Whirlpool Corporation Brands And Background

Whirlpool Corporation produces a wide range of major home appliances for markets world-wide. WHR is a major player in the refrigerator and fridge freezer in roughly 130 different countries, giving them unparalleled access to a vast pool of potential customers.

Over the years Whirlpool Corporation has accumulated a large number of well recognized appliance brands, resulting in their growing to their current position as the world’s top appliance brands.  Their primary brands are as follows- Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Maytag, Brastemp, Consul and Bauknecht.

Of the diverse appliance brands Whirlpool owns, the Whirlpool brand is the most widely recognized. This is confirmed by the brand valuation firm Brand Finance labelling it as one of the most valuable brands in the world.

As part of its efforts to provide long-term value for its investors, Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) claims to be passionate about creating new and innovation products which offer real, sustainable value to consumers.

With over seventeen billions dollars of sales in financial year 2009 Whirlpool is a major player in the residential appliance industry, and looks set to remain so for years to come. They have a solid reputation and should be producing spare parts such as Whirlpool water filters for years to come.

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Liebherr Refrigerator Freezers

The Liebherr refrigerator lineup includes a wide selection of high-end refrigeration appliances suitable for fine kitchens.  Liebherr advertises their products as a top quality combination of German engineering with European design.

Liebherr refrigerators and freezer are available in any of six basic product lines.  These options are Built-in custom finish, built-in stainless steel, freestanding, fully integrated, design and lifestyle, and wine and beverage centers.

Liebherr Built In Refrigerators

The stainless steel SBS241 – or custom finish SBS2421 – units can be configured either as a traditional side-by-side fridge freezer, or else in two separate towers.  These 48-inch wide counter-depth refrigerator freezers consist of the BF1061 and R1410 individual units, and contain three adjustable temperature zones.

The custom finished SBS2413, and the stainless SBS243 model, are an alternative built0in configuration from Liebherr.  Consisting of the individual FI1051 and RBI1410 appliances, this model has more freeze space and less refrigerated capacity than the SBS242 line.

The beautiful stainless steel SBS241 and SBS 2414 incorporate an ice and water dispenser with the ability to serve chilled water, and cubed and crushed ice through the freezer door. The 3.9 cubic foot BioFresh zone in the refrigerator has finely adjustable temperature settings to allow for prolonged preservation of delicate foodstuffs.  These units combine the F 1061 and RB 1420 individual appliances.

The SBS 246 and SBS2416 provide an unparalleled range of storage options.  With five different temperature zones this appliances has not only the refrigerator, freezer and crisper drawers; but also a two-zoned glass-doored wine refrigerator built in.  Consisting of the WF1061 and RB1410 individual appliances, this combination device makes for both a beautiful and versatile installation.

Liebherr Freestanding Refrigerators

The CS1360 bottom freezer refrigerator is an ideal apartment fridge.  Its small exterior size disguises a remarkably large internal storage capacity, chiefly due to clever features such as the foldable glass shack and the beverage rack.  This 24″ unit comes with an icemaker in the freezer, but is also available without that feature as the CS1311.

Slightly larger is the Liebherr thirty-inch wide range of fridge freezers. The CS1400 stand-alone bottom mounted freezer refrigerator comes with an attractive stainless steel finish. It is well sized for medium-sized apartments or condominiums. A unique feature is the indoor flexible box that can be moved to the dining table with all your condiments.

The cabinet-depth CS1640 offers the visual appeal of European styling.  It can provide an integrated look anywhere in the kitchen without the need for plumbing.  This refrigerator features a built in water tank which is used to provide water for the ice cube maker.  The similarly configured CS1660 and CS1611 provide similar capacity; but can be installed seamlessly into a space in your existing kitchen cabinetry.

The CS2060 and CS2061 offers a generous 20 cubic feet of storage in a 36″ refrigerator.  With wide expanses of shelving, large platters can be accommodated with ease.  The freezer compartment consists of two stainless steel drawers, which conveniently self-close and provide maximum storage space.  Similarly configured are the CS2062 and CBS2062; but rather than the traditional fridge doors these models feature two highly elegant stainless steel French doors.

At 48″ inches in width, the SBS26S1 combines the CS1311 and CS1360 24″ units to give expanded storage capacity while stull utilized the freestanding format.  If even more storage is required then the SBS32S1 is also available; this 60″ combo unit of the CS1611 and CS1660 has over 30 cubic feet of capacity, making them large enough for almost any residential refrigeration need.

Liebherr Fully Integrated Refrigerators

The HC1060 is the perfect small refrigerator for custom kitchens.  This 24-inch fridge freezer can be integrated into the wall or cabinetry of even the smallest home.  While relatively small with only 10 cubic feet of capacity, this model is great for space-limited applications.  This appliance is also available as the Liebherr HC 1011, HC 1001 and HC 1050.

At 30-inches in width, the HCB1560, HC16540, HCB1561 and HC1541 units offer a good compromise between size and design.  With built in water talk for the icemaker, these integrated refrigerator freezer units do not need plumbing and this can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen.  With 15 cu. ft. of storage, these models incorporate over 4 cubic feet of freezer drawer capacity.

The 36-inch HC2050 and HC2061 combine generous space and the perfect width for a full sized kitchen. With close to 20 cubic feet of capacity and sophisticated water filtration system this unit is a perfect choice for any stylish kitchen.  These models are also available in a white finish with French door styling as the CBS262 or HCB2062.

For large kitchens the range of 48 inch Liebherr integrated refrigerators have a lot to offer.  The SBS20H1 and SBS20H0 consist of a combination of the HC1011 and HC1060, while the SHS19H0 combines an HRB1110 and HF851 units.  These models are best suited for homes where large volume and a discreet installation are both valued.

Liebherr Design And Lifestyle Refrigeration

For a small volume wine refrigerator, the Liebherr WS1200 is hard to beat.  Suitable for applications where only a few bottles need to be stored, this small wine cooler can hold up to a dozen fine wines on its beech wood shelving.  These attractive units are a great match for anywhere from your minibar to your recreation area.

One unique product Liebherr sells is their XS 200 humidor.  This niche market is underserviced by many major refrigerator manufacturers, but the XS200 is specifically designed to maintain fine cigars under the optimal storage conditions.  The ability to maintain both temperature and humidity – using distilled water – makes this small humidor a great product for any cigar connoisseur.

Liebherr Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets from Liebherr come in a variety of sizes.  The smallest is the HWS1800, with a capacity of 18 bottles.  A little larger is the WU400 Vinidor that can hold 40, and the WU5600 GrandCru which holds 56.  Buyers seeking larger capacity also have the choice of the 135-bottle capacity WS13500 and 143-bottle capacity WS14300.

All these fine wine cabinets feature an activated charcoal filter to keep the interior air odor free, tinted safety glass for UV protection, and low vibration compressors.  Combined these features ensure the best possible storage solution for your wine collection.

Liebherr Beverage Center And Outdoor Refrigerator

For consumers who need to store more than just wine, the RU500 GrandCru undercounter beverage center provides a clear view of what is on tap thru its stainless steel framed glass display door. Featuring two storage shelves and two pull out racks, this undercounter refrigerator can be used for cooling both cans and bottles.

Liebherrs Outdoor refrigeration solution is the RO500. Perfect for an outdoor kitchen, this rugged under counter refrigerator is a great purchase for any home where outdoor entertaining or grilling is a frequent occurrence.  This weather resistant appliance has a capacity of five cubic feet.










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Types of Restaurant Refrigerators

One of the most important pieces of equipment needed in a restaurant is the restaurant refrigerator. There are many types of restaurant or commercial refrigerators that are certified for use in restaurants and other commercial and industrial kitchen settings. Here is an overview of the features you can expect to find on various types of restaurant refrigerators.

Undercounter Refrigerators

These are refrigerators that fit under the counter in a restaurant. There are two models of this type: the undercounter freezer models and the undercounter refrigerator models. The type you choose will depend on the kind of food that is to be stored in them. The main advantage of this type of refrigerator is that it allows for optimum use of space in the restaurant kitchen or bar. Using an undercounter refrigerator creates more space for those preparing food. The space under the counter is not wasted. The dimensions of the space under the counter where the refrigerator will be kept should be measured before you set out to buy an undercounter refrigerator. This will ensure that you choose one that fits perfectly.

Display Refrigerators

These are restaurant refrigerators with transparent doors that allow people to see what is inside. Although this type of refrigerator is intended for commercial purposes, it can be used in homes too. Commercial entities need this type of refrigerator because it allows customers to see what is available for purchase in the shop without constantly opening the door and letting the temperature inside get too warm. This keeps the food at a safe temperature while enticing customers to buy the items that are stored inside.

Beverage Refrigerators

These are commercial refrigerators designed for keeping cool beverages. They are able to keep drinks such as beer and soda at the right temperature so that they are always ready for customers to enjoy. Since beverage refrigerators are usually kept in the bar area, some of them come with locks for security during off hours. Some of these refrigerators also have transparent doors just like display refrigerators.

Drawer Refrigerators

These are restaurant refrigerators that open like drawers. Drawer refrigerators come in various models and are usually installed under counters. There are two door, four door and six door models. This type of refrigerator is good for commercial operations because it allows for different types of food items to be stored in separate compartments. The advantage is that odors from foods such as meat and fish do not get to other foods, like vegetables and fruits. When taking food out of one drawer, the food in the other compartments is not exposed.

Walk-in Refrigerators

Restaurant RefrigeratorsThis is one of the most common refrigerator types used in restaurants. This is because restaurants need to keep large amounts of food that ordinary refrigerators cannot support. A walk-in refrigerator is a refrigerated room with controlled temperatures for storing food. Some walk-in refrigerators are very complex machines with the ability to indicate which foods will expire at a particular time.

Commercial refrigerators are expensive and are sometimes beyond the reach of some business owners, especially those who are just getting started in the restaurant business. However, there are used restaurant refrigerators on the market that work perfectly and cost much less than new refrigerators.

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Hotpoint Fridge Freezer

A Hotpoint Fridge Freezer is the perfect solution for anyone needing a freezer and fridge solution together. The Hotpoint refrigerator comes in four different finishes, including black, white, bisque, and stainless steel finishes. Most Hotpoint fridges also come with Energy Star qualification, meaning they are guaranteed to be an efficient appliance.

The main appeal of a GE Hotpoint fridge is the dual-door configuration that places the freezer on top, unlike the more traditional American style fridge freezers. Several different sizes are available to suit your needs and Hotpoint offers models in 15.5, 16.6 and even 18.0 cubic feet, depending on your personal needs.

The real appeal of these models is the spacious design that has been compartmentalized to help avoid cross contamination. The fridge portion has a roomy crisper to keep fruits and vegetables from being exposed to the rest of the fridge while keeping them fresh.

Hotpoint Refrigerators – Main Features

One of the main features that makes Hotpoint refrigerators so appealing is the auto defrost feature. Ice that builds up in the freezer portion can be particularly hard to get rid of, especially if you have to chip it out by hand.

Hotpoint has gotten rid of the need to do this by including an auto defrost feature that detects ice buildup and defrosts the freezer and freezer shelves before the buildup becomes a problem. of One of the ways the Hotpoint fridge prevents this build up is by circulating air properly, instead of letting it sit in pockets that cause the initial build up.

With proper circulation, your food stays at the correct temperature longer, meaning your foods are preserved for their maximum freezer/fridge life, resulting in higher quality foods that have been kept in the fridge for a few days, or foods that have been frozen for a few months.

The included refrigeration control options built into any Hotpoint fridge freezer allow you to fine-tune the temperature to your specifications for keeping the items in your refrigerator perfectly cool.

Hotpoint Fridge Freezers – Storage And Exterior

With perfect circulation and climate controls, Hotpoint fridges also contain several shelves for storing your food. With so much storage space, you can better organize your food into categories for finding it easily.

Some models allow for even better organization by dividing the fridge and freezer compartments into two doors in side by side refrigerators models.  Hotpoint also offers four door French door style fridge freezer units.  This ensures you can quickly find everything you need.

Aside from offering some of the best climate controls and storage money can buy, Hotpoint Fridge Freezers also offer a sleek exterior finish that fits in well with any kitchen decor.   Many of their units also score well on their energy efficiency ratings, with very reasonable levels of energy consumption.

One of the best benefits of Hotpoint appliances is that they are less bulky the competition’s offerings, giving you more space to maneuver around the kitchen while retaining the same storage capacity in your refrigerator.

There is also an extensive range of Hotpoint freezers available.

While Hotpoints’ small fridge models tend to be smaller than some other kitchen appliances, you still need to take into consideration the dimensions of your own kitchen before you purchase to ensure you have room for the appliance.

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Mini Fridge With Freezer

Anyone who purchases a Mini Fridge with Freezer will readily testify to the usefulness of these small refrigeration appliances. With a convenient mini fridge freezer you always have small, easily portable refrigeration on hand.

There are a wide range of relatively cheap mini fridge freezers for shoppers to select from. In this article I explore some of the better options that are available.

One small fridge with freezer that gets great reviews is the Danby Deluxe Mini Fridge with Freezer (4.3cu.ft.). This small refrigerator is a great option for households with limited refrigeration and freezer needs. With push button defrost and handy in-door can dispenser, this is a quite popular appliance.

Those seeking a small fridge freezer solution that is easier on the wallet might want to consider the Haier HNSB02 1.7 Cu-Ft Refrigerator/Freezer, White. These mini fridges gets mixed reviews but offers a very affordable solution for those needing a mini fridge with freezer for their home.

One relatively expensive small refrigerator is the Sunpentown RF-320S 3-1/5-Cubic-Foot Double-Door Refrigerator, Stainless. Available both in white and stylish stainless steel, this small fridge freezer has a separate door for both the refrigerator and the freezer compartment.  Packed with features this versatile miniature fridge with freezer can be used for any application – from college dorm fridge through mini bar refrigerator.

One model of mini refrigerator with freezer that is popular with those seeking the look of a traditional full sized top mount freezer is the 3.2 Cu. Ft. Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel – EdgeStar. Edgestar has a good reputation when it comes to the manufacture of compact refrigerator freezers, and this model is no exception. With reversible doors and a true zero degree mini freezer compartment, this unit has some great features.

Whatever the small fridge freezer needs of your personal home, there is a mini fridge and freezer available that will be right for you.  Visit Amazon to shop a full range of mini fridge-freezers. It is hard to match the flexibility cheap mini refrigerators provide.

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Maytag Refrigerator Water Filters – Which To Buy

If you are seeking quality and dependable water filters that will fit in to many refrigerator models, Maytag refrigerator water filters top the list of available products. This company has been providing water filters of the highest quality for many years. They have received positive comments not only from the customers who use these water filters, but also from the manufacturers of refrigerators other than the Maytag Brand.

Some of the popular models that have been well received include the Maytag Refrigerator water filter UKF 7003 and the UKF 8001 models. The Maytag UKF 7003 was previously known by the model number UKF7003AXX. The water filtration system that is used by this model is PUR. This water filter is a perfect fit for many Maytag and Jenn-Air refrigerators.

This particular model has the capability to remove a number of impurities such as Lead, Cysts, Turbidity, Chlorine and particulates. With respect to Cysts, this particular model has the capability to remove up to 99.95% of Cyst impurities. With regard to Chlorine, this model is capable of removing 75.  The UKF7003 AXX has been tested and Certified by NSF according to ANSI standards.

Fridge freezer owners should replace this water filter a new one after using the old one for 6 months. Customers who have been using the UKF 7003 model have given extremely positive feedback regarding the quality of water, the taste of the water dispensed and the ease at which the filter replacement can be done. These water filter reviews suggest it is a good buy for the average homeowner.

Another Maytag water filter that has been receiving positive feedback from users is the Maytag UKF 8001. This water filter is slightly different from the 7003 model in the way the filter is installed in the refrigerator. The filter model 8001 is actually fastened to a trough in the ceiling of the fridge. When replacing the filter, the filter swings down from the refrigerator ceiling.

The Maytag UKF8001 has the capability to remove more impurities than the model 7003. Some of the impurities that are removed by this model include Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Cysts, Benzene, Lindane, Toxaphene, Chlorine, Turbidity and various particulates.

This model of the refrigerator filter can be used for 6 to 9 months before it should be replaced. This is one of the very few filters that filter most of the impurities that are present in water as well as in other liquids such as Coffee and Tea. This model is also very easy to install and maintain over a longer period of time.

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Looking for the Best Ice Cream Freezers?

An ice cream freezer is a very popular appliance, but there is often a little bit of confusion when shopping for them as more than one type of appliance might be called this.  Part of the reason for this is that many people refer to an ice cream maker or an ice cream machine as being the same thing as an ice cream freezer.  While the first two certainly have a part of the machine that acts like a freezer (otherwise they wouldn’t be able to make ice cream at all), normally when someone is thinking about an ice cream freezer you’re talking about a business appliance for an ice cream truck, convenience store, or ice cream shop.  However technically the freezer that helps produce soft serve ice cream can also be referred to as an ice cream freezer, so this article will cover both common types.

The commercial display ice cream freezers

These are the kind that many people are used to seeing.  These are box freezers specifically designed to hold ice cream and other frozen products, and include glass tops to allow customers to see what’s inside.  These are very common in convenience stores, gas stations, and ice cream stores.  Several different styles are also offered depending on the specific needs of the retailer.  For example, in a convenience store normally the freezer will be a simple rectangular box model with sliding doors at the top which allows a customer to see what they want, then open those doors and grab whatever tickles their fancy.

On the other hand, the kind you see in an ice cream store like a Cold Stone’s or a Baskin Robins are going to be different.  These will be set up in a similar way, but with an additional glass shield so customers can see what is on offer, but then the worker behind the counter is the one who has to scoop out the ice cream from their side.  There are even some ice cream stores that may have both types of freezers on hand and many different businesses find these useful.

Soft serve ice cream freezers

One way to think about this type of ice cream freezer is to imagine it as more of an ice cream maker slash ice cream freezer.  These machines are very commonly seen in ice cream stores as well, and even in general restaurants who also serve ice cream.  These freezers are generally silver in appearance and look like a long rectangle shape.  The ingredients are mixed in the back, the freezer does its work, and soft serve ice cream ends up being the result.  These sometimes appear as much larger “bulk freezers” where a lot of ice cream can be mixed at once.  This is a common practice for ice cream shops or stores that specialize in blizzards, flavored ice cream, or any other type of set up where a lot of vanilla has flavors and additions added in to create the complete project.  These can come in very small sizes or in very large sizes, depending on the specific need of the business.

Other types of ice cream freezers

Most of the other ice cream freezers are one variety or the other of those two types, and can include the large shelved units you see in grocery stores that sell ice cream, although those are usually just referred to as large or walk in display freezers and not specifically as ice cream freezers.

For large display ice cream freezers the prices can start as low as $1,300 and run as high as $12,000 for the newer and most top of the line models, while the smaller ice cream freezers that also provide soft serve ice cream often start up around $4,500 and can go upwards of $16,000 or even higher.

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Sub-Zero Control4 Partnership

Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have entered into a partnership with Control4 to enable integration of SubZero refrigerators and wine storage units – plus Wolf Ovens – with Control4 networks.

Announced by Control4 at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this partnership will lead to refrigeration products easily being managed from throughout the home.

Upscale homes equipped with a Control4 digital network will be able to take advantage of this system to control their Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers.  Consumers’ conscious of their energy usage will be able to reduce their energy costs by setting energy intensive operations – such as ice-making – to occur at times of the day when electricity costs are lower.

Also available will be the ability to adjust setting to suit lifestyle requirements.  If a large gathering or party is expected each Saturday night is the ice-maker can be programmed to increase ice production at the appropriate time via the Control4 interfaces.

Users can request alerts reporting on energy usage, and will also have the ability to send appliance maintenance and service requests through the Control4 system directly to the manufacturer.

For collectors of investment grade wines, the Control4 platform offers some great features for Subzero wine storage centers. Owners can remotely monitor whether the unit door is closed or open, and even receive text messages if someone opens the wine refrigerators door.  With precise humidity and temperature control critical for fine wines these features are invaluable.

Control4 has been a leader in the field of smart home technology since 2003.  Sub-Zero is one of the premier consumer refrigeration brands in America and is found in many very high end homes.

The new partnership between these two firms has the potential to yield some great smart appliances from Sub Zero refrigeration in the near future.  Here at http://www.fridgefreezersite.com we will be monitoring their collaboration closely.

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Beko Appliances

Beko is an international company with locations in over 20 countries across Europe and Asia and brand presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Beko is a home appliance manufacturer, distributor and marketer and also includes the brands Arcelik, Altus, Artic, Leisure, Artstil, Elektra Bregenz, Flavel and Blomberg.  Their product range includes refrigeration, laundry, dishwashers, televisions and cookers.  Beko is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, the second largest brand in Turkey, and has over 40 years experience in the industry.

The first Beko appliance to be produced was a washing machine in 1959 and then a refrigerator in 1960. Manufacture initially started in Turkey and now includes ten production plants in Turkey, Romania and Russia. Arçelik (a Beko brand) was recently ranked “Number One in the Private Sector” for the 14th time in “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Corporations” by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry. The controlling company of Beko, Koc Holding, reported 43 billion USD in consolidated revenues in 2008.

Beko Refrigeration
Perhaps most known for their fridges and freezers they have coined themselves “A Brand you can trust.” All Beko refrigeration units have a chiller zone compartment for fresh meat and fish storage, concealed evaporator with cold wall technology, glass shelves, and the finish option of white or silver. Some units have a chrome wire wine rack, the Beko smart cooling system, water dispenser, and auto defrost. Sizes range from less than 3 cubic feet to over 15 cubic feet, with just a handful reaching the 22 cubic feet mark. In typical European fashion, most units are designed to a gross cubic foot capacity of just about 13 cubic feet.

Beko Laundry & Dishwashers
The Beko brand washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers all tote the same combination of “great performance and superb style.” Energy efficiency is a top priority, and unique settings and programs allow for time saving and money saving. Beko claims the world’s most energy efficient washing machine and the world’s quickest ‘A’ rated dishwasher. Slim line models also allow for space saving.

Beko Televisions
Beko television sets feature LCD technology, are HD ready and receive digital FreeView reception. Sizes range from 14” – 42” with the choice of either wide screen or regular format (16:9 or 4:3.) There’s also the option of a DVD combination, which is a great alternative to having additional equipment and wiring. As with all Beko products, a sleek contemporary design houses state of the art machinery.

Beko Cooking
Choose from built in or freestanding, gas, electric or compact, Beko cooking ranges and ovens share the same style and energy efficiency as all their products. The options are numerous, from single oven and grill models, to full double ovens with programmable timers.

Beko has proven itself a leading supplier of domestic appliances with reliability, high quality, and energy efficiency. Their wide range of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, televisions and cookers are smartly designed both inside and out.

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Freezerless Refrigerator Options

The purchase of a freezerless refrigerator can make a lot of sense when you need refrigerated space, but have no need to pay the premium for frozen food storage. Freezerless refrigerators – while less common than combination fridge freezer units – are readily available from a wide variety of manufactures.

Frigidaire and Whirlpool Freezerless Refrigerators

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One option for consumers shopping this type of product is the purchase of the Whirlpool EL88TRRWS.  This 17.7 cubic foot All Refrigerator model is 30-inches wide, and has an attractive stainless steel finish.

Alternatively, Frigidaire offers several different All-Refrigerator units.  These include the 18.6 cu. ft. Frigidaire Professional FPRH19D7LF, and the 16.7 cubic feet FRU17B2JW and FRU17G4JW.  Frigidaire stand alone refrigerators are also available for commercial use.  The heavy duty 19.5 cubic feet FCRS201RFB and FCRS201LFB are food service grade units, also available is a glass door refrigerator for commercial use – the FCGM201RFB – which has great potential as a display refrigerator.

GE Monogram Freezerless Refrigerators

There are several different 36″ built-in All-Refrigerators in the GE model line-up.  The ZIR360NXLH, ZIR360NXRH, ZIRS360NXLH, ZIRZ360NXRH, ZIRP360NXLH and ZIRP360NXRH offer 21.4 cubic feet of storage, and are packed with high-end features.

Also available from General Electric is the GE Monogram ZIF240P, a compact freezerless refrigerator. In addition, they offer the ZDOD240P, an outdoor ready version standalone refrigerator.

Sub Zero Freezerless Refrigerator Options

Sub-Zero has a strong position in this niche market.  The Sub Zero 736TR and the BI36R are 36″ built-in refrigerators.  Those seeking a display refrigerator can also investigate the BI36RG, a glass door version of that unit.

For smaller areas the Sub Zero 700TR and IC27R are smaller integrated refrigerators from Sub-Zero.  The IC27R freezerless refrigerator energy star rated model is highly appealing if you value energy efficient in your appliances.

Thermador Stand Alone Refrigerator Models

Thermador is a high-end manufacturer, and the quality of their freezerless refrigerator models reflect this fact.  There units come in two widths twenty-four and thirty inches.  The 24-inch Thermador Freedom collection models are the wood-paneled TR24IR70NSP and the stainless steel T24BR70FSE.  Their larger 30″ inch range includes the T30IR70NSP and the T30BR70FSE refrigerator without freezer models.

Viking Freezerless Refrigerators

Viking takes some pride in its standalone refrigeration appliances, and has a very extensive range.  Amongst the most popular are the built-in Viking Professional VCRB536RX and VCRB536LX 36″ stand-alone refrigerators, available in a large choice of finishes. In a very similar vein, the fully integrated VIRB536RX and VIRB536LX units are also big sellers.

For smaller installations, Viking offers a range of 30″ freezerless refrigerators.  The VCRB530LX, VIRB530RX and VCRB530RX offer all the benefits of the 36-inch collection less space; these units are great for smaller kitchens.

Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator Choices

Electrolux offers two energy star rated stand alone refrigerator options.  The first is the Electrolux IQ-Touch EI32AR65JS, and the second is the more upscale ICON Professional E32AR75JPS.  Both these fridges are 32″ in width, and offer18.6 cubic feet of refrigerated storage.

Liebherr All Refrigerator Models

The Liebherr product line-up includes a range of 24″ refrigerators designed for built-in installation.  These include the Liebherr RBI1410, R1410, RB1410 and RI1410.  For those seeking a higher-end product the Liebherr Premium Plus HRB1110 is an energy star rated freezerless refrigerator.

Miele and Northland Refrigerator without Freezer Models

Even some of the more obscure manufacturers have some freezerless refrigerator options.  The Miele Independence K1801 and Miele Independence K1901 are fully integrated refrigerator ranges 30″ and 36″ inches wide respectively.

Northland, another lesser-known brand, has quite a range of different sizes available. The Northland 18ARS and 18ARW are only 18-inches in width, making them some of the narrowest built-in fridges available.  Bumping up to 24″, the Northland 24ARS and 24ARW are suitable for installation in slightly bigger spaces.

Of course, Northland also producs the more traditional 30 inch and 36 inch width freezerless refrigerators; there are the 30ARW, 30ARS, 36ARW and 36ARW models respectively.  Note that all of these units are available in a variety of finishes.

Summit Chest Refrigerators

Summit has some unique freezerless fridges in its product line.  This firm has opted to provide chest refrigerators as an option to buyers.  While not suitable for everyone, these models can be a great choice in certain situations.  The Summit Commercial SCFR150 offers 15.5 cubic feet of refrigerated volume.  For those who need more space the SCFR220 and SCFR250 provide 21.0 cu ft. and 23.5 cu ft. of storage respectively.

Summit also offers the more traditional upright refrigerators.  The Summit Commercial SCUR17 and SCUR20 are ideal for heavy-duty use, which the cheaper Summit R17FF is a good option for home use.

With the freezerless refrigerator market served by so many different brands, from low-end to premium, any buyer should be able to locate a model that matches their budget.

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