Maytag Refrigerator Water Filters – Which To Buy

If you are seeking quality and dependable water filters that will fit in to many refrigerator models, Maytag refrigerator water filters top the list of available products. This company has been providing water filters of the highest quality for many years. They have received positive comments not only from the customers who use these water filters, but also from the manufacturers of refrigerators other than the Maytag Brand.

Some of the popular models that have been well received include the Maytag Refrigerator water filter UKF 7003 and the UKF 8001 models. The Maytag UKF 7003 was previously known by the model number UKF7003AXX. The water filtration system that is used by this model is PUR. This water filter is a perfect fit for many Maytag and Jenn-Air refrigerators.

This particular model has the capability to remove a number of impurities such as Lead, Cysts, Turbidity, Chlorine and particulates. With respect to Cysts, this particular model has the capability to remove up to 99.95% of Cyst impurities. With regard to Chlorine, this model is capable of removing 75.  The UKF7003 AXX has been tested and Certified by NSF according to ANSI standards.

Fridge freezer owners should replace this water filter a new one after using the old one for 6 months. Customers who have been using the UKF 7003 model have given extremely positive feedback regarding the quality of water, the taste of the water dispensed and the ease at which the filter replacement can be done. These water filter reviews suggest it is a good buy for the average homeowner.

Another Maytag water filter that has been receiving positive feedback from users is the Maytag UKF 8001. This water filter is slightly different from the 7003 model in the way the filter is installed in the refrigerator. The filter model 8001 is actually fastened to a trough in the ceiling of the fridge. When replacing the filter, the filter swings down from the refrigerator ceiling.

The Maytag UKF8001 has the capability to remove more impurities than the model 7003. Some of the impurities that are removed by this model include Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Cysts, Benzene, Lindane, Toxaphene, Chlorine, Turbidity and various particulates.

This model of the refrigerator filter can be used for 6 to 9 months before it should be replaced. This is one of the very few filters that filter most of the impurities that are present in water as well as in other liquids such as Coffee and Tea. This model is also very easy to install and maintain over a longer period of time.

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Engel Fridge Specials

Engel fridge specials are relatively rare.  These high quality 12v fridges are often considered the premium choice in car refrigeration solutions; anytime someone offers Engel fridges for sale they sell quickly.

Shoppers seeking the best 12v car fridges know that Engel fridge freezers have few rivals for quality – perhaps National Luna and Waeco have some competitive offerings, but Engels reputation is unparalleled.

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If you can find the Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT45F-U1 car fridge for sale you should promptly purchase it.  It is very unlikely to remain available at a discounted price for too long, deals on quality appliances like this do not come along often.

Likewise, one of the other two way Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT60F-U1 are good quality appliances, and a great buy if they can found on sale. These units can be operated on both mains power and 12v direct current power sources.  This makes them ideal both for use as car fridges and in stationary locations.

More common than Engel fridge specials are Engel fridge accessory sales.  Sometime you can purchase an Engel refrigerator with accessories such as the Engel Transit Bag for MT45 – Engel TBAG45G thrown in at a discounted price – or maybe even free.

If you are lucky enough to find a dealer advertising Engel refrigerator specials it makes great sense to pull the trigger and buy, as you will likely be waiting a long time to see another discount Engel fridge sale.  Finding good quality 12v fridges for sale is not easy.

Engel refrigerators are great deals at their regularly recommended prices, but if you cannot afford to pay retail the most likely method of obtaining a cheap Engel fridge is on the pre-owned market.  These quality 12v car refrigerators are well regarded for their extreme ruggedness and durability, so a used Engel should be a relatively safe purchase for those on a budget.

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Frigidaire Refrigerators

When shopping for Frigidaire refrigerators, buyers have a large range of different – and well reviewed – product types to select from.  The Frigidaire refrigerator product line includes models of the following types –French Door, Side-by-side, Counter Depth, All Refrigerator, Wine Storage, Compact Refrigerator and last but not least Frigidaire Top Freezer units.  In this article I will briefly explore each of these Frigidaire refrigeration niches.

The Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator

Prices for Frigidaire French door refrigerators range from a low of $1600 for the 26 cubic foot ebony black FGUN2642LE all the way up to $2800 for the 28 cubic foot FPHB2899LF in Stainless Steel.   Frigidaire offers an extensive selection of these French door refrigerator freezers, with well over 20 different models to choose from.

The Frigidaire Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire is one of the most prolific refrigerator manufacturers in the marketplace. In the American style side-by-side category alone they offer around 40 different models.  While some of this can be explained by having different models for units with only minor differences – such as the color of the finish – this is still a substantial range of products.  List prices for Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator freezers range from $900 for the Bisque FFHS2611LQ on up to $2400 for the 23 cubic foot Stainless Steel FPHC2398LF.

The Frigidaire Counter Depth Refrigerator

These refrigerator freezers are designed for kitchens where it is desired that the appliances not stick out past the kitchen cabinetry.  Frigidaire offers half a dozen of these integrated fridge freezers in their model line.  Prices range from $1700 for the 22 cubic feet black FFSC2323LE on up to $2250 FGHC2379LE Frigidaire Gallery Premier Counter-Depth refrigerator freezer.

The Frigidaire All Refrigerator

The peculiarly named Frigidaire All Refrigerator line-up are stand-alone dedicated refrigeration units.  Frigidaire offers three models in this range, designed for people who do not want a freezer compartment in their refrigerator.  Prices range from $600 for the FRU17B2JW – a very cheap refrigerator – to $1200 for the high end FPRH17D7KF Frigidaire Professional 17 Cu. Ft. All Refrigerator.

The Frigidaire Wine Storage Refrigerator

Frigidaire also produces a few wine and beverage coolers.  They offer three wine coolers – ranging from the black $230 FFWC35F4LB with a capacity of 35 bottles to the stainless steel $480 FFWC38F6LS two-zone wine cooler. For those who prefer their drinks from a can $500 buys the Frigidaire 138 12 oz. Can Capacity Beverage center, which comes in stylish Stainless Steel.

The Frigidaire Compact Refrigerator

There are four models in the Frigidaire Compact refrigerators product line.  The cheap refrigerator in this selection is the 2.5 cubic foot black FFPH25M4LB at $160.  On the high end – although still moderately priced – is the $260 3.1 cubic foot compact refrigerator which is finished with a color Frigidaire calls Silver Mist.

The Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator

The number of Freezer on top fridge options from Frigidaire borders on ridiculous.  There is in the general neighborhood of one hundred models to choose from. As with the side-by-side models a lot of this is due to the use of multiple model numbers for different finishes.  Prices vary dramatically for these units.  The cheapest Frigidaire Top Freezer refrigerator is the black FFPT10F0KB apartment size refrigerator at $430.  At the top end is the Stainless Steel FPUI2188LR Frigidaire Professional Top Freezer Refrigerator.

With close to 200 different Frigidaire refrigerators to choose from, this is one manufacturer that spoils buyers for choice.  Due to their widespread use, should they ever be needed Frigidaire parts will be readily available.

Frigidaire Refrigerators Reviews

Many individual fridge freezer models within the Frigidaire lineup have positive reviews.  This makes them a great option for any homeowner seeking a quality and reliable refrigerator for their kitchen.

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Dyna Glo Heater

If you are in the market for a Dyna Glo Heater there are many different offerings in their model line.

From small portable Propane heaters through industrial strength Kerosene Forced Air, Dyna Glo Delux heaters are available to suit every need.

The Dyna Glo Delux, TT15DGD, 9k – 15k BTU Single Tank Top Heater consists of a heating element that attaches directly to the top of a liquid Propane tank using a standard P.O.L. tank connection. With an output of up to 15000 BTU – depending on the setting – this Dynaglo propane heater is great heating solution.

A similar solution – but with two heating elements – is the Dyna Glo Delux TT30DGD, 18k – 30k BTU Double Tank Top Heater. This propane heating device offers double the BTU output, though gets mixed reviews from buyers.  I would advise avoiding this particular model in favor of one of the others.

Those looking for more powerful propane heating solutions should consider the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA150DGD, 100k – 150k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This Dyna-Glo heater is great for use outdoors – in applications such as industrial workspaces, barns and construction sites – able to heat up to 2700 square feet for up to 5 hours on one 20lb propane tank. This Dyna glo propane heater model is also available in a smaller model – the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA125DGD, 70k – 125k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater.

A model suitable for even larger scale applications is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-FA300DGD, 300k BTU Propane Forced Air Heater. This unit can be fuelled by a large 500lb propane tank for well over 36 hours, and includes a high powered 1800 CFM blower to circulate the heat. The 300000 BTU of heat this propane heater generates can warm up to 7000 square feet.

While all the models described above are Dyna Glo Propane heaters, there is also a sizable selection of Dyna Glo Kerosene heaters to select from. One such unit is the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA75TDGD, 75,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat. This dynaglo Kerosene heater can produce 75000 BTU of heat – great for outdoor applications – and can run for ten hours on its five gallon fuel capacity.

Those seeking the ultimate in Dyna glo kerosene heating solutions also have the option of purchasing the Dyna Glo Delux, RMC-KFA650TDGD, 650,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater with Thermostat, but this unit will be overkill for any but the largest heating needs.

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Old versus New: Choosing a Kelvinator Refrigerator

When investing in new appliances for your home, you want the best quality you can get for the best price. As far as a Kelvinator refrigerator goes, you may have heard tales from family and friends of their own Kelvinator that has lasted twenty years or of the fridge that never breaks. But which of these rumors can be trusted and which are old wives tales. Taking a look at the benefits of both new and old Kelvinators should help clear the waters in a very murky pond.


The Old Models


Older models of Kelvinators are notorious for being the tank food coolers that never stop running strong. There are even some tales of older Kelvinator fridges that are up to twenty years old and still keeping the family’s milk cool. This is why purchasing an older fridge is a viable option for many families. Occasionally older models are discarded, potentially allowing you to get free freezers or refrigerators with no financial outlay. Some of the considerations for an older fridge include:

  • Less Complicated: Face it, older models of fridges do not have the intricate functions that newer fridges have. This makes them easier to use and work on during a repair.
  • Steady Track Record: If you choose an older fridge, chances are it’s been running strong for a long time. Many of these models experience little to no problems during their lifetime, or only need minor repairs.
  • Power Consumption: Older fridges will consume more power though, increasing your electricity bill, sometimes substantially. If you choose to get an older fridge, know that it will cost more.
  • Environment Friendliness: Older fridges often were built in a time where certain environmental regulations were not in place. If you are concerned about Earth-friendliness, running an older fridge may not be for you.
  • Less Expensive: Often, you can find a used, older Kelvinator for much less than a new model.

If you plan to buy a used older model of fridge, make sure to ask the previous owner of any problems or repairs they have encountered. Always look under, around, and inside a used fridge, looking for cracked plastic or sealants. Also look for dripping or an “ozone” smell, which indicates leaking coolant. While you may have to shop around for an older fridge in good condition, the time will be worth it.


Newer Fridges


Many people love their new Kelvinator refrigerators and many hate them. It all depends on what sort of use your fridge will take and what you are looking for in an appliance. Generally, Kelvinators got good reviews in mechanical functioning with little breakdown in the actual cooling mechanism. Customer service was lacking, though. Generally, those who dealt with a local dealer had a better overall repair experience. But the main complaints with newer Kelvinators were the construction, including:

–  Poor plastics design (hinges and such not sturdily designed)

–  Weak shelving (shelves falling when overstocked)

–  Faulty sealants (sealants not closing properly)

Problems with these aspects can all be avoided by proper fridge use. Don’t stack heavy objects on the door. This will only break shelving and throw the hinges off alignment. Also, be gentle with your fridge. Don’t slam doors or cram items into shelving.


Choosing Your Kelvinator Fridge


Overall, a Kelvinator fridge is a good investment, whether you choose an older model or a new appliance. With older models, make sure to look for leaking or cracking before purchasing. With newer models, be careful of overstocked goods with damaged doors and plastic pieces, which are not as sturdily designed as some other models.

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Mini Freezers

Mini freezers come in a variety of different types.  When considering a mini freezer purchase it is important to consider the particular storage needs you are attempting to address before selecting a particular type of mini freezer unit.

There are five basic types of mini freezer available for shoppers to select from.  These are small upright freezers, small chest freezers, medical freezers, blood freezers, 12 volt portable freezers and mini commercial freezers.

Mini Upright Freezers

There are many different models of upright freezers that can be purchased in miniature sizes.   Small freezers like these are ideal for situations where a front opening freezer appliance is required, but only a minimal capacity is needed.  These are simply scaled down versions of full sized stand-alone upright freezer models – they are often used as bar fridge freezers.

Mini Chest Freezers

Also available in stores are lots of small chest freezer options.  These devices are handy when energy efficiency is required in a freezer – they are more efficient than upright units.  Appliances of this type are very handy for constrained spaces where there is not room to open a front mounted door.  Being able to access the freezers contents from above reduces the floor space required for installation a chest freezer.

Mini Medical Freezers

Small medical freezers are appliances specifically designed for freezing products in medical and laboratory settings.  A medical freezer is usually a very well insulated appliance designed to keep the contents in very deep freezer.  Many models are capable of freezing to -20, -30 or -35 degrees Celsius, an important requirement in scientific applications.

Mini 12 Volt Portable Freezers

12 Volt freezers are used for a variety of diverse applications.  They are very popular for use on fishing and camping trips as they provide easy to use off-grid frozen produce.  Some buyers even purchase 12v car refrigerator freezer units for their vehicles – both for in town use and major off-road expeditions.

Mini Commercial Freezers

Many retail establishments require small glass door display freezers for their premises.  Mini display freezers are frequently found in gas stations and convenience stores where they are used for the display of spontaneously purchased items like ice-cream and the like.  Small commercial freezers also are often frequently seen in the checkout lanes of supermarkets.

As I have discussed, there are many different types of mini freezers available.  Whatever your needs for frozen items, one of these different small freezer categories will certainly be appropriate for your particular application.

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Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerators

When buying a Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator there are many different models to choose from.  Below I run thru this list from the cheapest fridge freezers to the most expensive refrigerators.

For those looking to spend as little as possible on their side-by-side Frigidaire refrigerator the cheapest model in the lineup is the Frigidaire FFHS2611L* fridge range.  Available in black, white and bisque this 26 Cu Ft side-by-side refrigerator freezer is a good buy.

The model numbers for each of these finishes is FFHS2611LB, FFHS2611WH and FFHS2611LQ respectively.  If you are willing to spend a little more this appliance also comes in a stainless steel version – the FFHS2611LS.

A peculiarity in the Frigidaire range is that the slightly smaller FFHS2311L* range – with only 23 cubic feet of capacity – actuals costs slightly more than the very similar 26 Cu Ft model.  It also comes in black, bisque and white (FFHS2311LB, FFHS2311LQ and FFHS2311LW) finishes.

The inexpensive side by side  Frigidaire refrigerators discussed so far have been entry level units.  As the prices go up the units come with a progressively fuller feature set. The FFHS2313LP (white) and FFHS2313LE (black) refrigerator – also available in a slightly pricier Stainless Steel (FFHS2313LS) and Silver Mist (FFHS2313LM) – is an example of this.

Another 26 cubic foot capacity range is the FFUS2613L* selection.  This comes in black, white, stainless steel and silver mist – FFUS2613LE, FFUS2613LP, FFUS2613LS and FFUS2613LM – and is a very popular choice with homeowners.

A little smaller, but relatively pricey, are the 22.6 cubic foot FRS3HF55KQ and FRS3HF55KB available in bisque and black.

For those with more money to spend the Frigidaire Gallery range offers some very nice options.  There are several white models in this range.  The FGHS2334KP, FGHS2355KP, FGHS2367KP, FGHS2367KW, FGHS2369K and FGHS2369KP all have 23 cubic feet of storage.

Those seeking more space can get 26 cubic feet with the FGHS2634KW and FGHS2655KP models. For something a little different, the FGHS2634KP is a pearl white finished Frigidaire Gallery model; this unit is also available in black – the FGHS2634KB and FGHS2655KE – and ebony black – the FGHS2634PBK.

The Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator freezer line also includes several units in premium stainless steel.  The FGUS2642LF, FGHS2365KF, FGHC2345LF and FGHC2344KF are all very attractive fridge freezers.

At the very high-end of the Frigidaire refrigerator line is the 26 cubic foot Stainless steel FPUS2686LF ‘professional’ model with best in class ice and water filtration system. Also very expensive is Frigidaire’s side-by-side counter depth refrigerator, the white FSC23R5D.

As this long list clearly demonstrates, shoppers looking for a Frigidaire Side-By-Side refrigerator have a huge number of different options to select from, many of which are available for purchase here.

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American Style Fridge Freezers

American style Fridge Freezers are refrigeration units that combines both fridge and freezer in the same piece of equipment. Generally the freezer will be on the left, and the fridge on the right. In many parts of the world, if a home is lucky enough to possess one of both, the norm is for a fridge and a freezer to be two separate pieces of equipment.

Ironically enough, the term ‘American Style Fridge Freezer’ is little used in the United States. Americans generally refer to these units as ‘Side by Side Refrigerators’. This disparity in naming standards says a lot about the desire of many people around the world to do things ‘American Style’.

Samsung RSG5DURS Stainless Steel American Fridge Freezer.

These units are available in a variety of finishes.  Apart from the traditional white finish, American fridge freezers are also available in black and stainless. A stainless steel fridge freezer is considered by many to be the ultimate appliance for a great designer kitchen.

Samsungs RSG5DURS Stainless Steel American Fridge Freezer is definitely worthy of consideration if you are in the market for a quality unit with built in ice and water dispensers.

LG GWL227HBQA Black American Fridge Freezer.

While the Samsung American fridge freezer line is considered by many to be a good value for their price; .  Other popular mass market brands to consider are Kenmore and LG.  The attractive black GWL227HBQA LG American Fridge Freezer is one of many strong competitors in that manufacturers line-up.

Generally considered more high-end are refrigerators produced by Siemens and Maytag.  The ultimate brand for the upscale homeowner, as with most kitchen appliances, is the Viking line of fridge freezers.  Viking is renowned for being incredibly expensive, but are considered by most the gold standard manufacturer for all things kitchen; they manufacture some very nice American style fridge freezers.

This type of refrigerator is generally feature packed. It is pretty much standard these days for these high end fridge freezers to have automatic defrost, multiple vegetable crispers, and the ever popular in door ice and water dispenser.

As these units combine both refrigeration and freezing in the same device they are very large appliances. Most modern American kitchens are designed up front to have room for one of these devices. If you look at an empty kitchen in an American home you will likely see a gap between the kitchen cabinets that is the perfect size for a Side by Side Fridge freezer.

The American Style Fridge Freezer is, to put it simply, the most popular format of fridge and freezer for consumers all over the world aspiring to live the ‘American Dream’.

With a growing middle class worldwide, the popularity of American Style Fridge Freezers is sure to continue to grow.

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Examining The Danfoss Compressor

Anyone who understands how refrigerators work understands the importance of compressors.  These pieces of equipment are critical for making sure that any refrigerator or freezer functions properly.  While many companies produce compressors to be used for a wide variety of different appliances, some stand out from the competition. Particularly Danfoss compressors.  The long and short of a compressor’s function for refrigeration appliances is to draw out hot air and gasses from the inside of the appliance and releasing cooled gasses into the freezer and refrigerator which is what keeps the food cool or frozen.

While all compressors in refrigerators do the same thing, not all of them are the same quality.  Danfoss refrigeration compressors enjoy a major reputation for being some of the best manufactured.  In fact, Danfoss’s own website proudly proclaims their status as the world’s leading producer of compressors for both air conditioning units and refrigeration appliances.  This company also produces many other parts such as Danfoss valves or other parts, but when it comes to making a high quality refrigerator unit you need to start with a good compressor or the rest won’t last.

Sometimes the exact type of compressor is related to the refrigerator model.  For example, there’s a lot of information about the Danfoss BD35F Compressor, which is so named because it’s associated with the small portable Danfoss BD35F 12 Volt Fridge.  Finding information on really specific serial numbers or models of compressors can become difficult, but considering how technical the issue of compressors is, often times the only way to find a lot of information online is if there’s a recall or something wrong with the part.

One of the benefits of trusting a long time producer like Danfoss is that their parts are more likely to be completely reliable and function the way that they’re supposed to.  In short, a good summary of reasons to look for units with Danfoss compressors – rather than with competitors products such as Sawafuji – include:

  • High quality construction
  • A long standing reputation for quality
  • Household and commercial strength compressors
  • Wide selection

Unless the issue concerns repairs, many times you won’t need to know a lot about compressors.  However, if this becomes an issue and a repairman recommends a Danfross compressor, you at least know that he is recommending a part that has a reputation for quality.  Like most other companies in most industries, Danfross also offers a warranty to cover potential wear or damages for up to one year.

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Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer Review

When it comes to upright freezer models, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of different models to choose from out there.  Deciding on the right appliance can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about a company, its reputation, or its history.  However, online resources make it easy to research the actual experiences many consumers have had with a product and finding a good Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review, for example, is probably easier than it’s ever been.  While this might seem hard to believe at first glance, when you’re talking about a popular model from the Frigidaire Gallery series, it makes reviews even easier to track down because of just how many there have been.

Frigidaire freezers are among some of the best known and popular among consumers.  Because of this, it’s not surprising to find that there are hundreds of consumer reviews online for many of the models of stand up freezers that Frigidaire produces.  However, not everyone is going to be satisfied with just a few lines from a consumer.  For a more extensive Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review you’ve come to the right place!


The appearance of the Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB upright freezer is simple but elegant with a black outside finish.  The inside reveals a simple but functional set up with three baskets and three shelves.

Details or Specs

This model of freezer offers 16.6 cubic feet of storage space and the door features a small alarm that goes off if the door is open too long, helping to prevent anyone from accidentally leaving the freezer door open.  The freezer is well lit, allowing for an easy search no matter how much frozen food is being stored inside of the unit.

Average Customer Reviews

One of the major selling points of the Gallery Series GLFH17F8HB upright freezer is that the average customer reviews for this model are extremely positive across many different review sites.  As of 2011 this freezer had four and a half stars out of five from thousands of customer reviews across sites like, AJ Madison, Abt Electronics & Appliances, and Full House Appliances.  The overwhelming consensus is that this is a very good model of freezer, with most complaints being relatively minor, such as “wish it was fingerprint proof” or “easy to smudge front requires cleaning.”

Average Price Range

No Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review would be complete without the average price range for these appliances.  Retail prices can actually vary quite a bit on this model, with many advertised online retail rates varying from $535 on the low end up to $728 on the high end.

If this particular model does not meet your needs, do not forget that there is  a wide range of other Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers available.

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