  The smallest unit in the Amana deep freezer product line is the AQC1513TEW, a white freezer with a fairly generous capacity of 14.8 cubic feet.  If you are looking for a mini freezer from Amana refrigerators this is small as it gets.  This unit – being larger – includes more features than are commonly found in mini freezers.

Small Haier Chest Freezers

Haier offers an extensive lineup of mini chest freezer options.  Their smallest unit is one of the tiniest chest freezers available – at only 3.5 cubic foot of capacity the HNCM035E is great for extremely tight installs.  Also available from Haier are some 5.0 cu. Ft. models – the HCM050EC and the Energy Star ESCM050EC – plus a 5.3 cubic foot HNCM053E which include an easy access defrost drain.

Small GE Chest Freezers

The GE 5.0 cubic foot FCM5SUWW with adjustable temperature control incorporates a slide out freezer storage basket and foam insulation. GE also offers a slightly larger mini chest freezer, the 7.0 cu.ft. FCM7SUWW.  Both these units being relatively small can be installed by a couple of strong men, and can be transported in a reasonably large sized personal vehicle.

With a variety of different small chest freezer models available from a large number of different manufacturers, finding a unit with the features you require should not be difficult.  Most shoppers will find any of these units to be perfectly adequate for use as small chest freezers in their home.

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Westinghouse Fridges

There are many different kinds of Westinghouse fridges available to savvy buyers. They come in a wide variety of styles from the tradition top mount and bottom mount freezers, through single door fridges. Westinghouse refrigerators are also available in side by side and pigeon pair configurations.

Top Mount Freezers

Westinghouse provides a large selection of top mount fridge freezer units. Their range includes popular models such as the WTM5204SB, WTM4404SB, WTE5200SB and WTM5200PB stainless steel units. They also offer a large selection of white top mounts – including the WTM5200WB, WTM4200WB, WTM3900WB and WTB2300WB.

Bottom Mount Freezers

The lineup of Westinghouse bottom mount freezers is rather extensive. The WBM5104SB, WBM4304SB, WBM3700SB and WBE4300SB all come in attractive stainless steel. For a more traditional white finish the Westinghouse WBM5100WB and WBM3700WB are also popular choices.

Single Door Fridge

Westinghouse also manufactures a range of stand-alone fridges that do not incorporate a freezer. These include the stainless steel WRM4300SB and WRM2400SC single door fridges. If you prefer your Westinghouse single door refrigerators in white then the WRM3700WB and WRM4300WB are great alternatives.

Bar Fridges

There are also a few bar fridges available from this manufacturer. These include the WIM1000WC, WIM1200WC and WIM1300WC
models, which are perfect for any home bar.

Side By Side Fridges

There is a healthy range of American style fridge freezers manufactured by Westinghouse. The WSE6100SA, WSE6970SA and WSE7000SA are amongst the most feature packed high-end refrigerators available in their model line. Buyers who prefer the look of classic white should consider the attractive WSE6070WB, WSE6970WA and WSE7000WA Westinghouse side by side fridge freezers.

Pigeon Pair Fridges and Freezers

One unique offering from Westinghouse are their matching pairs of single door fridge freezer units. These units – the WRM4300SB, WFM3600SB, WFM3000PB and WFM3000WB vertical freezer – can be installed separately in the kitchen for the ultimate in installation flexibility.

Westinghouse Integration Kit

Also available is the IK007 Integration kit. This accessory kit offers a simple solution to fully integrate your fridge freezer into you homes kitchen to provide a truly seamless look.

With all these different types of Westinghouse fridges available for consumers to choose from, there is surely a model suitable for homeowners needs.

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Sub Zero Parts And Maintenance

When obtaining Sub Zero parts for your refrigerator or freezer it is important to only use the very best.

The manufacturer Sub-zero recommends that repairs and servicing of Subzero refrigerators only be performed be certified Sub-Zero and Wolf service and repair partners.  That said you may be able to find independent contractors who have worked with Sub Zero fridges in the past – former employees of certified dealers perhaps – to work on your refrigerator.

Is it definitely advisable to have your Sub zero service work performed by a certified Subzero parts dealer and repair person whilst your Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer remains under warranty, as any future warranty claims would likely be voided by unauthorized work.

Quality appliances such as the Sub Zero PRO-48 include numerous systems to assist you in proper care of your refrigerator.  By following recommended Sub Zero maintenance schedules you can potentially avoid the need to expensive repairs later in the life of your appliance.

One of these feature is the Subzero visual service display.  This electronic monitoring system tracks the ice maker and individual storage components and will flash on a SERVICE warning light if action is needed. This system also monitors the condenser so as to inform you if a cleaning is required.

Cleaning of the shelves, drawers and ice bucket are all easily facilitated by simple removal.  Frequent cleaning of your refrigerator freezer by yourself or your staff is recommended for optimum performance and hygiene, and to ensure and maximum longevity of your appliances. Sub Zero recommend that vinegar is not used in cleansing, they suggest a weak solution of warm water, soap and a small amount of baking soda.

Very important is frequent replacement of your Sub Zero water filter cartridge.  As provided with the PRO 49 the filter is intended for one year of use before replacement is required.  A REPLACE FILTER warning indicator is provided to inform you when your water filter needs replacing. Note that if you disable your water filter – perhaps by turning off your Sub-Zero fridge, or simply bypassing the filter – for over a month if should be replace before the ice maker and water filter is restored to service.  New water filters are the most commonly needed of all sub zero refrigerator parts, due to the requirement for yearly replacement.

Whether you take care of your Sub Zero refrigerator repair and maintenance yourself, through a licensed dealer, or otherwise; you will eventually find yourself in need of Sub-Zero parts.  Be sure to only purchase good quality replacement parts – whether it be for your Subzero water filtration system, ice maker or otherwise – and follow all suggested maintenance procedures in a timely manner.


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Choosing Delfield Refrigerators for Home Use

Delfield refrigerators have long been a staple in professional kitchens and commercial food handling companies. But in the home, a Delfield fridge is another story. Before purchasing a commercial refrigerator or cooler for domestic use, take a couple of important tips into mind which will help you decide whether or not a large fridge is perfect for your home.

About the Brand

The Delfield Company makes more than just refrigerators. In fact, this commercial kitchen manufacturer makes all sorts of products for restaurant use. From stainless steel prep tables to cooled food display cases, Delfield is the company that many commercial food companies turn to for their professional equipment. Many homeowners turn to Delfield refrigerators for this very reason. If you’ve been looking into a commercial grade fridge for your home, Delfield may be a good company to make your selection from.

Fridges for You Home

When choosing a commercial fridge for your home, there are many different considerations to keep in mind. It’s important to remember that buying a commercial refrigerator is much different than buying a fridge build for home use. When looking into and purchasing restaurant grade refrigerators remember:

  • Size Matters: Commercial fridges are larger, bulkier, and less streamline than some domestic counterparts. These coolers are also less attractive aesthetically, so putting them in the middle of your country kitchen may not be a good choice.
  • Noise: A refrigerator for a restaurant doesn’t need to be quiet, coolers and fans often much louder than a fridge for home use. So, if you do choose one of these commercial models, make sure that the noise won’t drive you crazy.
  • Power Consumption versus Storage Space: Are you going to use all of the expansive fridge space? Is this space worth the extra power that the fridge will consume?
  • Child Safety: Commercial fridges do not in any way take child safety into consideration, as restaurant kitchens are no place for children. If you have small kids, know that they may be in danger around these large, industrial appliances.
  • Bonus Features: You won’t have access to nifty drawers, door shelves, and ice and water dispensers with a commercial fridge. If these aspects are important to you, consider purchasing a domestic fridge.

Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Fridge

So how do you know if a commercial fridge is right for you home? For some people, a commercial fridge is a perfect solution for a food storage problem. For others, a commercial fridge is a waste of space, energy, and cooler potential. One of these industrial, nonsense-free cooler models might be an option for you if:

  • Your fridge is always full: If you have a large family and a family fridge isn’t enough, consider investing in a commercial restaurant fridge.
  • You need to freeze bulk: Don’t forget that Delfield makes large, restaurant freezers that are perfect for bulk meats such as wild came and beef.
  • Home businesses: Starting a business at home? Delfield fridges pass most food handling inspections.


A Commercial Fridge for Home Use
So, are Delfield refrigerators right for you home and needs? Consider purchasing a commercial fridge if you will be able to utilize the space and energy. Realize that larger fridges will be noisier and a little harder on the eyes. But for those who need to store a lot of food, these coolers are almost a must. If you don’t have a pressing need for a large, restaurant grade fridge, consider sticking with a roomier home model of appliance.

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Freezer Baskets

Anyone who owns a deep chest freezer will testify to the requirement for freezer baskets to effectively organize the contents. Without some careful forethought you are likely to find your freezer jammed full of a random jumble of items without rhyme or reason. To avoid this situation any owner of a large freezer should consider purchasing and using chest freezer baskets.  Unlike upright freezers, deep freezers do not come with built in freezer bins.

In a large freezer items may be stored for many months before being used. Often you will find yourself looking in the freezer at a mysterious container or bag that is covered in frost, and having no idea what is inside or how old it is. This is bad for multiple reasons.

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First of all, let us say you are looking for some frozen pork. You will have to rummage through the freezer looking for a bag that looks like it is pork. If you own a chest freezer this can be very rough on your back. Once you finally find what appears to be the right bag you will pull it out, and after it has been defrosted hope your visual inspection was correct and you did end up with what you were looking for. Was it the wrong bag? Oh well…you are stuck eating chicken tonight!

A second concern with unorganized freezers is that it can be very difficult to know how long a frozen item has been in there. With a big deep freezer it is easy to end up with unidentified items that have no indicate of age. Due to this you will likely find yourself throwing away perfectly good food simply because you don’t know how old it is.

By investing in some freezer baskets you can turn the chaos in your freezer into a well-organized, easily accessed frozen paradise. Both sturdy plastic and wire baskets are readily available; your best choice for a material for a chest freezer basket is up to you. If your deep chest freezer is particularly large, you have the opportunity to utilize stackable freezer baskets.  Stackable freezer bins are particularly popular, in some deep freezers these can be stacked 3 or 4 layers deep allowing for a very sophisticated organizational system. When you have several baskets available in your deep chest freezer you gain the ability to organize your food by both type and age. You might have a basket labeled for 2009 Pork, 2009 Chicken, 2010 Pork and 2010 Chicken. This allows you to solve both the issue of unidentifiable type of food, and unidentifiable age of food.

Also, by having everything neatly organized this way, you can find things fast. No more digging through the depths of the freezer item by item. You can also organize so the baskets for the newer food are placed at the bottom. By doing this you can ensure you are rotating your food out regularly. I.e. you will finish off the 2009 pork before starting on the 2010 pork. This will greatly reduce food wastage, thus saving you money.

As has been demonstrated, the benefits of freezer baskets are many. And any money you invest in purchasing them should be recouped fairly rapidly via the reductions in spoiled food. If you have a deep chest freezer you owe it to yourself to purchase a set of stackable freezer baskets.

Originally posted. May 28, 2010

Refrigerator Review Considerations

When it comes time to buy a new fridge freezer for your home, it is important to thoroughly review refrigerators you are contemplating for purchase.  You cannot simply go out and buy the first refrigeration option you see in stores, there are many factors to be considered first. Something as simple as buying too large a fridge could mean it doesn’t fit in your kitchen!  Here I list a brief checklist of some the more important items to consider.

Refrigerator Size

How large is the refrigerator you are looking at?  The first factor to consider is if you will be able to fit it into your home and your kitchen.  A full set of measurements of the desired install space should be collected before going refrigerator shopping.

Also, take note of any access restrictions that might cause issues during delivery.  Is your hallway narrow? Are there tight stairwells between the street and your apartment?  While have a large fridge freezer is great, they are of no use if they cannot fit into your home.

Ratio of Fridge to Freezer Space

Analyze your current refrigeration solution.  Where do you currently find yourself space constrained?  Is your freezer always full, but your refrigerator half empty?  This suggests you need to purchase a replacement model that has a larger proportion of freezer versus refrigerator space than your current model.

If you purchase – or hunt for – bulk meat then a large freezer is going to be critical for you.  If your diet consists largely of fresh produce, then the freezer may not be important to you. You will instead be interested in generously sized vegetable crispers.

Refrigerator Configuration

Stylistic preferences also come into play.  Some people are happy with the traditional top freezer mounted devices, while others will accept nothing than the latest trend of French Door Style fridge freezers.

Do you prefer the freezer at the top or the bottom of the fridge?  Do you prefer them to be side-by-side?  What about color and finish?  There are options available in white, black, stainless steel and more.

Refrigerator Freezer Functionality

All fridges work a little differently.  Before buying a new appliance, take some time to check out the controls.  Is the thermostat easily accessible and easy to adjust? If not, consider if that matters to you.

Many modern – and more expensive – refrigerators have multiple temperature zones that claim to help preserve foods better.  Do useful sounding features like this sound beneficial to you? If so, they may be worth looking for.

Refrigerator Energy Usage

Often overlooked is the energy usage of a modern refrigerator. While a not more efficient than fridge freezers of old, they still do consume quite a bit of electricity.  Investing in an Energy Star rated model can help reduce the operating cost of your unit over the years that you will own it.

Refrigerator Pricing

Of course, no refrigerator review would be complete without factoring in the units cost.  Sometimes a particular model may seem great for you, but it is just too expensive to be a rational purchase.

However, do not be tempted to compromise on must have functionality simply to save a few dollars on a cheap refrigerator.  It is important to take the price of the unit into account with the other factors discussed above, and not focus solely on the dollar number.


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