The Basics on Frigidaire Parts

Frigidaire is a manufacturer of kitchen and laundry appliances as well as air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Based on repair calls they have coined themselves “The most reliable brand” – but what do you do when something does goes wrong? Where do you find replacement parts or who do you call to service your Frigidaire refrigerator or other machine?

The Most Reliable Brand
All Frigidaire appliances include a comprehensive warranty. It’s best to register your product right away and keep the original purchase receipts to be sure that the warranty will be honored. The extended service agreement offers additional peace of mind by going so far as to replace a covered appliance with brand new one with comparable features should the extent of repairs give reason to. That would be the worst case scenario, otherwise they will help you locate the quality components you will need to keep your appliance running like new, or help you find a factory trained expert to do it for you.

Finding a Parts Distributor
So you’ve decided you are going to give it a go yourself. How do you go about finding the parts you need? The easiest way to start is with the Parts Distributor Locator on the official Frigidaire website. Simply type in your zip code to be routed through a directory of hundreds of trusted distributors to find the closest one to you. This is also the best route to take especially if you are still under warranty, to ensure the purchase will be covered. Purchasing from other discount websites can be risky unless you are absolutely sure you are buying Frigidaire brand replacement parts. Sometimes no name generic parts that claim to be compatible can have slightly different dimensions or a lower quality of material, making the pursuit of saving a dime or two futile.

Finding a Service Tech
Service is best found the same way as parts, through the Service Locator on the official Frigidaire website. There are a couple of options from there. If you are still under warranty you can call Frigidaire directly to get a diagnosis based on information you can provide over the phone to a skilled associate. From there they will either walk you through it if it’s something easy, or they can set up a service appointment for you. Extended service agreements can also be purchased here. Frigidaire offers protection plans for up to three full years. If you are no longer under warranty Frigidaire will direct you to an authorized service provider. It’s always good to go with someone who is certified to work on Frigidaire so you can be sure the parts are legitimate and the repairs done with the correct knowledge.

In the rare case you do need to find Frigidaire parts or hire someone to service your Frigidaire product, Frigidaire will want to help. Go through them directly to be sure the work is done right and no corners have been cut.



Originally posted. May 30, 2011

Waeco Fridges for Sale

Shoppers seeking Waeco fridges for sale have quite a variety to choose from. The matter whether you are looking for thermoelectric coolers, compression fridge freezers or absorption refrigerators Waeco has you covered.  Waeco – part of the Dometic group – has been a leader in the mobile cooling industry for well over 30 years.

Waeco Thermo-Electric Fridges

For those seeking lightweight and versatile cooling solutions, thermoelectric fridges from Waeco are popular appliances. This type of cheap refrigerator usually has the ability to both cool and heat the contents, which makes them rather unique in the marketplace.

Capable of cooling up to 30°C/50°F below ambient temperatures these cheap fridges are adequate for many users. The lineup includes the CoolFun S32 and W35; the BordBar TB-08G, TB-15, BB-28 and BB-32 car coolers; and the CoolPro TC-14FL, TC-21FL and TC-35FL Waeco coolers.

Waeco Three-Way Fridge Freezers

Popular amongst RV owners and campers are three-way absorption coolers. These refrigerators offer great flexibility as they can be operated from any of three power sources – a 12 V cigarette lighter, mains power, and certain types of LPG.

The Waeco CombiCool absorption cooler and Dometic RC1600, F400 and RC1180 fridge freezers are tough appliances suitable for all your three-way cooling needs; whether you be living full-time in a caravan or taking extended camping trips off grid.

Waeco Kompressor Refrigerator Freezers

Shoppers seeking the ultimate in mobile refrigerator freezer technology should look at the selection of Waeco compressor fridge freezers. The Waeco CoolFreeze range utilizes ultra-efficient Danfoss BDF compressor technology to create highly useful fridges suitable for almost any need.  These refrigerators are powered by 12v DC, although some of them also have the option to run from mains power.

Waeco Adler Barbour Compressor Cooler Freezer, 52qt

This Waeco refrigerator line is available in a large variety of different sizes. The smallest unit is the CDF-11 which is small enough to fit in the smallest of vehicles.

In the middle of their size range are the Dometic WAECO CF-040AC110 Coolmatic 39 QT AC/DC Refrigerator Freezer and Waeco Coolmatic CF-50 – two of the most popular sizes they offer, these units are frequently installed in 4WD vehicles.

Waeco Adler Barbour Compressor Cooler Freezer, 112qt

For those wanting to go the whole hog the Dometic WAECO CF110AC110 Coolmatic 113 QT AC/DC with Touch Control Refrigerator and Freezer is a very large fridge freezer. This unit can hold up to 12 dozen beverage cans, which gives you an idea of its sheer size. It even includes storage basket for ease of organization of the contents, and can be mounted on a fridge slide to make it easier to handle.

With this wide variety of Waeco fridges for sale, all competing with their chief rival Engel, you should have no difficulty finding a Waeco or Dometic refrigerator suitable for your mobile cooling needs.

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Queen City Appliance

Queen City is a chain of appliance stores located throughout North Carolina, which has also expanded into South Carolina.

Founded in the early 1950s as the Queen City Television Service company in Charlotte, NC; the founder Woody Player soon saw the potential of this new industry, and soon expanded into the realm of television sales.

In the 1960s Mr. Player expanded the business into appliance sales, today selling a range of brands such as GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, SubZero and Wolf – to name but a few.  With appliance offerings including refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and washing machines, they have become a one-stop shop for Carolina shoppers looking to equip their houses with the latest and greatest white goods.

The late 1960’s also saw the expansion of the business from the original Charlotte location.  Today there are queen City appliance stores to be found in Monroe, Mooresville, Salisbury and Morganton.  In addition, they feature a builder’s showroom on Queen City Drive in Charlotte.

Recent innovations at Queen City have been design centers highlighting full working kitchens, which provide clients a lifelike full immersion experience when shopping for their new kitchen furnishing.

Now offering not only appliances, Queen City stores are well regarded across the Carolina’s for their wide selection of electronic solutions, including the best in home audio and video equipment.  Shoppers seeking a full high-end audio setup can find a great selection of receivers and speakers from manufacturers such as Klipsch, Sony and Polk.

If you live in – or near – the Carolinas, a visit to Queen City Appliances is well worth your time the next time you are in the market for Audio, Video or Appliances.



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Frigidaire Refrigerators

When shopping for Frigidaire refrigerators, buyers have a large range of different – and well reviewed – product types to select from.  The Frigidaire refrigerator product line includes models of the following types –French Door, Side-by-side, Counter Depth, All Refrigerator, Wine Storage, Compact Refrigerator and last but not least Frigidaire Top Freezer units.  In this article I will briefly explore each of these Frigidaire refrigeration niches.

The Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator

Prices for Frigidaire French door refrigerators range from a low of $1600 for the 26 cubic foot ebony black FGUN2642LE all the way up to $2800 for the 28 cubic foot FPHB2899LF in Stainless Steel.   Frigidaire offers an extensive selection of these French door refrigerator freezers, with well over 20 different models to choose from.

The Frigidaire Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire is one of the most prolific refrigerator manufacturers in the marketplace. In the American style side-by-side category alone they offer around 40 different models.  While some of this can be explained by having different models for units with only minor differences – such as the color of the finish – this is still a substantial range of products.  List prices for Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator freezers range from $900 for the Bisque FFHS2611LQ on up to $2400 for the 23 cubic foot Stainless Steel FPHC2398LF.

The Frigidaire Counter Depth Refrigerator

These refrigerator freezers are designed for kitchens where it is desired that the appliances not stick out past the kitchen cabinetry.  Frigidaire offers half a dozen of these integrated fridge freezers in their model line.  Prices range from $1700 for the 22 cubic feet black FFSC2323LE on up to $2250 FGHC2379LE Frigidaire Gallery Premier Counter-Depth refrigerator freezer.

The Frigidaire All Refrigerator

The peculiarly named Frigidaire All Refrigerator line-up are stand-alone dedicated refrigeration units.  Frigidaire offers three models in this range, designed for people who do not want a freezer compartment in their refrigerator.  Prices range from $600 for the FRU17B2JW – a very cheap refrigerator – to $1200 for the high end FPRH17D7KF Frigidaire Professional 17 Cu. Ft. All Refrigerator.

The Frigidaire Wine Storage Refrigerator

Frigidaire also produces a few wine and beverage coolers.  They offer three wine coolers – ranging from the black $230 FFWC35F4LB with a capacity of 35 bottles to the stainless steel $480 FFWC38F6LS two-zone wine cooler. For those who prefer their drinks from a can $500 buys the Frigidaire 138 12 oz. Can Capacity Beverage center, which comes in stylish Stainless Steel.

The Frigidaire Compact Refrigerator

There are four models in the Frigidaire Compact refrigerators product line.  The cheap refrigerator in this selection is the 2.5 cubic foot black FFPH25M4LB at $160.  On the high end – although still moderately priced – is the $260 3.1 cubic foot compact refrigerator which is finished with a color Frigidaire calls Silver Mist.

The Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator

The number of Freezer on top fridge options from Frigidaire borders on ridiculous.  There is in the general neighborhood of one hundred models to choose from. As with the side-by-side models a lot of this is due to the use of multiple model numbers for different finishes.  Prices vary dramatically for these units.  The cheapest Frigidaire Top Freezer refrigerator is the black FFPT10F0KB apartment size refrigerator at $430.  At the top end is the Stainless Steel FPUI2188LR Frigidaire Professional Top Freezer Refrigerator.

With close to 200 different Frigidaire refrigerators to choose from, this is one manufacturer that spoils buyers for choice.  Due to their widespread use, should they ever be needed Frigidaire parts will be readily available.

Frigidaire Refrigerators Reviews

Many individual fridge freezer models within the Frigidaire lineup have positive reviews.  This makes them a great option for any homeowner seeking a quality and reliable refrigerator for their kitchen.

Click this link to shop the full range of Frigidaire Refrigerators from AJ Madison.

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R22 Phase Out Regulations

Many refrigerants are subject to strict EPA mandated disposal requirements and manufacturing limitations. HCFC-22 or R22 phase out regulations are set by the government to provide guidance to those industries that make use of the substance.

Under the terms of the Montreal Protocol – and subsequent amendments – countries around the world have agreed to curtail the production of ozone depleting CFCs and HCFCs.  The particular conditions and deadlines applied to the phase out of R-22 are outline below.

  • 01/01/2004 – The United States agreed to reduce HCFC consumption (including R22) thirty five percent below baseline values by this date.
  • 01/01/2010 – The United States agreed to reduce consumption of HFCCs by three quarter below the baseline value.  Allowance holders – specific firms permitted to use R-22 – are allowed to import or manufacture HCFC22 only in order to service equipment that is already in service.  New equipment as of this date cannot be manufactured to utilized R22.  The result of this is that no new HVAC systems using R-22 may be produced.
  • 01/01/2015 – The Montreal Protocol requires a 90% reduction in baseline HCFC usage for the United States to be achieved by the beginning of 2015.
  • 01/01/2020 – A 99.5% reduction in consumption of HCFC’s is targeted for the US.  Chemical manufacturers will no longer be permitted to product virgin R-22 for the service of existing heat pump and air conditioning installations.  This market will still be serviced using R22 recovered, recycled and reclaimed from old equipment that is being taken out of service.
  • 01/01/2030 – United states targeting complete elimination of both consumption and production of all HCFCs, including R-22.


AC Nameplate R22 Usage

Modern alternatives to R-22 are now being utilized in new residential air conditioning systems.  R-410A is one such refrigerant gas.  This R22 replacement is a HFC blend does not cause ozone layer depletion, but does still have adverse global warming effects.

The R-22 phase out also effects applications that make use of any of the following refrigerant blends:  R-401A, R402-A, R-409A and R-502.  All of these refrigerants are made by combining several chemicals, one of which is R22.

If a residential air conditioner was manufactured before 2010, there is a good chance it utilizes R22 as a refrigerant.  Most A/C units will have a nameplate clearly indicating the type of refrigerant used.  On central A/C units, this nameplate is most commonly found on the condensing unit located outside.

While it is likely R22 refrigerant price will increase over time, the gradual replacement of old cooling units should eventually lead to demand for reclaimed R22 decreasing.


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Shopping for a Boat Refrigerator – Must Haves

Just like boats themselves, boat refrigerators come in all different shapes and sizes. But how do you determine what’s right for you? There’s no golden rule, but there are a few things to consider.

Boat Fridge Weight

When it comes to designing and appointing a boat one of the biggest considerations for all materials finishes and components is weight. Compare the size of your boat with the weight of the refrigerator to make sure it’s addition will not be detrimental or compromise the boat’s main function – to float. This might seem silly and obvious, but even on giant yachts and cruise ships, every possible factor is calculated down to the pound.

Boat Refrigerator Installation Space

If you are adding or replacing a refrigerator to an existing boat you’ll only have a certain amount of room for it. In the case of replacing, simply measure the unit that is there and then use those constrains when selecting the new one. If you are adding, be sure walk ways are left clear, and the door has room to swing. If you are designing a boat from scratch and including a refrigerator, the allotted space is determined by you. Use the other parameters listed here to help determine a good space allowance for you boat’s refrigerator. An interesting space saving alternative might be drawer refrigerator. In any case, don’t forget the fridge will need to be near a power source and also allow for proper ventilation.

Required Marine Fridge Capacity

What are you trying to keep cool and how much of it is there? If it’s just a six pack for a few hours of fishing you might be able to get away with a cooler. If you are going to be at sea for days or weeks, you’ll need to consider something more substantial.

Marine Refrigerator Energy Use

Most boats have limited to no electricity. If this is the case for your boat, you may want to consider something like the Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler, found here on Coleman PowerChill. The 12V power adaptor allows it to be conveniently plugged into a cigarette lighter. It has been recommended to stay conscientious of the energy your refrigeration unit is using, as they have occasionally been known to drain batteries. You don’t want to be left stranded for the sake of ice cubes.

Pricing for Different Boat Refrigerators Brands

What can you afford? There is a huge range of prices when it comes to boat refrigerators. Something dinky, verging on the border of a cooler, can be as little as $100 while a professionally designed and installed built in can run upward of $5,000.

Aesthetics of Boat Fridges

Looks should technically be the last of your worries. Of course you want your boat and all of it’s features to look good, but this should not be the first thing you think about. Boring or ugly units can always be spruced up or customized with a veneer façade.

Choosing a Brand and Model

Thankfully for shoppers there is no shortage of sources for boat fridges.  Indel Webasto, Mermaid Marine Air, Frumento, Vitrifigo, Engel and Norcold  are just a few of the available manufacturers serving the marine refrigeration market.

Indel Webasto manufactures high quality galley fridges – featuring fan cooled Danfoss Compressors – such as the CR 36, CR 42 and CR 100. The MM Fridge from MMAIR is small and inexpensive marine beverage refrigerator offering.

Engels rugged lineup includes several quality fridge freezers suitable for use aboard a vessel – the MR040F-U1, MT17F-U1, MT45F-1 and MT80F-U1 to name just a few. Norcold built-in marine refrigerators include the DE-441, DE-451, DE-461, DE-490 and DC-440. The DC model is a compact fridge great for boats with tight living areas.

For more information than that which is covered here, I recommend checking out Refrigeration for Pleasureboats by Nigel Calder. Although slightly out of date, much of the included info and principals regarding refrigerators for boats are still valid.


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Whirlpool Corporation Brands And Background

Whirlpool Corporation produces a wide range of major home appliances for markets world-wide. WHR is a major player in the refrigerator and fridge freezer in roughly 130 different countries, giving them unparalleled access to a vast pool of potential customers.

Over the years Whirlpool Corporation has accumulated a large number of well recognized appliance brands, resulting in their growing to their current position as the world’s top appliance brands.  Their primary brands are as follows- Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Maytag, Brastemp, Consul and Bauknecht.

Of the diverse appliance brands Whirlpool owns, the Whirlpool brand is the most widely recognized. This is confirmed by the brand valuation firm Brand Finance labelling it as one of the most valuable brands in the world.

As part of its efforts to provide long-term value for its investors, Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) claims to be passionate about creating new and innovation products which offer real, sustainable value to consumers.

With over seventeen billions dollars of sales in financial year 2009 Whirlpool is a major player in the residential appliance industry, and looks set to remain so for years to come. They have a solid reputation and should be producing spare parts such as Whirlpool water filters for years to come.

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American Fridges

In many parts of the world the popularity of American Fridges for the growing middle class seeks to emulate the lifestyle of well off American suburbanites.  Along with item such as houses, cars, fine furnishing and televisions; one goal many of these people share the desire to own an American style fridge freezer.

For all but the poorest United States citizen an American refrigerator in the house is considered a non-negotiable necessity.  However, for billions of people around the world a fridge freezer is a luxury item.  Even those who are able to afford them will often only own a small model.  This is both due to the restrictions imposed by their budgets and the requirement to have space to place the fridge in their home.

American style fridge freezers – known as side-by-side refrigerators in the USA – are the standard model in any well off American household.  Their basic layout is that of a fridge and freezer combined into one unit, with the freezer on the left and the fridge on the right.  Each unit has its own door allowing separate access to each compartment.

While substantially more expensive, an American fridge freezer does have some advantages over less sophisticated refrigerators.  They generally come equipped with better features than the cheaper alternatives.  These can include special compartments designed to preserve fresh produce for as long as possible, and an outlet that allows filtered water and ice cubes to be dispensed from the freezer door.  These fridges also are very spacious, and contain ample space inside to refrigerate and freeze food enough for a large family.

The upwardly mobile homeowner will truly appreciate the lifestyle benefits these well-equipped, high capacity units provide.  Available in white white, black and stainless steel finishes there is an option that will appeal to everyone. They will add a grandiose touch for anyone looking to develop a kitchen their friends and family will envy.  Being able to safely store a large amount of food without worrying about the food going bad is also a great benefit, and enables someone busy with their career the luxury of shopping for food a lot less often.

As millions of people around the world see their incomes increase, and their home sizes increase, these newly minted members of the middle class find themselves in the position of being able to consider acquiring one of these large American fridges for their home.  The desire to enjoy the lifestyle off an affluent American will ensure increased demand for American style fridge freezers for the foreseeable future.

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An Introduction to Foster Refrigeration

Foster refrigeration is the forerunner in European commercial appliances, offering products that range from walk in coolers to drinking fountains. Exactly which appliances does the company offer? Does Foster manufacture the piece of equipment that your company needs? Take a look at all of the different cooling and freezing options available from Foster – they may have precisely what you’re looking for.

About the Brand

Foster Refrigeration Company is Europe’s leading brand in commercial refrigeration appliances, priding themselves on competitive pricing and quality mechanics. Specifically designed for commercial kitchens, many different sectors of the economy have come to purchase their appliances from Foster. This company provides government approved models for use in colleges, hospitals, and even in military applications. Though they mainly deal in the United Kingdom, Foster appliances are available overseas and abroad.

Different Models of Foster Appliances

If you’re wondering whether or not Foster makes an appliance that works for your kitchen, take a look at the following models that the company manufactures. With a variety of different cooling mechanisms, features, and even warranties, there is sure to be a model to fit your needs.

  • Cabinets and Counters: Cooling cabinets and countertops from Foster can reduce operation’s cost by up to half. You can even choose designs with several different size and cooling options. From under-counter cabinets to cooled prep stations, there is a cabinet or counter to fit your needs.
  • Cold rooms: For those who need walk in coolers or freezers, Foster offers structural coolers that can maintain temperature and save money by being energy efficient.
  • Display Cases: A number of different styles of display cases are available to suit any situation. These can include lighting, mechanized display, and even multi-temperature cases.
  • Blast Chilling and Freezing: Choose these units for items that require rapid temperature reduction.
  • Bakery Products: Foster provides a number of dough retarders, proofers, and storage refrigerators for the needs of bakers.
  • Drink Service Items: Water fountains and countertop water dispensers can all be purchased from this company.
  • Ice Makers: Choose from a number of different styles of ice makers that can produce anything from flecked ice for fish display to cubed ice for beverages.


Foster also supplies a number of different supplemental items to keep you food cold and safe. One of these items is Foster’s temperature monitoring system, Icespy, that provides continuous temperature and operating condition monitoring for specific regulation standards. You can also purchase a two year labor and parts warranty on almost all Foster parts. Just be sure that if buying overseas that you are aware of different dealers in your area who can supply parts and services.

Choosing a Foster Product

The Foster Refrigeration Company, the leading producer in commercial cooling appliances in the United Kingdom, offers a wide range of different commercial kitchen appliances and technologies. From under counter coolers to blast freeze appliances, this company will more than likely have just the piece of equipment that your company is looking for.



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