Sub-Zero Control4 Partnership

Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have entered into a partnership with Control4 to enable integration of SubZero refrigerators and wine storage units – plus Wolf Ovens – with Control4 networks.

Announced by Control4 at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this partnership will lead to refrigeration products easily being managed from throughout the home.

Upscale homes equipped with a Control4 digital network will be able to take advantage of this system to control their Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers.  Consumers’ conscious of their energy usage will be able to reduce their energy costs by setting energy intensive operations – such as ice-making – to occur at times of the day when electricity costs are lower.

Also available will be the ability to adjust setting to suit lifestyle requirements.  If a large gathering or party is expected each Saturday night is the ice-maker can be programmed to increase ice production at the appropriate time via the Control4 interfaces.

Users can request alerts reporting on energy usage, and will also have the ability to send appliance maintenance and service requests through the Control4 system directly to the manufacturer.

For collectors of investment grade wines, the Control4 platform offers some great features for Subzero wine storage centers. Owners can remotely monitor whether the unit door is closed or open, and even receive text messages if someone opens the wine refrigerators door.  With precise humidity and temperature control critical for fine wines these features are invaluable.

Control4 has been a leader in the field of smart home technology since 2003.  Sub-Zero is one of the premier consumer refrigeration brands in America and is found in many very high end homes.

The new partnership between these two firms has the potential to yield some great smart appliances from Sub Zero refrigeration in the near future.  Here at we will be monitoring their collaboration closely.

Originally posted. January 11, 2011

All About Coleman Coolers

Whether you are looking for a wheeled cooler, a chest cooler, a marine cooler, a soft-shelled cooler, or any other variety large or small – look no further than Coleman. The Coleman Company has coolers covered, and their wide variety of inventory, quality products, and history of success are sure to stack up to any cooler need.

Product Options
Coleman’s line of Party Stacker Coolers is extensive in itself. Their idea is simple: Coleman creates coolers that easily stack so the party never runs dry or goes hungry, reserves are stacked underneath! Also great for storage purposes, every cooler in this line integrates the innovative stacking design. Fifteen different options, from an easy to handle 2 Gallon Jug in blue or red, to a 50 Qt Wheeled option and every size in between in red, blue, green or brown. In addition to the party stacker line of Coleman Coolers, there is the Steel Belted® line, (a sleek retro spin on the original from 1954) the Xtreme® line, (amazingly can keep ice up to six days in 90 degree temperatures!) a selection of soft sided, chest, personal, jugs & beverage, marine, and thermoelectric coolers. Overall the inventory of Coleman Cooler options numbers over one hundred. They also manufacture can holders (commonly known as “koozies”) and replacement parts should a handle or hinge need replacing.

Quality to Last
The chance of needing replacement parts under normal use is slim, however. Coleman coolers are high quality products, well designed and well tested in the research and development phase before put to manufacture. A limited warranty covers defects within a certain period of purchase date. This length of time can vary by product so be sure to double-check this info if there is concern on coverage. Another thing to keep in mind is that Coleman requires proof of purchase to honor any warranty. They will also need a return authorization, which can be obtained by calling them directly at 1-800-835-3278 prior to mailing the cooler back. But all and all the superior construction should not disappoint.

About Coleman
Coleman Company revolutionized the cooler industry in 1957 by introducing the “bubble” technology that is still used today. The process was groundbreaking at the time; heated sheet plastic was formed into the shape and size of the cooler and snapped into place, creating a lighter and more efficient cooler that would not sweat and rust out like previous metal models. To date Coleman Company manufactures over 15 million products a year, including the over one hundred models of coolers.

Coleman coolers undoubtedly can be confidently taken into the outdoors, be it picnicking, camping, tail gating, boating or any other number of other recreational activities. The extensive design options ensure there is a cooler for any imaginable need. The high quality of manufacture backed by warranty means there is nothing to worry about structurally. The reputation and innovation of the Coleman Company seals the deal, a brand to be trusted.


Originally posted. May 15, 2011

Propane Refrigerators

Propane refrigerators are a popular alternative to the regular electric fridge.  Propane fridges and propane freezers make use of the fuel LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) – commonly known as propane.  Propane heaters and propane grills are very common appliances, so propane as a fuel is very easy to find.

These refrigeration devices do not have any moving parts.  Rather than using a compressor to cool the contents, a propane refrigerator makes use of heat – in the form of burning propane – to keep the refrigerator or freezer cold.

Propane refrigerators – and their close relative the kerosene refrigerator – offer some significant benefits a traditionally powered fridge freezer does not.

Firstly the absence of moving parts meant these appliances do not suffer from any mechanical wear.  This makes a propane refrigerator freezer reliable long lasting appliances.

Secondly, since these devices have no motor they operate without vibration.  With no vibrations and generating next to no noise a propane refrigerators is very silent when running also.

The technology used within a propane fridge freezer – or kerosene fridge freezer – is an absorption system.  This operates by using a mixture of ammonia, hydrogen and water in an enclosed loop that forms a nonstop cooling cycle.  Absorption technology is commonly found in camping refrigerators and 3 way camping fridges.

The mixture within an absorption refrigerator is pressurize, which ensures that the ammonia remains in a liquid phase at normal room temperature.

Heat created by the burning LPG is used to boil the ammonia water mix in boiler portion of the propane refrigerator. This mixture then bubbles up into the separator where the water and ammonia are separated, then the remaining ammonia – in gaseous form – moves into a condenser unit.

In the condenser, series of cooling fins extracts the heat from the ammonia gas, which is transformed back into the form of liquid ammonia.  The liquid ammonia then flows on into the propane refrigerators evaporator unit.

The evaporator is where the chilling action takes place.  In this portion of the propane fridge or propane freezer the pure ammonia mixes with hydrogen gas.  Through the wonders of Chemistry this reaction reduces the pressure of the liquid ammonia and it evaporates into gaseous form.

This evaporation of the ammonia is a cooling process, and this reaction is what provides the cold temperatures that are applied to cool the fridge freezer unit.

Finally the now liquid ammonia is recombined with the liquid water in the absorber unit.  From there the combined liquid returns to the boiler and the process begins anew.

One key thing to remember is that with no moving parts, a number of the steps in the process are solely reliant on the force of gravity to occur correctly.  For this reason absorption refrigerators like these – all propane refrigerators and propane freezers – need to be kept level in order to operate correctly.

With a combination of burning propane and cooling the refrigerator or freezer unit, there is unsurprisingly a lot of leftover heat.  For this reason liquefied petroleum gas refrigerators should be setup with ample air clearance to allow for sufficient airflow to dissipate all this heat.

Propane refrigerators come in all sizes, and are available from a variety of manufacturers.  The Ez Freeze is manufactured right here in the USA and range in size from 10.0 cubic feet to a substantial 21.0 cubic feet. The EZ1050W refrigearator-freezer runs off either Propane or Natural Gas, and be purchased for about 1400 dollars. At the top end they offer thestylish  EZ2150S model with stainless steel doors.  This has the look of a traditional top freezer mounted appliance, with all the benefits of operating off of Propane.

Another option for the Propane fridge freezer buyer are products from Crystal Cold.  Their selection includes the CC12R, the CC18Rsd, the CC17R freezerless refrigerators and many more.  Dometic too manfuactures some propane applainces – the Dometic DRC4000 3 way propane refrigerator is a relatively budget friendly option.

Originally posted. November 22, 2010

United Refrigeration

United Refrigeration is one of the largest suppliers of HVAC/R equipment, with branches all over the United States.  URI even has an international aspect with additional branches scattered throughout France, Canada and The United Kingdom.

With a vast catalog covering everything from Food Service and Refrigeration to A/C and Heating, this provider is one of the go-to sources for buyers of heavy duty climate control equipment.

Food Service and Ice Machines

The URI catalog lists a vast selection of commercial refrigeration, water filtration and ice manufacturing solutions.  Featured brands include Manitowoc, Scotsman, Continental, Bally and Servend.

Refrigeration Equipment

Trenton, Larkin, Copeland, Tecumseh and Bohn products are all listed in the Refrigeration equipment portion of the United catalog.  Along with this, they offer compressors from Tecumseh, Copeland, Hermetics and Maneurop.

Refrigeration and AC Accessories and Lubricants

Featured also are a large selection of products – such as valves, regulators, water pump and separators – often required in large scale cooling systems.  The manufactures Emerson, Superior, Watts, Henry, Hartell and Sporlan are all represented in this portion of the catalog.  Along with accessories, a comprehensive selection of oils, refrigerants and testing kits is listed from National Refrigerants and Nu Calgon.

Air Conditioning Equipment

Contractors or builders seeking quality Air Conditioning equipment need look no further than the United Refrigeration catalog.  It features units from Thermal Zone, Unico, National Comfort, Arcoaire and Sanyo in sizes ranging from small window units, to those suitable for apartment or residential use, to units designed for large scale commercial or industrial applications.

Heating Equipment

Purchasers needing equipment for heating installation are also well served by United.  Their catalog lists a large selection of heater units from Slant Fin, Crown Boiler, Bradford White and Reznor; including equipment for heat recovery systems.  Heating accessories such as blowers, gas connectors and nozzles are also available in the URI range from well regarded brands including Beckett, Amtrol, Bell and Gossett, Carlin and Field Controls.

Controls and Motors

Essential in any installation, quality electrical accessories and controls are also well represented. Product listings include Thermostats and other control mechanisms from Honeywell, PSG, W/R, Johnson Control and Invensys.  They also offer an extensive selection of motors from NRP, GE, Fasco and A.O.Smith.


A tradesman is only as good as his tools.  The United Refrigeration catalog offers all the tools HVAC/R professionals need.  From electrical measurement, to refrigerant reclaiming and recharging, they list the right tools for it.  Manufacturers such as Fluke, Supco, NRP, Malco, Uniweld, Klein Tools, Imperia and UEI are all represented in their product line-up

United Refrigeration Inc. is the professionals’ one stop shop for all their HVAC and Refrigeration products.  They offer many purchasing solutions including ecommerce via their website , or convenient branch locations in most major population centers.  During business hours they also offer a customer service center to address questions at 1-888-578-9100.


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Choosing a Mini Magic Chef Refrigerator

Miniature refrigerators can be a perfect addition to many spaces in your home, office, or outdoor space. But choosing the right model for your needs and budget is vital to ensuring that you’ll love your fridge at the end of the day. While there are many makes and models to choose from, a the makers of Magic Chef refrigerator models offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes of mini coolers to choose from.

Mini Drink Cooler

For a tiny soda fridge to sit on a counter top or next to a patio set, this 1.7 cubic foot cooler is a perfect choice. But just because this fridge is small doesn’t mean it’s lacking features or functionality. There is in-door storage that fits a can of soda perfectly. A reversible door also allows users to put this mini fridge wherever is the most convenient. This fridge only comes in black or white, and easy-to-clean surface perfect for party clean-up and kids. This model also comes with a small freezer compartment that can store one or two frozen items.

Stainless Steel Under-counter Fridge

If you’re looking for a smaller fridge that can still store quite a bit of food, this Magic Chef MCBR360S mini fridge might just be the option for you. Basically, this model is the quintessential mini fridge. It contains about 3.6 cubic feet of storage space and can easily hold a half gallon of milk or a case of sodas. One customer uses this fridge to keep his employee’s lunches cool on the job, holding all four worker’s meals and drinks. The door storage unit and can dispenser are perfect for holding even more food in this appliance. Temperature control is also fairly stable, but if you keep the door open for long you will loose some cool. Customers do complain that these models can be quite loud though. Some customers also report problems with rattling, as if there is a loose screw held inside.

4.4 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge

For those interested in a little larger mini fridge with a built in freezer, give this MCBR445S2 model a look. The stainless steel appliance has glass shelving along with a can dispenser in the door to hold all of your favorite drinks. Push-button defrost is also handy to keeping your fridge the correct temperature. Overall, this model is only thirty dollars more than it’s smaller counterpart, and features much of the same build and construction that the other has. This model, though, also has the noise problem that the stainless model has. To deal with this, simply install your fridge somewhere where the noise won’t be an issue.

Choosing a Magic Chef Refrigerator

Choosing a mini fridge is no easy task, but luckily, there may be a miniature Magic Chef refrigerator out there that will fit your every need. These refrigerators come in three different sizes that can store anything from cans of soda to gallons of milk. They even have a variety of different freezer compartment to keep special food items chilly. Just be aware that these models of fridge are a little louder than most, a noise issue that could be problematic for use in some spaces or circumstances.

Originally posted. June 28, 2011

Mini Ice Cube Trays

If you are looking for a great alternative to expensive machines for making ice nuggets, this 60 Mini Cube Plastic Ice Tray may be ideal for you.

With a capacity of up to 60 small nuggets of ice, it is the ideal budget solution for making ice pellets. These units can be picked up for only a few dollars at Amazon, and if you purchase three of four you will have enough to chill drinks for a large party.

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The small cubes created by this budget ice tray can even be placed into a decent blender if you are mixing up a cold drink. If you have ever tried blending full sized ice-cube you will know that it is not something that every blender can handle.

Originally posted. August 4, 2011

12v TV

A 12v TV is a great appliance for those seeking the entertainment offered by television while away from home.  12v televisions are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning there is a 12 volt television suitable for almost any application.

12 volt televisions are very popular with long distance truck drivers and full time RVers.  Both these demographics spend a lot of time in remote locations, but appreciate the comforts of modern living.

CLICK HERE TO BUY 12V TELEVISIONS! Purchases processed by Amazon.

By installing a 12 Volt LCD TV inside a truck or RV people gain the ability to tune into the local broadcast channels and view whatever is showing. This means truck drivers can enjoy a little entertainment while on the road, and RVers have no need to miss their favorite programs when spending time in their recreational vehicles.

Of course, sometimes it can be very difficult to pick up an over the air broadcast signal – for this reason many people opt for 12V TV/DVD combination units.  By having a built in 12v DVD player in their television they are sure to always have some viewing options.

Of course, there are other buyers for 12v TVs also.  People who choose to live on property that is off-the-grid often have all their appliances setup to run from power generated by solar panels or wind turbines.

Due to the nature of these renewable energy alternatives, it is considerably more efficient to run 12v DC appliances rather than utilizing the Alternating current versions.  For this reason many 12v television are purchased by people in this situation; where they often accompany 12v refrigeration and 12v heating solutions.

While people installing one of these televisions in their truck or RV may opt for 12 to 15 inch TV, those with an actual house who need 12v TVs have the option of purchasing larger units all the way up to 22 inches in size.

There are only a limited number of manufacturers of 12v televisions to choose from, as the market for them is rather small.  Some of the better known firms producing these units are Naxa, iView, Pyle and Skyworth.

Amazon sells a good selection of these 12v TV units.

Originally posted. December 17, 2010

Refrigeration Basics

Refrigeration is described as the process of removing and transferring heat. Anything that you place in a fridge will have its heat removed and transferred somewhere else. Coldness is defined as a state that happens when heat is absent in an object. These principles are important in refrigeration basics 101, so let’s learn how it works.

How does refrigeration work? There are several things that make it work. First, the cold temperature in the refrigerator causes the heat molecules within the objects inside to flow to the cold areas of refrigerator. This process of heat flow drives the refrigeration cycle, and is called conduction. It acts similar to the flow of water when being transferred from one container to the other. Another process used in refrigeration is convection. This happens when heat is carried away and removed by air particles. Refrigeration works by creating an object that is colder than the object placed inside the fridge in order to allow the heat transfer process to work its magic.  All these processes rely on the presence of a refrigerant.

Refrigeration BasicsAmmonia refrigeration basics are based on a looping system that has four primary components, namely condenser, compressor, evaporator, and the metering device. The condenser exchanges heat by removing heat particles from compressed gas and condenses the gas into liquid. The refrigerant liquefies by undergoing a cooling process below the saturation temperature, which remains relative to the pressure created by the compressor. This causes heat from the evaporator to transfer to the cooled refrigerant.

The compressor is one of the most important refrigeration parts. It acts as a compression device for the refrigerant gas by employing pistons to press the flow of air. It raises the pressure of the refrigerant gas, causing the saturation temperature to increase so that it is higher than the air or cooling liquid used by the condenser. This component also enhances the flow of the refrigerant by pumping it throughout the looping system.

An evaporator causes the liquid to evaporate into cold gas, which causes the cooling process. Then the metering device restricts the air flow by making the refrigerant gas flow to a small hole, causing a decrease in pressure. As the pressure drops, it forces the high pressure liquid refrigerant to go through the small hole, losing most of its pressure in the process. This not only reduces the pressure but also makes the refrigerant’s surface area increase dramatically.

Many people have expressed interest in refrigeration basics and have decided to become refrigeration repairmen. If you want to pursue this career, you need to study and enroll yourself in a refrigeration repair course. Next, you need to get some experience in the repair and handling of refrigerators, coolers, and ice makers.

You should have a better understanding of how refrigeration works now. The concepts that you’ve learned today can help you troubleshoot the problem if something goes wrong with your fridge or even help you decide to take a shot at becoming a refrigeration professional.

Originally posted. March 22, 2011

The Mini Fridge – Why A Mini Refrigerator Might Be Right For You

A compact mini fridge is a popular purchase for those who live in small residences such as dorm rooms or studio apartments.  Usually when shopping for a mini refrigerator, budget is one of the primary concerns.  Fortunately, mini refrigerators can be had cheaper than you might think.

Mini fridges suitable for cooling beverages can be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon for as little as forty to sixty dollars.  If finances permit, then for a hundred dollars or so it is possible to get a unit that can store some food as well.

While these mini fridge freezers are significantly cheaper than full sized ones, the price of these small fridges new still puts them beyond the reach of many.  Fortunately, they are often available used for a significant discount – either through your local newspapers classified section, or via online sources such as Craigslist and eBay.  Purchasing used can be a very smart move as it may allow you to buy a much nicer mini fridge with freezer than you might otherwise be able to afford.

The manufacture Danby produces a wide range of these mini-refrigerators, and for $140 dollars it is possible to buy the DCR34BL.  This is a 3.2 cubic foot appliance that is not only a compact refrigerator, but incorporates a mini freezer as well, thus providing a very useful appliance.

Apart from Danby, there are many other manufactures of mini fridges.  Some of the more notable brands are Emerson, Sanyo, Summit and Haier.  Available in sizes from the absolutely tiny (perhaps fitting just a few soda cans) all the way up to 4 or 5 cubic feet in capacity, there is plenty of scope to purchase a mini refrigerator with mini freezer sized right just for you.

Another great feature of a mini fridge is their ability to double as a countertop.  When your living quarters are small, every square foot is valuable.  A fridge freezer with a flat top gives you a nice convenient surface for preparing sandwiches and the like.  Plus when you are done with food preparation you can simply bend down and put the food back in cold storage.

One factor worthy of consideration when purchasing a mini compact fridge is the amount of energy it will utilize.  Unlike a mini cooler, these devices need to be powered.

Due to the cost of electricity these days, it is definitely worthwhile investing a few extra dollars to purchase an energy star rated mini fridge.  While coming up with the extra money can be difficult is money is tight, you will be better off down the road as your electrical bills will be lower.

Originally posted. October 22, 2010

Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Sub-Zero refrigerator freezers are amongst the most expensive kitchen appliances readily available to residential buyers, and Sub Zero refrigerator prices reflect this – as will be shown below.

Despite this the reviews of the Sub-Zero preservation line show them to be very popular with well-heeled homeowners seeking to build their dream kitchen.  Their attractive features include dual compressors and dual evaporator coils as part of their dual zone refrigeration technology.

PRO 48 Refrigeration

The Sub Zero PRO 48 is one of the premium fridge freezers available, and is considered by many to be the best of the Sub-Zero appliances available.  This refrigerator has almost every imaginable feature under the sun, and is priced accordingly. As a bonus, with a wattage requirement similar to that of a 100W light bulb this is a remarkably energy efficient refrigerator.

The 648PRO – pictured on the left – has a beautiful steel finish.  Also available it the 648PROG glass door model – pictured on the right – which offers a handsome combination of steel and glass door. This particular model is built very substantially, the refrigerators shipping weight of 875lbs makes it one of the most solidly built kitchen appliances around – but take care it is not too heavy if you plan to install it anywhere but the ground floor.

This high-end Sub Zero fridge has a correspondingly high price.  While the price of sub zero refrigerator freezers vary over time, you will not find the price of the PRO-48 and PRO-48G to be not less than $15,000 dollars.

Built-In Refrigerator

There are several different Sub-Zero cooling appliances available that can be built-in to a kitchens décor.  Those seeking a sub zero freezer only can opt for the All Freezer BI-36F model, which can usually be found for 5500-6500 dollars, depending on the trim selected.

Homeowners seeking a dedicated Subzero fridge which does not assign capacity to freezer duties can select from the Sub-Zero All Refrigerator range; these include the BI-36R product line.  The BI36RO wooden overlay model generally sells for about $5000 with a wood overlay, while the more upscale BI36RSTH/BI36RSPH stainless steel versions list for a little over $6000. As you will see, you can choose nearly all Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer models with either a wood panel or metal finish.

The BI-36RG, a similar unit with a glass front, sells for a little more. The flush insert BI36GO for just over $6000 and the stainless BI36RGSTH/BI36RGSPH for close to $7000.

Also available are over-and-under Sub Zero refrigerator built in freezer units.  The BI-30U and BI-30UG are 30 inch wide unit are suitable for those needing a narrow Subzero fridge, and products in this lineup range in price from $6500 to $8500 depending on the options chosen.  Those with a little more space have the options of the BI-36U or BI-36UG,  similarly configured models that are 36 inches in width; research indicates pricing on these Sub-zero models will be somewhere in the $7000 to $9000 window.

Sub-Zero Side-by-Side built-in models are available in three different widths.  The BI-36S, BI-42S and BI-48S have widths – as the model numbers suggest – of 36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches respectively. The smallest of these – the BI36SO 36″ Sub-Zero side by side – sells for about $7000, or $8000 when finished with stainless steel (model BI36SSPH). For the wider 48″ BI48SO expect to be quoted something closer to $8000 for the flush inset model, or $9000 for the stainless BI48SSPH.

Also available in the larger sizes are the BI-42SD and BI-48SD models that offer ice and water dispensing capabilities through the Sub Zero fridges door, which sell for just a little under $10000 each.

Many consider these particular Sub Zero refrigerator reviews to reflect their opinion that these are the ultimate appliances for upscale kitchen remodels.

Integrated Refrigeration

A buyer seeking a built-in design that integrates into the kitchens décor has a number of Sub Zero integrated refrigeration options to choose from.

Starting with the All Freezer options there are some very narrow freezer column units available – the IC-27FI and 700TFI – which are only 27 inches in width, and sell for around $6000.  If more space is available, the 36 inch 736TFI is a larger Sub-Zero All Freezer option that costs a little under $7000.

The Sub Zero All Refrigerator line includes some similarly configured refrigeration models.  There are two 27 inch refrigerator column models – the IC-27R and 700TCI for $6000 – plus the 36 inch width 736TCI. The Sub Zero fridge price point for these two models is about $7000 also.

Shoppers seeking a combination unit have the choice of the 27 inch 700TCI or the 36 inch 736TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator/Freezer options. Many people favor the look of a Subzero refrigerator of the counter depth style over the other choices out there.

Sub Zero Wine Storage

Sub-zero also manufactures a variety of high end wine refrigerators.  On the small end are the tiny 424 Wine Storage cooler – available both built-in and free-standing – and the 2000 dollar 315W Wine Storage – a very narrow appliance at only a little over 15 inches in width.

As well as these. Sub Zero also manufactures some full height wine bars.  These include the 27 inch 427 and 427R Wine Refrigerator units which sell for roughly $6000 dollars , and the attractive 30 inch WS-30 Wine Storage appliance.  This model will likely set a buyer back between $5500 and $7000 dollars, depending on whether the WS3oO overlay of WS30STH stainless steel version is selected.

Undercounter Refrigeration

The Sub-zero range includes several 24 inch under counter refrigeration solutions.  These consist of the UC-24BC Beverage Center, the $1700 UC024R All Refrigerator, the UC-24C Refrigerator/Freezer and the $2500 UC-24RO Outdoor Refrigerator.

Also available in the firms under counter fridge line-up are the 27 inch wide 700BC(I) Combination Drawers, 700BF(I) Freezer Drawers and 700BR Refrigerator Drawers models at $3500; plus the tiny 15 inch wide Sub-Zero UC-15I Ice maker which can likely be found for less than $3000 depending on if an outdoor model or drain pump is chosen.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Unfortunately, Sub Zero refridgerator prices are held close to their chest.  Subzero prices and policies reflect the pricing model of many high end appliance manufacturers – namely that if you need to ask about Subzero pricing you quite likely cannot afford it. Sub Zero prices refrigerator freezers very high indeed. Please note that while we are fans of their products, here at we do not sell them – so do not have access to exact prices. However, the numbers provided above are our best estimates of late-2011 prices based on considerable research; the Sub Zero refrigerator dealers will let you know the prices they are willing and able to sell for.  These figures should just be considered rough guidance for the planning stage of your purchase.

There are many reasons that the Subzero refrigerator collection is able to successfully command the price premium it does.  First of these is the brand.  Sub-Zero and Viking are probably the leading kitchen appliance brands sought out when wealthy shoppers undertake a no holds barred kitchen remodel.  The prestige associated with the brand can also offer a bump to a homes resale value, something lesser premium brands may not offer. Secondly, Sub zero refrigerator reviews are often found in high end interior decorating magazines, which only adds to their appeal.

A family owned and operated business, Subzero/Wolf has been able to avoid commoditizing its products.    By thinking in the long term the firm maintains the value of its brand.  All of the Sub-Zero preservation products are manufactured and inspected in factories within the United States, which allows the company to closely monitor quality.  All of this means that it is not common to find Sub Zero refrigerators for sale; however, you can occasionally get a discount by taking advantage of rebates when you purchase several different Sub Zero appliances as a package.

One final note, when you invest this much in a refrigerator it is important to take proper care of it.  Use only manufacturer approved Sub Zero parts to maintain your fridge, and have any sub zero repair work done by  a factory authorized repairman  in order to preserve the warranty and maximize the life of your investment.

You should expect to pay thousands for even the most inexpensive Sub Zero appliances and potentially much more for some of their higher-end products; unfortunately Sub Zero refrigerator cost comparisons rarely yield pleasant surprises.  Sub Zero fridge prices being what they are, these appliances are suitable for only the most discerning of customers.

Originally posted. December 9, 2010