Frigidaire LGHC2342LF Deal

AJ Madison is selling the Frigidaire LGHC2342LF refrigerator at a pretty good price.

To buy the Frigidaire Gallery FGHS2342LF 22.6 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator click here.

Frigidaire Gallery FGHS2342LF 22.6 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator with 3 Glass SpillSafe Shelves, 2 Humidity Controlled Crispers, Energy Saver Plus Cycle, Ex

It is possible to get a great price on this Frigidaire side-by-side fridge freezer by utilizing their easily available 10% off ‘moving’ coupon. You can request one of these coupons at the Lowes website – you do not actually have to move.

Lowes has also been having another 10% discount on Energy Star appliances periodically through the year.  As of today this does not appear to be active, but if it returns you may be able to stack it with the moving coupon for a 20% discount.

The refrigerator itself – its full name is ‘Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator’ is an attractive Stainless Steel model.  It gets good reviews by buyers on Lowes website.

Frigidaire strives to foster a reputation as an upscale manufacturer.  One great feature of this particular fridge is that it is a counter depth refrigerator, and as such does not really stick out into the kitchen too much.  While not quite an integrated fridge – it does not support custom door fronts – counter depth refrigerators like this one are very similar in design.

Note that integrated style fridges are usually very expensive. So while at first glance this model may not seem cheap, it is very competitively priced in comparison to similarly designed models.

A nice touch on the exterior of this American style fridge freezer are a blue light that glows to illuminate the ice and water dispenser when in use, helping to prevent spills.  Another handy feature is the temperature display on the front, which provides the user a reliable indicator as to whether everything is in order or not.

Buy a refrigerator from AJ Madison today!

If you have been eyeing the purchase of a new counter depth refrigerator, the Frigidaire LGHC2342LF is definitely a worthwhile contender at this discounted price – especially if you can get some coupons!

Originally posted. September 28, 2010

Ice Machines For Home Use

Buying an ice machine for home use is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Perfect for everyday use or just for special events, manufacturers include many well-known brand names such as Haier, Danby and EdgeStar; and come in a wide variety of styles and optional features.

Individuals who are looking for an ice maker strictly for home use can choose from the wide range of undercounter machines available. Are you looking for a product that is more versatile? Consider choosing a portable ice machine, which is ideal for use in the home or while traveling. With all of the options available, it is easy to find the right style to fit your everyday and party needs.

Undercounter Ice Machines for Home Use

Homeowners choose to install ice machines in the home for a wide variety of reasons. The most popular type of ice maker is the undercounter design. An ideal accompaniment for rooms that already have a beverage refrigerator or mini fridge, this product can have ice ready to use in a matter of minutes or hours. In addition, this home appliance will easily blend with your existing items – with most styles sold in black, white or stainless steel.

Portable Ice Machines – Ideal for Home and Travel

Large ice machines for home use are not practical for every living space and situation. In apartments, bigger models are not feasible as they consume too much space. For homeowners, they are practical as undercounter installation or freestanding units – but may not be conveniently located for your big events. So instead of leaving your party or get-together to get ice for your beverages, why not consider purchasing a portable ice machine?

These mini icemakers can go anywhere from the patio, countertop, boat, RV to the family picnic. While most units plug into to wall to operate, some models use battery power instead. Manufactured by popular home appliance brand names including Emerson, Haier, Danby, EdgeStar and Magic Chef, these products can be easily purchased online or in major retail and appliance stores. In addition to being practical, small ice machine are also extremely affordable – costing anywhere from $100 to $300.

Finding the Right Ice Machine for Your Home

Before you buy an ice machine for home use, several factors should be considered – including brand name, size and optional features. Some well-known manufacturers of under counter ice machines are Scotsman, EdgeStar, U-Line and Ice-O-Matic. They produce products that can suit any homeowner’s budget, with prices starting around $350 and range up into the thousands for deluxe models.

However, keep in mind that many factors that increase the price. Large model under counter ice machines can make and hold 70 pounds of ice or more, which can significantly increase the cost. Before you buy, choose a style that will not only fit the available space, but will make enough ice to suit your needs. Unless you regularly host parties these oversized icemakers are too large, and impractical for occasional use. In addition, you should check the rate that ice can be produced. Depending on the unit, small amounts of ice can be produced in minutes to hours – making this product ideal for everyday use or just for special events.

Crushed Ice Machines, the Perfect Ice Maker Accessory

If you already own an inexpensive ice machine, you may not have the feature for making crushed ice.  These small countertop appliances are a perfect accessory that is not only practical but also affordable. Ranging in price from $30 to $100, it is ideal for breaking ice cubes for beverages, icy snacks and other cold treats.

Ideal for homes that already have a beverage or mini fridge already installed, portable and undercounter ice machines are the perfect accessory for any home. When placed in the kitchen, game room or patio space, they can be used everyday or just during special occasions or parties. However, before you buy, make sure to choose the location for your ice machine and set a budget. By keeping the above guidelines in mind – and you will find the perfect product for your living space.

Originally posted. April 19, 2011

Kenmore Refrigerator Parts and Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with your Kenmore refrigerator. It could be something as minor as a burned out light bulb, or you could have a more urgent problem, such as a refrigerator that keeps leaking or is unable to maintain the proper temperature to keep your food cold. For minor issues, you may be able to solve the problem yourself and save a couple hundred dollars. Major problems will probably require Kenmore refrigerator parts to be installed by a technician.

Kenmore RefrigeratorThe first step in Kenmore refrigerator troubleshooting is to learn how your refrigerator works. This is important so you can trace exactly what is happening in the refrigeration process. There is a really good article on that provides the basics about how refrigerators work. Once you’ve obtained some basic knowledge, it’s time to start reading the Kenmore refrigerator manual. If you’ve lost the manual somewhere, you might be able to find an electronic copy online at the Manage My Life website. The manual contains schematics for your refrigerator as well as a list of Kenmore refrigerator parts.

Based on what is happening with your refrigerator, you can get a pretty good idea of what is not working. If the refrigerator light works but the cold air is not flowing inside, try turning the fridge off for two hours and then turn it back on. If this works, then your problem is an overheated compressor. If not, use a multi-meter to test the evaporator fan, temperature control, defrost timer, compressor motor, and overload protector.

A common problem that happens with Kenmore refrigerators is failure of the door seals. If your door is not sealing properly, you will notice that your refrigerator works fine but quickly loses the coldness, causing the compressor motor to run continuously. One way to check this is by placing a piece of paper between the door seal and the fridge. The tension between the two should keep the paper in place. If you are able to move the paper, then you need to replace the seal.

If the fridge is constantly turning on and off, check the voltage of the outlet that your refrigerator is plugged into. It may not be getting enough power. Another possible cause is dirty condenser coils. If that is your problem, then all you need to do is clean the coils.

Troubleshooting the problem and taking care of your own Kenmore refrigerator repair is not really that difficult. If you have the confidence to try it, you might just be able to repair the fridge by yourself. Doing so will save you a lot of money that you can use for other things.

Originally posted. March 22, 2011

Mini Freezers

Mini freezers come in a variety of different types.  When considering a mini freezer purchase it is important to consider the particular storage needs you are attempting to address before selecting a particular type of mini freezer unit.

There are five basic types of mini freezer available for shoppers to select from.  These are small upright freezers, small chest freezers, medical freezers, blood freezers, 12 volt portable freezers and mini commercial freezers.

Mini Upright Freezers

There are many different models of upright freezers that can be purchased in miniature sizes.   Small freezers like these are ideal for situations where a front opening freezer appliance is required, but only a minimal capacity is needed.  These are simply scaled down versions of full sized stand-alone upright freezer models – they are often used as bar fridge freezers.

Mini Chest Freezers

Also available in stores are lots of small chest freezer options.  These devices are handy when energy efficiency is required in a freezer – they are more efficient than upright units.  Appliances of this type are very handy for constrained spaces where there is not room to open a front mounted door.  Being able to access the freezers contents from above reduces the floor space required for installation a chest freezer.

Mini Medical Freezers

Small medical freezers are appliances specifically designed for freezing products in medical and laboratory settings.  A medical freezer is usually a very well insulated appliance designed to keep the contents in very deep freezer.  Many models are capable of freezing to -20, -30 or -35 degrees Celsius, an important requirement in scientific applications.

Mini 12 Volt Portable Freezers

12 Volt freezers are used for a variety of diverse applications.  They are very popular for use on fishing and camping trips as they provide easy to use off-grid frozen produce.  Some buyers even purchase 12v car refrigerator freezer units for their vehicles – both for in town use and major off-road expeditions.

Mini Commercial Freezers

Many retail establishments require small glass door display freezers for their premises.  Mini display freezers are frequently found in gas stations and convenience stores where they are used for the display of spontaneously purchased items like ice-cream and the like.  Small commercial freezers also are often frequently seen in the checkout lanes of supermarkets.

As I have discussed, there are many different types of mini freezers available.  Whatever your needs for frozen items, one of these different small freezer categories will certainly be appropriate for your particular application.

Originally posted. January 5, 2011

Staying Cool with Fridge Thermometers

When it comes to fresh food, health and hygiene are extremely important. Most food contains harmful bacteria which can only be killed off or kept at a stable state by keeping the food chilled. When exposed to warm temperatures bacteria multiply at alarming rates and this can increase the risk of contracting food poisoning and serious illnesses. But simply keeping food in a fridge is not enough the fridge has to be at the correct temperature.

How cold should my fridge be?

The Food Standards Agency recommends that you keep your refrigerator at or below 5C (41F) in order to prevent the bad bacteria growth on fresh foods that can cause serious health issues. However, different foods react differently to warm and cold temperatures. You should always check the packaging for specific information, but this guide should be helpful:

Fruit and vegetables: Keeping fruit and veg in a fridge can extend its life and can also retain its quality. Fruit and veg should be kept in the bottom section of the fridge in a drawer, if available, or just above the raw products. Keeping them at slightly warmer temperatures (about 4-5C) will avoid freezing which can affect the taste.

Meat, Fish and poultry: Meat and fish should be kept below other ready to eat products to prevent the transfer of bacteria from raw food to ready to eat items. As the raw food is going to be cooked, the bacteria will be mostly killed off (chilling just keeps the bacteria at a safe level and prevents it from multiplying), but this is not the case with ready to eat products. 1-4C is the optimum temperature.

Other fresh food: Other fresh food such as milk, yoghurts and cooked meats can be kept on the top shelves of the fridge at temperatures just above freezing to maintain their flavor and quality. These foods will not always need to be cooked before eating, so it is even more important they are kept at safe temperatures.

Nowadays most fridges come with internal temperature controls to ensure that the temperature of your fridge remains constantly cold enough for the volume of food within. However, as with all kitchen appliances, fridges can occasionally becoming defective or faulty, especially if they are overcrowded with food. If you suspect this is the case it is handy to have a fridge thermometer on standby. Similarly, if you are unable to change an old or unreliable fridge (for example where the fridge is part of the inventory on a leased property) a fridge thermometer can monitor whether or not the fridge is working correctly.

Manual Bulb Thermometer for Fridges

Traditional, manual fridge thermometers work by putting small amounts of mercury or alcohol into a glass tube. The liquid expands when it is warm and shrinks when it gets colder. This means the liquid is pushed up or falls down the tube depending on the temperature. There is a scale on the tube, and you to read the temperature based on the height the liquid is at. Although pretty accurate, these thermometers are open to being misread, as you need to be at a height parallel with the thermometer and must round the number up or down depending on the scale.

Manual Spring Loaded Thermometer for Fridges

Spring loaded thermometers work similarly to bulb thermometers, except that it is a metal spring which expands or contracts with varying temperatures. The spring pushes a pointer left or right on a gauge. The scale on the gauge is often larger and easier to read than on a bulb thermometer but still leaves room for human error and requires you to be on the same level as the thermometer to ensure a more accurate reading. Spring thermometers also tend to be less accurate than bulb or digital thermometers.

Digital Thermometers for Fridges

Digital thermometers usually use mechanical devices called thermistors to calculate temperature and are much more accurate than manual, particularly spring loaded, thermometers leaving less room for human error as the numbers are presented in a clear and easy to read format and present a more exact temperature (usually to two decimal places). In order to avoid the thermometer being exposed to colder temperatures, digital thermometers usually sit outside the fridge and have a probe attached which can be placed within the fridge. This makes it easy to move if you think a particular shelf is much colder or warmer, if you need to reposition the contents of the fridge or just to lift the thermometer to eye height to read. The best digital thermometers include alarm systems which can warn you about large rises and falls in temperature that may cause damage to your food.

Fridge Thermometers for Businesses

If you run a business it is even more important that you regularly check the temperature of your fridges and cold areas. This should be done manually and in addition to any automatic chiller alarm systems already in place. Use a digital thermometer for accuracy and check the temperatures several times a day. Always ensure you are complying to company and industry policy regarding temperature checking and are observing regulations regarding other aspects of the cold chain (e.g. ensuring food is not kept out of cold-stores for more than an hour).

When you next buy a new domestic fridge, opt for one with an integrated fridge thermometer and invest in a good quality digital thermometer preferably with an alarm. This will ensure your food lasts as long as possible without causing possible health risks to yourself or your family. To view a range of fridge thermometers and other kitchen accessories available to buy online, please visit Barnitts Home and Garden at

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Refrigerator Reviews

Here at Fridge Freezer site we strive to present a variety of fair and balanced refrigerator reviews to assist you – the consumer – with the best possible information in making wise appliance purchase choices.

We make it a point to discuss models at all points of the price spectrum, from cheap or discount refrigerators all the way up to the most expensive Sub Zero refrigerators. This breadth of coverage ensures that you will find a model suitable for you discussed in depth.

As well as the various price points, we attempt to explain the pros and cons of different styles of refrigerators.  We have articles about freezerless refrigerators, counter depth refrigerators, bar fridges and even chest freezers.

Along with this, we review different appliance configurations – ranging from low-end top mount freezer units, to bottom mount, side-by-side and even the premium French Door style refrigerator freezers that have recently gained popularity in the marketplace.

If you are seeking information about a certain manufacturer’s offerings and do not find them discussed on our site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page.  We will look to get a refrigerator review of their item written and published at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our goal is to serve the refrigerator buying public with the very best and most up to date refrigerator reviews to empower your refrigerated food storage purchases. Help us help you!


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Stackable Freezer Baskets

Stackable Freezer Baskets are a great asset for anyone with a large chest freezer or upright freezer that is in need or organization; the benefits of a set of freezer baskets in keeping a freezer in order are difficult to overstate.  This is especially true if you have a deep chest freezer, which do not come with the built-in freezer bins that help in the organization of upright models.

But for those looking for a good set of stackable freezer baskets for their home, it can be difficult to find a source. This article aims to help you with that issue.

One popular model is the Grayline Housewares 604 Deep Storage Basket. These wire baskets works great in deep chest freezers when bought as a set and when ordered via Amazon are available at a small discount when purchased in large quantities. These white storage baskets are made of sturdy wire with a white vinyl coating for your protection, and incorporate carry-all handles for easy portability.

A good wire basket choice for upright freezers is the 2 Pack Stacking Baskets (White). These sturdy stacking freezer baskets come in pairs specifically designed to rest on top of each other, and do a great job of converting upright freezer shelving into smaller more useful compartments.

Durability should not be an issue with these wire storage baskets, as they are made of vinyl coated steel which should last you for years to come.

Another popular product for freezer organization is the white Storage Basket – Set of 2 (White) (14.75″ L x 8.5″ W x 5.5″ H). This particular high quality product is made of epoxy-coated wire for exceptional durability and long-life.

These extremely versatile white wire freezer baskets are a great solution for both chest freezer storage and for upright freezer storage. They are also useful for a wide range of other non-cooling applications.

While not specifically intended as a freezer storage solutions many people swear by the Spectrum 47870 Small Storage Basket, Chrome as exceptional freezer baskets. These high end baskets have a strong wire grid design with chrome finish, and incorporate an ID label holder – ideal for labeling the contents of your wire freezer basket.

Originally posted. November 25, 2010

Frigidaire Upright Freezers

When it comes to choosing Frigidaire upright freezers there is no shortage of great models to choose from.  Frigidaire offers upright freezer models ranging in size from as little as 12 cubic feet all the way up to a gigantic 21 cubic feet of capacity.

Frigidaire FFU12F2HW Freezer

The smallest upright freezer – thought still generously sized – from Frigidaire is their FFU12F2HW.  This 12.1 Cu. Ft. upright freezer model stores over 400 pounds of frozen food and is frost free.  So even while being modest in size it still has ample storage capacity.

Frigidaire FKFU13M2HW Freezer

With 12.5 Cu. Ft. of storage capacity, the FKFU13M2HW is a slightly larger version of the FFU12F2HW.  It has a similar feature set, and includes interior lighting to assist in the location and retrieval of frozen foods.

Frigidaire FFU14F5HW

At 13.7 Cu. Ft. in capacity the Frigidaire FFU14F5HW is generously sized.  Features include frost free storage, which means there is no need to manually defrost this unit. A step-up from the earlier discussed models, this unit offers a lock with key, and also an alert to let you know if the temperature inside rises too high.

Frigidaire FFU14F7HW And FFU147HB

The Frigidaire FFU14F7HW has the same features as the FFU14F5HW, and also has a capacity of 13.7 cubic feet.  Additionally it has bright lighting inside for ease of locating your frozen products in poorly lit areas.  The FFU14F7HB is a replica of the FFU147FHW.  The only difference between these two upright freezers is that this one comes in black. Unsurprisingly this model is popular amongst those attempting to match existing black appliances.

Frigidaire FFU14M5HW

At 14.1 Cu. Ft. the Frigidaire FFU14M5HW is a great option for those on a budget. It has most of the options of the freezers discussed earlier, but incorporates manual defrost – with built in defrost drain – rather than being frost free.  This enables the manufacturer to keep the cost down on this particular freezer model.

Frigidaire FFH17F7HW

Even larger is the 16.6 Cu. Ft. Frigidaire FFH17F7HW.  It incorporates most of the traditional upright freezer functionality, and is also Energy Star rated.  The frost free feature is also an additional plus with this particular freezer.

Frigidaire GLFH17F8HW And GLFH17F8HB

The Energy Star efficient GLFH17F8HW from the Frigidaire Gallery lineup holds 16.6 Cu. Ft. of frozen produce.  This range is more expensive than some of its contemporaries, but is definitely feature loaded.  The GLFH17F8HB is a black version of this particular model, and is a very stylish alternative.

Frigidaire FFU17F5HW

The FFU17F5HW Frigidaire upright freezer has a healthy capacity of 16.7 Cu. Ft.  Features include automatic alerts and interior lighting.  This particular unit is also frost free and lockable, allowing you to easily secure the contents.

Frigidaire FFU17M7HW Manual Defrost Freezer

The 17.0 Cu. Ft. FFU17M7HW is a bare bones manual defrost upright freezer from Frigidaire.  Notable in these particular freezers features are the included soft freeze zone suitable for products needing only a mild freeze.

Frigidaire FFU21F5HW And FKFH21F7HW

These 20.5 Cu. Ft. Frigidaire upright freezers are very similar to each other with regards to their feature sets.  They are both frost free, easily lockable and incorporate interior lighting.  One feature that the FKFH21F7HW has that the lesser FFU21F5HW does not is a great Energy Star rating, leading to lower operating costs over time.

Frigidaire GLFH21F8HW And GLFH21F8HB

The 20.5 cubic feet Frigidaire GLFH21F8HW is a very large upright freezer; comparable in size to full sized chest freezer models. Feature packed, it is also available as the GLFH21F8HB which features a black finish.

With all these great Frigidaire upright freezers to choose from, there is a model perfect for any application.

Originally posted. February 19, 2011

Choosing the Right Brand of Commercial Refrigerators

Restaurant owners, convenience store operators, and home owners alike have all come to appreciate the importance of commercial refrigerators for a number of different needs. Since home grade appliances can only do so much, many turn to the reliability and sturdy construction of a commercial grade machine. But how do you make the best investment for your business? What tips should you keep in mind to get the best fridge for your money?

Finding Brands of Commercial Fridges

Whether you’re loyal to a specific brand or simply looking for a quality fridge, finding a reputable brand to buy  is important. But how do you make sure that the brand you choose is the right one. When shopping for a large investment such as a commercial fridge, remember:

  • Consumer and customer reviews count
  • Look at fridges and freezers in kitchens around your area
  • Pay attention to warranty
  • Always be concerned with safety, energy, and inspection ratings
  • Ask your local appliance store for their opinion



Frigidaire is a leader in the commercial fridge industry, offering a wide range of different coolers for a variety of different needs. This company also offers appliances in all different price ranges, backing up their models with warranties (including service and parts). Just be aware that this refrigerator and freezer company offers more than just commercial items. When looking for a Frigidaire refrigerator for your business, always make sure that the specific fridge you are interested in matches safety and inspection specifications.



Summit commercial fridges also receive high reviews in the restaurant and food handling world. Meeting all safety and inspection standards, choose these fridges if you’re looking for a built-in fridge model, as this company produces many under counter and smaller installed coolers. Summit also offers a variety of different beverage merchandisers that can be used for a variety of cold items as well as drinks. All built in models are also tested for heat safety.


Delfield is a very diverse company that produces a number of different commercial kitchen appliances. From cooled prep tablesto under counter fridges, you can come to this reputable company for a number of different purchase needs. In the refrigerator and freezer department, look to Delfield for appliances ranging from merchandisers to walk in coolers. But while finding parts for a universal company such as Frigidaire will be easy, you’ll have to rely on an appliance company or store to order parts for this brand of commercial fridge.

Choosing Your Brand of Commercial Appliance

When looking out for the brand to choose for your commercial refrigerators and freezers, choose the right company by looking at customer reviews, warranties, and inspection ratings. As always, there are universal brand that can be a fairly reliable source to come to when making a large culinary investment, such as Frigidaire, Summit, and Delfield.


Originally posted. June 15, 2011

Dyna Glo Heater

If you are in the market for a Dyna Glo Heater there are many different offerings in their model line.

From small portable Propane heaters through industrial strength Kerosene Forced Air, Dyna Glo Delux heaters are available to suit every need.

The Dyna Glo Delux, TT15DGD, 9k – 15k BTU Single Tank Top Heater consists of a heating element that attaches directly to the top of a liquid Propane tank using a standard P.O.L. tank connection. With an output of up to 15000 BTU – depending on the setting – this Dynaglo propane heater is great heating solution.

A similar solution – but with two heating elements – is the Dyna Glo Delux TT30DGD, 18k – 30k BTU Double Tank Top Heater. This propane heating device offers double the BTU output, though gets mixed reviews from buyers.  I would advise avoiding this particular model in favor of one of the others.

Those looking for more powerful propane heating solutions should consider the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA150DGD, 100k – 150k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This Dyna-Glo heater is great for use outdoors – in applications such as industrial workspaces, barns and construction sites – able to heat up to 2700 square feet for up to 5 hours on one 20lb propane tank. This Dyna glo propane heater model is also available in a smaller model – the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA125DGD, 70k – 125k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater.

A model suitable for even larger scale applications is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA300DGD, 300k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This unit can be fuelled by a large 500lb propane tank for well over 36 hours, and includes a high powered 1800 CFM blower to circulate the heat. The 300000 BTU of heat this propane heater generates can warm up to 7000 square feet.

While all the models described above are Dyna Glo Propane heaters, there is also a sizable selection of Dyna Glo Kerosene heaters to select from. One such unit is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA75TDGD, 75,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat. This dynaglo Kerosene heater can produce 75000 BTU of heat – great for outdoor applications – and can run for ten hours on its five gallon fuel capacity.

Those seeking the ultimate in Dyna glo kerosene heating solutions also have the option of purchasing the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA650TDGD, 650,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat, but this unit will be overkill for any but the largest heating needs.

Originally posted. December 18, 2010