ABT Appliances

Consumers looking to make a major purchase for their home often turn to large retail stores, but why not consider another option? ABT appliances and electronics is a family owned and operated business where consumers are given the opportunity to buy major brand name products at a lower price. So before you shop, learn why this retailer stands out from its competition.

The History of ABT Electronics and Appliances

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All major retailers have a history, but there are few that can compare to the background of ABT’s home electronics and appliances start-up. This company is a pure representation of the American dream, and clearly demonstrates their dedication to growing into a successful business. Starting with only $800 in 1936, it opened as a small electronics retailer called ABT Radio. While the brick and mortar business has not expanded past Glenview, IL in Chicago, they maintain a strong online presence and compete with major retailers such as Sears, Best Buy and Circuit City. Even though the business has expanded, its commitment to family has never wavered. Owned and operated by future generations of family members, this dedication has been passed onto its customers by offering low prices and superior service – which makes this retailer stand out from the competition.

Save Money with ABT Online Rebates and Low Price Guarantee

Consumers today are focused on saving money, especially when it comes to making major purchases in electronics and home appliances. One of the unique advantages ABT appliances and electronics can offer consumers are a low price guarantee. While this feature can offer potential guidelines and savings, the details outlined on the company website must be followed to receive a discount or rebate. Other ways consumers can save on their appliance or electronics purchase is through the use of ABT online rebates. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to browse the rebate section of the website, you may be able to save money or discover an expensive product has become more affordable and budget friendly.

Make Online Purchases with Confidence

One of the greatest hesitations everyone has when purchasing products online is related not only to cost, but the reputation of the business. ABT business and consumer reviews illustrate this company’s stellar reputation and they maintain a BBB rating of A+. In other words, you can buy with both trust and confidence. And you can rest assured any ABT home appliance purchase you make will meet your personal and quality expectations. But what if your hesitations are related to setup or installation? For those who lack technical expertise, customer service representatives are available 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ABT Electronics and Appliances Commitment to Green Living

For many, making purchases that are eco-friendly are becoming a priority. But what if you could shop at a major retailer that is committed to reducing their carbon footprint? In response to the increasing focus on recycling, environmental conservation and preservation, ABT appliances have made a commitment to maintaining high environmental standards. In fact their website states being an eco-friendly company is a “core value of the ABT family.”  This company not only utilizes recycling of materials, but conserves energy through the use of windmills, natural light, solar panels and high efficiency bulbs. All of these features make ABT an ideal place to purchase home electronics and appliances for consumers who desire to shop at environmentally friendly businesses.

Abt brand banner

Compared to other major retailers, ABT home appliances and electronics strives to provide a superior level of customer service and satisfaction. Their family oriented business structure, low price guarantee, rebates and commitment to the environment are all aspects that make this company unique. So before you make your next major home purchase from a chain store, check out ABT, and discover the reasons behind their high customer loyalty and business rating.

Originally posted. March 30, 2011

GE Monogram Refrigerators

GE Monogram refrigerators come in three distinctive designs : incorporated, professional, and custom. Each of these designs provides a different look to choose from to your home or restaurant kitchen. There are side-by – side versions of GE Monogram refrigerators, as well as bottom freezer refrigerators and all-refrigerators.

The Three Designs of GE Monogram Refrigerators

For a kitchen design that is uniquely yours, choose custom GE Monogram appliances. You can buy a custom GE Monogram refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher with solid color panels, or you can choose custom panels with matching cosmetic handles. Custom GE Monogram appliances give your kitchen an elegant, streamlined look.

The professional Monogram appliance line offers refrigerators that are created from superior stainless steel. These fridges have hand-finished, chamfered edges that give them a distinctive and bold look. The exteriors are made from 304 grade stainless steel, and the corners are perfectly polished and smoothed rather than being cut.

GE Monogram RefrigeratorsThe incorporated line is all about simplicity. A General Electric Monogram icebox from the integrated line is designed to be understated yet complex. Like the professional model appliances, the integrated fridges are shaped and perfectly polished. These refrigerators have thin, tubular handles that are smooth and comfortable to use.

GE Monogram Refrigerator Models

You can buy built-in side by-side Monogram refrigerators in some of the three styles described above. The built in side-by – side fridges are all 84 tall, and the models are 72 tall.

You can select from four custom models, two integrated models, and two professional models, in the event you prefer a built in Monogram refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The professional and integrated models are all 20.6 cu. ft. with dimensions of 84 high by 36 wide by 23 7/8 deep. The custom models range from 14.09 to 20.6 cu. ft. Additionally, there are two freestanding GE Monogram refrigerators with bottom freezers. Both are in the line, with French doors and two freezer drawers. They are 69 5/8 high by 35 3/4 broad by 31 deep

and have a capacity of 20.6 cu. ft.

For people who favor their refrigerator and freezer to be separate, there are six built in all refrigerator models to choose from. Each design is accessible with a door that hinges either to the left or on the right. GE Monogram Undercounter Refrigerators

GE Monogram undercounter refrigerators are specialized purposes that are served by smaller refrigerators. The wine reserves, beverage centers, and bar fridges are all designed to hold drinks. There is also a double drawer undercounter refrigerator, a fresh food refrigerator, and an indoor / outdoor refrigerator.

I spoke to the good people at Aggressive Appliances (a reputable appliance dealer located in Central Florida) who were kind enough to give me the of their to advantages expertise on this unique refrigeration line. I have included their ideas on these products below:

GE Monogram costs may fluctuate depending on which dealer you buy your fridge from.

Why should consumers consider the purchase of the GE Monogram Refrigerator?

GE Monogram refrigerators are among the very best values in the premium refrigerator type. They are an ideal match to Monogram’s great cooking products also.

Which Models of GE Monogram Refrigerators do you think are the best?

The entire line of built in fridges have proven trustworthy and quite purposeful. The new completely integrated line adds features and looks great with custom wood panels. One style or size isn’t automatically better than another, each customer needs to select the icebox that best suits their needs and the available space.

What are the best characteristics of GE Monogram products?

GE’s dual refrigeration system means the fridge and freezer air never mix. That extends the life span of your produce and removes the possibility of scents being transferred from one side of the unit to the other. The Climate control drawer allows a zone that can be set at a different temperature for fast chilling and thawing or precise storage for citrus, produce and meat.

The extensive selection of models means you can find what you want and GE’s national repair network means you can expect several years of excellent service.

Do you recommend any accessories or added attributes?

Our exploration of General Electric Appliances show that Monogram refrigerator reviews say the appliances are generally complete and have only a few accessories. You can get a Sabbath mode kit plus a few installation accessories.

What colors and styles are available?

Monogram refrigerators and freezers can be found in stainless steel or come ready for your own custom wood panels. The stainless steel models can be ordered to match the Monogram Pro Style appliances or the European Chain of appliances. There are 36″ wide freestanding models in both side by side and French door styles. The built-in models are available as all-refrigerator/all- freezer models, side by side or bottom freezer designs in sizes from 30″ wide to 48″ wide.

Are GE Monogram refrigerators tough to preserve?

Sometimes vacuuming the coils and shifting the water and ice filter are all you should do to maintain a Monogram refrigerator.


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The Basics on Frigidaire Parts

Frigidaire is a manufacturer of kitchen and laundry appliances as well as air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Based on repair calls they have coined themselves “The most reliable brand” – but what do you do when something does goes wrong? Where do you find replacement parts or who do you call to service your Frigidaire refrigerator or other machine?

The Most Reliable Brand
All Frigidaire appliances include a comprehensive warranty. It’s best to register your product right away and keep the original purchase receipts to be sure that the warranty will be honored. The extended service agreement offers additional peace of mind by going so far as to replace a covered appliance with brand new one with comparable features should the extent of repairs give reason to. That would be the worst case scenario, otherwise they will help you locate the quality components you will need to keep your appliance running like new, or help you find a factory trained expert to do it for you.

Finding a Parts Distributor
So you’ve decided you are going to give it a go yourself. How do you go about finding the parts you need? The easiest way to start is with the Parts Distributor Locator on the official Frigidaire website. Simply type in your zip code to be routed through a directory of hundreds of trusted distributors to find the closest one to you. This is also the best route to take especially if you are still under warranty, to ensure the purchase will be covered. Purchasing from other discount websites can be risky unless you are absolutely sure you are buying Frigidaire brand replacement parts. Sometimes no name generic parts that claim to be compatible can have slightly different dimensions or a lower quality of material, making the pursuit of saving a dime or two futile.

Finding a Service Tech
Service is best found the same way as parts, through the Service Locator on the official Frigidaire website. There are a couple of options from there. If you are still under warranty you can call Frigidaire directly to get a diagnosis based on information you can provide over the phone to a skilled associate. From there they will either walk you through it if it’s something easy, or they can set up a service appointment for you. Extended service agreements can also be purchased here. Frigidaire offers protection plans for up to three full years. If you are no longer under warranty Frigidaire will direct you to an authorized service provider. It’s always good to go with someone who is certified to work on Frigidaire so you can be sure the parts are legitimate and the repairs done with the correct knowledge.

In the rare case you do need to find Frigidaire parts or hire someone to service your Frigidaire product, Frigidaire will want to help. Go through them directly to be sure the work is done right and no corners have been cut.



Originally posted. May 30, 2011

Arcelik Refrigerators: A Brief History of the Company

If you haven’t heard of Arcelik refrigerators, don’t feel too bad.  This isn’t a brand name you hear too often when it comes to American or Far East Asian markets, but the Arcelik Company is a Turkish based company that specializes in home appliances and sells heavily in the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, even expanding recently into Russia.  Founded in 1955 in Istanbul, Turkey; this company has a long history of producing durable goods and various consumer appliances to their markets.

The modern standing of Arcelik refrigerators is impressive, as the parent company is considered by sales volume to be the third largest provider of home appliances in Europe, behind only Electrolux and Indesit.  There are two main brands from this company, with Arcelik being one and Beko being the other.  While Arcelik might get a lot of attention, it’s also important to know that they’re not the company all the way at the top.  Arcelik is owned by Koc Holding, Turkey’s largest industrial service group.

A brief history of Arcelik
The first appliance Arcelik produced was actually a washing machine, made in 1959.  The first model of refrigerator came the very next year in 1960.  The company continued to expand, bringing out new models and continuing to produce inexpensive but reliable home appliances for every part of the home.  1999 was a major reorganization year, and the merger of Beko and Arcelik happened in the wake of some major changes.  Plants were opened in other countries like Romania, Russia, and China to increase its reach into other markets.

In modern times, when it comes specifically to the refrigerators produced the two largest Arcelik refrigerator plants are currently located in Eskişehir, Turkey and Kirzhach, Russia, respectively, although the plant in Russia also produces washing machines.

What’s the future?
While no one can ever predict the future for sure, Arcelik is not only one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerators and home appliances in Europe, but their creation of plants in China and Russia show every intention of continuing to expand and refusing to just stand pat.  In addition, the gaudy sales numbers make it very unlikely that the company is going to crash any time soon.  People will continue to need reliable and affordable household appliances, and this company isn’t going to cut them out of production any time soon.

There’s every reason to believe that as long as this company keeps doing what they have been that Arcelik refrigerators will be around for a long time to come.


Originally posted. June 21, 2011

12v Fridges For Sale

Buyers looking for 12v fridges for sale have many options, as there are quite a few different brands of 12v fridge available. Below I address some of the different manufacturers of 12v fridges and make recommendations selecting an appropriate product line.

For those seeking quality 12v fridge freezers, compressor based technologies are usually the best. There are several firms you manufacture a wide range of compressor 12v fridge freezer units, these include Waeco, Engel and Norcold.

Waeco Fridges for Sale

Waeco produces a wide range of different 12v fridge freezers. No matter whether you prefer a cheap thermoelectric fridge, a flexible three-way fridge freezer or a compressor refrigerator freezer unit; Waeco – a subsidiary of Dometic – manufactures an appropriate selection.

No matter what your budget there are a wide range of high quality Waeco fridges for sale. Waeco compressor fridge freezers are particularly renowned for using high-quality German Danfoss compressors.

Engel Fridges for Sale

Another great manufacturer of 12v refrigerator freezers is Engel. They offer some of the best compressor style refrigerator freezer units available in stores. The Sawafuji swing compressors used in Engel fridge freezers are very well-regarded.

If you seek a truly high-quality refrigerator for use as a car fridge then you would be well advised to seek out Engel fridges for sale.

Norcold Fridges for Sale

This firm is best known for Norcold 3 way refrigerators. While these are not the ideal 12v fridge freezer unit due to using absorption technology, they are a viable alternative to some of the competitor’s compressor models.

Particularly popular for use in Recreational Vehicles and Caravans is the Norcold Inc. Refrigerators 323T R/L 3 Way Refrigerator shown here. This 3 way fridge offers the option of mains power, 12v power and LPG for maximum flexibility in usage.

If you are really seeking out a discounted fridge for use with 12v direct current, then seeking Norcold fridges for sale may be a wise move for you. Do keep in mind however the energy consumption of these absorption refrigerators when running off of 12 volts can be relatively high.

Other Brands

If none of these firms products appeal, there are numerous other manufacturers of 12v freezer fridges available.  ARB and National Luna are a couple worth considering.  The ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer is very well regarded by many people.

One note of caution, when looking for a 12v refrigerator  for sale it is very easy to over emphasize the low price and pay insufficient attention to quality. If a cheap 12v refrigerator is all you can afford then by all means buy a discounted 12 V fridge freezer, but if your budget allows it is well worth considering investing little more in a more expensive unit.

Shop an extended line-up of discount 12v fridges for sale at Amazon.

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Frigidaire LGHC2342LF Deal

AJ Madison is selling the Frigidaire LGHC2342LF refrigerator at a pretty good price.

To buy the Frigidaire Gallery FGHS2342LF 22.6 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator click here.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHS2342LF 22.6 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator with 3 Glass SpillSafe Shelves, 2 Humidity Controlled Crispers, Energy Saver Plus Cycle, Ex

It is possible to get a great price on this Frigidaire side-by-side fridge freezer by utilizing their easily available 10% off ‘moving’ coupon. You can request one of these coupons at the Lowes website – you do not actually have to move.

Lowes has also been having another 10% discount on Energy Star appliances periodically through the year.  As of today this does not appear to be active, but if it returns you may be able to stack it with the moving coupon for a 20% discount.

The refrigerator itself – its full name is ‘Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator’ is an attractive Stainless Steel model.  It gets good reviews by buyers on Lowes website.

Frigidaire strives to foster a reputation as an upscale manufacturer.  One great feature of this particular fridge is that it is a counter depth refrigerator, and as such does not really stick out into the kitchen too much.  While not quite an integrated fridge – it does not support custom door fronts – counter depth refrigerators like this one are very similar in design.

Note that integrated style fridges are usually very expensive. So while at first glance this model may not seem cheap, it is very competitively priced in comparison to similarly designed models.

A nice touch on the exterior of this American style fridge freezer are a blue light that glows to illuminate the ice and water dispenser when in use, helping to prevent spills.  Another handy feature is the temperature display on the front, which provides the user a reliable indicator as to whether everything is in order or not.

Buy a refrigerator from AJ Madison today!

If you have been eyeing the purchase of a new counter depth refrigerator, the Frigidaire LGHC2342LF is definitely a worthwhile contender at this discounted price – especially if you can get some coupons!

Originally posted. September 28, 2010

Hoshizaki Refrigerators And Freezers

Hoshizaki refrigerators and freezers are available in a range of different types  With a wide selection of under counter fridges, upright refrigerators and freezers and display refrigeration products in their line-up, it is clear that this firm does a lot more than make the famed high quality Hoshizaki icemakers.

Hoshizaki Worktop And Undercounter

The worktop and undercounter Hoshizaki fridge and freezer range consists of three different models lines, the professional series under counter, worktop freezer and worktop refrigerator ranges.  These appliances include cabinet door perimeter heaters which prevent the formation of condensation when humidity is high, and flush mounted handles for maximizing aisle space.  External LED displays provide details of the internal temperatures to the operators.  This range of refrigeration and freezer appliances is available in 40-inch, 68-inch and 96-inch designs; although the 96″ model selection is more limited.

Hoshizaki HURF40AD Undercounter Freezer with Drawers

Hoshizaki Professional Series Undercounter

These under counter units are available as either refrigerators or freezers. The HUF40A, HUF40-D, HUF68A and HUF68A-D are self-contained undercounter freezers. They are available with either one of two sections, and with or without drawers.

The HUR40A, HUR40A-D, HUR68A, HUR68A-D, HUR96A and HUR96A-D are the undercounter-refrigerated versions of these appliances.  They are very similar in design, except they also offer the HUR96 three sectioned choices.

Hoshizaki Professional Series Worktop Freezers And Refrigerators

Relatively similar to the undercounter freezer selection are the HWF40A, HWF40A-D, HWF68A and HWF68A-D self-contained worktop freezer units.  They are six inches taller and come with a lip at the back of the counter space.

The Hoshizaki worktop refrigerator line includes the HWR40A, HWR40A-D, HWR68A, HWR68A-D, HWR96A and HWR96A-D models, again available in 3 different sizes and with or without drawers.

Hoshizaki Refrigerated Display Cases

These refrigerated stainless steel glass display refrigerators are ideal for displaying merchandise of all sorts – from sandwiches to Sashimi.  With an 11-inch deep interior, and large condenser face, these fridges feature a 5-inch plate space on top.

The HNC-120BA, HNC-150BA, HNC-180BA and HNC-210BA are available in lengths from four feet up to seven feet, and offer a very attractive fresh food display.

Hoshizaki Reach-in Refrigerators And Freezers

With similar features to the worktop models, these premium upright refrigeration units are industrial grade. Hoshizaki reach in refrigerators and freezers are available in commercial and professional series. While not as large as walk-in refrigerators, these models are available with capacities of up to 73 cu. ft.

Hoshizaki CF1AHS

Hoshizaki Commercial Series Freezer And Refrigerator

The CF1A-HS, CF1A-HS, CF2A-FS and CF2A-FS are reach-in series upright freezers that come sized with either one or two sections, and with the option of full or half door openings.  The refrigerator versions – with similar options – are the CR1A-FS, CR1A-HS, CR2A-FS and CR2A-HS units.

Hoshizaki Professional Series Dual Temp

These combination refrigerator & freezer units offer the features of both in one device.  Available in 1-3 segments and with full or half-door reach in, the RFH1-SSB-HS, RFH2-SSB, RFH2-SSB-HSm RFH3-SSB and RFH3-SSB-HS come in a variety of configurations.

Hoshizaki Professional Series Freezer

Substantially higher-powered versions of the commercial series freezers, the professional FH1-SSB, FH1-SSB-HD, FH2-SSB and FH2-SSB-HD have a higher amperage draw for serious cooling applications.

Hoshizaki Professional Series Refrigerator

These industrial strength units feature variable speed compressors. Units such as the single section RH1-SSE-FS are available with a solid stainless steel door, or alternatively in a glass door fridge configuration (the RH1-SSE-FG).

As is typical with this manufacturers products, there is a range of models available in different sizes – 1 to 3 sections – and either half or full door types.  These include the RH1-SSE-FS, RH1-SSE-HS, RH2-SSE-FS, RH2-SSE-HS, RH3-SSE-FS and RH3-SSE-HS models.

With all these different refrigerator and freezer models, Hoshizaki is a leader in refrigeration for commercial, industrial and restaurant refrigerator applicatons.



Originally posted. April 18, 2011

Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Review

Perhaps your freezer is in the garage, or maybe you just need more room than a side-by-side can offer; either way, the Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an alluring model worth taking a closer look. In this review we will do just that by looking at the BI-36R’s features, pricing, and warranty info.

Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Features

  • The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is loaded with all the good stuff you need.
  • This refrigerator will literally use less electricity than your 100-watt living room lightbulb.
  • It’s annual energy usage is estimated at 404 kWh, which works out to about $43 per year.
  • It is UL approved in both the US and Canada.
  • The flip-up grill enables you to completely build in and service this refrigerator from the front.
  • Fully certified as Sabbath and holiday compliant by Star-K Kosher.
  • Plenty of design options, including overlay, framed, flush inset, and classic stainless steel.
  • Air purifying system.
  • Bright and even interior lighting.
  • The glass shelves are easily adjustable and spill-proof.
  • The crisper and deli drawers are their own low-temperature zone.
  • Kosher certified and Energy Star qualified.

BI indicates “Built In”, so if you were looking for an Integrated model, check out the BI-36R’s cousin, the 736-TR All Refrigerator. The “R” stands for Refrigerator, as in All Refrigerator. If you need a fridge/freezer combo, then look into the BI-36S for a Side-by-Side model, or the BI-36U for an Over-Under model.

If the Sub-Zero BI-36R is exactly what you’re looking for, but you like the idea of checking to see how much milk you have left from the other side of the kitchen island, then check out the BI-36RG for a triple-pane, UV-resistant Glass Door.

Pricing for the BI-36R
Pricing is precious info for Sub-Zero, but if you look around you can find a price tag on the BI-36R at about $5,000 or more. Your best bet is to type in your zip code on Sub-Zero’s store locator and give your local dealer a call. Once you know who is carrying Sub-Zero, you can walk in a see the unit for yourself. Get a feel for it. See it in action. Overall, this sales method can be in your favor, which is nice for this kind of personal investment.

Sub-Zero Warranty Information
Sub-Zero offers three different warranty coverages for the BI-36R. They are the Limited Twelve Year Sealed System Warranty, the Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty, and the Full One Year Warranty. Warranties start in the date of original installation

The Sealed System Warranties only cover defective components (due to materials or workmanship) in the sealed system, which is described as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, and all of the connecting tubing.

The One Year Warranty, however, will cover all parts and labor needed to repair or replace any defective components. You will want to read the entirety of the warranty information on their site in order to understand all the exclusions and conditions.

The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an elegant powerhouse of energy efficient freshness. For most interested buyers, the BI-36R is not a toy, it’s an investment. But a worthy one. If you’re looking quality, beautiful design, and efficiency, then look no further than the Sub-Zero BI-36R.

Originally posted. May 9, 2011

Whirlpool W1TXEMMW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator seems to be perfectly geared towards small families or couples that need a reliable fridge but is still budget friendly. It has all the essentials that anyone expects in current refrigerator models these days, but if you’re looking for some premium features like a water dispenser, dual cooling systems, and air/water filters, then you’re going to have to do without those (or else upgrade to a higher end model).

When it comes to storage options, it is safe to say that most users will be satisfied with the variety of this model. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator comes in with a gross 20.9 cu. ft. capacity which it divides between the main food compartment (14.5 cu. ft.) and the top mounted freezer compartment (6.5 cu. ft.). There are several bins and shelves on the door to accommodate an assortment of bottles, cartons, and other food or drink containers.

In addition, there are four SpillMizer glass shelves in the main compartment to carry more of your food items. These spill-proof shelves are winners in minimizing spills and leaks from your jars, cans, and bottles, and it makes cleaning up a breeze as compared to mopping up all sorts of dripping stuff that has puddled up at the bottom of the fridge.

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator also has a meat pan included inside the main compartment, and there are two crisper bins at the bottom to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, safe, and perfectly delicious for days. Fruits generally require a different environment as compared to vegetables, so you will appreciate the dual humidity controls for each crisper drawer. Keep in mind that most fruits prefer a low-humidity environment, while veggies need higher humidity levels to stay crisp and fresh.

You will find two storage shelves inside the freezer compartment itself, plus two more shelves on the door for additional food or drink storage options. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW also has an ice maker (installed at the factory) which is sure to be a hit with users who love mixing cold drinks.

You will also be glad to know that the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW fridge freezer is Energy Star certified. This means that your energy consumption and expenses will be reduced by as much as one-third, without sacrificing features, style, and comfort, as compared to using a refrigerator model that does not carry Energy Star certification.

With regards to appearances, the model looks and feels clean and smooth to operate, but if you want a model with counter-depth style, you need to look somewhere else. The protective coating on this model is very durable, although it is not made of stainless steel. This is probably an effort to prevent raising the costs and therefore the price of the appliance.

Overall, the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator is a budget-friendly model that carries all of the essentials that you will need. Some premium features are sacrificed in exchange for affordability, but if you belong in its target market, it’s not likely that you’ll be missing such features like a water filter, an air filter, or a water and ice dispenser.

Originally posted. June 5, 2011

Liebherr 2060 Series Refrigerators

The Liebherr 2060 Series is a stylish and advanced large refrigerator freezer new to their product line for 2011.  Like all Liebherr refrigerators, the 2060 range offers high quality cooling performance for situations where performance matters.

This particular model offers a wide 36″ foot-print, with a unique single-door layout.  While this is an unusually large refrigerator – almost 20 cu. Feet – for a single door design, it is a great fit for large kitchens.

Storage is not a concern with this model of Liebherr fridge.  The large and open shelving is big enough to store even party platters and large casserole dishes.  The unit contains two deep crisper drawers intended for prolonged storage of vegetables and fruits, and also contains a full width drawer for meat and dairy products.

Freezer storage is generous in the Liebherr 2060 fridge freezer also. The two beautiful freezer drawers incorporate sophisticated self-closing mechanism to ensure they cannot be left unintentionally ajar.  The stylish aluminum handles ensure that the freezer areas are easily accessed, and maximize space.

Liebherr is considered a high quality brand by many.  Like its high-end competitors – such as Sub Zero – this unit features a dual refrigeration system.  With high efficiency compressors dedicated separately to both the freezer and the fridge, the appliance ensures the maximum possible food preservation for your dollar.

Other quality features are generous lighting.  Rather than just having one light bulb like many cheaper refrigerators do, the 2060 series has both ceiling lighting and low-wattage LED light columns.  Even the crisper and freezer drawers have their own illumination.

The exterior aesthetics are also worthy of note for this refrigerator.  This Energy star rated appliance can be purchased as either a free-standing model, built-in model integrated with your woodwork, or a modern stainless integrated model.

The Liebherr CS 2060 and HC 2060 refrigerator freezers are attractive high-quality appliances that are sure to look great in any kitchen.



Originally posted. April 8, 2011