4 Benefits of a Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter

Maytag refrigerator water filters point towards one of the most popular additions to modern refrigerators, which is the convenience of having a water dispenser right there to get either ice or water with a simple push of a button.  However many people still want the extra protection that can only come from having a high quality water filter.  Maytag water filters come with many refrigerator units, but to remain effective these must be changed and maintained on average of every six months.  So why should you look for a fridge that includes a Maytag water filter?  There are several good reasons why.

Maytag UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter#1: The filtered water is safer. Maytag refrigerator water filters enjoy a well deserved reputation for being some of the best in the industry.  These filters are NSF International certified to help reduce lead, sediment, chlorine taste, and other impurities from the water.

#2: Saves money. Filtered water serves the same purpose as bottled water: providing clean tasting and clear water for consumers to drink.  However the costs of bottled water can add up quickly.  Even the cost of replacing the water filter every six months will not come even close to what a one bottle of water a day habit will add up to money wise.

#3: Better for the environment. Speaking of bottled water, buying bottled water also means tons of empty plastic bottles.  The problem with this is that they often end up in landfills, as opposed to actually getting recycled.  Obviously taking fresh and clean water from a refrigerator right into a glass saves on all those plastic bottles which would otherwise end up as trash and pollution.

#4: Maytag water filters are inexpensive. One of the major benefits to this particular Maytag refrigerator part is that it’s relatively inexpensive, usually ranging from $30 to $40.  Even every six months, this leads to massive savings over getting bottled water.  These Maytag refrigerator water filters are like other Maytag refrigerator parts in that they are extremely reliable and a great value for the cost.

These four reasons help show why it makes so much sense to ditch the bottled water and trust a Maytag water filter such as the UKF8001 to get the job done.  Not only will they produce fresh tasting and clean water straight from the fridge, but they will help you to save money while enjoying all the benefits of delicious and clean filtered water.  There’s little doubt that keeping up to date with maintenance on the Maytag water filter in your fridge is a smart move.


Originally posted. May 4, 2011

Sub Zero Parts And Maintenance

When obtaining Sub Zero parts for your refrigerator or freezer it is important to only use the very best.

The manufacturer Sub-zero recommends that repairs and servicing of Subzero refrigerators only be performed be certified Sub-Zero and Wolf service and repair partners.  That said you may be able to find independent contractors who have worked with Sub Zero fridges in the past – former employees of certified dealers perhaps – to work on your refrigerator.

Is it definitely advisable to have your Sub zero service work performed by a certified Subzero parts dealer and repair person whilst your Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer remains under warranty, as any future warranty claims would likely be voided by unauthorized work.

Quality appliances such as the Sub Zero PRO-48 include numerous systems to assist you in proper care of your refrigerator.  By following recommended Sub Zero maintenance schedules you can potentially avoid the need to expensive repairs later in the life of your appliance.

One of these feature is the Subzero visual service display.  This electronic monitoring system tracks the ice maker and individual storage components and will flash on a SERVICE warning light if action is needed. This system also monitors the condenser so as to inform you if a cleaning is required.

Cleaning of the shelves, drawers and ice bucket are all easily facilitated by simple removal.  Frequent cleaning of your refrigerator freezer by yourself or your staff is recommended for optimum performance and hygiene, and to ensure and maximum longevity of your appliances. Sub Zero recommend that vinegar is not used in cleansing, they suggest a weak solution of warm water, soap and a small amount of baking soda.

Very important is frequent replacement of your Sub Zero water filter cartridge.  As provided with the PRO 49 the filter is intended for one year of use before replacement is required.  A REPLACE FILTER warning indicator is provided to inform you when your water filter needs replacing. Note that if you disable your water filter – perhaps by turning off your Sub-Zero fridge, or simply bypassing the filter – for over a month if should be replace before the ice maker and water filter is restored to service.  New water filters are the most commonly needed of all sub zero refrigerator parts, due to the requirement for yearly replacement.

Whether you take care of your Sub Zero refrigerator repair and maintenance yourself, through a licensed dealer, or otherwise; you will eventually find yourself in need of Sub-Zero parts.  Be sure to only purchase good quality replacement parts – whether it be for your Subzero water filtration system, ice maker or otherwise – and follow all suggested maintenance procedures in a timely manner.


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How A Refrigerator Can Kill You

There have been many unfortunate tragedies whereby people have been killed by refrigerators and freezers over the years.  From poor designs on early models to simple bad luck, these accidents run the gamut. Below I explain some of the accidents that have occurred, and demonstrate the dangers these cooling appliances can potentially pose to the unwary.

Suffocation in a Fridge

Old style refrigerators – manufactures in the 1950s and earlier – were frequently the cause of the death of children.  These fridges had mechanical latches that kept the doors sealed, and which made them impossible to open from inside.

Kids would often find an old abandoned fridge and decide to use it as a toy.  Upon climbing inside and closing the door they would be tragically trapped and unable to escape.  It is believed that hundreds of children – frequently along with a friend – died in this way in the 1940s and 1950s.

Eventually Congress decided it needed to take action, and in October 1958 the Refrigerator Safety Act came into force.  From that point on all new refrigerators sold had to be easily opened from the inside with a moderate 15 pound force.

This law led to the replacement of the mechanical latch with the magnetic seals used to keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed today.  This life-saving technology has saved the lives of hundreds or even thousands of children since it was first introduced.

Freezing to Death inside a Refrigerator

In some parts of the world, large refrigerators are offered as cool-down facilities for overheated locals.  Enterprising businessman setup large refrigerators and charge people to sit inside them to cool down.

In Sudan locals are charge five Sudanese pounds – roughly $2 – per hour to escape the heat inside one of these refrigerators.  This sum of money is a substantial amount in the Sudan, but can offer life-saving relief from the potentially fatal heat of Sudan in the summer.

Unfortunately for three unlucky customers, there was a terrible failure in the business model of these entrepreneurs.  While it is not entirely sure how this came about, these three people froze to death in one of these refrigerators; their attempt to escape the extremes of the heat outdoors leading to their death by freezing.

Crushed by a Falling Fridge Freezer

Whilst this may sound like a plot line from a Three Stooges movie, this is no laughing matter. A worker on a construction crew in Wisconsin, engaged in the process of an apartment renovation, was killed by a fridge falling four floors to the ground.

Old equipment was being removed from the building – including the old refrigerator.  It was pushed from the fourth floor balcony to the ground, which was believed to be clear.  Through a tragic misfortune the victim unfortunately stepped beneath the fridges flight path as it fell to the ground.

If you are aware of any other dangers that refrigerators can present, please let me know in the comments.



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Refrigerator Review Considerations

When it comes time to buy a new fridge freezer for your home, it is important to thoroughly review refrigerators you are contemplating for purchase.  You cannot simply go out and buy the first refrigeration option you see in stores, there are many factors to be considered first. Something as simple as buying too large a fridge could mean it doesn’t fit in your kitchen!  Here I list a brief checklist of some the more important items to consider.

Refrigerator Size

How large is the refrigerator you are looking at?  The first factor to consider is if you will be able to fit it into your home and your kitchen.  A full set of measurements of the desired install space should be collected before going refrigerator shopping.

Also, take note of any access restrictions that might cause issues during delivery.  Is your hallway narrow? Are there tight stairwells between the street and your apartment?  While have a large fridge freezer is great, they are of no use if they cannot fit into your home.

Ratio of Fridge to Freezer Space

Analyze your current refrigeration solution.  Where do you currently find yourself space constrained?  Is your freezer always full, but your refrigerator half empty?  This suggests you need to purchase a replacement model that has a larger proportion of freezer versus refrigerator space than your current model.

If you purchase – or hunt for – bulk meat then a large freezer is going to be critical for you.  If your diet consists largely of fresh produce, then the freezer may not be important to you. You will instead be interested in generously sized vegetable crispers.

Refrigerator Configuration

Stylistic preferences also come into play.  Some people are happy with the traditional top freezer mounted devices, while others will accept nothing than the latest trend of French Door Style fridge freezers.

Do you prefer the freezer at the top or the bottom of the fridge?  Do you prefer them to be side-by-side?  What about color and finish?  There are options available in white, black, stainless steel and more.

Refrigerator Freezer Functionality

All fridges work a little differently.  Before buying a new appliance, take some time to check out the controls.  Is the thermostat easily accessible and easy to adjust? If not, consider if that matters to you.

Many modern – and more expensive – refrigerators have multiple temperature zones that claim to help preserve foods better.  Do useful sounding features like this sound beneficial to you? If so, they may be worth looking for.

Refrigerator Energy Usage

Often overlooked is the energy usage of a modern refrigerator. While a not more efficient than fridge freezers of old, they still do consume quite a bit of electricity.  Investing in an Energy Star rated model can help reduce the operating cost of your unit over the years that you will own it.

Refrigerator Pricing

Of course, no refrigerator review would be complete without factoring in the units cost.  Sometimes a particular model may seem great for you, but it is just too expensive to be a rational purchase.

However, do not be tempted to compromise on must have functionality simply to save a few dollars on a cheap refrigerator.  It is important to take the price of the unit into account with the other factors discussed above, and not focus solely on the dollar number.


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Purchasing new freezers for the home or business can require a substantial capital investment.  For this reason it is important when shopping for a freezer that you know which model is right for you.

If your needs are modest, a compact freezer may give you that few extra cubic feet of storage capacity you need.  Available at very modest prices, these small freezers are a great solution for anyone needing a little extra freezer space with a minimal outlay of cash.

While compact freezers offer limited capacity, they are highly portable freezers and are very popular amongst budget buyers.

The second types of freezer units that are commonly purchased are upright freezers.  An upright freezer offers a substantial amount of frozen good storage in a slimline freezer form factor.

These units look similar to the traditional refrigerator as they stand upright with a limited use of floor space.  This makes them the ideal freezing appliance for homes that have limited space but need a lot of freezer storage.

The third choice for a new freezer is to purchase a deep chest freezer unit.  Chest freezers take up a lot of floor area, but are very short.  They offer a larger amount of freezer storage for the dollar than other types of freezer appliances.

When you want a freezer large enough to store all your bulk foods without trouble – and if you have place in your home large enough for their significant footprint – then energy efficient deep chest freezers are the way to go.

One factor to consider when purchasing a deep chest freezer is that they will need to be properly organized if you are to gain the maximum benefit from one of these very large freezers.

Without any kind of storage system inside a chest freezer is basically a big cold box.

This setup will quickly lead to serious chaos in the unit, and you will have a lot of difficulty finding a particular item once you have placed it inside.

This means it is almost an imperative to invest in quality wire freezer baskets for your deep chest freezer.

Through the use of a good set of stackable freezer baskets it is possible to convert your huge frozen chest into what approximate a collection of mini-freezers.

Each stacking freezer basket is used for storage of particular kind or type of food, which means that when it comes time fetch something from the freezer the task will be much simpler than it would otherwise.

Purchasing a new freezer requires careful consideration of your storage needs and your available space.  I hope this article has provided some insights that will help you decide between compact freezers, upright freezers or deep chest freezers.

Originally posted. February 19, 2011

LG Fridge Freezers

Established in 1958, LG is one of the best brands when it comes to fridge freezers, side by side refrigerators and fridges in general. LG fridge freezers are the ultimate American fridge freezer produced with true American standards in mind.

The LG refrigerator freezer is famous for its being energy efficient. Aside from that with the 606 liters of gross capacity of its side by side refrigerators, an owner of an LG does not have to worry about space. Thoughtfully designed for the needs of the individual and of families, side by side LG refrigerators and freezers have their own water and ice dispensers. There are 2 drawers for the freezer and a crisper drawer for items that do not need to be frozen.

Many of the fridge freezers LG manufactures come with the bioshield, which means that the gasket has anti microbial agents that prevent mold from growing on the outside or on the seal. Mold can destroy the seal of the fridge that is why LG had to find ways to prevent distortion on the gasket and to make the said appliance last for generations. Apart from that, the bioshield keeps the food inside your LG fridge safe from contamination.

The icemaker in LGs’ American style fridge freezers is built in and can be used from the outside, saving energy and space at the same time. Another great feature of this LG product is its moisture balance crisper. Unlike storage drawers or bins from other brands that destroy food because of moisture, LG fridges have a unique sheet that stops accumulation of water and maintains its temperature to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. This also enables the fresh fruits and vegetables to stay as fresh as possible for a longer period of time.

When it comes to space, this LG freezer has added 10% more capacity, which means there is more space for your frozen goods. To be able to increase the space, LG thought that they should relocate the freezer to the door to increase the space in the icebox. Products like these include the GRP247JHMV, the GWL207FBQA, and the GWL207FLQA.

The GRP247JHMV is a side-by-side fridge that has a gross capacity of 673 liters, more than the regular LG side-by-side. This uber chic fridge is environmentally friendly and boasts a bar area where you can get your favorite beverages without having to open the door. The homebar as LG calls it also has can holders to hold those soda cans.  Like the regular LG, it also has 10% more space for the freezer and a moisture balance crisper. Along with these features, this model also has a filtered water dispenser and an ice dispenser to boot.  Like the other models, it has digital sensors that make it easier for owners to select the temperature within the fridge.

With a wide selection of quality fridges to choose from, LG is sure to have a model to suit your needs.

Originally posted. April 22, 2010

Compact Freezer Uses And Options

A compact freezer or a compact refrigerator with freezer is great to have when your larger size fridge or freezer is not enough. Sometimes you buy too many cases of hamburgers or chicken to fit and you need another place to put them.

Since these items need to be frozen in order to stay fresh, the only place you can put them in is a freezer. If you have a separate compact upright freezer, you can just throw the surplus frozen goods in there either until you need them or else have room in your larger fridge freezer.

Compact fridge freezers are also great for your children’s room or in the living room. The kitchen can seem pretty far away when you are watching your favorite show and you are dying for a drink. Maybe you are playing an intense game of Monopoly and no one wants to grab the cold sandwiches out of the fridge because they do not want to risk someone cheating. For these situations, having a mini refrigerator freezer in the living room will make it really easy to grab these items quickly when you need them.

Another convenient place to put a small freezer or fridge is in your college dormitory. In most cases, colleges do not provide this item for you, so if you want one, you have to bring one on your own. Many colleges have restrictions on how large or small these appliances can be. To solve this problem, there are many different sizes that you can choose from to meet the limitations that your college has.

The best option for a college dorm fridge would probably be a compact freezer fridge combination appliance.  One of these will allow you to bring frozen items from the supermarket back to your dorm, and also other non-frozen items like drinks and sandwiches.

If you go out to eat at the college cafeteria and do not finish your food, you can just take it back to your dorm and keep it cold in your fridge. It will be there for you to warm up in the microwave whenever you want it.

Some of the most popular brands of compact freezers and refrigerators are Haier, GE, Sunpentown, Danby, Magic Chef, Kitchen Aid, and Sanyo. The sizes range from about 1.4 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet.  Some of them can even be powered by a simple USB cable if you are short of power outlets. The price for compact freezers ranges from about fifty dollars to well into the hundreds.

The most common two colors this type of fridge or freezer comes in are black and white.  Also available are more stylish options like Sunpentowns stainless steel fronted compact freezer.

If you do not have a use for a large freezer or have too little space in your current freezer, then a compact fridge freezer might be a great option for you.   Compact freezers can also be a great option for not just a college dorm, but for small apartment living also.

Some people just do not have the space, money, or necessity for a large fridge. If this sounds like you, investing in a compact refrigerator or compact  freezer might be the right choice for you.

Originally posted. August 26, 2010

Display Fridge Types And Uses

A display fridge is a refrigerator created in such a way that the contents of the fridge can be seen from the outside without needing to open a door.  Display refrigerators are most commonly used by businesses, rather than households.  A well-lit, thoughtfully stocked retail display fridge or freezer can provide great several benefits for merchants.

By having the contents of deli fridges visible, a retailer can in effect advertise the product they are selling.  There are several common uses and types of display fridges used by businesses today.

Supermarket Deli Section – Display Cases

Visit any supermarket and you will see display fridges galore.  Usually near the produce section you will see long refrigerated display cases containing freshly made sandwiches, precooked foods, birthday cakes and other similar products.  By placing these items in a display fridge, the store keeps the items safely chilled while still allowing the potential customers to view – and possibly be enticed – by them.

Supermarket Frozen Section – Glass Door Freezer

In the frozen aisles of the supermarket you will see another form of display fridge, the glass door freezer.  These units are very tall, and can be lined up next to each other to fill an entire aisle.  When the customer walks down the aisle they see frozen vegetables, frozen pizzas, microwave dinners, ice-cream and much more – every grocery item that comes frozen is cleverly displayed to encourage purchase.

Convenience Store – Glass Door Fridge

This type of convenience store aims for a different type of sale than a supermarket.  For example, you will find glass door refrigerators in a gas station with an overwhelming choice of beverages chilled and ready for consumption.  When a potential buyer walks in the door from their car, there is a good chance they will select a cold soda or juice from the broad selection of merchandise.  A glass door refrigerator is similar to a glass door freezer, but simply chills instead of freezing.

Convenience Store – Chest Display Freezer

Another form of display fridge commonly found in a convenience store is the deep chest freezer with a sliding glass door on top, as opposed to the normal door that lifts.  These are commonly placed near the door of a store, so when customers walk by they will see an enticing selection of ice-cream bars and popsicles.  This is a very effective marketing ploy to generate spontaneous purchases.

As discussed, display refrigerators have the potential to create greater revenue for all types of retailers.  For convenience stores in particular they play a large role in increasing the amount of impulse buys made.  While display fridge prices can be substantial, the appropriate selection of an attractive display freezer or display refrigerator can be a valuable addition to your retail store.

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The Mini Fridge – Why A Mini Refrigerator Might Be Right For You

A compact mini fridge is a popular purchase for those who live in small residences such as dorm rooms or studio apartments.  Usually when shopping for a mini refrigerator, budget is one of the primary concerns.  Fortunately, mini refrigerators can be had cheaper than you might think.

Mini fridges suitable for cooling beverages can be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon for as little as forty to sixty dollars.  If finances permit, then for a hundred dollars or so it is possible to get a unit that can store some food as well.

While these mini fridge freezers are significantly cheaper than full sized ones, the price of these small fridges new still puts them beyond the reach of many.  Fortunately, they are often available used for a significant discount – either through your local newspapers classified section, or via online sources such as Craigslist and eBay.  Purchasing used can be a very smart move as it may allow you to buy a much nicer mini fridge with freezer than you might otherwise be able to afford.

The manufacture Danby produces a wide range of these mini-refrigerators, and for $140 dollars it is possible to buy the DCR34BL.  This is a 3.2 cubic foot appliance that is not only a compact refrigerator, but incorporates a mini freezer as well, thus providing a very useful appliance.

Apart from Danby, there are many other manufactures of mini fridges.  Some of the more notable brands are Emerson, Sanyo, Summit and Haier.  Available in sizes from the absolutely tiny (perhaps fitting just a few soda cans) all the way up to 4 or 5 cubic feet in capacity, there is plenty of scope to purchase a mini refrigerator with mini freezer sized right just for you.

Another great feature of a mini fridge is their ability to double as a countertop.  When your living quarters are small, every square foot is valuable.  A fridge freezer with a flat top gives you a nice convenient surface for preparing sandwiches and the like.  Plus when you are done with food preparation you can simply bend down and put the food back in cold storage.

One factor worthy of consideration when purchasing a mini compact fridge is the amount of energy it will utilize.  Unlike a mini cooler, these devices need to be powered.

Due to the cost of electricity these days, it is definitely worthwhile investing a few extra dollars to purchase an energy star rated mini fridge.  While coming up with the extra money can be difficult is money is tight, you will be better off down the road as your electrical bills will be lower.

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GE Monogram Refrigerators

GE Monogram refrigerators come in three distinctive designs : incorporated, professional, and custom. Each of these designs provides a different look to choose from to your home or restaurant kitchen. There are side-by – side versions of GE Monogram refrigerators, as well as bottom freezer refrigerators and all-refrigerators.

The Three Designs of GE Monogram Refrigerators

For a kitchen design that is uniquely yours, choose custom GE Monogram appliances. You can buy a custom GE Monogram refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher with solid color panels, or you can choose custom panels with matching cosmetic handles. Custom GE Monogram appliances give your kitchen an elegant, streamlined look.

The professional Monogram appliance line offers refrigerators that are created from superior stainless steel. These fridges have hand-finished, chamfered edges that give them a distinctive and bold look. The exteriors are made from 304 grade stainless steel, and the corners are perfectly polished and smoothed rather than being cut.

GE Monogram RefrigeratorsThe incorporated line is all about simplicity. A General Electric Monogram icebox from the integrated line is designed to be understated yet complex. Like the professional model appliances, the integrated fridges are shaped and perfectly polished. These refrigerators have thin, tubular handles that are smooth and comfortable to use.

GE Monogram Refrigerator Models

You can buy built-in side by-side Monogram refrigerators in some of the three styles described above. The built in side-by – side fridges are all 84 tall, and the models are 72 tall.

You can select from four custom models, two integrated models, and two professional models, in the event you prefer a built in Monogram refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The professional and integrated models are all 20.6 cu. ft. with dimensions of 84 high by 36 wide by 23 7/8 deep. The custom models range from 14.09 to 20.6 cu. ft. Additionally, there are two freestanding GE Monogram refrigerators with bottom freezers. Both are in the line, with French doors and two freezer drawers. They are 69 5/8 high by 35 3/4 broad by 31 deep

and have a capacity of 20.6 cu. ft.

For people who favor their refrigerator and freezer to be separate, there are six built in all refrigerator models to choose from. Each design is accessible with a door that hinges either to the left or on the right. GE Monogram Undercounter Refrigerators

GE Monogram undercounter refrigerators are specialized purposes that are served by smaller refrigerators. The wine reserves, beverage centers, and bar fridges are all designed to hold drinks. There is also a double drawer undercounter refrigerator, a fresh food refrigerator, and an indoor / outdoor refrigerator.

I spoke to the good people at Aggressive Appliances (a reputable appliance dealer located in Central Florida) who were kind enough to give me the of their to advantages expertise on this unique refrigeration line. I have included their ideas on these products below:

GE Monogram costs may fluctuate depending on which dealer you buy your fridge from.

Why should consumers consider the purchase of the GE Monogram Refrigerator?

GE Monogram refrigerators are among the very best values in the premium refrigerator type. They are an ideal match to Monogram’s great cooking products also.

Which Models of GE Monogram Refrigerators do you think are the best?

The entire line of built in fridges have proven trustworthy and quite purposeful. The new completely integrated line adds features and looks great with custom wood panels. One style or size isn’t automatically better than another, each customer needs to select the icebox that best suits their needs and the available space.

What are the best characteristics of GE Monogram products?

GE’s dual refrigeration system means the fridge and freezer air never mix. That extends the life span of your produce and removes the possibility of scents being transferred from one side of the unit to the other. The Climate control drawer allows a zone that can be set at a different temperature for fast chilling and thawing or precise storage for citrus, produce and meat.

The extensive selection of models means you can find what you want and GE’s national repair network means you can expect several years of excellent service.

Do you recommend any accessories or added attributes?

Our exploration of General Electric Appliances show that Monogram refrigerator reviews say the appliances are generally complete and have only a few accessories. You can get a Sabbath mode kit plus a few installation accessories.

What colors and styles are available?

Monogram refrigerators and freezers can be found in stainless steel or come ready for your own custom wood panels. The stainless steel models can be ordered to match the Monogram Pro Style appliances or the European Chain of appliances. There are 36″ wide freestanding models in both side by side and French door styles. The built-in models are available as all-refrigerator/all- freezer models, side by side or bottom freezer designs in sizes from 30″ wide to 48″ wide.

Are GE Monogram refrigerators tough to preserve?

Sometimes vacuuming the coils and shifting the water and ice filter are all you should do to maintain a Monogram refrigerator.


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