Frigidaire Refrigerator History

Frigidaire has been creating innovative designs in home refrigerators for over 90 years .  Why is Frigidaire such a popular brand, and what are some of the best Frigidaire refrigerators available on the marketplace today?

The Frigidaire Co. began in 1916. Alfred Mellowes designed the first genuine home refrigeration unit that was not merely an icebox. Mellowes along with a group of investors created the Guardian refrigerator company. Though his invention would revolutionize the industry, it took nearly a week to manufacture one unit. Made out of wood, these refrigerators were literally handcrafted one by one.

Frigidaire General MotorsWithin a few years the Guardian refrigerator company would find themselves in the red nearly $30,000. With bankruptcy looming, the company was acquired by the General Motors Corporation. The president of GM, William C. Durant renamed the company Frigidaire. Durrant decided to transfer the business to a General Motors offshoot named Delco Light. The headquarters and manufacturing plant were moved to Detroit. Under the guidance of Delco president Charles F. Kettering, Frigidaire thrived.

During the recessive economy of the late 1970s, Frigidaire suffered along with its parent company General Motors. Competitive pricing and inferior brands sold at deep discounts created fantastic losses for Frigidaire. In 1979, Westinghouse Consolidated Industries (WCI) acquired Frigidaire. This merged subsidiary included popular brands such as White Westinghouse, Kelvinator and Gibson.

In 1991 Sweden’s well-known company called Electrolux purchased all of the brands within the WC I subsidiary. It was there that Frigidaire was repositioned as a company providing luxurious and upscale brands only.

Frigidaire sells several common household appliances including washers, dryers and microwaves, as well as their best known product, the refrigerator. The Frigidaire products can be purchased at many fine retail establishments. Still well-known for its high-caliber products with fantastic durability and warranties, this company maintains itself at the top of the heap.

Perhaps the best place to find Frigidaire refrigerators, or a standalone Frigidaire freezer, may be on their official website. There consumers can informatively shop for the highest quality product at the best price. Virtually every design in modern day refrigerators – from top mount to side by side – can be found on Potential buyers can compare prices and shop responsibly for the best deals.

There are several different units available such as Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers, gallery units, standalone refrigerators and Frigidaire freezers that come in a plethora of styles and colors. There is a refrigerator or freezer to fit virtually any kitchen. The website offers a user-friendly option that allows browsers to customize their searches for the optimum refrigeration unit.

Frigidaire refrigerators remain second to none in the competitive world of home appliances. In over nine decades there quality and commitment to excellence has not waned. The company has seen tough times come and go, and it is a testament to the American spirit not to mention the desire to maintain the best in quality. Frigidaire also engages in many charitable works. Save The Children is their latest effort to give back from their many years of great success.

By visiting the Frigidaire website, consumers can find out more regarding the companies charitable efforts and apply to win a Frigidaire professional dishwasher as well.

Originally posted. August 31, 2010

EPA – Responsible Appliance Disposal

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is always on the lookout for means to reduce the impact of today’s technologies on the environment.  One initiative they have developed is the Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program.

RAD is a voluntary program that aims to reduce the volume of refrigerator waste material that is recycled, and thus decrease the amount that ends up in the landfill.  Not only do leftover fridge freezer parts take up landfill space, improper recycling leads to the emission of significant amounts of greenhouse gas emission (GFG) and release of Ozone depleting substances (ODS).

The United States discards approximately nine million refrigerators each year.  While currently the vast majority of these have the metal sheeting recycled, for most unit insulating foam – and other materials – end up in a landfill. The RAD program aims to recycle not only the metal, but these other components also.

In order to be eligible to participate in the EPA Responsible Appliance Disposal program, the following goals must be met:

  • Metals, glass and plastics are all recycled
  • PCBs, used oil and mercury must be recovered and properly managed
  • Refrigerants must be recovered from the appliance and either reclaimed or properly destroyed
  • Rigid polyurethane foam should be recovered for high temperature incineration, or blowing agents in the foam must be destroyed or reclaimed

RAD offers substantial climate benefits over traditional refrigerator disposal strategies. HCFCs, CFCs, and HFCs used as refrigerants are all very potent GHGs.  Recovering these refrigerants rather than releasing them into the atmosphere can yield significant benefits in efforts to combat global warming.

Additionally, the recycling of the physical materials used to build a refrigerator saves not only landfill space, but also reduces greenhouse emission through reducing the need to create these materials from scratch.

ARCA Inc. (Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.) is one firm that is involved with the RAD program.  They have collaborated with GE appliances – the manufacturer of well known brands such as GE Profile and GE Monogram – to provide refrigerator-recycling centers in several states that comply with the RAD goals.

ARCA utilizes URT (UNTHA Recycling Technology) which is capable of recovering refrigerator insulation foam in compliance with the EPA’s RAD requirements.  Their technologies also comply with the European WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) and the EU’s RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).

The claims made about the benefits of these technologies are substantial.  If all the foam from disposed US refrigerators were recycled using these technologies, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as taking 2.4 million cars off the road. Estimates are that GE refrigerators recycled in this manner will have a landfill waste footprint 85% smaller by weight than in the past.


Originally posted. April 18, 2011

Propane Refrigerators

Propane refrigerators are a popular alternative to the regular electric fridge.  Propane fridges and propane freezers make use of the fuel LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) – commonly known as propane.  Propane heaters and propane grills are very common appliances, so propane as a fuel is very easy to find.

These refrigeration devices do not have any moving parts.  Rather than using a compressor to cool the contents, a propane refrigerator makes use of heat – in the form of burning propane – to keep the refrigerator or freezer cold.

Propane refrigerators – and their close relative the kerosene refrigerator – offer some significant benefits a traditionally powered fridge freezer does not.

Firstly the absence of moving parts meant these appliances do not suffer from any mechanical wear.  This makes a propane refrigerator freezer reliable long lasting appliances.

Secondly, since these devices have no motor they operate without vibration.  With no vibrations and generating next to no noise a propane refrigerators is very silent when running also.

The technology used within a propane fridge freezer – or kerosene fridge freezer – is an absorption system.  This operates by using a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen and water in an enclosed loop that forms a nonstop cooling cycle.  Absorption technology is commonly found in camping refrigerators and 3 way camping fridges.

The mixture within an absorption refrigerator is pressurize, which ensures that the ammonia remains in a liquid phase at normal room temperature.

Heat created by the burning LPG is used to boil the ammonia water mix in boiler portion of the propane refrigerator. This mixture then bubbles up into the separator where the water and ammonia are separated, then the remaining ammonia – in gaseous form – moves into a condenser unit.

In the condenser, series of cooling fins extracts the heat from the ammonia gas, which is transformed back into the form of liquid ammonia.  The liquid ammonia then flows on into the propane refrigerators evaporator unit.

The evaporator is where the chilling action takes place.  In this portion of the propane fridge or propane freezer the pure ammonia mixes with hydrogen gas.  Through the wonders of Chemistry this reaction reduces the pressure of the liquid ammonia and it evaporates into gaseous form.

This evaporation of the ammonia is a cooling process, and this reaction is what provides the cold temperatures that are applied to cool the fridge freezer unit.

Finally the now liquid ammonia is recombined with the liquid water in the absorber unit.  From there the combined liquid returns to the boiler and the process begins anew.

One key thing to remember is that with no moving parts, a number of the steps in the process are solely reliant on the force of gravity to occur correctly.  For this reason absorption refrigerators like these – all propane refrigerators and propane freezers – need to be kept level in order to operate correctly.

With a combination of burning propane and cooling the refrigerator or freezer unit, there is unsurprisingly a lot of leftover heat.  For this reason liquefied petroleum gas refrigerators should be setup with ample air clearance to allow for sufficient airflow to dissipate all this heat.

Propane refrigerators come in all sizes, and are available from a variety of manufacturers.  The Ez Freeze is manufactured right here in the USA and range in size from 10.0 cubic feet to a substantial 21.0 cubic feet. The EZ1050W refrigearator-freezer runs off either Propane or Natural Gas, and be purchased for about 1400 dollars. At the top end they offer thestylish  EZ2150S model with stainless steel doors.  This has the look of a traditional top freezer mounted appliance, with all the benefits of operating off of Propane.

Another option for the Propane fridge freezer buyer are products from Crystal Cold.  Their selection includes the CC12R, the CC18Rsd, the CC17R freezerless refrigerators and many more.  Dometic too manfuactures some propane applainces – the Dometic DRC4000 3 way propane refrigerator is a relatively budget friendly option.

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Purchasing new freezers for the home or business can require a substantial capital investment.  For this reason it is important when shopping for a freezer that you know which model is right for you.

If your needs are modest, a compact freezer may give you that few extra cubic feet of storage capacity you need.  Available at very modest prices, these small freezers are a great solution for anyone needing a little extra freezer space with a minimal outlay of cash.

While compact freezers offer limited capacity, they are highly portable freezers and are very popular amongst budget buyers.

The second types of freezer units that are commonly purchased are upright freezers.  An upright freezer offers a substantial amount of frozen good storage in a slimline freezer form factor.

These units look similar to the traditional refrigerator as they stand upright with a limited use of floor space.  This makes them the ideal freezing appliance for homes that have limited space but need a lot of freezer storage.

The third choice for a new freezer is to purchase a deep chest freezer unit.  Chest freezers take up a lot of floor area, but are very short.  They offer a larger amount of freezer storage for the dollar than other types of freezer appliances.

When you want a freezer large enough to store all your bulk foods without trouble – and if you have place in your home large enough for their significant footprint – then energy efficient deep chest freezers are the way to go.

One factor to consider when purchasing a deep chest freezer is that they will need to be properly organized if you are to gain the maximum benefit from one of these very large freezers.

Without any kind of storage system inside a chest freezer is basically a big cold box.

This setup will quickly lead to serious chaos in the unit, and you will have a lot of difficulty finding a particular item once you have placed it inside.

This means it is almost an imperative to invest in quality wire freezer baskets for your deep chest freezer.

Through the use of a good set of stackable freezer baskets it is possible to convert your huge frozen chest into what approximate a collection of mini-freezers.

Each stacking freezer basket is used for storage of particular kind or type of food, which means that when it comes time fetch something from the freezer the task will be much simpler than it would otherwise.

Purchasing a new freezer requires careful consideration of your storage needs and your available space.  I hope this article has provided some insights that will help you decide between compact freezers, upright freezers or deep chest freezers.

Originally posted. February 19, 2011

Whirlpool W1TXEMMW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator seems to be perfectly geared towards small families or couples that need a reliable fridge but is still budget friendly. It has all the essentials that anyone expects in current refrigerator models these days, but if you’re looking for some premium features like a water dispenser, dual cooling systems, and air/water filters, then you’re going to have to do without those (or else upgrade to a higher end model).

When it comes to storage options, it is safe to say that most users will be satisfied with the variety of this model. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator comes in with a gross 20.9 cu. ft. capacity which it divides between the main food compartment (14.5 cu. ft.) and the top mounted freezer compartment (6.5 cu. ft.). There are several bins and shelves on the door to accommodate an assortment of bottles, cartons, and other food or drink containers.

In addition, there are four SpillMizer glass shelves in the main compartment to carry more of your food items. These spill-proof shelves are winners in minimizing spills and leaks from your jars, cans, and bottles, and it makes cleaning up a breeze as compared to mopping up all sorts of dripping stuff that has puddled up at the bottom of the fridge.

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator also has a meat pan included inside the main compartment, and there are two crisper bins at the bottom to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, safe, and perfectly delicious for days. Fruits generally require a different environment as compared to vegetables, so you will appreciate the dual humidity controls for each crisper drawer. Keep in mind that most fruits prefer a low-humidity environment, while veggies need higher humidity levels to stay crisp and fresh.

You will find two storage shelves inside the freezer compartment itself, plus two more shelves on the door for additional food or drink storage options. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW also has an ice maker (installed at the factory) which is sure to be a hit with users who love mixing cold drinks.

You will also be glad to know that the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW fridge freezer is Energy Star certified. This means that your energy consumption and expenses will be reduced by as much as one-third, without sacrificing features, style, and comfort, as compared to using a refrigerator model that does not carry Energy Star certification.

With regards to appearances, the model looks and feels clean and smooth to operate, but if you want a model with counter-depth style, you need to look somewhere else. The protective coating on this model is very durable, although it is not made of stainless steel. This is probably an effort to prevent raising the costs and therefore the price of the appliance.

Overall, the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator is a budget-friendly model that carries all of the essentials that you will need. Some premium features are sacrificed in exchange for affordability, but if you belong in its target market, it’s not likely that you’ll be missing such features like a water filter, an air filter, or a water and ice dispenser.

Originally posted. June 5, 2011

Old versus New: Choosing a Kelvinator Refrigerator

When investing in new appliances for your home, you want the best quality you can get for the best price. As far as a Kelvinator refrigerator goes, you may have heard tales from family and friends of their own Kelvinator that has lasted twenty years or of the fridge that never breaks. But which of these rumors can be trusted and which are old wives tales. Taking a look at the benefits of both new and old Kelvinators should help clear the waters in a very murky pond.


The Old Models


Older models of Kelvinators are notorious for being the tank food coolers that never stop running strong. There are even some tales of older Kelvinator fridges that are up to twenty years old and still keeping the family’s milk cool. This is why purchasing an older fridge is a viable option for many families. Occasionally older models are discarded, potentially allowing you to get free freezers or refrigerators with no financial outlay. Some of the considerations for an older fridge include:

  • Less Complicated: Face it, older models of fridges do not have the intricate functions that newer fridges have. This makes them easier to use and work on during a repair.
  • Steady Track Record: If you choose an older fridge, chances are it’s been running strong for a long time. Many of these models experience little to no problems during their lifetime, or only need minor repairs.
  • Power Consumption: Older fridges will consume more power though, increasing your electricity bill, sometimes substantially. If you choose to get an older fridge, know that it will cost more.
  • Environment Friendliness: Older fridges often were built in a time where certain environmental regulations were not in place. If you are concerned about Earth-friendliness, running an older fridge may not be for you.
  • Less Expensive: Often, you can find a used, older Kelvinator for much less than a new model.

If you plan to buy a used older model of fridge, make sure to ask the previous owner of any problems or repairs they have encountered. Always look under, around, and inside a used fridge, looking for cracked plastic or sealants. Also look for dripping or an “ozone” smell, which indicates leaking coolant. While you may have to shop around for an older fridge in good condition, the time will be worth it.


Newer Fridges


Many people love their new Kelvinator refrigerators and many hate them. It all depends on what sort of use your fridge will take and what you are looking for in an appliance. Generally, Kelvinators got good reviews in mechanical functioning with little breakdown in the actual cooling mechanism. Customer service was lacking, though. Generally, those who dealt with a local dealer had a better overall repair experience. But the main complaints with newer Kelvinators were the construction, including:

–  Poor plastics design (hinges and such not sturdily designed)

–  Weak shelving (shelves falling when overstocked)

–  Faulty sealants (sealants not closing properly)

Problems with these aspects can all be avoided by proper fridge use. Don’t stack heavy objects on the door. This will only break shelving and throw the hinges off alignment. Also, be gentle with your fridge. Don’t slam doors or cram items into shelving.


Choosing Your Kelvinator Fridge


Overall, a Kelvinator fridge is a good investment, whether you choose an older model or a new appliance. With older models, make sure to look for leaking or cracking before purchasing. With newer models, be careful of overstocked goods with damaged doors and plastic pieces, which are not as sturdily designed as some other models.

Originally posted. June 7, 2011

Chest Freezers

When a normal kitchen fridge freezer is not big enough, deep chest freezers are a convenient way to increase your capability to deep freeze food in bulk. In this article I will discuss the merits of these appliances.

A deep chest freezer can be bought in a wide range of sizes. A small chest freezer may have a capacity of as little as five cubic feet, or even less.  If you have limited needs for extra freezer space then a small freezer like this may be a good option for your home.

If you have – on anticipate having – the need for significant freezer space, then a large chest freezer may be more appropriate for you.  It is possible to buy deep chest freezers that have up to huge 25 cubic foot of capacity.  Many people like to use these as garage freezers, as garages usually have ample floor space.

Buyers of large chest freezers should be aware that due to the large interior space it can be difficult to keep the contents organized. Purchasing a set of chest freezer baskets can make it a lot easier to maintain order in one of these full-sized deep freezer units.

Some people looking to buy chest freezers may consider upright freezers.  While uprights have their good features they do compromise some of the many advantages of a deepfreeze.

Chest freezers prices are very reasonable for the amount of space they offer; the entire interior is usable freezer storage space.  Not only are they a frugal purchase, but cheap refrigerators and chest freezers both are frugal to operate also.

Due to the freezer door being on top, opening the freezer does not waste a lot of energy.

Another bonus of these types of freezers are that they are usually extremely well insulated – the side walls of the freezer chest are very thick and thus do an excellent job of keeping the goods within frozen.

The insulation of one of these devices can even keep the contents preserved for a couple of days during a power outage.

Many chest freezers have a manual defrost cycle.  While this may seem a hassle – it does require some effort on the owners’ part – this simpler technology means that manual deep freezers tend to function for longer than the upright freezers they compete with.

As I have demonstrated, purchasing a chest freezer for the home is an efficient and economical way to greatly increase your freezer capacity.  Shop for chest freezers on sale at Amazon, where you can also view chest freezer reviews for individual models.  This retailers sells a variety of different freezers, chest and upright, which can be conveniently delivered to your home.



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Fisher And Paykel Fridges

The manufacturer Fisher And Paykel produces a range of fridge and freezers that are sold in many countries worldwide.

Many Fisher And Paykel Fridges incorporate their trademarked Active Smart system.  This technology utilizes sensors and fans to ensure rapid chilling and freezing of the Fisher Paykel refrigerators or freezers contents; and also serve to maintain equalized temperatures inside the units.

Bottom Mount Freezers

Active Smart Refrigeration options from the firm include several different models.  The E522B range is an attractive bottom mount freezer that is available in a variety of different configurations.  A plain white version is available in both right and left opening styles – E522BRE and E522BLE.

Upgrading to stainless steel opens a wide array of new models.  The F&P E522BRX, E522BLX, E522BRXFD, E522BLXFD all come with a full width bottle rack, and your choice of style of stainless steel door.  Optional upgrades are the addition of a Filtered Ice and Water dispenser, available in the E522BRXU, E522BLXU, E522BRXFDU and E522BLXFDU units respectively.

Each of these Fisher & Paykel fridge freezer units feature 17.6 cubic feet – 519L – of storage volume.  12.4 cubic foot dedicated to the refrigerator and 5.2 cubic foot for the freezer.

French Door Fridge Freezers

People seeking larger Fisher And Paykel Fridges also have a French Door style model as an option.  The RF201ADUX is fully featured with all the higher end options – such as Ice & Water dispenser and full width bottle back – and has a total internal capacity of 20.1 cubic feet.  The roll out freezer drawers in this unit are particularly appealing.

American Style Side-By-Side Fridge Freezers

Even larger units in the line-up of Fisher Paykel refrigerator models are the 21.8 cubic foot RX216DT7XV2 and RX216CT4XV2 units.  These premium side-by-side fridge freezer come very generously equipped with humidity crisper bin and a beverage chiller.

CoolDrawer Fridge Freezer

The list of Fisher and Paykel appliances available to consumers also includes the integrated CoolDrawer.  The RB36S25MKIW1 is a 3.1 cubic foot drawer fridge designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing cabinetry.  This under counter refrigerator can be installed with either prefinished or a custom finish to match your woodwork.  This incredibly versatile appliance can be set to function as a small freezer, chiller, refrigerator or even wine fridge simply by the touch of a button.

If you are in the market for a Fisher And Paykel Fridge Freezer there are certainly plenty of attractive options for you to select form.

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Looking at the Haier Refrigerator and Mini Fridge

Haier refrigerators are known for being high quality products with a steady and dependable reputation that wins over many consumers.  This is a good reputation for an appliance company to have, because whether the consumer is a college student looking for the perfect dorm from fridge or replacing an old dependable model at home that finally kicked the bucket, a reliable appliance that is going to last is at the top of the list for anyone looking to put up the money to buy an appliance.

The Haier refrigerator

One important piece of information for consumers to know is that Haier actually specializes in 6 different types of refrigerators, and not all of these are going to be ideal for every consumer.  However this does offer a wide variety of options that many other companies do not.  If you’re considering a Haier refrigerator then make sure you know the 6 categories of fridges offered by this company which are:

  • Full sized refrigerators
  • Mid-sized fridges (think small apartment or very small kitchen spaces)
  • Mini fridges
  • Wine fridge
  • Beverage fridge (designed to hold wine properly as well as cans of soda or beer)
  • Keg fridges

As you can see, there are some pretty impressive choices when it comes to picking out the perfect Haier refrigerator.  Many of these fridges are Energy Star certified, for those consumers who also want to shop green.  As with any company, the consumer rankings vary from one product to another depending on the exact model of fridge, its use, and how well the consumer matched their needs with the appliance, but the general majority seems to agree among many Haier refrigerator reviews that these are well built fridges that function well.

The Haier mini refrigerator

If there is one spot where the Haier refrigerator reviews agree that this company really shines, it’s in the manufacturing of their Haier mini fridge models.  These popular fridges, also commonly referred to as “under the counter” fridges by businesses or dorm room fridges by the millions of college students.  While the drink or wine mini fridge might seem like a popular idea with many college kids, settling for a regular Haier mini refrigerator is the smarter bet.  It’s not like a normal mini fridge can’t hold cans of soda or alcohol, and having the extra design for food makes a big difference when finals week comes along.

An interesting model is Haier’s 1.7 cubic feet “write fridge.”  The door of the fridge also serves as a dry board, allowing a student to write down a to do list, phone number, or reminder right on the door of the mini fridge to make sure you remember everything important before starting the day.


Originally posted. May 4, 2011

Staying Cool with Fridge Thermometers

When it comes to fresh food, health and hygiene are extremely important. Most food contains harmful bacteria which can only be killed off or kept at a stable state by keeping the food chilled. When exposed to warm temperatures bacteria multiply at alarming rates and this can increase the risk of contracting food poisoning and serious illnesses. But simply keeping food in a fridge is not enough the fridge has to be at the correct temperature.

How cold should my fridge be?

The Food Standards Agency recommends that you keep your refrigerator at or below 5C (41F) in order to prevent the bad bacteria growth on fresh foods that can cause serious health issues. However, different foods react differently to warm and cold temperatures. You should always check the packaging for specific information, but this guide should be helpful:

Fruit and vegetables: Keeping fruit and veg in a fridge can extend its life and can also retain its quality. Fruit and veg should be kept in the bottom section of the fridge in a drawer, if available, or just above the raw products. Keeping them at slightly warmer temperatures (about 4-5C) will avoid freezing which can affect the taste.

Meat, Fish and poultry: Meat and fish should be kept below other ready to eat products to prevent the transfer of bacteria from raw food to ready to eat items. As the raw food is going to be cooked, the bacteria will be mostly killed off (chilling just keeps the bacteria at a safe level and prevents it from multiplying), but this is not the case with ready to eat products. 1-4C is the optimum temperature.

Other fresh food: Other fresh food such as milk, yoghurts and cooked meats can be kept on the top shelves of the fridge at temperatures just above freezing to maintain their flavor and quality. These foods will not always need to be cooked before eating, so it is even more important they are kept at safe temperatures.

Nowadays most fridges come with internal temperature controls to ensure that the temperature of your fridge remains constantly cold enough for the volume of food within. However, as with all kitchen appliances, fridges can occasionally becoming defective or faulty, especially if they are overcrowded with food. If you suspect this is the case it is handy to have a fridge thermometer on standby. Similarly, if you are unable to change an old or unreliable fridge (for example where the fridge is part of the inventory on a leased property) a fridge thermometer can monitor whether or not the fridge is working correctly.

Manual Bulb Thermometer for Fridges

Traditional, manual fridge thermometers work by putting small amounts of mercury or alcohol into a glass tube. The liquid expands when it is warm and shrinks when it gets colder. This means the liquid is pushed up or falls down the tube depending on the temperature. There is a scale on the tube, and you to read the temperature based on the height the liquid is at. Although pretty accurate, these thermometers are open to being misread, as you need to be at a height parallel with the thermometer and must round the number up or down depending on the scale.

Manual Spring Loaded Thermometer for Fridges

Spring loaded thermometers work similarly to bulb thermometers, except that it is a metal spring which expands or contracts with varying temperatures. The spring pushes a pointer left or right on a gauge. The scale on the gauge is often larger and easier to read than on a bulb thermometer but still leaves room for human error and requires you to be on the same level as the thermometer to ensure a more accurate reading. Spring thermometers also tend to be less accurate than bulb or digital thermometers.

Digital Thermometers for Fridges

Digital thermometers usually use mechanical devices called thermistors to calculate temperature and are much more accurate than manual, particularly spring loaded, thermometers leaving less room for human error as the numbers are presented in a clear and easy to read format and present a more exact temperature (usually to two decimal places). In order to avoid the thermometer being exposed to colder temperatures, digital thermometers usually sit outside the fridge and have a probe attached which can be placed within the fridge. This makes it easy to move if you think a particular shelf is much colder or warmer, if you need to reposition the contents of the fridge or just to lift the thermometer to eye height to read. The best digital thermometers include alarm systems which can warn you about large rises and falls in temperature that may cause damage to your food.

Fridge Thermometers for Businesses

If you run a business it is even more important that you regularly check the temperature of your fridges and cold areas. This should be done manually and in addition to any automatic chiller alarm systems already in place. Use a digital thermometer for accuracy and check the temperatures several times a day. Always ensure you are complying to company and industry policy regarding temperature checking and are observing regulations regarding other aspects of the cold chain (e.g. ensuring food is not kept out of cold-stores for more than an hour).

When you next buy a new domestic fridge, opt for one with an integrated fridge thermometer and invest in a good quality digital thermometer preferably with an alarm. This will ensure your food lasts as long as possible without causing possible health risks to yourself or your family. To view a range of fridge thermometers and other kitchen accessories available to buy online, please visit Barnitts Home and Garden at

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