Hotpoint Fridge Freezer

A Hotpoint Fridge Freezer is the perfect solution for anyone needing a freezer and fridge solution together. The Hotpoint refrigerator comes in four different finishes, including black, white, bisque, and stainless steel finishes. Most Hotpoint fridges also come with Energy Star qualification, meaning they are guaranteed to be an efficient appliance.

The main appeal of a GE Hotpoint fridge is the dual-door configuration that places the freezer on top, unlike the more traditional American style fridge freezers. Several different sizes are available to suit your needs and Hotpoint offers models in 15.5, 16.6 and even 18.0 cubic feet, depending on your personal needs.

The real appeal of these models is the spacious design that has been compartmentalized to help avoid cross contamination. The fridge portion has a roomy crisper to keep fruits and vegetables from being exposed to the rest of the fridge while keeping them fresh.

Hotpoint Refrigerators – Main Features

One of the main features that makes Hotpoint refrigerators so appealing is the auto defrost feature. Ice that builds up in the freezer portion can be particularly hard to get rid of, especially if you have to chip it out by hand.

Hotpoint has gotten rid of the need to do this by including an auto defrost feature that detects ice buildup and defrosts the freezer and freezer shelves before the buildup becomes a problem. of One of the ways the Hotpoint fridge prevents this build up is by circulating air properly, instead of letting it sit in pockets that cause the initial build up.

With proper circulation, your food stays at the correct temperature longer, meaning your foods are preserved for their maximum freezer/fridge life, resulting in higher quality foods that have been kept in the fridge for a few days, or foods that have been frozen for a few months.

The included refrigeration control options built into any Hotpoint fridge freezer allow you to fine-tune the temperature to your specifications for keeping the items in your refrigerator perfectly cool.

Hotpoint Fridge Freezers – Storage And Exterior

With perfect circulation and climate controls, Hotpoint fridges also contain several shelves for storing your food. With so much storage space, you can better organize your food into categories for finding it easily.

Some models allow for even better organization by dividing the fridge and freezer compartments into two doors in side by side refrigerators models.  Hotpoint also offers four door French door style fridge freezer units.  This ensures you can quickly find everything you need.

Aside from offering some of the best climate controls and storage money can buy, Hotpoint Fridge Freezers also offer a sleek exterior finish that fits in well with any kitchen decor.   Many of their units also score well on their energy efficiency ratings, with very reasonable levels of energy consumption.

One of the best benefits of Hotpoint appliances is that they are less bulky the competition’s offerings, giving you more space to maneuver around the kitchen while retaining the same storage capacity in your refrigerator.

There is also an extensive range of Hotpoint freezers available.

While Hotpoints’ small fridge models tend to be smaller than some other kitchen appliances, you still need to take into consideration the dimensions of your own kitchen before you purchase to ensure you have room for the appliance.

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Freezer Bins

Freezer bins are storage compartments that are often found built into the freezer compartment of standalone upright freezers and traditional refrigerator freezers. Their close cousin – the freezer basket – is more often found in deep chest freezers.

The difference between freezer bins and freezer baskets is rather arbitrary, many people use the terms interchangeably so it is important to be aware of what type of storage basket is being referred to when a particular phrase is used.

More often than not, when someone refers to a freezer bin they are referring to a plastic basket. These usually come with an upright freezer fridge freezer unit and are part of the built in storage system. Often times they are removable, adjustable and sometimes even have slides.

Another common distribution feature is that freezer bins are often door mounted. You will see many freezer door bin offerings from manufacturers such as Frigidaire refrigerators. This in particular marks them as being suited for upright freezers, as the chest freezers do not really have a door for you to mount bins or baskets on.

The term freezer basket is often used for storage containers purchased for use in deep chest freezers. These larger freezes typically require more robust storage solutions and these baskets may potentially need to be stacked. For this reason stackable freezer baskets for deep chest freezers are usually made of wire for extra strength.

One type of specialize freezer bin that many people find useful is a Rubbermaid White Ice Cube Bin. These come in very handy if your refrigerator freezer does not contain an ice dispenser.

Simply create ice using regular ice cube trays, and once the ice is formed dump the contents of the tray into the ice cube bin. Rinse and repeat until you have filled up the been with ice, this is a great bulk ice storage solution for those who haven’t freezer without some of the high-end ice dispenser functionality.

Amazon has a wide variety of freezer bin options for you to choose from.

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Refrigerator Brands – Choosing The Best

When shopping for a refrigerator, it is second nature to shop based on the brand. There are household brands that are already well known and are well built. Because they have been around for a long time, they have already built a wide customer base. However, new brands are emerging and they are built just as well, if not even better. To find the best refrigerator brands, you must compare the features of both new and established refrigerator manufacturers.

When it comes to choosing the best refrigerator brand that will suit the needs of the family, you should take into consideration the different features that each brand has. One of the most important factors to consider is space. When you rate refrigerators, remember the best refrigerator brands have models with lots of space and compartments for storing different types of food. Pay attention to which models have more drawers for food storage because these can really come in handy.

Refrigerator BrandsRemember that the more people there are in the household, the more food storage space you will need. Top rated refrigerator brands will have crisper drawers for produce at the very minimum. Additional drawers may be incorporated into the design for storage of lunch meats and snacks. Many of the best fridge brands have compartments that are designed specifically for water, milk, or soda.

Make sure the refrigerator door is reversible so that you can change it if you ever remodel your kitchen and need the door to open the other way. High end refrigerator brands usually have a sophisticated automatic defrost system with similar features to those belonging to more basic models. You will also find automatic temperature controls that allow vegetables and fruits to stay fresh longer. This comes in handy for families who consume a lot of fresh produce.

The most costly high end refrigerators – from manufacturers such as Sub-Zero and Viking – are very expensive. If you are seeking a premium refrigerator brand such as one of these have to be willing to pay for the privilege.  It is worth noting that refrigerator ratings for these more products do not automatically reflect the price, a large part of the price premium ties directly to the status associate with owning one of the top refrigerator brands.

The best refrigerator brands may have refrigerators with a freezer compartment that is larger than the standard size. However, other models may not have a freezer at all, so that you can have more room for foods that need to be refrigerated. In that case, you will need to purchase a separate freezer, but if you are going to store large volumes of food in the freezer, you will want a large freezer anyhow.

Of the best rated refrigerator brands, there are many that have models designed to save electricity. These refrigerators still keep food cool but use less energy to do it. While refrigerators like this will cost more, the savings you will have on electricity will be bigger. Look for the Energy Star logo for refrigerators that meet or exceed established standards for energy conservation.

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances you need to have in your home. It is worth taking the time to thoroughly investigate before making the decision to buy.  Organizations such as ‘consumer reports’ regularly review refrigerators, ratings from these sources are a great source of independent and unbiased information on the reliability and performance of particular brands.  Their refrigerator rating system periodically releases lists of recommended ‘best buys’.

Since fridge freezers are so costly, it is important to do maintenance checks to keep them running smoothly for their designed lifetime. If you purchase well chosen top rated refrigerators and take good care of them, there is no reason they cannot last for many years.

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ABT Appliances

Consumers looking to make a major purchase for their home often turn to large retail stores, but why not consider another option? ABT appliances and electronics is a family owned and operated business where consumers are given the opportunity to buy major brand name products at a lower price. So before you shop, learn why this retailer stands out from its competition.

The History of ABT Electronics and Appliances

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All major retailers have a history, but there are few that can compare to the background of ABT’s home electronics and appliances start-up. This company is a pure representation of the American dream, and clearly demonstrates their dedication to growing into a successful business. Starting with only $800 in 1936, it opened as a small electronics retailer called ABT Radio. While the brick and mortar business has not expanded past Glenview, IL in Chicago, they maintain a strong online presence and compete with major retailers such as Sears, Best Buy and Circuit City. Even though the business has expanded, its commitment to family has never wavered. Owned and operated by future generations of family members, this dedication has been passed onto its customers by offering low prices and superior service – which makes this retailer stand out from the competition.

Save Money with ABT Online Rebates and Low Price Guarantee

Consumers today are focused on saving money, especially when it comes to making major purchases in electronics and home appliances. One of the unique advantages ABT appliances and electronics can offer consumers are a low price guarantee. While this feature can offer potential guidelines and savings, the details outlined on the company website must be followed to receive a discount or rebate. Other ways consumers can save on their appliance or electronics purchase is through the use of ABT online rebates. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to browse the rebate section of the website, you may be able to save money or discover an expensive product has become more affordable and budget friendly.

Make Online Purchases with Confidence

One of the greatest hesitations everyone has when purchasing products online is related not only to cost, but the reputation of the business. ABT business and consumer reviews illustrate this company’s stellar reputation and they maintain a BBB rating of A+. In other words, you can buy with both trust and confidence. And you can rest assured any ABT home appliance purchase you make will meet your personal and quality expectations. But what if your hesitations are related to setup or installation? For those who lack technical expertise, customer service representatives are available 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ABT Electronics and Appliances Commitment to Green Living

For many, making purchases that are eco-friendly are becoming a priority. But what if you could shop at a major retailer that is committed to reducing their carbon footprint? In response to the increasing focus on recycling, environmental conservation and preservation, ABT appliances have made a commitment to maintaining high environmental standards. In fact their website states being an eco-friendly company is a “core value of the ABT family.”  This company not only utilizes recycling of materials, but conserves energy through the use of windmills, natural light, solar panels and high efficiency bulbs. All of these features make ABT an ideal place to purchase home electronics and appliances for consumers who desire to shop at environmentally friendly businesses.

Abt brand banner

Compared to other major retailers, ABT home appliances and electronics strives to provide a superior level of customer service and satisfaction. Their family oriented business structure, low price guarantee, rebates and commitment to the environment are all aspects that make this company unique. So before you make your next major home purchase from a chain store, check out ABT, and discover the reasons behind their high customer loyalty and business rating.

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology – A Book Review

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology is considered by many to be the bible of the HVAC/R industry.  Students and practitioners alike in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry will find this 1300+ page tomb a great addition to their library.

The authors of the 6th edition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology – Bill Whitman, Bill Johnson, John Tomczyk and Eugene Silberstein – have written the text with an Engineers depth of knowledge in a manner understandable even by the beginning technician.

Particularly appealing are they great quality graphical illustration provided to demonstrate important concept – they provide a good balance between clarity and realism which makes them easy to use and decipher while at the same time retaining enough detail to be of use.

While excellent for teachers and students in HVAC&R classroom situation, this book also excels in practical settings. It incorporates a very useful section of hypothetical troubleshooting problems that can prove handy in identifying issues that occur in real life problem resolution scenarios.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology is not the cheapest HVAC book available, but probably presents the best treatment of the technical and practical details available in the refrigeration industry. This book should be owned by any refrigerator repair technician worth his salt.

Note that this book is also available in a kindle edition for those who like the content, but dread the thought of lugging this huge book between jobsites all day long.

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Stainless Steel Fridge Brands

Once strictly the purview of the restaurant, the stainless steel fridge is quickly becoming a residential kitchen standard. Stainless steel refrigerators offers the homeowner a number of benefits. From the clean, modern look that first brought them into the residential market in the 1980’s to the ease of cleaning, stainless steel refrigerators offer benefits that other surfaces cannot provide.

Unlike surfaces based on paint, dye or an integrated plastic coating, stainless offers a particularly long period where the surface is indistinguishable from new. If properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, a stainless steel refrigerator can keep a new look for upwards of two decades. Since most home appliances loose their cosmetic appeal long before actual mechanical failure, the longevity of stainless’ “good looks” are a great added value to any kitchen redesign.

There are several quality brands available in the stainless steel fridge market. They include:


Subzero is considered the leader of the integrated and built in refrigerator market. Subzero units often enjoy such features as built-in icemakers, and multiple coolness zones within a single refrigerator unit. Generally, Subzero refrigerators are freezer-bottom units, taking advantage of the natural energy efficiency gains of that particular refrigerator design. They often have nice added features such as open door alarms and front-mounted electronic controls.


While Amana is not always the first name that jumps to mind when thinking stainless-steel fridges, they are the line that consistently receives some of the highest reviews from consumer reports. Whether it is on side-by-side units, freezer bottom or classic freezer top, Amana refrigerators offer some of the best value for the dollar.

Kitchenaid and Whirlpool

Kitchenaid is a familiar brand in small appliances, so people often forget about them when the topic of durable goods arrives. Like Amana, a number of the Kitchenaide models of refrigerator have received very high ratings by Consumer Reports magazine in recent years. At the very highest end, Kitchenaid competes well in head-to-head reviews versus Subzero built-in units.

A little known fact is that Kitchenaid is actually made by Whirlpool, at least in the durable goods lines. Whirlpool offers a nice range of choices field in metal-surfaced refrigerators options. Both brands offer reliability and quality. From traditional lines to integrated refrigerators, these are lines that require a second look before buying elsewhere.


While General Electric appliances are sometimes maligned in the marketplace, the statistics do not lie: dollar for dollar, the Hotpoint value brand stands up well against the competition. Particularly in the traditional freezer-over configuration, these units fair well when evaluated on overall performance and cost.  Apart from traditional fridge freezers, there is even a Hotpoint stainless steel freezer in this firms lineup.

Stainless fridges offer a host of benefits. With many great brands to select from, there is one that is right for every kitchen.

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Hotpoint Freezers

Hotpoint is a well-respected manufacturer of many different types of appliances; including Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers. GE owns the brand. Below I will discuss the available lineup of Hotpoint Freezers.

To start with there are four different varieties of Hotpoint under counter freezer.  Actually, there are just two different models, but each is available in two finishes.  All four have a similar capacity of about 78lt – 2.8 cubic feet.

First are the Hotpoint RZAV21P – white – and the RZAV21K – black – manual defrost models. These units have three freezer drawers contained in small freezer unit that can fit easily beneath a kitchen countertop.  They even have an easily reversible door to allow you to switch the way the door opens to best suit the layout of your kitchen.

The other under counter Hotpoint freezers are the FZA34P – white – and FZA34G – graphite – appliances.  Again, these units have three freezer drawers.   The advantages these units offer over the similarly sized RZAV21 units is that they are frost free freezers.

Hotpoint freezers also come in a category that they broadly refer to as ‘Over Counter Freezers’.  These appliances are actually very tall, reaching 150cm (5 foot) or more in height.

The RZS150G and RZS150P are 150cm tall graphite and white manual defrost freezer with almost 160lt – 5.6 cubic foot – capacity.  The FZS150G and FZS150P are similar, but claim to require no manual defrost cycle.

The FZS175P, FZS175G and FZS175X are very similar again.  They are a little taller however, at 175cm – almost 6 feet – which results in a slightly large capacity of close to 200lt, or 6.8 cubic feet.  The FZS175P is a frost free tall freezer in white, the FZS175G identical but in graphite, and the FZS175X is a slightly more upscale version being one of the few Hotpoint stainless steel freezers.

There are also some Hotpoint chest freezers available.  The first of these Hotpoint freezer units is the smallest; the RCAA17P Hotpoint mini chest freezer. This Hotpoint chest freezer has a 104-Liter (almost 4 cubic feet) capacity.  Even this smallest unit is larger than the biggest Hotpoint upright freezer.  This narrow deep chest freezer comes with a wire basket inside.

The next step up in the Hotpoint deep freezer range is the RCNAA33.  This appliances generous 225lt capacity (8 cubic feet) is a substantial step up.  Both this unit and the RCNAA53 – with a staggering 287lt (10 cubic feet) storage capacity – contain two wire baskets for organizing the contents of the chest freezer.

All three of these Hotpoint chest freezers are considerably more energy efficient than the Hotpoint freezers discussed earlier.  This is due to the inherent energy consumption benefits of the deep chest freezer design, and generous insulation.

I hope this quick run-down of the Hotpoint Freezer line has proven useful to you.


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Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Sub-Zero refrigerator freezers are amongst the most expensive kitchen appliances readily available to residential buyers, and Sub Zero refrigerator prices reflect this – as will be shown below.

Despite this the reviews of the Sub-Zero preservation line show them to be very popular with well-heeled homeowners seeking to build their dream kitchen.  Their attractive features include dual compressors and dual evaporator coils as part of their dual zone refrigeration technology.

PRO 48 Refrigeration

The Sub Zero PRO 48 is one of the premium fridge freezers available, and is considered by many to be the best of the Sub-Zero appliances available.  This refrigerator has almost every imaginable feature under the sun, and is priced accordingly. As a bonus, with a wattage requirement similar to that of a 100W light bulb this is a remarkably energy efficient refrigerator.

The 648PRO – pictured on the left – has a beautiful steel finish.  Also available it the 648PROG glass door model – pictured on the right – which offers a handsome combination of steel and glass door. This particular model is built very substantially, the refrigerators shipping weight of 875lbs makes it one of the most solidly built kitchen appliances around – but take care it is not too heavy if you plan to install it anywhere but the ground floor.

This high-end Sub Zero fridge has a correspondingly high price.  While the price of sub zero refrigerator freezers vary over time, you will not find the price of the PRO-48 and PRO-48G to be not less than $15,000 dollars.

Built-In Refrigerator

There are several different Sub-Zero cooling appliances available that can be built-in to a kitchens décor.  Those seeking a sub zero freezer only can opt for the All Freezer BI-36F model, which can usually be found for 5500-6500 dollars, depending on the trim selected.

Homeowners seeking a dedicated Subzero fridge which does not assign capacity to freezer duties can select from the Sub-Zero All Refrigerator range; these include the BI-36R product line.  The BI36RO wooden overlay model generally sells for about $5000 with a wood overlay, while the more upscale BI36RSTH/BI36RSPH stainless steel versions list for a little over $6000. As you will see, you can choose nearly all Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer models with either a wood panel or metal finish.

The BI-36RG, a similar unit with a glass front, sells for a little more. The flush insert BI36GO for just over $6000 and the stainless BI36RGSTH/BI36RGSPH for close to $7000.

Also available are over-and-under Sub Zero refrigerator built in freezer units.  The BI-30U and BI-30UG are 30 inch wide unit are suitable for those needing a narrow Subzero fridge, and products in this lineup range in price from $6500 to $8500 depending on the options chosen.  Those with a little more space have the options of the BI-36U or BI-36UG,  similarly configured models that are 36 inches in width; research indicates pricing on these Sub-zero models will be somewhere in the $7000 to $9000 window.

Sub-Zero Side-by-Side built-in models are available in three different widths.  The BI-36S, BI-42S and BI-48S have widths – as the model numbers suggest – of 36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches respectively. The smallest of these – the BI36SO 36″ Sub-Zero side by side – sells for about $7000, or $8000 when finished with stainless steel (model BI36SSPH). For the wider 48″ BI48SO expect to be quoted something closer to $8000 for the flush inset model, or $9000 for the stainless BI48SSPH.

Also available in the larger sizes are the BI-42SD and BI-48SD models that offer ice and water dispensing capabilities through the Sub Zero fridges door, which sell for just a little under $10000 each.

Many consider these particular Sub Zero refrigerator reviews to reflect their opinion that these are the ultimate appliances for upscale kitchen remodels.

Integrated Refrigeration

A buyer seeking a built-in design that integrates into the kitchens décor has a number of Sub Zero integrated refrigeration options to choose from.

Starting with the All Freezer options there are some very narrow freezer column units available – the IC-27FI and 700TFI – which are only 27 inches in width, and sell for around $6000.  If more space is available, the 36 inch 736TFI is a larger Sub-Zero All Freezer option that costs a little under $7000.

The Sub Zero All Refrigerator line includes some similarly configured refrigeration models.  There are two 27 inch refrigerator column models – the IC-27R and 700TCI for $6000 – plus the 36 inch width 736TCI. The Sub Zero fridge price point for these two models is about $7000 also.

Shoppers seeking a combination unit have the choice of the 27 inch 700TCI or the 36 inch 736TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator/Freezer options. Many people favor the look of a Subzero refrigerator of the counter depth style over the other choices out there.

Sub Zero Wine Storage

Sub-zero also manufactures a variety of high end wine refrigerators.  On the small end are the tiny 424 Wine Storage cooler – available both built-in and free-standing – and the 2000 dollar 315W Wine Storage – a very narrow appliance at only a little over 15 inches in width.

As well as these. Sub Zero also manufactures some full height wine bars.  These include the 27 inch 427 and 427R Wine Refrigerator units which sell for roughly $6000 dollars , and the attractive 30 inch WS-30 Wine Storage appliance.  This model will likely set a buyer back between $5500 and $7000 dollars, depending on whether the WS3oO overlay of WS30STH stainless steel version is selected.

Undercounter Refrigeration

The Sub-zero range includes several 24 inch under counter refrigeration solutions.  These consist of the UC-24BC Beverage Center, the $1700 UC024R All Refrigerator, the UC-24C Refrigerator/Freezer and the $2500 UC-24RO Outdoor Refrigerator.

Also available in the firms under counter fridge line-up are the 27 inch wide 700BC(I) Combination Drawers, 700BF(I) Freezer Drawers and 700BR Refrigerator Drawers models at $3500; plus the tiny 15 inch wide Sub-Zero UC-15I Ice maker which can likely be found for less than $3000 depending on if an outdoor model or drain pump is chosen.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Unfortunately, Sub Zero refridgerator prices are held close to their chest.  Subzero prices and policies reflect the pricing model of many high end appliance manufacturers – namely that if you need to ask about Subzero pricing you quite likely cannot afford it. Sub Zero prices refrigerator freezers very high indeed. Please note that while we are fans of their products, here at we do not sell them – so do not have access to exact prices. However, the numbers provided above are our best estimates of late-2011 prices based on considerable research; the Sub Zero refrigerator dealers will let you know the prices they are willing and able to sell for.  These figures should just be considered rough guidance for the planning stage of your purchase.

There are many reasons that the Subzero refrigerator collection is able to successfully command the price premium it does.  First of these is the brand.  Sub-Zero and Viking are probably the leading kitchen appliance brands sought out when wealthy shoppers undertake a no holds barred kitchen remodel.  The prestige associated with the brand can also offer a bump to a homes resale value, something lesser premium brands may not offer. Secondly, Sub zero refrigerator reviews are often found in high end interior decorating magazines, which only adds to their appeal.

A family owned and operated business, Subzero/Wolf has been able to avoid commoditizing its products.    By thinking in the long term the firm maintains the value of its brand.  All of the Sub-Zero preservation products are manufactured and inspected in factories within the United States, which allows the company to closely monitor quality.  All of this means that it is not common to find Sub Zero refrigerators for sale; however, you can occasionally get a discount by taking advantage of rebates when you purchase several different Sub Zero appliances as a package.

One final note, when you invest this much in a refrigerator it is important to take proper care of it.  Use only manufacturer approved Sub Zero parts to maintain your fridge, and have any sub zero repair work done by  a factory authorized repairman  in order to preserve the warranty and maximize the life of your investment.

You should expect to pay thousands for even the most inexpensive Sub Zero appliances and potentially much more for some of their higher-end products; unfortunately Sub Zero refrigerator cost comparisons rarely yield pleasant surprises.  Sub Zero fridge prices being what they are, these appliances are suitable for only the most discerning of customers.

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