Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Review

Perhaps your freezer is in the garage, or maybe you just need more room than a side-by-side can offer; either way, the Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an alluring model worth taking a closer look. In this review we will do just that by looking at the BI-36R’s features, pricing, and warranty info.

Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Features

  • The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is loaded with all the good stuff you need.
  • This refrigerator will literally use less electricity than your 100-watt living room lightbulb.
  • It’s annual energy usage is estimated at 404 kWh, which works out to about $43 per year.
  • It is UL approved in both the US and Canada.
  • The flip-up grill enables you to completely build in and service this refrigerator from the front.
  • Fully certified as Sabbath and holiday compliant by Star-K Kosher.
  • Plenty of design options, including overlay, framed, flush inset, and classic stainless steel.
  • Air purifying system.
  • Bright and even interior lighting.
  • The glass shelves are easily adjustable and spill-proof.
  • The crisper and deli drawers are their own low-temperature zone.
  • Kosher certified and Energy Star qualified.

BI indicates “Built In”, so if you were looking for an Integrated model, check out the BI-36R’s cousin, the 736-TR All Refrigerator. The “R” stands for Refrigerator, as in All Refrigerator. If you need a fridge/freezer combo, then look into the BI-36S for a Side-by-Side model, or the BI-36U for an Over-Under model.

If the Sub-Zero BI-36R is exactly what you’re looking for, but you like the idea of checking to see how much milk you have left from the other side of the kitchen island, then check out the BI-36RG for a triple-pane, UV-resistant Glass Door.

Pricing for the BI-36R
Pricing is precious info for Sub-Zero, but if you look around you can find a price tag on the BI-36R at about $5,000 or more. Your best bet is to type in your zip code on Sub-Zero’s store locator and give your local dealer a call. Once you know who is carrying Sub-Zero, you can walk in a see the unit for yourself. Get a feel for it. See it in action. Overall, this sales method can be in your favor, which is nice for this kind of personal investment.

Sub-Zero Warranty Information
Sub-Zero offers three different warranty coverages for the BI-36R. They are the Limited Twelve Year Sealed System Warranty, the Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty, and the Full One Year Warranty. Warranties start in the date of original installation

The Sealed System Warranties only cover defective components (due to materials or workmanship) in the sealed system, which is described as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, and all of the connecting tubing.

The One Year Warranty, however, will cover all parts and labor needed to repair or replace any defective components. You will want to read the entirety of the warranty information on their site in order to understand all the exclusions and conditions.

The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an elegant powerhouse of energy efficient freshness. For most interested buyers, the BI-36R is not a toy, it’s an investment. But a worthy one. If you’re looking quality, beautiful design, and efficiency, then look no further than the Sub-Zero BI-36R.

Originally posted. May 9, 2011

Whirlpool W1TXEMMW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator seems to be perfectly geared towards small families or couples that need a reliable fridge but is still budget friendly. It has all the essentials that anyone expects in current refrigerator models these days, but if you’re looking for some premium features like a water dispenser, dual cooling systems, and air/water filters, then you’re going to have to do without those (or else upgrade to a higher end model).

When it comes to storage options, it is safe to say that most users will be satisfied with the variety of this model. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator comes in with a gross 20.9 cu. ft. capacity which it divides between the main food compartment (14.5 cu. ft.) and the top mounted freezer compartment (6.5 cu. ft.). There are several bins and shelves on the door to accommodate an assortment of bottles, cartons, and other food or drink containers.

In addition, there are four SpillMizer glass shelves in the main compartment to carry more of your food items. These spill-proof shelves are winners in minimizing spills and leaks from your jars, cans, and bottles, and it makes cleaning up a breeze as compared to mopping up all sorts of dripping stuff that has puddled up at the bottom of the fridge.

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator also has a meat pan included inside the main compartment, and there are two crisper bins at the bottom to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, safe, and perfectly delicious for days. Fruits generally require a different environment as compared to vegetables, so you will appreciate the dual humidity controls for each crisper drawer. Keep in mind that most fruits prefer a low-humidity environment, while veggies need higher humidity levels to stay crisp and fresh.

You will find two storage shelves inside the freezer compartment itself, plus two more shelves on the door for additional food or drink storage options. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW also has an ice maker (installed at the factory) which is sure to be a hit with users who love mixing cold drinks.

You will also be glad to know that the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW fridge freezer is Energy Star certified. This means that your energy consumption and expenses will be reduced by as much as one-third, without sacrificing features, style, and comfort, as compared to using a refrigerator model that does not carry Energy Star certification.

With regards to appearances, the model looks and feels clean and smooth to operate, but if you want a model with counter-depth style, you need to look somewhere else. The protective coating on this model is very durable, although it is not made of stainless steel. This is probably an effort to prevent raising the costs and therefore the price of the appliance.

Overall, the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator is a budget-friendly model that carries all of the essentials that you will need. Some premium features are sacrificed in exchange for affordability, but if you belong in its target market, it’s not likely that you’ll be missing such features like a water filter, an air filter, or a water and ice dispenser.

Originally posted. June 5, 2011

Liebherr 2060 Series Refrigerators

The Liebherr 2060 Series is a stylish and advanced large refrigerator freezer new to their product line for 2011.  Like all Liebherr refrigerators, the 2060 range offers high quality cooling performance for situations where performance matters.

This particular model offers a wide 36″ foot-print, with a unique single-door layout.  While this is an unusually large refrigerator – almost 20 cu. Feet – for a single door design, it is a great fit for large kitchens.

Storage is not a concern with this model of Liebherr fridge.  The large and open shelving is big enough to store even party platters and large casserole dishes.  The unit contains two deep crisper drawers intended for prolonged storage of vegetables and fruits, and also contains a full width drawer for meat and dairy products.

Freezer storage is generous in the Liebherr 2060 fridge freezer also. The two beautiful freezer drawers incorporate sophisticated self-closing mechanism to ensure they cannot be left unintentionally ajar.  The stylish aluminum handles ensure that the freezer areas are easily accessed, and maximize space.

Liebherr is considered a high quality brand by many.  Like its high-end competitors – such as Sub Zero – this unit features a dual refrigeration system.  With high efficiency compressors dedicated separately to both the freezer and the fridge, the appliance ensures the maximum possible food preservation for your dollar.

Other quality features are generous lighting.  Rather than just having one light bulb like many cheaper refrigerators do, the 2060 series has both ceiling lighting and low-wattage LED light columns.  Even the crisper and freezer drawers have their own illumination.

The exterior aesthetics are also worthy of note for this refrigerator.  This Energy star rated appliance can be purchased as either a free-standing model, built-in model integrated with your woodwork, or a modern stainless integrated model.

The Liebherr CS 2060 and HC 2060 refrigerator freezers are attractive high-quality appliances that are sure to look great in any kitchen.



Originally posted. April 8, 2011

Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

With the launch of the new Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

Elextrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

Elextrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

a revolutionary addition has been made to the Electrolux refrigerator line-up. The Electrolux I-Kitchen is an advanced fridge freezer developed by ProFUSION embedded systems and the Brazilian arm of Electrolux.

This new Electrolux refrigerator freezer unit combines all the high end feature and functionality of a modern cooling appliance with a built-in computer interface.  Using the open-source GNU/Linux operating system the included computer offers much of the functionality of a PC to the fridge.

Options supported are time and temperature displays on the touch screen panel.  The appliance also incorporates several built-in applications.  A Notes application is intended as a substitute to pasting sticky notes all over the front of the refrigerator – and includes handy features like birthday reminders, great for the forgetful man of the house!

A Photos application lets you use the touch screen as a digital photo frame when it is not being used for other applications, so you will always be able to see a picture of your loved ones when walking by the fridge.

Another great application – and one more kitchen specific – is the Recipes application, which incorporates hundreds of recipes and makes them conveniently available to you in the room where you perform your cooking.

Due to the use of open source GNU/Linux and EFL libraries, there is a considerable likelihood that user communities will be able to create and distribute even more useful applications for the Electrolux IKitchen as time goes by.  Going open source was definitely a wise decision on the part of Electrolux.

This fridge freezer is definitely a very appealing unit.  Above and beyond being a refrigerator with touchscreen interface it is a very attractive unit design wise, and may appeal to many buyers for its looks alone.

Time alone will tell whether incorporating computers for the end-user of a refrigerator is just a temporary fad or something that is here to say.  With the introduction of many easily portable tablets – such as the Apple i-Pad and Samsung Tab – it will have some stiff competition in the kitchen computing area.

Many people may be tempted to spend their money on more portable computing, which can give them access to recipes not just on the fridge door, but on the kitchen countertops where the chopping and slicing of food preparation will actually occur.

I do anticipate that there will be some high-end homeowners who are particularly tech-savvy that may find the Electrolux I-Kitchen a fun appliance for their kitchens.

Originally posted. December 26, 2010

Wine Refrigerators – Choosing a Fridge for your Vino Collection

A wine fridge can be the perfect appliance for the wine aficionado. Wine fridges are specially made to keep wine perfectly chilled until just the right moment, giving you the perfect wine experience.

You can find a wine cooler fridge from many brand names including Avanti, Cuisinart, Danby, EdgeStar, Frigidaire, General Electric, Haier America, Marvel, Samsung, Sanyo, Summit Appliance, Sunpentown and Vinotemp.

You may find some specially made wine refrigerators that exclusively hold wine for less than $100 or you may get luxury cabinets that cost more than $1000.

For instance, Haier America’s 12-bottle freestanding wine refrigerator only costs around one hundred dollars. This design boasts a soft interior light as well as adjustable thermal control so you can have your wine at the temperature you like.

The double pane insulated glass door has a recessed handle. The interior contains five full-width chrome wire shelves to hold the wine bottles.

On the other hand, Marvel’s beverage and wine refrigerator has two temperature zones to accommodate four wine bottles in one and sixty 12-ounce cans in the other. Digital controls and an LED panel allow you to adjust and monitor the refrigerator’s internal temperature.

This design also includes a MicroSentry system that alerts you when your desired temperature is higher or lower for an extended period of time. This Marvel model also has two adjustable shelves, one pull-out wine rack and a removable tempered glass shelf. The dual-paned tinted glass door protects wine from UV rays and provides insulation. This model costs from $1200 to $1300.

You could also go with a countertop design such as Avanti’s 16-bottle countertop wine cooler. Although it can fit 16 bottles, it is a compact design that can adjust the thermostat for red and white wines.

The slide-out chrome shelves also keep your wine secure as does the vibration free operation. A reversible thermopane glass door lets you observe the softly illuminated interior.

The Avanti refrigerator costs between $90 and $125, which makes it a great option if you are looking for a wine refrigerator but have a limited budget.

Another more upscale option is the GE Profile 29 inch Wine Center.

For wine collectors who need a little more storage space for their collection, this particular wine fridge can be an excellent choice.

Koolatron has designed an even more compact four-bottle wine cellar that can be either free-standing or mounted to the wall or a cabinet. This design holds four 25-ounce bottles. Like other wine fridges, it has a thermoelectric cooling system, removable shelves and a transparent door to see the softly illuminated interior. Koolatron compact designs cost from $100 to $140.

Edge Star also carries a slim-fit wine cooler with its 12-bottle freestanding wine refrigerator.  It has all the features of many other refrigerators except this design is only ten inches wide.  The EdgeStar also has a modest price tag from between $120 and $140.

Whether you are looking for luxury, compactness or simply a good way to keep your wine at your desired temperature, a wine fridge may be just the thing you need.  There are many options available to you, so you should be able to find the right refrigerator at just the right price.  You are sure to enjoy the wine the way you have always wanted when it is chilled exactly to your liking.

Have you ever considered bottling your own delicious wine?  If so, learn the fine art of wine-making by Clicking Here!

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ARB Fridge Freezer Review

ARB refrigerator freezers are fridges that a lot of people request information on, and for good reason.  These portable fridges and freezers serve a great niche market, and makes the portable movement of food that needs to remain cold for safety reasons easier than ever before.  It should be no surprise that ARB fridge freezer reviews are used by everyone from  avid outdoorsmen to major companies funding exploratory projects in the wilderness.  There are many reasons that the ARB portable fridge freezer is popular, and this article will help break down the options that you have when shopping from this company.

The new ARB fridge freezers review extremely positively, which is good news for fans of this brand who were worried about the new models going downhill.  These are considered by many 4 wheeling enthusiasts to be one of the most versatile portable models of car refrigerator freezers in the world, and they are in fact sold all across the world with especially strong followings in the United States and Australia.

General Improvements
Starting with the general improvements for this model, fans of the ARB will be glad to know that the most common complaint (a “quirky” hinge system) was one of the first issues addressed and the new model seals easily to provide maximum effective cooling without any hassle or headaches from trying to make it seal correctly.

A second addition is a clear LED monitor that makes it easy to check on temperature and settings.  New specialized plastic molding means these freezers are designed to be able to take more of a beating like regular coolers, but still have the actual effectiveness of a refrigerator freezer.  These models also come in three different sizes to accommodate the different needs of various outdoor enthusiasts and groups.  Worthy of note is the integrated battery protection system which includes an adjustable voltage cutoff to protect your vehicles battery from being run down too far.

Other notable improvements which come with all models of the new portable ARB refrigerator freezer include:

  • Improved temperature control
  • Ice free freezing
  • Rounded corners and edges (to protect vehicle seats and minimize chances of a cut)
  • Compact size
  • Deep design to accommodate bottles
  • 12V DC or 24V DC for car battery or solar setups

These fridge freezers enjoy a strong reputation for a reason, and even better are the three different models and sizes which increase your purchasing options.

The 3 Models Available

Arb Refrigerator In The Wild
First of all, it is important to note in this ARB fridge freezer review that the same sized ARB models will have different model numbers depending on whether you are looking at the American version or the Australian version.  However, if you go by size then this simplifies the process since there are three distinctive sizes to the ARB fridge freezer and differing model numbers can still refer to the same ARB portable freezer.

33 Quarts: In the United States the 33 quart ARB freezer is model MT35F-AL, but the Australian model will be MT35FARB.  These portable freezers weigh 46 pounds and measure in at 16 inches of height, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep, allowing for plenty of storage space for the average outdoor enthusiast.

42 Quarts: The Unites States model number for a 42 quart ARB fridge freezer is MT45F-AL while Australia’s equivalent model will be MT45FARB.  This 42 quart model is the mid range version of this freezer based on size, and only weighs 53 pounds, which is not that large a jump over the 33 quart model considering the large increase in storage.  The dimensions for this model measure in at: 20 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

63 Quarts: Any good ARB fridge freezer review will tell you that the 63 quart model is the largest of the three currently offered by the company.  The United States model number is MT60F-AL while Australian markets will look for MT60FARB.  This portable fridge freezer gives plenty of storage space with dimensions of over 17 inches in height, 31 inches in width, and 19 inches in depth.  This model also weighs in at 70 pounds, so make sure you have someone with the strength to haul it.

Additional ARB Accessories

New for September 2011 is the ARB fridge/freezer slide, available for both their 37 quart and 50 quart models. With a 175lb load bearing capacity, this latest incarnation of the ARB refrigerator slide allows your fridge to be easily rolled out of the back of your vehicle.  This is great functionality to have as it provides easy access to your freezer – letting you add or remove items without contortions.  It even provides the ability to remove the entire basket for easy loading and unloading.

When combined with the ARB tie down system, this piece of equipment is great for off-road use; capable of standing up to even the roughest 4WD terrain.

Originally posted. June 27, 2011

Nugget Ice Machine For Home

For people who prefer small cubelets of ice rather than the traditional cubes, the option of buying a nugget ice machine for home use appeals.  These machines make small marble sized, easily chewable pellets of ice that are great for use in beverages.

Unfortunately finding nugget icemakers for residential use is very difficult, as most of the machines that produce this type of ice are designed for restaurant or commercial use.  Firms like Scotsman, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki make plenty of nugget style ice-machines, but they are generally too large and expensive to be practical for most homeowners.

One of the smallest units available is the HoshizakDCM270BAH Cubelet Icemaker from Hoshizakii DCM-270BAH, which produces almost 300 pounds of ice nuggets per day for a purchase price of a little over $3000. This countertop unit could be used in a home at a pinch, but it would be serious overkill for most people.

The reason for the paucity of cheap nugget ice makers is that production of this form of ice is a relatively expensive process.  It will be produced almost continuously by freezing water on the inner wall of a cylindrical evaporator. A rotating auger collects this ice as it forms on the wall of the evaporator, and extrudes the nuggets.  This is clearly a much more complicated process than simply freezing ice cubes for future use.

If a homeowner has their heart set on one of these nugget ice machines, probably the most affordable route is look into purchasing used equipment from a failed restaurant or similar business.  The food service industry is highly competitive and there will generally be a steady stream of restaurant quality refrigerators, freezers and icemakers available at bankruptcy auctions.

Some people report success with visiting their local Sonic Drive-in (a fast food retailer) and purchasing ten-pound bags of nugget ice.  While a little inconvenient this is a very affordable solution if an amenable location is nearby.

Another low-budget solution is to purchase a hand-cranked ice grinder.  This can be used – with some effort- to crush ice cubes into a shape that resembles the traditional marbled nugget.  Another option is to obtain a commercial snocone machine and icemaker; this will cost less than a real nugget ice maker for home but can produce crushed ice for home usage.

Finally, the truly frugal solution is to simply purchase an ice cube tray that makes very small ice cubes.

Originally posted. April 29, 2011

Frost Free Fridge Freezers – What Are They?

Frost free fridge freezers are a recent innovation.  In older days, freezers would acquire an enormous amount of frost around the edges and especially in the back to help create that “ice box” effect which keeps frozen foods frozen and gave the freezer its ability to keep food cool.  Some early refrigerators would experience the same thing towards the back if it was set towards the highest level of cool.  There are plenty of middle aged adults who probably remember having to break up the ice at the back of the fridge or the seasonal maintenance on the freezer.

Looking over reviews in search of the best frost free fridge freezers is an excellent way to save yourself a lot of maintenance and hassle.  These newer models of combination refrigerator freezers are just that: frost free.  By making sure that the freezers don’t accumulate frost, and that the frost or ice doesn’t spread down into the refrigerator, these appliances become much easier to keep clean and maintain.  This is a huge plus, not to mention the fact that you get to maximize the space in your freezer.  If you have an old model of freezer which creates frost and builds up ice, that growth keeps inching in from all sides, taking up space that could otherwise be used to store more frozen foods.  By choosing to go with a frost free model, you avoid all of that hassle.

Integrated frost free refrigerator freezers are simply the models that include both a refrigerator and a freezer combination in one appliance.  Most people who have a refrigerator use this type of a model.  If you choose not to go for a frost free version, then that means every few months you need to take all the food out of the freezer and go to town on it with an ice scraper to remove almost all of the frost and then place all the food back in.  This can be a difficult and annoying part of maintenance, and if you experience any power outage for any amount of time, a frosted freezer will cause a ridiculous mess that is not fun or easy to clean up.

Finding a cheap frost free fridge freezer can be a little difficult, as refrigerators in general are not extremely cheap.  However as the technology improves to keep freezers frost free yet cold, the prices for these appliances are going to fall more and more in the average range that you would see for any type of new fridge.  Searching online at comparison sites as well as classic online retailers like is a good start, but keep in mind additional shipping expenses which could easily erase any savings you find.  Keep this in mind as you check out the prices of local retailers.

While it might not be huge news that many of the larger companies are moving towards making all major refrigeration and freezing units frost free, companies are even getting in on the process of making small frost-free fridge freezers in miniature size.  Whether for a man cave or for college dorm room, the ability to keep drinks, snack food, and even some frozen treats in a miniature fridge without worrying about frost is definitely going to win over many consumers.

Whether you’re looking at a full size frost free fridge freezer or simply looking for a smaller miniature freezer that won’t require the same maintenance as an older frost model, there are many options for consumers.  The days of cleaning out a frosted over mess every few months should be over.  Look for the new frost free freezer models and you won’t regret it.

Originally posted. May 26, 2011

Refrigerator Reviews French Doors: Three Top Selling Models

The three most popular manufacturers of full sized freestanding French door refrigerators are Whirlpool, GE and LG. A French door refrigerator is a refrigeration unit that typically includes a pull out freezer on the bottom and two equal sized doors that open on opposite swings (one left and one right) to reveal the refrigerated storage area. Typically these units are bigger than standard refrigerator freezer combos and often are more expensive. In these refrigerator reviews french doors will be the focus. We shall briefly offer french door refrigerator reviews for some of the most popular models.

The Whirlpool Gold Resource Saver GI6FDRXXY is 26 cubic feet and measures 35 3/8″ wide by X 70 1/8″ in height and 35 1/4″ in depth. This Energy Star rated unit is the most efficient French door Whirlpool model available. 6th Sense technology cools food packages for left over’s in half the time of typical refrigerators. Features like the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System, Resource Saver, Adaptive Defrost System, SpillGuard glass shelves and a PUR water filtration system add value and convenience. Tap Touch Electronic Controls and an exterior water and ice dispenser are standard on French door refrigerators, and this unit has both. The unit also features extra deep humidity-controlled crispers; LED interior lighting and a smooth door finish in three different color options.

General Electric
The GE GFSS6KKYSS French-Door Refrigerator is 25.9 cubic feet and the exterior measures overall 35 5/8” wide by 70” tall by 35 ¾” deep. Also Energy Star rated, some key features are the ClimateKeeper System with dual evaporators, Freshness Center with full width drawer, and the BrightSpace Interior with GE Reveal Lighting. The freezer features a two level Slide n’ Store system that allows for easier access and better organization of frozen foods. As of this writing, this is the least expensive of the top selling French door refrigerators and can found as cheap as just about $1,200.00.

LG Electronics
The LG LMX28988ST French Door Refrigerator is the largest of the three units discussed here at 27.5 cubic feet. It measures outside overall 35 ¾” wide by 35 3/8” deep by 69 ¾” in height. It is also the most expensive of the three as of this writing, retailing at about $2,600.00 minimally. Double freezer doors not only give the unit a strikingly modern and unique appearance, but also allow for a more accommodating and organizable freezer space. The Slim SpacePlus Ice system uses less interior room to leave more storage space for you food, and the dispensing system is designed to allow for tall containers, which is surprisingly helpful for pitchers or oversized to go containers. There are two humidity controlled crisper drawers, the Glide-N-Sever drawer and the versatile 4-Compartment Crisper System. On the inside, the mechanics are advanced too. The Linear Compressor operates more efficiently with fewer moving parts and is backed by a ten-year warranty.

There are many more French door refrigerators out there on the market today; these are just three of the best selling models. They each represent well-known brands in the refrigeration industry and offer an idea of a mid range of expense that can be expected when purchasing a quality freestanding full sized French door refrigerator for residential use.


Originally posted. May 29, 2011

Sawafuji Compressor Benefits

The Sawafuji compressor is highly regarded by many manufacturers of high-end refrigeration systems.  Most quality refrigerators make use of a compressor driven refrigeration cycle, but not all compressors are equal.

The chief selling point of a Sawafuji reciprocating compressor is its use of the ‘swing motor’.  So what makes a swing motor different to the average motor, and what makes it so successful in refrigeration applications?

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Sawafuji Swing Motor

Sawafuji Swing Motor Characteristics

The normal source of dynamic power in a compressor is an electrical motor with a rotating main axis.  In contrast to this, the swing motor utilizes vibrations, which have the coil connected straight to the piston (the compressor).

When a coil bearing alternating current is applied at a 90-degree angle to the magnetic field, thrust results per John Ambrose Fleming’s left hand rule. Due to the layout of the motor, this thrust transfers to the piston; which then performs the intake and compression cycles.

Piston Resonance

Merely using the thrust provided to compress the refrigerant will not work however, the amplitude of the motion will not be sufficient.  For this reason, the swing motor is configured to synchronize the frequency of the current with frequency of the oscillation occurring within the system.  Utilizing this resonance the motor is able increase the amplitude sufficiently to provide an adequate level of compression of the refrigerant.

Low Amperage Startup

One great attribute of the swing motor – and hence the Sawafuji compressor – is that is does not require a large surge of current at startup time.  Even if the first few strokes of the piston are not sufficient to fully compress the refrigerant, the motor will still fire up and the resonance phenomenon will soon kick in.

Minimal Moving Parts

The Sawafuji swing motor is extremely reliable.  This is because it only contains one moving part. There are no bearings or cranks – only the piston – which means there is very little that can break

Energy Efficient

The Sawafuji compressor is very energy efficient. With minimal moving parts there is very little energy lose to friction.  Combine this with its low current draw at startup and it is easy to see that this compressor is very valuable in situations where power is limited.

The Danfoss compressor – the chief competitor to the Sawafuji – also has its fans; they are in many Waeco fridges.  However, the manufacturer Engel remains steadfastly convinced of the benefits of Sawafuji technology.

Originally posted. April 17, 2011