Mini Refrigerators From Walmart – A Budget Alternative

Purchasing a mini fridge from Walmart can solve a variety of needs. These products can do everything from increase refrigeration space, add convenient storage, accommodate small spaces and make traveling easier. While a beverage refrigerator can be purchased at any major retailer or appliance store, Wal-Mart can offer consumers low cost brand name products that can match (and frequently beat) the lowest prices on the market. But what kind of mini refrigerators does this retailer offer, and how can you find the perfect product for your home?

Choosing the Perfectly Sized Mini Fridge from Walmart

Before you buy a new mini fridge for your home or dorm, it is essential you know where the unit will be placed and the space available. The smallest fridge designs offered by Wal-Mart are between 1.1 and 1.7 cubic feet. Ideal for people who do not need to extensively expand their refrigeration space, these cheap mini fridge models can offer the perfect solution. In fact, many of these manufactures (including Igloo, Black & Decker and Haier) include a small freezer section in their design, making these units extremely versatile regardless of where they are placed in your living space. If you opt for a cooler then you can also get Igloo cooler parts after purchase.

If this size does not offer enough storage space, consider mid-size models that are sized up to 3.2 cubic feet, which are ideal for underneath bar and countertop areas. Still not enough? Consider larger Walmart fridge units which offer up to 4.6 cubic feet of refrigeration and freezer space. These models are perfect for living spaces such as a den, game room or family room, giving family and friends access to cold food and beverages without ever having to leave.

The Portable Mini Refrigerator Walmart Solutions – Perfect  for Travel and Small Spaces

What if you need a Walmart mini refrigerator that fits really small spaces, such as an office corner or desktop? Or do you need to keep food or drinks cold on a road-trip or tailgating party, and a cooler won’t suffice? A portable mini fridge can offer the perfect solution to this problem. Wal-Mart offers several types, and most versions are affordably priced starting well under $100.  Used in the office, they can be plugged into the wall and fit easily on top of or underneath your desk, or easily accommodate the tiny corner space of your cubicle. When traveling, the temperature can be easily adjusted with a thermostat and plugged into your vehicles cigarette lighter, so your food or beverages will never get warm – even during the longest trips or tailgating parties. While the portable mini fridge is affordable, easy to transport and able to fit the smallest spaces, keep in mind their portable size imposes storage limitations. Most units are able to accommodate 6 to 28 cans of soda, with more expensive models offering the most space and versatility.

Affordable, Brand Name Small Refrigerators Walmart Style

Wal-Mart has always been associated with low cost, affordable products for individuals and families. When it comes to finding affordable mini fridge prices, this retailer can offer a range that fits any budget. A small beverage refrigerator or portable mini fridge can be purchased for under $100. Most mid-size and larger models will cost under $150, but the price can be a high as $300 depending on the brand name and features. But before you shop, don’t think the low price will leave you with a generic or no-name brand.  Some of the more popular brands of small refrigerator Walmart offers include Igloo, Danby, GE and Black & Decker.

Small Freezers Walmart Style

Not only is there a healthy selection of Walmart refrigerator options available to consumers, there are also small walmart freezers available for purchase. One great mini freezer Walmart offers is the Haier 5.0 cubic foot deep freezer.

Disadvantages of Buying a Mini Fridge Walmart Style

The biggest limitation consumers are faced with is the limited in-store availability of Walmart refrigerators. Another obstacle is the cost of shipping, which is based on the size, weight and delivery time of the product. But with every problem, there is a solution! If you want to preview a mini refrigeration unit before you buy, head to a major retailer or appliance store that carries the same make and model in stock. While this will add a bit of time to your shopping and decision making process, you will be able to see exactly what you are purchasing. Also, if you are concerned about the cost of shipping, do not have the mini fridge delivered to your home. Instead, select the site-to-store option during the checkout process. The unit will then be delivered to the closest Walmart to your home – saving you the shipping cost, which can drastically increase the overall price of the product.

Compared to many major retailers and appliance stores, the mini fridges Walmart offers have some of the lowest prices available to consumers. In these tough economic times, finding a practical product that is affordable and durable is becoming an important part of the purchasing process. But with the wide variety of costs and styles mentioned above, there are few reasons why buying a mini fridge from Walmart is not the perfect solution.

Originally posted. April 10, 2011

Small Refrigerators – 8 Compact Fridge Options

If you are in need of refrigeration, but have limited space to place appliances, you are probably in need of a small fridge or small freezer.  There are many different kinds of compact fridges, with models suitable for nearly every conceivable application.  This article briefly discusses some of the available small fridge freezer options that may be suitable for a particular need.

Slimline Fridges

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Many kitchens have very limited space available for appliances; and need small refrigerators that are sized accordingly.  For a kitchen that has a narrow space available against one of the walls – that runs from floor to ceiling without obstacles such as cabinets – then a Slimline fridge freezer is a great match.

Under Cabinet Fridge Freezer

Other small kitchens may not even have this much space; if space can be found beneath a cabinet it is possible to purchase an under cabinet fridge freezer.  These appliances are installed in a similar manner to integrated dishwashers, and tuck nicely away into a small space without adversely impacting your kitchens floor plan.

Compact Fridges

Some kitchens simply do not have for an ‘installed’ refrigerator at all.  For these situations the best solution can be a compact countertop fridge.  These models are generally very cheap and have a minimum set of features.  Simply plug them in, and sit them on a countertop or table – or even on the floor in an out of the way spot.

Bar Fridges

Not all fridge freezers are intended for kitchen use.  One popular use for a small refrigerator with freezer is to use them as a mini bar fridge.  These mini fridges are available in two types.  Firstly there are general purpose portable fridges that have been ‘assigned’ the task of holding the drinks – a no frills but budget friendly option.  Secondly a wide variety of ‘specialized’ bar fridges are also available – these mini fridges with freezers come loaded with features, and can cost a significant amount.

Dorm/Office Fridges

Many dormitory rooms or office spaces have a need for a small fridge to allow refrigeration and/or freezing of food and drinks in a location that is convenient to the user of the space.  Popular choices for this application are any of the portable or compact fridge freezers available on the marketplace.

RV/Caravan Fridges

Many people install a small refrigerator or small freezer for use in their RV, travel trailer or caravan.  For this application one of the better choices is a 3 way fridge.  These versatile refrigerators can be powered off of mains power, 12v DC or Propane; allowing great flexibility as to when and how these appliances can be ran.

Car Fridges

A fridge or fridge freezer intended primarily for use in a vehicle will need to have 12v DC power capability.  Ideally a specialized 12v DC fridge with quality compressor based technology will be utilized.  While a 3 way fridge will do in a pinch, they have serious drawbacks that seriously limit their effectiveness as a car refrigerator.

Camping Fridges

The ideal fridge freezer for camping purposes is a 3 way fridge.  The already mentioned ability to operate these devices off either gas or electricity offers great flexibility.  The stationary nature of a campground allows easy setup of a propane tank to power the fridge when electricity is not available.

As has been demonstrated, there are a lot of potential uses for small fridges.  This brief run-down of some of the more popular usages should get you started in identifying the correct small fridge freezer or small refrigerator for you.  Keep in mind also that if money is tight there are many cheap small refrigerators available in stores.

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Freezerless Refrigerator Options

The purchase of a freezerless refrigerator can make a lot of sense when you need refrigerated space, but have no need to pay the premium for frozen food storage. Freezerless refrigerators – while less common than combination fridge freezer units – are readily available from a wide variety of manufactures.

Frigidaire and Whirlpool Freezerless Refrigerators

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One option for consumers shopping this type of product is the purchase of the Whirlpool EL88TRRWS.  This 17.7 cubic foot All Refrigerator model is 30-inches wide, and has an attractive stainless steel finish.

Alternatively, Frigidaire offers several different All-Refrigerator units.  These include the 18.6 cu. ft. Frigidaire Professional FPRH19D7LF, and the 16.7 cubic feet FRU17B2JW and FRU17G4JW.  Frigidaire stand alone refrigerators are also available for commercial use.  The heavy duty 19.5 cubic feet FCRS201RFB and FCRS201LFB are food service grade units, also available is a glass door refrigerator for commercial use – the FCGM201RFB – which has great potential as a display refrigerator.

GE Monogram Freezerless Refrigerators

There are several different 36″ built-in All-Refrigerators in the GE model line-up.  The ZIR360NXLH, ZIR360NXRH, ZIRS360NXLH, ZIRZ360NXRH, ZIRP360NXLH and ZIRP360NXRH offer 21.4 cubic feet of storage, and are packed with high-end features.

Also available from General Electric is the GE Monogram ZIF240P, a compact freezerless refrigerator. In addition, they offer the ZDOD240P, an outdoor ready version standalone refrigerator.

Sub Zero Freezerless Refrigerator Options

Sub-Zero has a strong position in this niche market.  The Sub Zero 736TR and the BI36R are 36″ built-in refrigerators.  Those seeking a display refrigerator can also investigate the BI36RG, a glass door version of that unit.

For smaller areas the Sub Zero 700TR and IC27R are smaller integrated refrigerators from Sub-Zero.  The IC27R freezerless refrigerator energy star rated model is highly appealing if you value energy efficient in your appliances.

Thermador Stand Alone Refrigerator Models

Thermador is a high-end manufacturer, and the quality of their freezerless refrigerator models reflect this fact.  There units come in two widths twenty-four and thirty inches.  The 24-inch Thermador Freedom collection models are the wood-paneled TR24IR70NSP and the stainless steel T24BR70FSE.  Their larger 30″ inch range includes the T30IR70NSP and the T30BR70FSE refrigerator without freezer models.

Viking Freezerless Refrigerators

Viking takes some pride in its standalone refrigeration appliances, and has a very extensive range.  Amongst the most popular are the built-in Viking Professional VCRB536RX and VCRB536LX 36″ stand-alone refrigerators, available in a large choice of finishes. In a very similar vein, the fully integrated VIRB536RX and VIRB536LX units are also big sellers.

For smaller installations, Viking offers a range of 30″ freezerless refrigerators.  The VCRB530LX, VIRB530RX and VCRB530RX offer all the benefits of the 36-inch collection less space; these units are great for smaller kitchens.

Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator Choices

Electrolux offers two energy star rated stand alone refrigerator options.  The first is the Electrolux IQ-Touch EI32AR65JS, and the second is the more upscale ICON Professional E32AR75JPS.  Both these fridges are 32″ in width, and offer18.6 cubic feet of refrigerated storage.

Liebherr All Refrigerator Models

The Liebherr product line-up includes a range of 24″ refrigerators designed for built-in installation.  These include the Liebherr RBI1410, R1410, RB1410 and RI1410.  For those seeking a higher-end product the Liebherr Premium Plus HRB1110 is an energy star rated freezerless refrigerator.

Miele and Northland Refrigerator without Freezer Models

Even some of the more obscure manufacturers have some freezerless refrigerator options.  The Miele Independence K1801 and Miele Independence K1901 are fully integrated refrigerator ranges 30″ and 36″ inches wide respectively.

Northland, another lesser-known brand, has quite a range of different sizes available. The Northland 18ARS and 18ARW are only 18-inches in width, making them some of the narrowest built-in fridges available.  Bumping up to 24″, the Northland 24ARS and 24ARW are suitable for installation in slightly bigger spaces.

Of course, Northland also producs the more traditional 30 inch and 36 inch width freezerless refrigerators; there are the 30ARW, 30ARS, 36ARW and 36ARW models respectively.  Note that all of these units are available in a variety of finishes.

Summit Chest Refrigerators

Summit has some unique freezerless fridges in its product line.  This firm has opted to provide chest refrigerators as an option to buyers.  While not suitable for everyone, these models can be a great choice in certain situations.  The Summit Commercial SCFR150 offers 15.5 cubic feet of refrigerated volume.  For those who need more space the SCFR220 and SCFR250 provide 21.0 cu ft. and 23.5 cu ft. of storage respectively.

Summit also offers the more traditional upright refrigerators.  The Summit Commercial SCUR17 and SCUR20 are ideal for heavy-duty use, which the cheaper Summit R17FF is a good option for home use.

With the freezerless refrigerator market served by so many different brands, from low-end to premium, any buyer should be able to locate a model that matches their budget.

Originally posted. April 17, 2011

Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer Review

When it comes to upright freezer models, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of different models to choose from out there.  Deciding on the right appliance can be difficult, especially if you don’t know much about a company, its reputation, or its history.  However, online resources make it easy to research the actual experiences many consumers have had with a product and finding a good Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review, for example, is probably easier than it’s ever been.  While this might seem hard to believe at first glance, when you’re talking about a popular model from the Frigidaire Gallery series, it makes reviews even easier to track down because of just how many there have been.

Frigidaire freezers are among some of the best known and popular among consumers.  Because of this, it’s not surprising to find that there are hundreds of consumer reviews online for many of the models of stand up freezers that Frigidaire produces.  However, not everyone is going to be satisfied with just a few lines from a consumer.  For a more extensive Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review you’ve come to the right place!


The appearance of the Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB upright freezer is simple but elegant with a black outside finish.  The inside reveals a simple but functional set up with three baskets and three shelves.

Details or Specs

This model of freezer offers 16.6 cubic feet of storage space and the door features a small alarm that goes off if the door is open too long, helping to prevent anyone from accidentally leaving the freezer door open.  The freezer is well lit, allowing for an easy search no matter how much frozen food is being stored inside of the unit.

Average Customer Reviews

One of the major selling points of the Gallery Series GLFH17F8HB upright freezer is that the average customer reviews for this model are extremely positive across many different review sites.  As of 2011 this freezer had four and a half stars out of five from thousands of customer reviews across sites like, AJ Madison, Abt Electronics & Appliances, and Full House Appliances.  The overwhelming consensus is that this is a very good model of freezer, with most complaints being relatively minor, such as “wish it was fingerprint proof” or “easy to smudge front requires cleaning.”

Average Price Range

No Frigidaire GLFH17F8HB Gallery Series Upright Freezer review would be complete without the average price range for these appliances.  Retail prices can actually vary quite a bit on this model, with many advertised online retail rates varying from $535 on the low end up to $728 on the high end.

If this particular model does not meet your needs, do not forget that there is  a wide range of other Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers available.

Originally posted. June 11, 2011

Avanti Refrigerators: What You Need to Know

The Avanti Company has been in the business of producing quality refrigerators, freezers, and other consumer appliances for almost 40 years.  While this might not make them a new company in the business, Avanti refrigerators have made great in roads into the market by specializing in specialty appliances such as wine coolers, mini fridges for dorm rooms, and other compact refrigeration units.  While Avanti still offers full sized fridges, they made their initial mark going the specialty route and that is what they are still the best known for.

Avanti full sized refrigerators

An Avanti full sized fridge will be quite different by definition than the full sized refrigerators that most other companies provide.  Since Avanti focuses specifically on small specialty fridges, the largest models from this company are referred to as apartment sized refrigerators.  These appliances are designed in the classic freezer top, refrigerator bottom design.

Avanti wine refrigerators

One of the major types of fridges which the Avanti company is known for are wine refrigerators.  Many of the models are called wine coolers, and there are several varied designs between the various models available.  Some appear like a regular three shelf mini fridge but with a nice wood finish on the outside to add a touch of class.  Then there are the dual zone wine coolers which not only have room for bottles or cans in the door but also three shelves on the bottom with an actual designed wine rack on top.  Other designs are taller with multiple shelves for bottles properly stored and no room for cans.  With so many Avanti wine fridge designs to choose from, wine fans are sure to find one that suits them.

Avanti compact fridges

Compact fridges, also often referred to as mini fridges, are a staple of Avanti’s business.  In fact, there are over 28 different Avanti compact refrigerators to choose from in three different designs.  As of 2011 Avanti offered 13 counter high designs, 11 cube designs, and 4 mid-size designs.  The sheer variety of compact refrigerators offered by this company reveals options for just about any and everyone who needs a compact fridge.  These range from ideal set ups for wine and beer fans to perfect mini fridges for the dormitory and everything in between.  Whether for an office, a dorm room, or a homemade bar (or man cave) there is going to be a great Avanti mini fridge that fits your exact needs.

Avanti commercial refrigerator & freezers

While there are very few commercial fridges or freezers offered by the Avanti Company, there is one main version of each this company produces.  The Avanti commercial fridge is a full-sized beverage cooler like you commonly see in gas stations and convenience stores.  This provides a full 12 cubic feet of storage space and has room for up to half a dozen different rows.  The Avanti commercial freezer model CF208G is designed with clear glass doors to allow customers to peruse a wide range of frozen treats – also the type often seen in convenience stores.

As you can see Avanti might not produce a full line of regular consumer refrigerators, but when it comes to specialty fridges they are hard to beat.

Originally posted. June 9, 2011

Looking at the Haier Refrigerator and Mini Fridge

Haier refrigerators are known for being high quality products with a steady and dependable reputation that wins over many consumers.  This is a good reputation for an appliance company to have, because whether the consumer is a college student looking for the perfect dorm from fridge or replacing an old dependable model at home that finally kicked the bucket, a reliable appliance that is going to last is at the top of the list for anyone looking to put up the money to buy an appliance.

The Haier refrigerator

One important piece of information for consumers to know is that Haier actually specializes in 6 different types of refrigerators, and not all of these are going to be ideal for every consumer.  However this does offer a wide variety of options that many other companies do not.  If you’re considering a Haier refrigerator then make sure you know the 6 categories of fridges offered by this company which are:

  • Full sized refrigerators
  • Mid-sized fridges (think small apartment or very small kitchen spaces)
  • Mini fridges
  • Wine fridge
  • Beverage fridge (designed to hold wine properly as well as cans of soda or beer)
  • Keg fridges

As you can see, there are some pretty impressive choices when it comes to picking out the perfect Haier refrigerator.  Many of these fridges are Energy Star certified, for those consumers who also want to shop green.  As with any company, the consumer rankings vary from one product to another depending on the exact model of fridge, its use, and how well the consumer matched their needs with the appliance, but the general majority seems to agree among many Haier refrigerator reviews that these are well built fridges that function well.

The Haier mini refrigerator

If there is one spot where the Haier refrigerator reviews agree that this company really shines, it’s in the manufacturing of their Haier mini fridge models.  These popular fridges, also commonly referred to as “under the counter” fridges by businesses or dorm room fridges by the millions of college students.  While the drink or wine mini fridge might seem like a popular idea with many college kids, settling for a regular Haier mini refrigerator is the smarter bet.  It’s not like a normal mini fridge can’t hold cans of soda or alcohol, and having the extra design for food makes a big difference when finals week comes along.

An interesting model is Haier’s 1.7 cubic feet “write fridge.”  The door of the fridge also serves as a dry board, allowing a student to write down a to do list, phone number, or reminder right on the door of the mini fridge to make sure you remember everything important before starting the day.


Originally posted. May 4, 2011

Engel Fridge Specials

Engel fridge specials are relatively rare.  These high quality 12v fridges are often considered the premium choice in car refrigeration solutions; anytime someone offers Engel fridges for sale they sell quickly.

Shoppers seeking the best 12v car fridges know that Engel fridge freezers have few rivals for quality – perhaps National Luna and Waeco have some competitive offerings, but Engels reputation is unparalleled.

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If you can find the Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT45F-U1 car fridge for sale you should promptly purchase it.  It is very unlikely to remain available at a discounted price for too long, deals on quality appliances like this do not come along often.

Likewise, one of the other two way Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MT60F-U1 are good quality appliances, and a great buy if they can found on sale. These units can be operated on both mains power and 12v direct current power sources.  This makes them ideal both for use as car fridges and in stationary locations.

More common than Engel fridge specials are Engel fridge accessory sales.  Sometime you can purchase an Engel refrigerator with accessories such as the Engel Transit Bag for MT45 – Engel TBAG45G thrown in at a discounted price – or maybe even free.

If you are lucky enough to find a dealer advertising Engel refrigerator specials it makes great sense to pull the trigger and buy, as you will likely be waiting a long time to see another discount Engel fridge sale.  Finding good quality 12v fridges for sale is not easy.

Engel refrigerators are great deals at their regularly recommended prices, but if you cannot afford to pay retail the most likely method of obtaining a cheap Engel fridge is on the pre-owned market.  These quality 12v car refrigerators are well regarded for their extreme ruggedness and durability, so a used Engel should be a relatively safe purchase for those on a budget.

Originally posted. December 26, 2010

Subzero Prices

Any attempt to research Subzero prices online is difficult.

In this article I provide the key to resolving this issue.

Obtaining detailed Sub-Zero refrigerator prices for comparison shopping purposes is now easy.  A good thing too, as this information is incredibly difficult to obtain. As well as being the Food Preservation Specialists; Wolf and Sub Zero do a good job of preserving the secrecy of their pricing also.

Even in the modern age – with online price comparisons easily available for nearly every product imaginable – the best way to collect information on Sub Zero fridge freezer prices is to visit a showroom or contact a dealer.

You should except to hear some large numbers when collecting prices for Subzero refrigerators.  Part of Wolfs marketing strategy is rather than just being upfront about Sub Zero prices, encourage clients to visit a dealers’ showroom floor before letting them know how much they will have to pay.

Clearly if you are being quoted a price of many thousands of dollars for a Sub Zero refrigerator freezer or Sub Zero wine chiller you are likely to balk.  Actually having the appliance – which to be fair are very appealing to look at – in front of the potential buyer tends to soften the blow a little.

Be careful when collecting Sub Zero pricing information that you do not end up buying something you cannot really afford.  Once you – as a customer – are on the salesroom floor you will be subject to all the normal sales tactics common in the industry.  If you are unsure whether or not you want to actually make a purchase and are not sure of your ability to resist a sales pitch it is probably wise to take a more cautious friend or family member along with you.

All this said if you are seeking truly high end refrigeration appliances for your kitchen Sub Zero has some great models.  Just be prepared to pay the high Subzero fridge prices for any refrigerator you purchase from this firm; Sub Zero prices are not for the faint of heart.


Originally posted. December 20, 2010

Samsung RF4289 And RSG309

The Samsung RF4289 and RSG309 are two new state of the art refrigerator freezers hitting the market on 2011.  Introduced at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) these fridges are packed with the latest cutting edge technology.

Both of these units incorporate an eight inch LCD screen and built in Wi-Fi wireless internet connectivity.  This technological revolution means that these Samsung refrigerators allow usage of a wide range of kitchen related apps from the convenience of the refrigerator door.  Unfortunately these high-tech refrigerators do not come cheap.

Samsung RF2489 Wi-Fi RefrigeratorThese refrigerators are a major component of Samsung’s Nth-Screen “seamless connectivity” strategy, and the Samsung RF4289 has a suggested retail price of $3499 for its May 2011 ship date.  Pricing and shipping info for the RSG309 have yet to be announced.

The LCD screen – integrated into the appliances directly over the ice and water dispenser – allows the consumer to easily search collections of recipes, check on the weather, and catch up on the day’s news headlines.  Also available is the ability to check the families’ calendar, leave notes for the kids and the option of viewing a photo slide show.

With internet access from the fridge door, social networking fans will be able to get their fill of Twitter and Facebook without ever having to leave the kitchen.  This is perhaps handy functionality if you like to blog about your cooking experiences.

Apart from these smart computing technology enhancements, these two new Samsung models are fully featured refrigerators.  The Samsung RSG309 is a 30 cubic foot side-by-side fridge freezer, whilst the Samsung RF4289 is a 28 cubic foot French door model; both offer great functionality however.

Both of these large units utilize the Twin Cooling Plus System® designed to ensure perishables kept in these Samsung refrigerators stay fresher for longer.  This system uses two separate evaporators and fan systems to cool the refrigerator and freezer separately.  Keeping these systems separate ensures maximum control over humidity for longer lasting produce.

Samsung also introduced some other cutting edge high-end appliances at the 2011 CES.  These include the new Flex Oven range and the high capacity WF520 Samsung front loading washer.

Originally posted. January 11, 2011

Consumer Reports Appliances

Consumer reports magazine is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization with over 3.2 million subscribers. They test over 3,000 products a year to pin point best buys and worst buys. They claim to be 100% unbiased due the fact that they take no outside advertizing. This also means they must charge a nominal fee to provide their review service, $26.00 yearly, $5.95 monthly. A mobile application is also included in the subscription, which can be helpful while out shopping. The website includes a vast inventory of products under the categories of Cars, Electronics, Home and Garden, Babies and Kids, and lastly Appliances. Consumer Reports Appliances include Laundry and cleaning, kitchen, and heating, cooling and air.

Laundry & Cleaning
Laundry and cleaning includes pretty much any cleaning appliance you can imagine including clothes dryers, washers, sewing machines, steam irons, steam mops, vacuum cleaners both wet and dry. In addition to appliances they also include reviews on consumable cleaning supplies. When searching for the best product, you can either enter the make and model you are interested in, or enter specific criteria like size, energy consumption, or specific features. They also feature particular topics of interest in an article like format, for example “Water-saving washers.”

Kitchen Appliances
The appliances included in the kitchen category are even more numerous and include two sub categories. Large appliances are listed as cook tops and wall ovens, dishwashers, freezers, microwave ovens, range hoods, ranges, refrigerators, and wine cellars. Small appliances are listed as blenders, coffeemakers, countertop induction burners, food processors and choppers, garbage disposals,  juicers, thermometers, mixers, slow cookers, toasters and water filters. A nice addition to the consumer reports website is a more holistic view, the Kitchen-Planning Guide, where you can choose your appliances together and compile the best products for your home.

Heating, Cooling & Air
Often forgotten, due to the out of sight out of mind circumstance, the heating cooling and air appliances are actually some of the most important appliances in your home. includes reviews of air conditions, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, gas fireplaces and furnaces, humidifiers, pellet and wood stoves, solar water heaters, space heaters and water heaters. The forum feature on the website can be very helpful especially for these appliances, where people can ask questions and have peers and professionals provide advice and experiences.

Since 1936 Consumer Reports has been providing expert buying advice, recommendations and ratings on a wide spectrum of products. Like all products that are reviewed and tested, Consumer Reports Appliances are acutely researched before testing even begins. Data is gathered about consumer demand, and then staff shoppers in 65 US cities purchase the products to be used as test samples. Surveys gather information on experiences from hundreds of thousands of subscribers that is used in the Frequency of Repair and Reliability Reports. Finally state of the art testing equipment, some of it specially designed by Consumer Reports engineers, is used to compare the quality and performance of the product to government, industry and Consumer Report designated standards. So you can be sure will provide you with accurate and concise information about any appliance you are considering purchasing.


Originally posted. May 29, 2011