GE Monogram Refrigerators

GE Monogram refrigerators come in three distinctive designs : incorporated, professional, and custom. Each of these designs provides a different look to choose from to your home or restaurant kitchen. There are side-by – side versions of GE Monogram refrigerators, as well as bottom freezer refrigerators and all-refrigerators.

The Three Designs of GE Monogram Refrigerators

For a kitchen design that is uniquely yours, choose custom GE Monogram appliances. You can buy a custom GE Monogram refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher with solid color panels, or you can choose custom panels with matching cosmetic handles. Custom GE Monogram appliances give your kitchen an elegant, streamlined look.

The professional Monogram appliance line offers refrigerators that are created from superior stainless steel. These fridges have hand-finished, chamfered edges that give them a distinctive and bold look. The exteriors are made from 304 grade stainless steel, and the corners are perfectly polished and smoothed rather than being cut.

GE Monogram RefrigeratorsThe incorporated line is all about simplicity. A General Electric Monogram icebox from the integrated line is designed to be understated yet complex. Like the professional model appliances, the integrated fridges are shaped and perfectly polished. These refrigerators have thin, tubular handles that are smooth and comfortable to use.

GE Monogram Refrigerator Models

You can buy built-in side by-side Monogram refrigerators in some of the three styles described above. The built in side-by – side fridges are all 84 tall, and the models are 72 tall.

You can select from four custom models, two integrated models, and two professional models, in the event you prefer a built in Monogram refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The professional and integrated models are all 20.6 cu. ft. with dimensions of 84 high by 36 wide by 23 7/8 deep. The custom models range from 14.09 to 20.6 cu. ft. Additionally, there are two freestanding GE Monogram refrigerators with bottom freezers. Both are in the line, with French doors and two freezer drawers. They are 69 5/8 high by 35 3/4 broad by 31 deep

and have a capacity of 20.6 cu. ft.

For people who favor their refrigerator and freezer to be separate, there are six built in all refrigerator models to choose from. Each design is accessible with a door that hinges either to the left or on the right. GE Monogram Undercounter Refrigerators

GE Monogram undercounter refrigerators are specialized purposes that are served by smaller refrigerators. The wine reserves, beverage centers, and bar fridges are all designed to hold drinks. There is also a double drawer undercounter refrigerator, a fresh food refrigerator, and an indoor / outdoor refrigerator.

I spoke to the good people at Aggressive Appliances (a reputable appliance dealer located in Central Florida) who were kind enough to give me the of their to advantages expertise on this unique refrigeration line. I have included their ideas on these products below:

GE Monogram costs may fluctuate depending on which dealer you buy your fridge from.

Why should consumers consider the purchase of the GE Monogram Refrigerator?

GE Monogram refrigerators are among the very best values in the premium refrigerator type. They are an ideal match to Monogram’s great cooking products also.

Which Models of GE Monogram Refrigerators do you think are the best?

The entire line of built in fridges have proven trustworthy and quite purposeful. The new completely integrated line adds features and looks great with custom wood panels. One style or size isn’t automatically better than another, each customer needs to select the icebox that best suits their needs and the available space.

What are the best characteristics of GE Monogram products?

GE’s dual refrigeration system means the fridge and freezer air never mix. That extends the life span of your produce and removes the possibility of scents being transferred from one side of the unit to the other. The Climate control drawer allows a zone that can be set at a different temperature for fast chilling and thawing or precise storage for citrus, produce and meat.

The extensive selection of models means you can find what you want and GE’s national repair network means you can expect several years of excellent service.

Do you recommend any accessories or added attributes?

Our exploration of General Electric Appliances show that Monogram refrigerator reviews say the appliances are generally complete and have only a few accessories. You can get a Sabbath mode kit plus a few installation accessories.

What colors and styles are available?

Monogram refrigerators and freezers can be found in stainless steel or come ready for your own custom wood panels. The stainless steel models can be ordered to match the Monogram Pro Style appliances or the European Chain of appliances. There are 36″ wide freestanding models in both side by side and French door styles. The built-in models are available as all-refrigerator/all- freezer models, side by side or bottom freezer designs in sizes from 30″ wide to 48″ wide.

Are GE Monogram refrigerators tough to preserve?

Sometimes vacuuming the coils and shifting the water and ice filter are all you should do to maintain a Monogram refrigerator.


Originally posted. June 6, 2013

Examining The Danfoss Compressor

Anyone who understands how refrigerators work understands the importance of compressors.  These pieces of equipment are critical for making sure that any refrigerator or freezer functions properly.  While many companies produce compressors to be used for a wide variety of different appliances, some stand out from the competition. Particularly Danfoss compressors.  The long and short of a compressor’s function for refrigeration appliances is to draw out hot air and gasses from the inside of the appliance and releasing cooled gasses into the freezer and refrigerator which is what keeps the food cool or frozen.

While all compressors in refrigerators do the same thing, not all of them are the same quality.  Danfoss refrigeration compressors enjoy a major reputation for being some of the best manufactured.  In fact, Danfoss’s own website proudly proclaims their status as the world’s leading producer of compressors for both air conditioning units and refrigeration appliances.  This company also produces many other parts such as Danfoss valves or other parts, but when it comes to making a high quality refrigerator unit you need to start with a good compressor or the rest won’t last.

Sometimes the exact type of compressor is related to the refrigerator model.  For example, there’s a lot of information about the Danfoss BD35F Compressor, which is so named because it’s associated with the small portable Danfoss BD35F 12 Volt Fridge.  Finding information on really specific serial numbers or models of compressors can become difficult, but considering how technical the issue of compressors is, often times the only way to find a lot of information online is if there’s a recall or something wrong with the part.

One of the benefits of trusting a long time producer like Danfoss is that their parts are more likely to be completely reliable and function the way that they’re supposed to.  In short, a good summary of reasons to look for units with Danfoss compressors – rather than with competitors products such as Sawafuji – include:

  • High quality construction
  • A long standing reputation for quality
  • Household and commercial strength compressors
  • Wide selection

Unless the issue concerns repairs, many times you won’t need to know a lot about compressors.  However, if this becomes an issue and a repairman recommends a Danfross compressor, you at least know that he is recommending a part that has a reputation for quality.  Like most other companies in most industries, Danfross also offers a warranty to cover potential wear or damages for up to one year.

Originally posted. June 2, 2011

Sawafuji Compressor Benefits

The Sawafuji compressor is highly regarded by many manufacturers of high-end refrigeration systems.  Most quality refrigerators make use of a compressor driven refrigeration cycle, but not all compressors are equal.

The chief selling point of a Sawafuji reciprocating compressor is its use of the ‘swing motor’.  So what makes a swing motor different to the average motor, and what makes it so successful in refrigeration applications?

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Sawafuji Swing Motor

Sawafuji Swing Motor Characteristics

The normal source of dynamic power in a compressor is an electrical motor with a rotating main axis.  In contrast to this, the swing motor utilizes vibrations, which have the coil connected straight to the piston (the compressor).

When a coil bearing alternating current is applied at a 90-degree angle to the magnetic field, thrust results per John Ambrose Fleming’s left hand rule. Due to the layout of the motor, this thrust transfers to the piston; which then performs the intake and compression cycles.

Piston Resonance

Merely using the thrust provided to compress the refrigerant will not work however, the amplitude of the motion will not be sufficient.  For this reason, the swing motor is configured to synchronize the frequency of the current with frequency of the oscillation occurring within the system.  Utilizing this resonance the motor is able increase the amplitude sufficiently to provide an adequate level of compression of the refrigerant.

Low Amperage Startup

One great attribute of the swing motor – and hence the Sawafuji compressor – is that is does not require a large surge of current at startup time.  Even if the first few strokes of the piston are not sufficient to fully compress the refrigerant, the motor will still fire up and the resonance phenomenon will soon kick in.

Minimal Moving Parts

The Sawafuji swing motor is extremely reliable.  This is because it only contains one moving part. There are no bearings or cranks – only the piston – which means there is very little that can break

Energy Efficient

The Sawafuji compressor is very energy efficient. With minimal moving parts there is very little energy lose to friction.  Combine this with its low current draw at startup and it is easy to see that this compressor is very valuable in situations where power is limited.

The Danfoss compressor – the chief competitor to the Sawafuji – also has its fans; they are in many Waeco fridges.  However, the manufacturer Engel remains steadfastly convinced of the benefits of Sawafuji technology.

Originally posted. April 17, 2011

The SMEG Refrigerator – Classic Retro

Creating a theme with your kitchen design has become a popular way to give your home a truly unique style. Some of the most popular choices are vintage and retro looks using pieces from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The easiest and most affordable way to recreate this look is to use accessories, dishes and other tableware. However, if you want to go “all out” and add vintage home appliances, a SMEG refrigerator is the perfect addition (and replacement) for your existing fridge.

The History of the SMEG Refrigerator

An Italian manufacturing company, Vittorio Bertazoni founded SMEG in 1948. The name SMEG is actually an abbreviation for the full name of the business – Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. Still owned and operated by the Bertazoni family, they are best known for their uniquely styled home appliances. Some of the most popular designs today include the SMEG 50’s style refrigerator, which perfectly replicate the look and feel of the era.

Smeg FAB28U 9.22 cu. ft. 50's Style Refrigerator with Antibacterial Interior, Ice Compartment and Adjustable Glass Shelves

Buying a Vintage Refrigerator

Individuals who want to recreate a vintage and retro look and feel in their kitchen have limited options when it comes to purchasing products. In many cases, vintage home appliances have to be bought used and restored to original condition. While this can be a satisfying choice for collectors who prefer original pieces, this can be expensive. Also, depending on your location finding the right 1950’s or 1960’s era piece can be difficult. A buyer’s selection is limited to online collectors and auctions, thrift stores, antique shops and other specialty dealers. However, the SMEG 50’s style refrigerator gives individuals another option. This retro appliance line is an exact replica of the original with gently curved lines and colored in the pastel green, blue, yellow and other hues that were popular during this era. These new vintage refrigerators look and feel exactly like the original – and the SMEG fridge product line gives you the option to purchase new appliances instead of restored items.

The Cost of SMEG Refrigerators

The biggest concern when making an addition like this to the home is cost. Accessorizing with various vintage items from the 50’s and 60’s is more affordable because it can be done gradually with the addition of individual pieces or a set. Buying a large kitchen appliance is a bit more of a cost commitment, and the price of SMEG refrigerators is no exception. The average cost is around $2000 and does not include shipping or handling. Compared to the price of an average fridge, which starts at around $350 and may only include delivery (if requested); buying a SMEG refrigerator is significantly more expensive. But for those who love the look and feel of retro home appliances – it is well worth the extra investment. And compared to a restored vintage fridge, which average around $4000 or more depending on the model and amount of restoration required, buying a new SMEG appliance can save homeowners a significant amount of money.

Finding a SMEG Home Appliance Retailer

Because this manufacturer is located in Italy, it is easier to find retailers if you live in Europe or the United Kingdom. Individuals who live in the United States may have a harder time finding this appliance in stores. The best place to start is SMEG USA, which provides a list of retailers that sell SMEG refrigeration units. If any of these locations are not near you, Sears offers SMEG fridges that can be shipped directly to the store for pickup, which can save on shipping costs. Still can’t find the right 50’s style fridge? Search for sellers of SMEG refrigerators online or buy directly from the company website. But before you buy, make sure to consider the shipping and handling costs. This can significantly increase the overall cost of the product depending on your location and the time frame for shipment.

Recreating the look of a 50’s and 60’s era kitchen can be a fun pastime for enthusiasts of the era and serious collectors of retro items. While it is easy and affordable to use vintage or replica accessories to recreate the look, why not take a leap and recreate the whole style. Purchasing a SMEG 50’s style vintage look refrigerator can complete the look of your kitchen theme, and turn you kitchen from a theme room to a true conversation piece.

Originally posted. April 15, 2011

Electrolux Spare Parts

Electrolux is a brand name associated with quality, durability and innovation. But eventually owners of these products will have to face the inevitable. Parts and accessories eventually break and wear out due to normal wear and tear, or due to defect. Thankfully, finding Electrolux spare parts is easier than you might think. All you need is the make and model of your appliance or you can search by the individual component model number. Once you obtain this information, the company website or customer service representative can help you order a part or direct you to an authorized dealer.

The History of Electrolux Appliances

Originally founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Electrolux has become the second largest manufacturer of household appliances in the world next to Whirlpool. Started in 1901 as AB Lux, it sold the Lux lamp which was a kerosene lamp designed for outdoor use. While this start was important, it is not the primary reason for this company’s growth or popularity. The first major turning point was in 1919, with the merger of AB Lux and Svenska Elektron AB.  Eventually a product line called Model V was released, which was the introduced the first vacuum for home use. First catching on in the United Kingdom, this home appliance launched this brand name into the marketplace. Soon after, the Electrolux name was created and released. While you may not recognize the name today, this brand is extremely popular. Frigidaire and Eureka are only two of the many brand name household appliance manufactures owned by Electrolux. Today, this company is not only known because of its leadership in the marketplace, but because of its innovative designs and technology.

Locating Electrolux Appliance Parts and Accessories

The Electrolux website can offer consumers of this brand name an easy way to purchase parts and accessories. Filters, pans, light bulbs, installation components and cleaning supplies are only a few of the options available. While this option may be more expensive, you can rest assured the part or accessory is completely compatible with your household appliance. And if there are any problems or concerns, returning or replacing an item will never be an issue because you are dealing directly with the manufacturing company.

Finding Replacement Electrolux Spare Parts

Even the highest quality home appliance will eventually break or require repair. Because of the popularity of Electrolux appliances, finding spare or replacement parts is not a difficult process. However, the component you are looking for may not be available on the website because of available inventory or because they require technical installation. In these cases, the best place to start is by contacting the Consumer Assistance Center during business hours at 1-800-444-4944 or 1-866-213-9397 (for Canadian residents). This company department will be able to direct you to an authorized retailer to obtain the required components for repair. Also, they will advise you on the steps to take if your parts and repairs are covered by warranty.

Dealing with Major Electrolux Appliance Repairs

Technical repairs often cause major dilemmas for appliance owners. For those who are savvy with tools and home repair, this may be a slightly easier problem to deal with. However, not everyone has access to individuals with this type of expertise. In these cases, the best solution is to “bite the bullet” and find an authorized Electrolux repair specialist in your area that caters to the individual brand name. While the cost of the repair may be more, you can rest assured it is done properly, and the work may be covered by warranty depending on the company you are dealing with. Before you schedule a repair, determine if the parts will be provided or if this will be a step you need (or can) take independently.

Should You Buy Used or New Electrolux Parts?

You may be tempted to save money on repairs by purchasing used Electrolux spare parts online. However, any buyer should be skeptical during the shopping process. While buying discount parts could save you money – they could be damaged, about to wear out or not covered by warranty. In other words, your used appliance part could end up costing you more money in the long run, especially if it is worn, defective or damaged. When you buy new replacement parts, most sellers will warranty against damage and defect, ultimately saving you money and unneeded worry.

Owners of Electrolux home appliances can not only rest assured they have purchased a high quality product, but will be able to replace components easily. Even when a breakdown occurs, there are a number of resources available to locate parts and qualified technicians. By using all of these tools, the repair will be taken care of quickly and efficiently – and your appliance will be running like new in no time.

Originally posted. April 10, 2011

Hotpoint Freezers

Hotpoint is a well-respected manufacturer of many different types of appliances; including Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers. GE owns the brand. Below I will discuss the available lineup of Hotpoint Freezers.

To start with there are four different varieties of Hotpoint under counter freezer.  Actually, there are just two different models, but each is available in two finishes.  All four have a similar capacity of about 78lt – 2.8 cubic feet.

First are the Hotpoint RZAV21P – white – and the RZAV21K – black – manual defrost models. These units have three freezer drawers contained in small freezer unit that can fit easily beneath a kitchen countertop.  They even have an easily reversible door to allow you to switch the way the door opens to best suit the layout of your kitchen.

The other under counter Hotpoint freezers are the FZA34P – white – and FZA34G – graphite – appliances.  Again, these units have three freezer drawers.   The advantages these units offer over the similarly sized RZAV21 units is that they are frost free freezers.

Hotpoint freezers also come in a category that they broadly refer to as ‘Over Counter Freezers’.  These appliances are actually very tall, reaching 150cm (5 foot) or more in height.

The RZS150G and RZS150P are 150cm tall graphite and white manual defrost freezer with almost 160lt – 5.6 cubic foot – capacity.  The FZS150G and FZS150P are similar, but claim to require no manual defrost cycle.

The FZS175P, FZS175G and FZS175X are very similar again.  They are a little taller however, at 175cm – almost 6 feet – which results in a slightly large capacity of close to 200lt, or 6.8 cubic feet.  The FZS175P is a frost free tall freezer in white, the FZS175G identical but in graphite, and the FZS175X is a slightly more upscale version being one of the few Hotpoint stainless steel freezers.

There are also some Hotpoint chest freezers available.  The first of these Hotpoint freezer units is the smallest; the RCAA17P Hotpoint mini chest freezer. This Hotpoint chest freezer has a 104-Liter (almost 4 cubic feet) capacity.  Even this smallest unit is larger than the biggest Hotpoint upright freezer.  This narrow deep chest freezer comes with a wire basket inside.

The next step up in the Hotpoint deep freezer range is the RCNAA33.  This appliances generous 225lt capacity (8 cubic feet) is a substantial step up.  Both this unit and the RCNAA53 – with a staggering 287lt (10 cubic feet) storage capacity – contain two wire baskets for organizing the contents of the chest freezer.

All three of these Hotpoint chest freezers are considerably more energy efficient than the Hotpoint freezers discussed earlier.  This is due to the inherent energy consumption benefits of the deep chest freezer design, and generous insulation.

I hope this quick run-down of the Hotpoint Freezer line has proven useful to you.


Originally posted. November 5, 2010

Jenn Air Wine Cooler JUB248LWRS Review

When it comes to finding a high quality appliance for keeping your best bottles of wine cool, the Jenn Air Wine Cooler JUB248LWRS model should come up frequently.  This high end model of wine refrigerator is known for its innovative design in addition to many design benefits which keeps it a favorite among wine fans.  This model of Jenn air wine cooler is made from stainless steel, can serve as an under the counter fridge, and includes a glass window to allow you look at the different labels available while still offering UV protection to keep the wine from being damaged by too much light.

Three different cooling settings are available, which definitely sets this particular wine cooler apart from the competition.  There are two racks which can roll out from the small fridge in addition to enough space to hold an impressive 22 bottles.  This model of Jenn Air Wine Cooler is somewhat heavy, weighing up to 160 pounds and is commercial level strength, and an LED display makes it easy to monitor the inside temperature of the wine cooler.  These models are particularly popular with some small restaurants or businesses, but plenty of wine connoisseurs at home also enjoy this particular wine fridge.

One of the other major benefits offered by the JUB248LWRS Jenn Air Wine Cooler are the high quality warranties which are offered by the manufacturer.  Anyone buying this model new can safely assume that they are covered for one year parts and labor, and there are many different kinds of extended warranties available, as well.

The price on this specialty Jenn Air Fridge can vary quite a bit from one retailer to another and while prices may vary by several hundred dollars from one place to another, it’s important to recognize that any wine cooler of this level of commercial quality is going to cost over a thousand dollars.  That said, many places offer the Jenn JUB248LWRS in the $1,200 to $1,800 dollar range.

So those are the positives, but what are the potential negatives for this model?  There are a few to look at.  One is that the company often doesn’t allow vendors to advertise actual pricing online, making it very hard to shop around comparatively for the best deal.  This can be very annoying, and also increases the chances of you potentially over paying.

Another potential negative could be pricing.  This is a commercial level wine fridge and if you only have a few bottles of wine then this Jenn Air model might be prohibitively expensive for your specific needs.  If you tend to only drink wine once a month or less, then a Jenn Air commercial wine refrigerator might be a lot more than you actually need.

However if you tend to really enjoy your wine and aren’t satisfied with the storage options of your normal fridge or an un-cooled wine rack, or if you simply like hosting a lot of formal get-togethers or parties then maybe the Jenn Air wine cooler is just what you’ve been looking for.

Originally posted. June 4, 2011

12v TV

A 12v TV is a great appliance for those seeking the entertainment offered by television while away from home.  12v televisions are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning there is a 12 volt television suitable for almost any application.

12 volt televisions are very popular with long distance truck drivers and full time RVers.  Both these demographics spend a lot of time in remote locations, but appreciate the comforts of modern living.

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By installing a 12 Volt LCD TV inside a truck or RV people gain the ability to tune into the local broadcast channels and view whatever is showing. This means truck drivers can enjoy a little entertainment while on the road, and RVers have no need to miss their favorite programs when spending time in their recreational vehicles.

Of course, sometimes it can be very difficult to pick up an over the air broadcast signal – for this reason many people opt for 12V TV/DVD combination units.  By having a built in 12v DVD player in their television they are sure to always have some viewing options.

Of course, there are other buyers for 12v TVs also.  People who choose to live on property that is off-the-grid often have all their appliances setup to run from power generated by solar panels or wind turbines.

Due to the nature of these renewable energy alternatives, it is considerably more efficient to run 12v DC appliances rather than utilizing the Alternating current versions.  For this reason many 12v television are purchased by people in this situation; where they often accompany 12v refrigeration and 12v heating solutions.

While people installing one of these televisions in their truck or RV may opt for 12 to 15 inch TV, those with an actual house who need 12v TVs have the option of purchasing larger units all the way up to 22 inches in size.

There are only a limited number of manufacturers of 12v televisions to choose from, as the market for them is rather small.  Some of the better known firms producing these units are Naxa, iView, Pyle and Skyworth.

Amazon sells a good selection of these 12v TV units.

Originally posted. December 17, 2010

Refrigeration Basics

Refrigeration is described as the process of removing and transferring heat. Anything that you place in a fridge will have its heat removed and transferred somewhere else. Coldness is defined as a state that happens when heat is absent in an object. These principles are important in refrigeration basics 101, so let’s learn how it works.

How does refrigeration work? There are several things that make it work. First, the cold temperature in the refrigerator causes the heat molecules within the objects inside to flow to the cold areas of refrigerator. This process of heat flow drives the refrigeration cycle, and is called conduction. It acts similar to the flow of water when being transferred from one container to the other. Another process used in refrigeration is convection. This happens when heat is carried away and removed by air particles. Refrigeration works by creating an object that is colder than the object placed inside the fridge in order to allow the heat transfer process to work its magic.  All these processes rely on the presence of a refrigerant.

Refrigeration BasicsAmmonia refrigeration basics are based on a looping system that has four primary components, namely condenser, compressor, evaporator, and the metering device. The condenser exchanges heat by removing heat particles from compressed gas and condenses the gas into liquid. The refrigerant liquefies by undergoing a cooling process below the saturation temperature, which remains relative to the pressure created by the compressor. This causes heat from the evaporator to transfer to the cooled refrigerant.

The compressor is one of the most important refrigeration parts. It acts as a compression device for the refrigerant gas by employing pistons to press the flow of air. It raises the pressure of the refrigerant gas, causing the saturation temperature to increase so that it is higher than the air or cooling liquid used by the condenser. This component also enhances the flow of the refrigerant by pumping it throughout the looping system.

An evaporator causes the liquid to evaporate into cold gas, which causes the cooling process. Then the metering device restricts the air flow by making the refrigerant gas flow to a small hole, causing a decrease in pressure. As the pressure drops, it forces the high pressure liquid refrigerant to go through the small hole, losing most of its pressure in the process. This not only reduces the pressure but also makes the refrigerant’s surface area increase dramatically.

Many people have expressed interest in refrigeration basics and have decided to become refrigeration repairmen. If you want to pursue this career, you need to study and enroll yourself in a refrigeration repair course. Next, you need to get some experience in the repair and handling of refrigerators, coolers, and ice makers.

You should have a better understanding of how refrigeration works now. The concepts that you’ve learned today can help you troubleshoot the problem if something goes wrong with your fridge or even help you decide to take a shot at becoming a refrigeration professional.

Originally posted. March 22, 2011

ABT Appliances

Consumers looking to make a major purchase for their home often turn to large retail stores, but why not consider another option? ABT appliances and electronics is a family owned and operated business where consumers are given the opportunity to buy major brand name products at a lower price. So before you shop, learn why this retailer stands out from its competition.

The History of ABT Electronics and Appliances

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All major retailers have a history, but there are few that can compare to the background of ABT’s home electronics and appliances start-up. This company is a pure representation of the American dream, and clearly demonstrates their dedication to growing into a successful business. Starting with only $800 in 1936, it opened as a small electronics retailer called ABT Radio. While the brick and mortar business has not expanded past Glenview, IL in Chicago, they maintain a strong online presence and compete with major retailers such as Sears, Best Buy and Circuit City. Even though the business has expanded, its commitment to family has never wavered. Owned and operated by future generations of family members, this dedication has been passed onto its customers by offering low prices and superior service – which makes this retailer stand out from the competition.

Save Money with ABT Online Rebates and Low Price Guarantee

Consumers today are focused on saving money, especially when it comes to making major purchases in electronics and home appliances. One of the unique advantages ABT appliances and electronics can offer consumers are a low price guarantee. While this feature can offer potential guidelines and savings, the details outlined on the company website must be followed to receive a discount or rebate. Other ways consumers can save on their appliance or electronics purchase is through the use of ABT online rebates. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to browse the rebate section of the website, you may be able to save money or discover an expensive product has become more affordable and budget friendly.

Make Online Purchases with Confidence

One of the greatest hesitations everyone has when purchasing products online is related not only to cost, but the reputation of the business. ABT business and consumer reviews illustrate this company’s stellar reputation and they maintain a BBB rating of A+. In other words, you can buy with both trust and confidence. And you can rest assured any ABT home appliance purchase you make will meet your personal and quality expectations. But what if your hesitations are related to setup or installation? For those who lack technical expertise, customer service representatives are available 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ABT Electronics and Appliances Commitment to Green Living

For many, making purchases that are eco-friendly are becoming a priority. But what if you could shop at a major retailer that is committed to reducing their carbon footprint? In response to the increasing focus on recycling, environmental conservation and preservation, ABT appliances have made a commitment to maintaining high environmental standards. In fact their website states being an eco-friendly company is a “core value of the ABT family.”  This company not only utilizes recycling of materials, but conserves energy through the use of windmills, natural light, solar panels and high efficiency bulbs. All of these features make ABT an ideal place to purchase home electronics and appliances for consumers who desire to shop at environmentally friendly businesses.

Abt brand banner

Compared to other major retailers, ABT home appliances and electronics strives to provide a superior level of customer service and satisfaction. Their family oriented business structure, low price guarantee, rebates and commitment to the environment are all aspects that make this company unique. So before you make your next major home purchase from a chain store, check out ABT, and discover the reasons behind their high customer loyalty and business rating.

Originally posted. March 30, 2011