Sub Zero Wolf E Series Wall Ovens

Wolfs most recent product offering (circa 2012) is there stunning black glass E series wall ovens. These appliances are being released in both double and single oven models, making them ideal for almost any installation.

All model types in the E Series oven range feature dual convection fans along with a generous 10 different cooking modes.  Install for these appliances is very classy, as the built in design ensures the ovens front is flush with the surrounding wooden cabinetry, providing a truly integrated visually appealing look.  If you have a Sub Zero integrated refrigerator, these new Wolf ovens are a perfect match.

The SO30-2F/S, SO30-2U/S and SO30-2G/B collection of single ovens weigh in at 270 pounds – so installation is definitely not a do it yourself job.  If you opt for the double ovens – DO30-2F/S, DO30-2U/S or DO30-2G/B then you are talking 460 pounds of heavy duty cooking appliance.

Amongst the cooking modes offered with these Wolf ovens are the traditional – roast, broil, bake – more modern – convection roast, convection broil, convection back – and unique.  With an optional accessory, these stoves also offer a bake stone cook mode, dehydrate, and also proof.  The convection modes are very popular, as they make use of air movement inside the oven – and around the food – to speed up cooking; convection heating also encourages browning of the food, something very desirable when you are roasting a chicken (for example).

The interior of the oven is lovely and easily maintained Cobalt blue porcelain, and they feature a healthy selection of adjustable oven racks.  Halogen lighting enables easy monitoring of the contents of the oven through the large double paned viewing window (or windows in the case of the dual oven models).

As you would expect from a manufacturer of Wolfs’ standing, features such as delayed start, self-clean and Sabbath mode are all included standard. Not only this, but the door hinges are designed with balance in mind to ensure easy opening and closing of the oven doors.

Pricing for these units is not cheap, and you will need to contact a dealer once they are released to get an exact quote.   For examples of the types of prices Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances generally go for read this article.

Wolf is famed for its high quality cooking appliances, and these new E-Series wall ovens are sure to further establish this manufacturer as one of the leaders in premium cooking solutions.



Originally posted. September 29, 2011

Whirlpool ET0MSRXT Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool ET0MSRXT top freezer refrigerator is not small enough to be considered a compact model, but it is also not among the biggest in its class. However, its size may be its biggest draw since the Whirlpool ET0MSRXT is small enough to fit into small kitchens and homes, yet packs in a lot of the features that are expected from larger models.

The price of this model also serves to attract budget-conscious consumers who need a reliable refrigerator without burning a hole in their pocket. Customers love the contoured, smooth doors and handle that match very well with most kitchen and apartment décor. The features inside the refrigerator include a full width, humidity controlled crisper for storing a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, plus the SpillMizer shelves can be repositioned (or even fully removed) to accommodate varying sizes of bottles, cartons, and other containers.

However, tall bottles might be hard to fit inside the door bins, so you’d have to be satisfied with keeping them in the main shelves. Aside from helping to control messy spills, the Spillmizer shelves also allow for easy cleanup should anything happen, which is always a big plus in anyone’s book.

The Whirlpool ET0MSRXT top mounted freezer also has dual temperature controls, which means that you can individually control the temperatures in the freezer and in the main food compartment. This is always a welcome detail, although it is already considered to be a common feature in all current models and far from innovative.

The freezer, with a 2.7 cubic feet capacity, has two shelves for storage purposes, where you can fit three 1/2 gallon ice cream containers, two or three ice cube trays, and several plastic packs of meat or chicken. However, potential buyers might be a little put off by the fact that there are no ice cube trays to go along with the fridge.

Because it was designed to be a space-saving model that can easily fit into cramped areas, it should be expected that the Whirlpool ET0MSRXT top freezer refrigerator lacks some of the features that you might expect from larger, more expensive models. It doesn’t have cantilevered shelves, gallon door storage, and no ice maker or dispenser. It also does not carry Energy Star certification.

The 9.6 cubic feet total capacity is actually perfect for singles or a couple with small needs, and in some cases, could even accommodate a small family of four. The freezer compartment is spacious for its class, and the same goes for the full width crisper bin. Dual controls for both the freezer and main food compartments, plus humidity control on the crisper bin are standard features that do not disappoint.

Some customers might want a little more shelving on either the door or the main compartment, but as mentioned, the main draw of this model is its space-saving capabilities. It fits easily inside all but the smallest of kitchens, studios, and apartments, and considering the price range, there is little to complain about.

To read more about maintenance and spares for this freezer please visit my page on Whirlpool Water filters.


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Avanti Refrigerators: What You Need to Know

The Avanti Company has been in the business of producing quality refrigerators, freezers, and other consumer appliances for almost 40 years.  While this might not make them a new company in the business, Avanti refrigerators have made great in roads into the market by specializing in specialty appliances such as wine coolers, mini fridges for dorm rooms, and other compact refrigeration units.  While Avanti still offers full sized fridges, they made their initial mark going the specialty route and that is what they are still the best known for.

Avanti full sized refrigerators

An Avanti full sized fridge will be quite different by definition than the full sized refrigerators that most other companies provide.  Since Avanti focuses specifically on small specialty fridges, the largest models from this company are referred to as apartment sized refrigerators.  These appliances are designed in the classic freezer top, refrigerator bottom design.

Avanti wine refrigerators

One of the major types of fridges which the Avanti company is known for are wine refrigerators.  Many of the models are called wine coolers, and there are several varied designs between the various models available.  Some appear like a regular three shelf mini fridge but with a nice wood finish on the outside to add a touch of class.  Then there are the dual zone wine coolers which not only have room for bottles or cans in the door but also three shelves on the bottom with an actual designed wine rack on top.  Other designs are taller with multiple shelves for bottles properly stored and no room for cans.  With so many Avanti wine fridge designs to choose from, wine fans are sure to find one that suits them.

Avanti compact fridges

Compact fridges, also often referred to as mini fridges, are a staple of Avanti’s business.  In fact, there are over 28 different Avanti compact refrigerators to choose from in three different designs.  As of 2011 Avanti offered 13 counter high designs, 11 cube designs, and 4 mid-size designs.  The sheer variety of compact refrigerators offered by this company reveals options for just about any and everyone who needs a compact fridge.  These range from ideal set ups for wine and beer fans to perfect mini fridges for the dormitory and everything in between.  Whether for an office, a dorm room, or a homemade bar (or man cave) there is going to be a great Avanti mini fridge that fits your exact needs.

Avanti commercial refrigerator & freezers

While there are very few commercial fridges or freezers offered by the Avanti Company, there is one main version of each this company produces.  The Avanti commercial fridge is a full-sized beverage cooler like you commonly see in gas stations and convenience stores.  This provides a full 12 cubic feet of storage space and has room for up to half a dozen different rows.  The Avanti commercial freezer model CF208G is designed with clear glass doors to allow customers to peruse a wide range of frozen treats – also the type often seen in convenience stores.

As you can see Avanti might not produce a full line of regular consumer refrigerators, but when it comes to specialty fridges they are hard to beat.

Originally posted. June 9, 2011

True Refrigeration

True manufacturing has provided commercial refrigeration solutions to business for well over 60 years. With warehouses located around the world, True refrigeration products are sold in many different countries.

True mfg. takes pride in their ability to balance and match powerful evaporators, condenser coils and compressors to ensure the lowest temperature storage possible while maximizing energy efficiency.  Their product line has been manufactured in the United States since the firm inception, and most of their products exceed Energy Star rating requirements. In keeping with this earth friendly theme, they utilize in their refrigerators Ecomate foam insulation that has zero ozone depletion and global warming potential.

In their factory in Missouri, they test all refrigerators and freezers extensively before releasing them for sale. This ensure buyers will receive units that are functioning correctly from the get go.  Confident in their products they offer a five-year warranty on the compressor in their appliances.

True TSSU-48-12 Sandwich and Salad Unit

The refrigeration products available from True include a large variety of different True refrigerators suitable for commercial and industrial settings.  They include traditional reach-in refrigerators and freezers – the T, TM and TS series – that are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suitable for any application.

Other popular True fridges include the True specification series.  This range consists of the TR, TA and TG-series of 300 series stainless steel constructed appliances. Also available in this range are their Roll-in and Roll-thru designs (such as the TR2RRI-2S) which receive roll-in racks on its inboard castors.

True undercounter refrigerators are also available.  With a range of under counter refrigerators and freezers that are ADA compliant available in multiple depths.  These can be purchased as plain under-counter fridges (such as the TUC-48) or worktop models, which have a lower profile and a lip on the back (like the TWT-60).

Food preparation tables are another True strong point.  Models such as the sandwich and salad unit allow ingredients to be easily kept fresh and ready for use.  Pizza preparation tables, which include the TPP-67 D-2, achieve the coveted NSF-7 listing while keeping the pizza ingredients as fresh as possible.

True refrigeration products are a solid and well-regarded line-up of commercial and restaurant refrigerators and freezers.  While not cheap appliances, the firms’ products do offer a lot of value.

Originally posted. April 19, 2011

Display Fridge Types And Uses

A display fridge is a refrigerator created in such a way that the contents of the fridge can be seen from the outside without needing to open a door.  Display refrigerators are most commonly used by businesses, rather than households.  A well-lit, thoughtfully stocked retail display fridge or freezer can provide great several benefits for merchants.

By having the contents of deli fridges visible, a retailer can in effect advertise the product they are selling.  There are several common uses and types of display fridges used by businesses today.

Supermarket Deli Section – Display Cases

Visit any supermarket and you will see display fridges galore.  Usually near the produce section you will see long refrigerated display cases containing freshly made sandwiches, precooked foods, birthday cakes and other similar products.  By placing these items in a display fridge, the store keeps the items safely chilled while still allowing the potential customers to view – and possibly be enticed – by them.

Supermarket Frozen Section – Glass Door Freezer

In the frozen aisles of the supermarket you will see another form of display fridge, the glass door freezer.  These units are very tall, and can be lined up next to each other to fill an entire aisle.  When the customer walks down the aisle they see frozen vegetables, frozen pizzas, microwave dinners, ice-cream and much more – every grocery item that comes frozen is cleverly displayed to encourage purchase.

Convenience Store – Glass Door Fridge

This type of convenience store aims for a different type of sale than a supermarket.  For example, you will find glass door refrigerators in a gas station with an overwhelming choice of beverages chilled and ready for consumption.  When a potential buyer walks in the door from their car, there is a good chance they will select a cold soda or juice from the broad selection of merchandise.  A glass door refrigerator is similar to a glass door freezer, but simply chills instead of freezing.

Convenience Store – Chest Display Freezer

Another form of display fridge commonly found in a convenience store is the deep chest freezer with a sliding glass door on top, as opposed to the normal door that lifts.  These are commonly placed near the door of a store, so when customers walk by they will see an enticing selection of ice-cream bars and popsicles.  This is a very effective marketing ploy to generate spontaneous purchases.

As discussed, display refrigerators have the potential to create greater revenue for all types of retailers.  For convenience stores in particular they play a large role in increasing the amount of impulse buys made.  While display fridge prices can be substantial, the appropriate selection of an attractive display freezer or display refrigerator can be a valuable addition to your retail store.

Originally posted. May 29, 2010

Engel Fridge Specials

Engel fridge specials are relatively rare.  These high quality 12v fridges are often considered the premium choice in car refrigeration solutions; anytime someone offers Engel fridges for sale they sell quickly.

Shoppers seeking the best 12v car fridges know that Engel fridge freezers have few rivals for quality – perhaps National Luna and Waeco have some competitive offerings, but Engels reputation is unparalleled.

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If you can find the Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT45F-U1 car fridge for sale you should promptly purchase it.  It is very unlikely to remain available at a discounted price for too long, deals on quality appliances like this do not come along often.

Likewise, one of the other two way Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT60F-U1 are good quality appliances, and a great buy if they can found on sale. These units can be operated on both mains power and 12v direct current power sources.  This makes them ideal both for use as car fridges and in stationary locations.

More common than Engel fridge specials are Engel fridge accessory sales.  Sometime you can purchase an Engel refrigerator with accessories such as the Engel Transit Bag for MT45 – Engel TBAG45G thrown in at a discounted price – or maybe even free.

If you are lucky enough to find a dealer advertising Engel refrigerator specials it makes great sense to pull the trigger and buy, as you will likely be waiting a long time to see another discount Engel fridge sale.  Finding good quality 12v fridges for sale is not easy.

Engel refrigerators are great deals at their regularly recommended prices, but if you cannot afford to pay retail the most likely method of obtaining a cheap Engel fridge is on the pre-owned market.  These quality 12v car refrigerators are well regarded for their extreme ruggedness and durability, so a used Engel should be a relatively safe purchase for those on a budget.

Originally posted. December 26, 2010

4 Benefits of a Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter

Maytag refrigerator water filters point towards one of the most popular additions to modern refrigerators, which is the convenience of having a water dispenser right there to get either ice or water with a simple push of a button.  However many people still want the extra protection that can only come from having a high quality water filter.  Maytag water filters come with many refrigerator units, but to remain effective these must be changed and maintained on average of every six months.  So why should you look for a fridge that includes a Maytag water filter?  There are several good reasons why.

Maytag UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter#1: The filtered water is safer. Maytag refrigerator water filters enjoy a well deserved reputation for being some of the best in the industry.  These filters are NSF International certified to help reduce lead, sediment, chlorine taste, and other impurities from the water.

#2: Saves money. Filtered water serves the same purpose as bottled water: providing clean tasting and clear water for consumers to drink.  However the costs of bottled water can add up quickly.  Even the cost of replacing the water filter every six months will not come even close to what a one bottle of water a day habit will add up to money wise.

#3: Better for the environment. Speaking of bottled water, buying bottled water also means tons of empty plastic bottles.  The problem with this is that they often end up in landfills, as opposed to actually getting recycled.  Obviously taking fresh and clean water from a refrigerator right into a glass saves on all those plastic bottles which would otherwise end up as trash and pollution.

#4: Maytag water filters are inexpensive. One of the major benefits to this particular Maytag refrigerator part is that it’s relatively inexpensive, usually ranging from $30 to $40.  Even every six months, this leads to massive savings over getting bottled water.  These Maytag refrigerator water filters are like other Maytag refrigerator parts in that they are extremely reliable and a great value for the cost.

These four reasons help show why it makes so much sense to ditch the bottled water and trust a Maytag water filter such as the UKF8001 to get the job done.  Not only will they produce fresh tasting and clean water straight from the fridge, but they will help you to save money while enjoying all the benefits of delicious and clean filtered water.  There’s little doubt that keeping up to date with maintenance on the Maytag water filter in your fridge is a smart move.


Originally posted. May 4, 2011

Refrigeration Basics

Refrigeration is described as the process of removing and transferring heat. Anything that you place in a fridge will have its heat removed and transferred somewhere else. Coldness is defined as a state that happens when heat is absent in an object. These principles are important in refrigeration basics 101, so let’s learn how it works.

How does refrigeration work? There are several things that make it work. First, the cold temperature in the refrigerator causes the heat molecules within the objects inside to flow to the cold areas of refrigerator. This process of heat flow drives the refrigeration cycle, and is called conduction. It acts similar to the flow of water when being transferred from one container to the other. Another process used in refrigeration is convection. This happens when heat is carried away and removed by air particles. Refrigeration works by creating an object that is colder than the object placed inside the fridge in order to allow the heat transfer process to work its magic.  All these processes rely on the presence of a refrigerant.

Refrigeration BasicsAmmonia refrigeration basics are based on a looping system that has four primary components, namely condenser, compressor, evaporator, and the metering device. The condenser exchanges heat by removing heat particles from compressed gas and condenses the gas into liquid. The refrigerant liquefies by undergoing a cooling process below the saturation temperature, which remains relative to the pressure created by the compressor. This causes heat from the evaporator to transfer to the cooled refrigerant.

The compressor is one of the most important refrigeration parts. It acts as a compression device for the refrigerant gas by employing pistons to press the flow of air. It raises the pressure of the refrigerant gas, causing the saturation temperature to increase so that it is higher than the air or cooling liquid used by the condenser. This component also enhances the flow of the refrigerant by pumping it throughout the looping system.

An evaporator causes the liquid to evaporate into cold gas, which causes the cooling process. Then the metering device restricts the air flow by making the refrigerant gas flow to a small hole, causing a decrease in pressure. As the pressure drops, it forces the high pressure liquid refrigerant to go through the small hole, losing most of its pressure in the process. This not only reduces the pressure but also makes the refrigerant’s surface area increase dramatically.

Many people have expressed interest in refrigeration basics and have decided to become refrigeration repairmen. If you want to pursue this career, you need to study and enroll yourself in a refrigeration repair course. Next, you need to get some experience in the repair and handling of refrigerators, coolers, and ice makers.

You should have a better understanding of how refrigeration works now. The concepts that you’ve learned today can help you troubleshoot the problem if something goes wrong with your fridge or even help you decide to take a shot at becoming a refrigeration professional.

Originally posted. March 22, 2011

Mini Freezers

Mini freezers come in a variety of different types.  When considering a mini freezer purchase it is important to consider the particular storage needs you are attempting to address before selecting a particular type of mini freezer unit.

There are five basic types of mini freezer available for shoppers to select from.  These are small upright freezers, small chest freezers, medical freezers, blood freezers, 12 volt portable freezers and mini commercial freezers.

Mini Upright Freezers

There are many different models of upright freezers that can be purchased in miniature sizes.   Small freezers like these are ideal for situations where a front opening freezer appliance is required, but only a minimal capacity is needed.  These are simply scaled down versions of full sized stand-alone upright freezer models – they are often used as bar fridge freezers.

Mini Chest Freezers

Also available in stores are lots of small chest freezer options.  These devices are handy when energy efficiency is required in a freezer – they are more efficient than upright units.  Appliances of this type are very handy for constrained spaces where there is not room to open a front mounted door.  Being able to access the freezers contents from above reduces the floor space required for installation a chest freezer.

Mini Medical Freezers

Small medical freezers are appliances specifically designed for freezing products in medical and laboratory settings.  A medical freezer is usually a very well insulated appliance designed to keep the contents in very deep freezer.  Many models are capable of freezing to -20, -30 or -35 degrees Celsius, an important requirement in scientific applications.

Mini 12 Volt Portable Freezers

12 Volt freezers are used for a variety of diverse applications.  They are very popular for use on fishing and camping trips as they provide easy to use off-grid frozen produce.  Some buyers even purchase 12v car refrigerator freezer units for their vehicles – both for in town use and major off-road expeditions.

Mini Commercial Freezers

Many retail establishments require small glass door display freezers for their premises.  Mini display freezers are frequently found in gas stations and convenience stores where they are used for the display of spontaneously purchased items like ice-cream and the like.  Small commercial freezers also are often frequently seen in the checkout lanes of supermarkets.

As I have discussed, there are many different types of mini freezers available.  Whatever your needs for frozen items, one of these different small freezer categories will certainly be appropriate for your particular application.

Originally posted. January 5, 2011

Vintage Fridges in Modern Day Kitchens

Let’s face it, vintage is in right now. Websites like are exploding with popularity, and there are vintage markets popping up everywhere. Many fashion forward people are following suit with their home purchases and renovations, rejecting the standard refrigerator models on the market today for more obscure and unique brands that embrace streamlined retro feels. Even in the most modern kitchens, a vintage refrigerator can provide a splash of color and personality that the typical white box just cannot. Maybe a vintage fridge is just what you need.

Step One: Get Inspired!
If you are considering investing in a kitchen makeover or constructing a new home and leaning towards that nod to vintage, do your research and get inspired. 101 Kitchens by Julie Savill devotes an entire illustrated chapter to going vintage, including a directory of suppliers. Or a book like 101 Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas by Krissy Falzon could prove that you don’t need to take the leap of purchasing retro inspired appliances to complete the look your going for. Even a book like Judith Wilson’s The Vintage Home: Clever Finds and Faded Treasures
, though not wholly focused on retro kitchens, can provide inspiration, sources and reassurance that the purchase of a vintage fridge is the right move for you.

Step Two: Investigate Brands
Once you’ve decided that yes, you do indeed want to invest in a vintage fridge, the price tag may hold you back. Perhaps the most well advertized brand known for their retro obsession is Big Chill. Big Chill fridges start at $1,695 and that’s for the tiny one! However, their vintage aesthetic is undeniable, and the range of color choices is delicious. You may be surprised to find the Big Chill units to be your most economical option in the world of vintage fridges. Northstar shares a similar aesthetic at a slightly higher price. Another company embracing classic 1950’s retro is Smeg, probably the best known of the vintage refrigerator brands. Although their prices are a little harder to find (you’ll need to contact an authorized dealer) you can believe they are certainly the next step up on the price scale. They may be financially unattainable for some, but colors like lime green and the pastels, paired with the glamorous lines put the Smeg 50’s Retro style fridge at cult status. If money is not a consideration, and you are looking for something truly unique, go custom. Robeys creates “refrigerators you’ll instantly warm to…” with designs throwing back a little further in history, all the way to the ice box in fact. Their cabinet-like units are completely customizable, and at a pretty penny you can be sure.

Step Three: Consider Refurbishing
An alternative option to buying new is to refurbish an original. Refurbishing a refrigerator is no small undertaking, and under no circumstance is it recommended to just plug in a genuine vintage refrigerator and expect it to function as your household refrigeration. Authentically vintage fridges are dangerous energy hogs. Current wiring and cooling technology has progressed so far beyond what it once was, and it’s a lot of work to update a vintage fridge. Not to mention the horror stories we have all heard about kids getting trapped while playing hide and seek because the latches are inoperable from the interiors.  Hire a professional to make sure your fridge restoration will leave you with an efficient and safe machine. They will reinsulated, rewire and refit with a modern refrigeration system that eliminates environmentally destructive refrigerants. For pricing you’ll need to contact a professional restorer for an appraisal. There may not be one local to you, which will involve shipping costs in addition to the restoration. A well-known company out of Georgia is Antique Appliances and they can include a calculation for shipping.

Good luck to you as you take the plunge into vintage. If you decide to purchase a vintage fridge you’ll be honoring an era gone by, while simultaneously embracing today’s technology and culture. Remember it is a long-term investment you’ll live with many years to come. You’ll be honoring an era gone by, while simultaneously embracing today’s technology and culture.




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